Saturday, September 10, 2011

An escort, some day game situations, and train sarge

I had an active night. The plan was to drive to the Blue Line station, check out my friend's art exhibit reception, hit the Chicago Art District event and then Sound Bar. I still had my CTA pass. As I was driving to the Blue Line, I realized a block from my house that I had a flat. That sucked but I made do. I was fortunate to have enough time to walk to the Metra station and catch the train. I only lost an hour so we got to do everything we planned.

I told myself I needed to pull. The first Metra train isn't till 7:30am on Saturdays. The backup plan was to stay at 2j's for a few hours. Instead, I got some exercise and got home early. I ended up discovering that I could take this Pace bus 2.5 miles to my house and the walk home wasn't that bad.

Day Game situations:
For some reason, 2j and I didn't open that many sets at the Chicago Art District event. I opened a 3-set at the very first place and 2j opened a 2-set at the next place and then we didn't really do anything. 2j said that I was being too hard on myself when I complained that I felt I should be doing more. I hate to report that I passed on opening several sets.

I suppose I made up for it at the end. I opened this 3-set while we were waiting for the bus after the event. I had this 19-20 year old cute blonde hooked. I made two mistakes. The set ended up being a 5 set with a guy and girl standing near them. I remember hearing the guy commenting about us sarging the girls. The girl that was talking to the guy came up. 2j said that the girl came to cockblock but because they were young and didn't have enough bar/club experience, she didn't really know how to do it. She came up and just stood there. 2j said I should have ignored her. I'm used to engaging female friends because I want to prevent the drag-away. I opened her and extended my hand and she refused to shake my hand.

This was the second screw up. I should have just backturned her and continued to talk to my girl. Instead, I started talking to 2j. 2j and I both figured that if I was gonna play it out the way I did, I couldn't let the cockblock's rudeness affect me. I commented that the cockblock's response to me was so unusual that I couldn't process it at the time.

Train sarge:
The two train sarges I'm about to write about could fit under day game situations. I went out a ton since April but I ran very little day game. To put a percentage on it, it would be like .01% day game (seriously). I feel like I should be comfortable in all situations. What I take from tonight is that I should have good reference experiences for being more confident in every day situations. I opened girls while waiting for the train and the sets went way better than I expected. The community says that if you own night game, then day game should feel like playing on easy mode and it's time I internalized that.

While we were waiting for the train after the bus ride from the gallery event, some girl opened us. She asked which direction her stop was. 2j plowed and asked if she had been to the gallery event. She had indeed and unlike us, she was really interested in the art. We kept talking and when the train came, we all sat near each other. The conversation was going well but I knew I only had two stops so I forced a number close. She was hesitant but I persisted. I might have gotten a fake number. I haven't checked it yet but I did what I could.

The second train set was at the very end of the night. I got separated from Vinny and 2j when I sarged this escort at Rock N Roll McDonald's. They had gone to the Grand Red Line station to go to 2j's place. I walked to the Chicago station. I was gonna go to 2j's place even though they were skipping the late night Division game. I ended up opening this woman who had been reading a book while we were waiting for the train. Again, I sat down near her. The conversation was going well so I tried to instant date her to Clarke's. (I passed 2j's stop which resulted in me having no where to go, but I ended up getting home earlier anyway as I said in the intro). Thinking back, I should have number closed her.

We talked more and then the Belmont stop came which I had mentioned. She said, "Here's your stop." I tried to get her to come to Clarke's again but it was a no go. I had no time to number close her. Thinking back, I guess I could have went for the number close and told her I'd get off at the next station.

A better move, I think, was to burn the set to the ground. I actually thought of it as I got off the train. I should have just went for broke. She was drunk and I had some light kino going. She had been comfortable with that. It's too bad we weren't sitting right next to each other instead of across the aisle as I could have really escalated more. I hadn't escalated enough to really turn her on, but I still think I should have just thrown it out there, "Can I come over and hang out?" She probably would have said no but that would have been a good effort. The food extraction was a decent try. I should have done a number close or try to go home with her. Instead, I did neither and I think that was a mistake.


2j and Vinny were done with sarging after we left Sound Bar. I wanted to try Rock N Roll McDonald's cause I had that great set last week. I went upstairs and asked one of them to follow but they didn't. I ended up opening this 2-set. Since I knew I had no wing, I tried to push things faster than I would have. Really early on, I tried telling my target to move over so I could sit. It was too early and the girl's resisted and I ended up leaving. I walked out to 2j and Vinny.

As we walked by the front, I saw this cute blonde playing with her phone at a table. I walked in and opened her. I talked for a little bit and she said right away that I could sit down in the empty chair. We had strong eye contact. I wanted to kino so I moved the chair to the side of the table.

She asked me what I had been doing and I told her I had been to Sound Bar. I asked her the same question and she said, "I'm an escort." I said, "Cool" and just kept talking. Again, I have to say that I'm different that most guys. I don't care that she's an escort. Even stranger, it kind of turns me on. I just continued the conversation and started to kino escalate. She was really testing me with the eye contact and I didn't flinch. I held her hand at one point and she was cool with that. I put my arm around her and tried massaging the back of her neck. She stopped me there and said, "You're good but I'm not a touchy feely kind of girl."

During the conversation, she had been texting a potential client that was by O'hare. She was verbalizing her thoughts about whether she was gonna go that far or not. I had told her mid way through that the cab was like $30 and she said it was more like $50. She felt it wasn't worth it to spend $100 to make $200. We kept talking and then she got the idea of taking the train. I told her where the nearest station was. She said she had to go. I told her to give me a hug and we went our separate ways.

I know most guys would think it's sick but for some reason, I like the idea of banging a girl that works as an escort but not having to pay. It's too bad I couldn't make this happen as she was cute.

I should take the positive that she was into me. I say that from the point of view that a sex worker (escort, stripper, porn star) would be used to all the BS from guys. The fact that my eye contact and body language broke through to her means that I do that right. I come off as high value and different from all the clients they deal with. If I can break through the wall of an escort, then I should never doubt that a regular girl can see my value.

I gotta go get my flat tire fixed. At Sound Bar, I had this cute Indian girl hooked. It's too bad I couldn't find her later in the night. I had a fat Chinese girl who was really into me. 2j and Vinny couldn't occupy the friend cause she was from Taiwan and didn't speak English. I remember the second time I stopped this set and I was dancing with the Chubby girl, I actually said, "What's the problem?" when she wanted to leave again. She said, "My friend." It confirmed what I knew.

I had several day game situations that I used to fear. Yeah I was drunk, but when I'm sober, I should be more willing to open day game sets at the train, fast food place, or wherever. Again, it's supposed to be easier now that I am good at club game and I even have positive reference experience from those sets from Friday.

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