Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost had a McDonald's make out but should have slowplayed it

I went to this birthday party for a girl that I met back in March. 2j and one of his friends came. Initially, I was all outgoing introducing myself to people but then I got quiet. We're supposed to learn core confidence for every where, but I just didn't feel it at the party. We left early as 2j's friend said he could get us into Underground. We didn't get in so we kept trying to open girls on the street and at the bars on Hubbard to try to venue change them there and maybe to Crescendo. The night was a lot of street game which was fun was all of us were doing street approaches. I'm usually high energy and enthusiastic about street game but sometimes I want a break and both these guys stepped up.

Cute blonde at McDonald's:
Spy Bar and Crescendo said they were both at capacity. We would have had to pay cover at Crescendo which we didn't want to do so we worked street game. We went in to Rock and Roll McDonald's and I saw this blonde sit down by herself. While I might beat myself up for not being that outgoing at the party, I have to admit that I have a lot of confidence in general now. I just sat down next to her. I didn't open with the usual, "I wanted to meet you." I felt this was a day game situation and since people were listening, I opened it in the way Tyler describes opening in a crowded Starbucks. I sat down as if I knew her and said, "How was your night?"

I've got that sexual look down as it's been working great the past two days. I just gave her that look and we just locked eye contact. I did a future adventures projection and I talked about our evening thus far. The set was total on. I was holding her hand and she was comfortable with me putting my arm around her. I was gonna go for the kiss close real early. I went in and then pulled back. She said, "You want to make out with me don't you?"

I replied, "Maybe, and stroked her hair."

Run solid game vs Kiss Close Drills:

I'm puzzled about where to go with my game right now. I think I'm gonna make a post on I think the video below gives some insight but I'm torn whether I should still work on trying to get my fast escalation down or trying to do things a solidly as I can so I can try to pull. This is similar to Saturday in that I busted out of a good set by trying to practice instead of just slowplaying it and possibly or probably getting the girl.

2j commented that the girl was obviously into me and she was alone. She had left her friends at Crescendo and was here sipping a soda. What I tried to do was a few minutes later, I started blowing into her ear and went for the make out. Instead of the usual yellow light of the girl turning her face, she ran off.

2j pointed out that we were in a McDonald's. I'm don't feel any social pressure so I was willing to just make out there, but she obviously wasn't comfortable. If I had just kept the eye contact and ran some rapport game, I might have been able to pull her.

I'm thinking I shouldn't have done the kiss close drill and actually tried to get this girl. I wasted a good set.

We worked out way to Division. There was this 3-set from California that we all had hooked. My girl wanted to go to a "good bar." What I should have said is that all these places suck and we should go to Underground. Instead, I tried to take them to Mother's and they thought it sucked and ran off. We saw them again and they came into Detention but they didn't like that either. I knew all the places sucked compared to LA venues. They wanted Spy Bar, Crescendo or Underground. Unfortunately, my wings didn't hear her asking about the venue change or they could have helped.

We worked some street sets. I opened this tall blonde hard in front of Proof. Its amusing to open hotter girls because I get shit tests. I'm not used to getting them as only the hottest girls even try to shit test me any more. The first time, I got annoyed and just walked away. The second time, I plowed and ignored it. The third time, I had a ton of snappy comebacks but then got sick of the girl though she seemed to like it.

I've come so far:

When I got bombarded by shit tests in the third set, I realized how far I've come in this game. I was able to lock eye contact with that girl as she was saying all this bullshit to me and I didn't flinch. I remember when I would have felt shitty cause some girl was talking shit to me. I just laughed. It's funny and I can finally say that I do not care at all what she thinks of me. I can't believe it took all these years to reach that point.

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