Sunday, September 4, 2011

Better effort and attitude yield results

I think Saturday night was a glimpse of where my game can be if I put a good effort in every set. To warm up, I was even saying stupid shit and the self amusement really got me into state just as RSD teaches. For example, I opened this large set by saying, "Hey, it's day game! High five." Another set on the street, I opened with gibberish and just plowed.

2j and I started off at Republic. We didn't even make the free drinks but we wanted to check it out as it was showering when we met up. The place was slower than usual and no sets really stuck so we went off to Wrigley. The main action of the night took place in Barleycorn.

The first set I really hooked was this cute blonde by the stairs. It was on until her boyfriend or some guy she was with came. The guy was the typical chode. He came up there and then tried to come between us by nudging me with his arm. That shit makes me laugh. They really think they are gonna get rid of me by nudging me or giving me a look. When they are awkward like that or get pissed, it actually gives me more fuel to make them look dumb. I ignored the guy initially, and then I made fun of him by saying, "What with this?" and imitating his awkward nudging. The problem was she was into the guy so it must have been her boyfriend or some guy she liked and she turned cold and kept telling me to open other girls.

Immediately after this, I saw a blonde by the bar. 2j said this was the set I hooked the most and he described her as a solid 8. I hardly ever mention rating but I will here as he noted that and I should take some pride in myself. This was an example of what Tyler talks about when he says, "Don't try." I tried in that I went out telling myself I was gonna try to run most sets to the best of my ability, but when I opened her, I didn't try to impress her.

I just looked at her in the same way I did with the previous girl. I gave her strong eye contact and got up close to her. I said some of my usual stuff. I could tell she was really into me. I started touching the back of her neck and she seemed to get turned on. I swear she said, "I love you." Obviously, not as in she truly loved me but she was getting turned on. I tried to go for the kiss close and she wasn't ready. She grabbed the guy near her.

The guy was some friend and was cool. I talked to him for a bit. Then I was gonna go upstairs. I opened her again. I grabbed her hand and looked her in the eye and said, "Let's go upstairs." She hesitated as she wanted to but said, "Not right now." I then left.

2j's analysis: Keep plowing:

2j actually saw this whole thing go down. He said that it was obvious she was into me and the guys were giving me isolation until she pulled him over. He said that after I talked to the guy and opened her again, I had isolation and should have kept talking. He explained it's just like when you try to kiss close a girl and you get rejected. You just keep talking. I did that part but when I asked her to go upstairs, I walked away when she wouldn't. I realized that I do that often when girls don't want to dance or go to the bar. I need to just brush it off and keep talking.

2j also said in our discussion that I should decide if I'm trying to pull a girl with solid game or if I'm doing drills. He said that his experience with hotter girls is that they often are more hesitant to kiss right away, especially in front of her friends. If I wanted to drill pushing for quick kiss closes, then I should be happy with what I did. If I wanted to run solid game on her, he thinks I should have waited till I had her isolated later. Besides that, even though I did things the way I did, I should have stayed in.

Hooked blonde with boyfriend downstairs:

Just as we were about to leave the upstairs, I saw this blonde by the stairs. She was just standing there and I approached her and opened her like I was supposed to do. Again, the set was just on from me approaching, giving her the strong eye contact, and getting up on her. I spent a few minutes dancing and trying to danced with her and escalate. Like the previous girl, she was letting me touch the back of her neck. She started telling me that her boyfriend was downstairs and she had to go.

I kept plowing and pulling her back in. We were by the stairs and she actually almost slipped on a wet spot on the floor but I saved her. I didn't know what to do. I knew she liked me. I debated that she might have been saying the BF BS because she didn't want to hook up, but 2j and I discussed that and that theory makes no sense. Her boyfriend probably was downstairs. Why would she like when it was obvious she was into me? I told her to kiss me than as no one would know and at least we could remember the moment. This was the same shit I said to the girl at Joe's on time who had a boyfriend and then kissed me. She tried to kiss me on the cheek. I told her to give me a real kiss. I went for it several times but she kept making me kiss her cheek and not her mouth. I decided to just let her go so I told her have fun and walk down carefully.

Eye opening reference material:
Tonight, I got a taste of how my nights out should be provided I keep working on giving my full effort on all the sets I open when I'm out. I'm the same guy I was yesterday or the rest of this week except that I pumped my state crazy with silliness and then I made myself open properly as much as I could instead of opening with half effort. Not surprisingly, I did a whole lot better.

It surprises me how little I really did. Tyler is so right about going up to girls and not trying to impress them and just looking at them with that sexual look. You just say shit that amuses you and escalate. This wouldn't have worked until a few months ago though because now I can look at attractive girls and be completely calm and not flinch at all.

I still think I should drill kiss closes so I get completely comfortable going for the kiss. I should get more opportunities if I keep this up. Eventually, I have to abandon that and use the calibration to kiss her properly. The second hooked set was on. The guys were cool and not cockblocking and the girl was totally into me. I just needed to move her around and try to kiss later when she was isolated (perhaps on the dance floor?).

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