Friday, September 23, 2011

Time to follow a game plan

Thursday night, there wasn't much to report. 2j couldn't get into The Apartment. Apparently they remodeled the upstairs and were being strict about dress code for upstairs. I opened the one decent looking set in the Lion Head area. We planned to get to Spy bar by 1am. We drove by Duffy's (it looked dead and I couldn't find parking) and stopped by Durkin's. Durkin's was busy but there weren't that many sets. I opened this 2-set of black girls. I tried number closing one but nothing happened. When we got to Spy Bar, they tried to charge us cover. They said there was some special DJ there that night so we needed to get there by midnight to get in free. We ended the night at Leg Room. All of Division was dead and we ran through the sets in Leg Room in about ten minutes.

The night was a bust, then, but I did learn something about what I need to fix in my game. I watched the Tyler video below before I went out. I feel that the first part really describes my game. I've mentioned before that I've been aware that I play to not lose too often. I feel like he's describing me when he says guys often just try to "hold the set" instead of trying to push it towards the lay. 2j and I talked in the car for awhile and I realized that I have been dicking around with my number closes.

Yes, I pushed some of the number closes, but in August and September, I really didn't do much with the numbers. I made all kinds of excuses. When we were going out every day, I literally didn't have time to really work the numbers. Then I complained that I didn't want to go out for certain Day 2's cause I was afraid I'd get stuck paying for a dinner and then not get anything. I also realized that I text certain girls and they responded, yet I never really pushed to meet up. I think part of it was I was busy trying to go out every night and practicing pulling, but part of me was protecting myself by not really trying.

2j gets most of his lays from Day 2's and he's been having steady success lately with that. I always thought he had some fancy text game. He does flirt with them a bit sometimes but he says it's mostly basic. He said he could tell I was doing something wrong with the numbers cause with the amount we were going out, by sheer random probability, one should be able to get Day 2's out. I then realized that I used to get more Day 2's when my game was worse. It was then that I had to admit what I wrote in the paragraph above. For a variety of reasons, I didn't take that many numbers, and I also didn't really push the numbers to meet up.

Action plan:

As Tyler says in the video, it's time that I stopped going out to practice and started trying to get laid. Again, this isn't an entirely new concept. I made the breakthrough a few weeks ago where I realize that I half ass many if not most of the sets in the night. If I'm gonna spend time going out, I need to do things right. Now, I have a clearer idea of what I need to focus on.

I still want to work on SNL's. Going home with a girl the same night is such a fun experience. I always say that I love when I wind up in a new apartment of a girl I just met. If I'm gonna make that happen more often, that I need to run solid game. I can open sets hard and get girls really into me. I realize that after that, I would just try to "hold the set" as Tyler describes. If I wanna pull, I need to lead the girl around the club so I get her used to following my lead, and so she gets that illusion that she knows me longer than she does (the old Mystery Method of creating more memories of the girl with you in different locations).

I remember when I made a conscious effort to lead that one black girl from Iowa. Surprise, that set went well. Too often, I just stand in the same spot. At least I'll try to escalate, but I need to move her around the club.

Logistics & Numbers:
Sometimes, you have to take numbers. This goes along with something I need to do more in my sets as well. I need to screen the girls for logistics. I know this concept, but I don't ask the girl the right questions. I know 2j does this as he'll usually know the girls situation. I need to find out where the girl lives, who she came with, who drove, where she's staying, etc. I can also throw in RSD Brad's, "What are you doing later?" I need to figure out if the logistics are even there for a pull. Sometimes, it's not there: for example, she's in a bachelorette party and she drove, or she's with her brother and staying at his place. If the logistics for pulling are not there, I should try to get a number close. If it might be there, I can take a phone number, but I should be focused on moving her around the club and escalating.

When I take numbers, I have to text them the next day. If I get in on Friday, I can wait till Sunday. I need to try to set up a Day 2 within a week. No more dicking around telling myself that maybe I can get a better text exchange going before I try to set up the Day 2. I need to figure out something we want to do (get margaritas, get thai food, etc), and find out what her schedule is and plan to do it.


Flakes are part of the game. Since I keep sarging girls in the city, it's really annoying because I'll go out to the city and end up with a flake and now I wasted all that time. I need to make this work with my schedule. I like to go out and cold approach on certain days and I used to not like to set up Day 2's on those days. I think now that I'm better off setting up a Day 2 on say Tues, Thurs, Fri, or Sat because if she flakes, then I can just go out and sarge as usual. I hate wasting good cold approach days with Day 2's but I should be trying to go on Day 2's more now instead of trying to sarge more.

Closing thoughts:
I'm actually gonna start taking more numbers. For awhile, I would rarely take a number because I told myself I was only gonna work on pulling. Manwhore has said that he got some of the hotties through Day 2's and not only from SNL's. I see that 2j's main method right now is Day 2's. Crazy beast mode sarging was fine, and I still wanna work on my SNL game, but I should go back to taking more numbers.

Beyond that, if I push for my goals in the ways I wrote above, I'm surely gonna get better results. My game has improved and some cool things have happened over the last few months, but I have to admit that I spent too much time spinning my wheels. I'll close by summarizing in Tyler's terms, "I need to focus on a plan to get laid instead of just going out and trying to hold sets."

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