Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some brilliant moments but I stay in friendly mode too often

I ended up going out with Trojan- from the RSD forums. 2j was supposed to go out but he ended up meeting with some girl at the last minute. I ended up at our usual place solo until Trojan- decided to come out late. I feel like I do learn a lot solo, but it's definitely easier to go out with a wing man. Since I hadn't done solo in awhile, it took me awhile to get into state, but I made sure to start opening early.

One interesting thing is this hot blonde that I see there every week stopped me as I was walking by. I guess I was giving off good vibes from being one of the few people on the dance floor and from opening and trying to dance with a bunch of other girls. I tried sarging this girl several times over the summer but she always blew me out instantly and plowing never worked. She put her arm around me and said something that I couldn't understand. I just laughed and walked away. Later, I walked by and I stopped and gave her a high five. This time, she tried negging me by pointing at my shirt and shaking her head.

In the past, I would have lost state because of it, but I knew she was attracted to me tonight for some reason. I actually should have tried to work her more but I walked away and ended up meeting up with Trojan-.

This is how you open a hottie:

I felt awkward early on being solo. I opened a bunch of sets. I got busted out of more than usual. I had a black girl into me but she had to walk away with her friends and for some reason I didn't try again. I opened some college exchange student but that stalled. Momentum works though and I got better as I pressed forward. I was upstairs near the entrance as that is the coolest, and I mean in terms of temperature, place in the club. That place is so annoying in that it's always too hot in the downstairs area where I like to dance. I saw this hot blonde walk in with a slightly chubby friend. They went to the bar area behind me.

As I was standing by a pole, I choded out for a bit. I knew they couldn't see me so it wouldn't look like I was trying to work up the courage to approach. I told myself that if I'm gonna open, I had to do it right and believe in myself. I walk around back and saw them standing by the bar and sipping their drinks.

I think I opened with the usual, "Hey, I wanted to meet you guys." I looked at both girls in the eye but then I put my attention on the less attractive girl. I don't remember exactly what I said. I do remember that they were both attracted as they both immediately started asking me questions. I started off doing old school MM stuff of ignoring my target. After I ignored her for about 30 seconds, she started asking me questions.

At this point, I started talking to the hot girl. I always love when girls rapid fire rapport questions as I know that means it's totally on. Plus, I feel like I can just kick back and enjoy the interaction instead of plowing with stuff and hoping something hits. I remember the girls playing with each other hair and I said something like, "I think it works better if you use a brush." It sounds stupid, but they started laughing. Then, the blonde started stroking my hair.

Here's where I did something dumb. They wanted to go smoke. I swear the blonde kind of motioned me to go outside with them. I write it like that because it seems unbelievable in a way, but it shouldn't as I was being really attractive and high value up to this point. I suppose I could have went outside but I don't smoke. I figured I'd see them again but again, I ended up leaving with Trojan-.

Too much Friend to Friend BS:

I actually just received a text from Trojan- with some feedback about how he thinks I could improve. He said I need to be more dominant and he's right. I told him that I realized that ever since Jeffy commented on my missed pull. I try to convince too much instead of just leading and blowing off the token verbal objections. I also wrote several posts over the last two weeks about this very subject.

One thing I really realized today was how I often get stuck in friend to friend mode. 2j had commented about this in the past. He's seen me run good game but often I end up just being friendly instead of pushing the interaction. Fortunately, I'll have my moments when I run game properly, but tonight made me realize how much of this friend to friend stuff I do.

The eye opening moment was when I got separated from Trojan- and went into English. I ended up being in this big 4-5 set. I opened and hook the set. I was trying to decide if I wanted this girl with freckles or this tan blonde. I kept joking around the set but I never actually picked a target. I moved to another set because that set stalled out. No shit it stalled out. Jeffy demonstrated how the friend to friend shit stalls out in Jeffy Show 2 with in field video.

Trojan- found me and we went back into the set. Immediately, he was up on the girl he wanted. I remember looking over and thinking, "That's how it's done." I had been making excuses for myself in my head: I didn't know which girl to choose and I needed to entertain the whole 5-set, and so on. No, I was just stuck in friend to friend mode. I won the 3 girls over within a few minutes. I needed to choose one girl and focus on her man to woman.

Seeing him in that set made me realize I needed to get back into man-to-woman mode.

Buying temperature transfers:
We went downstairs and Trojan- later commented that I was doing value scanning. I explained to him that he wasn't really pointing out a sticking point as that's usually not an issue for me. I knew I was doing it at the bar. Anyway, I opened some girls and then suddenly this cute blonde from a table walked up to order a drink. I had seen her in this mixed set with 2 girls and 2 guys.

When she got close to the bar, I opened her man-to-woman. I grabbed her hand and got all up on her like I saw Tyler do in his latest video that included some a short in field video burst. Of course, I had a better result from this set. It was on. I was dancing with her and grinding her a bit while she waited to order a drink. I had my arm around her at times and I was caressing the back of her neck. I probably should have went to kiss her but I kept thinking about the guy in the set she was in.

She was comfortable with me but at one point, she went back to the table and brought the guy over. Two things happened I think. First, I had a small window to escalate and it closed. Initially, I thought the set might be a pickup but I saw them all leave together when the bar closed. It looked like they all went out together as opposed to it being a pickup. The second point is that I think she felt bad for being high buying temperature with me at the moment and grabbed the guy to bring her back to reality. I guess I could have tried to tool the guy when she came back with him but I just gave up and opened another set when I saw her get him.

I'm an escort:

It's funny that I feared opening a prostitute by accident and even made a post about it on the forums. Tonight, it happened and it wasn't even a big deal. I opened this chubby girl that was cute and looked good in this outfit on Division. I was making strong eye contact with her. She was weird, though, as she kept backing up as I tried to get closer. I figured it was because she wasn't comfortable yet.

We kept talking and she started asking me what I wanted. I think she knew what I wanted by the eye contact and me trying to kino her. She ended up saying, "I'm an escort." I replied, "Well, I don't want that." What I wish I would have said would be something like, "Yeah, I want to do crazy things with you, but I don't wanna pay." Then I would have got upon her and giving her crazy eye contact and told her I would do naughty things to her and she could tell me her fantasies, etc. Something like that... I would have banged her for free even though she was an escort. Some guys wouldn't but I would.

If I had a closer place:
I opened these two black girls. The one was into me and I was kino escalating fast as it was late. The bars were closing and I threw out food. She said she wanted to keep drinking. I told her that all the places were closed and the only place to drink would be an after party. I tried telling her she could come over and we'd watch movies and have drinks. The friend had been on the phone and started to pull her away. I caught up to my target and grabbed her hand but the moment was gone and she told me she wasn't interested.

I saw two weeks ago how the close place helps. I almost had that Norwegian girl come to 2j's place because it was so close. If I lived as close as he did, I think I could have pulled that 2-set by just telling them about the after party and saying it was a block away. That doesn't mean I'd get laid, but at least they'd come over and that's part of the battle.

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