Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cockblock friend & More proof that looks don't matter

I started the night with 2j and his roommate. The roommate left early which is good because the guy can be annoying. He'll hover around and not talk to the girls in the set, or he'll decide to come in and talk to the girl 2j or I is talking rather than talking to the friends. 2j and I ran a bunch of solo sets but nothing really stuck. He started to lose energy around 2am. I tried to push him to go another half hour but then I decided it was just best to let him go. We both realized that if he stayed, he'd just do nothing anyway. I ended up meeting with Trojan- from the forums anyway.

The set of the night was this 2-set Trojan- and I worked on the street in Wrigley. One was this pale, thin brunette who was an inch or two taller than me. The friend was this older blonde (I say older now to mean probably around my age, early 30's) who was a little overweight. Apparently she told Trojan- she was married but I'm not sure if she was. I had my girl really hooked. She was comfortable with me being right up on her and with me holding both her hands. Conversation was good too. The blonde came and pulled her away. I tried plowing with the blonde but they walked away.

How can I believe in looks?
The one positive thing I can take out of the bullshit that happened is that I have even more evidence that looks don't mean shit. Well, I suppose they meant something to the blonde but to the girl I wanted, it made no difference. I opened some set and then about ten minutes later, I saw the girls down the street talking to three dudes. The guys they were talking to were tall and built. The blonde was close to one of the guys. The two guys were standing near to the brunette but way too far away to be picking her up. I just went right in and grabbed the brunette's hand. She said something like, "Oh, it's you again." I was right up on her and she was smiling.

The blonde got all pissed and started bitching at me. Thinking back, maybe I should have just tried to ignore her. The problem was the bitching was making my target uncomfortable and she moved away from me as this happened. The two guys just stood there talking to each other like chodes do. The one guy tried to take advantage of the situation. It's funny again because he's probably like 6 feet tall, buffed, and good looking, yet I'm the one the brunette wants and not him. On top of that, I owned him verbally too.

The blonde was talking shit, but then she tried to get the guy to get rid of me. She said, "This is her finance." I laughed cause I knew it was bullshit and I knew the brunette liked me. The guy tried to put his arm around the girl and looked awkward. I went to touch the dude but it looked awkward as he was turning as he did it. I talked some more and then put my arm on his shoulder in the condescending way I always do.

The set just pissed me off because ultimately there was nothing I could do with the blonde. I guess I wanted Trojan- to do more as well. He tried initially but he didn't offer me any assistance the second time even though he had been watching. Some of his advice helped in the past, but he gave me bullshit advice here. He tried telling me that he thinks I looked around at all of them too much and he thinks I want their approval. I told him that if he had actually been up close, he would have seen how much shit the blonde was giving me and how I did my best to plow through it.

Again, sometimes it's just bad luck. I needed the blonde to like Trojan- and/or like me. Instead, she hated me and I couldn't get anywhere with her cockblocking. I think maybe I should have just ignored her since winning her over wasn't working. As I said above, the bitching affected my target as she moved away. I needed to stay up on her and keep plowing with material over the blonde's bitching. If I kept the brunette engaged, the blonde's nonsense would have become background noise.

Lead more:
I opened these two chubby girls in front of Proof. I was attracted to this blonde who was probably around my age. She was drunk and high buying temperature and I was all up on her. Trojan- did a good job engaging the friend even though he wasn't attracted to her. My mistake came when I threw out, "Let me give you a ride home." She gave some objections like, "I just wanna go home and go to bed." I replied, "We'll just hang out for a bit." She ended up saying, "Where's your car?" I said, "It's two blocks that way (which it was)." She said, "I can't walk that far."

Now, her feet were killing her and she had taken her shoes off. That was not leading. I did a good job until I just dropped the line of conversation. When she said, "Where's your car?" I needed to grab her hand and use Jeffy's, "Sko' Sko'!" The friend might have tried to stop her, but at least I would have made the right move. I can tell I'm rusty with my pull technique again as that was way too weak. I don't give up when she's basically agreed to let me drive her home.

I didn't get much time as her friend came with the car. She had been telling me her friend was pulling up soon in this Jaguar. I tried to tell her, "Give me a ride too." She didn't say anything, but I suppose I could have been more aggressive her too. She went up to the car and got in the passenger seat. I should have opened the back door, guided her in, and then hopped in myself. The other friend, who had been talking to Trojan-, liked us, so she might have been cool with it. I guess I got thrown off a little cause the friend who was driving was bitching the moment my girl was near the car, "Fucking get in the car already!"

Ultimately, the pull might not have happened due to the logistics, but I made a bad screw up. The friends might have let me drive her home as they were older. 2j says it frequently and it's true, "Older girls cockblock less than the 21 year old girls." Still, I'm not gonna get a pull if I give up that easily (the girl saying, "It's too far, my feet hurt.") Yes, I'll get the easy ones where the girl makes it happen, but those are rare.

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