Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blowouts happen on ugly girls or when I do half effort

It seems counter intuitive and it's still sinking in for me. My game is starting to work best on the better looking girls. I say that I still don't have the ridiculous girls hooking like the ones I see on Thursdays, but the better looking girls that we run into at the regular venues give me better responses than ugly or average girls.

Those in the community know that the main reason it's starting to work on hot girls is that hot girls aren't used to guys acting calm around them. Guys are either nervous or keep trying to qualify themselves to them. I stand out when I look at them with the strong eye contact and with that strong sexual intent, and I'm completely chill.

The ugly girls don't respond for several reasons. First, many have self esteem issues and when you're too high value, the community says that they don't believe it's real. They either try to sabotage it or they think you are messing with them. I remember in the distanst past when I got opened one time. I started to act weird because I couldn't believe it was happening to me. This is the old reason of your ego trying to force your existing reality upon you.

The other reason is that while I would have sex with them, if I'm not really turned on by them, the approach is different than when it's with a hottie. Jeffy even said that when they run game on girls they aren't attracted to, girls will tell them, "You must be an actor" because something just seems a little off.

It's not to say that they don't ever like me. Sometimes they make it easy. I was dancing with that large girl last week on Division and probably could have pulled her if I had my car there.

Half Effort:
Even tonight, I would sometimes sink back into half effort mode. One time, we were in front of Moe's Cantina around closing time. This girl walked by and I could see that like 5 guys were watching me, including the bouncers. I got self conscious and made a half ass effort to open a moving girl. Moving sets are hard in general. I can get them to stop sometimes when I do it right. By being awkward, I make it really hard.

Tyler has a video from the free tour where the seemingly tougher approach is actually better than the one that seems safe. I do even worse sometimes than trying to be safe. 2j saw me opening this moving set weird. I knew I should try to claw her, but I felt awkward so I reached for her hand and then brushed against her arm instead. 2j was right that I either have to grab her hand and do that method, or not try to grab her at all. The half effort was really awkward.

I know that this same mentality is why I have had problems giving my full effort. A voice inside me will tell me not to open hard and will full intent because I don't want to be awkward and then, ironically, I'll open in a way that might be the most awkward way possible. I'll be in congruent. I'll try to act confident but I'll look like I'm hesitating also. I'm better off approaching hard because at least it's congruent with my intentions. Besides that, opening hard either gets girls totally into me, or gets me blown out. Thinking about it, I'm actually just better off saying, "Hi" and opening softly instead of some of the awkward stuff I do when I'm giving half an effort.

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