Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best responses from the two tall girls

Tonight I again got a variety of responses. I had some average looking girl go off on me and tell me go go away. I really do laugh when that happens now. I find it amusing that a girl can get that upset with me when I'm not even doing anything crazy. I think I asked that girl, "Fumas mota?" That means, "Do you smoke weed?" in Spanish. She got all pissed off and said I was rude. She told 2j that he was rude too for the way he came up.

On the other hand, my two best sets were with the two girls I found most attractive. The first was was this tall girl who said she was a 2nd Year Medical student at my old university. I should have number closed her. I opened her on the dance floor and we started dancing. She began asking me rapport questions right off the bat. Vinny was trying to help me with the four other friends. 2j didn't want to come in for some reason until I pulled him over. I told myself I was gonna open them later, but they ended up leaving. When I meet a cool girl like that, I should just take the number right away, especially when it's such a big set like that. The logistics were horrible for pulling so I should be number closing right away.

The second set was this tall girl that I found on the dance floor when we were doing our last round. I saw this 2-set: the tall girl and this short, chubby girl. They were dancing with each other and I was dancing next to them. I then decided to jump in between them and I moved close to my girl. That display of confidence hooked her. I remember she gave me that look when I did that and when I grabbed her hands, I could tell she liked me then. She was way more enthusiastic than I expected.

When I strongly hook girls that I really want, it still surprises me. I'm not surprised that they are attracted to me, but this girl was tall and cute and it surprised me how strongly I hooked her. I remember grabbing her hands and dancing with her, and within 5 seconds, she spun around so her back was facing me. She immediately pushed her ass right up onto me and started grinding. She was taller than me, so only the bottom of her ass was hitting my cock while most of her ass was rubbing against my stomach. Of course, I was instantly hard, and she grinded me even more when she noticed this.

2j was trying to wing me and I thought we finally had a really good set when I saw him dancing with the friend. I spun my girl around and pulled her into me. I was getting ready to escalate when I saw her friend start to move away from 2j and then she pulled my girl away too.

2j did put an effort in and sometimes the friend just doesn't like your wing. It's happened several times when I tried to wing him. I just wonder if he would have tried better if the girl had been attractive. At the same time, it's hard to run your best game when you're not really into a girl.

Thinking back, I probably should have went back into that set but we ended up leaving. 2j ran into some community guy we knew. This guy matched my enthusiasm for opening sets and I see why that attitude is inspiring. We hit several other spots but there were only 1-2 sets in the other areas we hit. We had some confrontation with some jealous orbiters in Lincoln Park. 2j and I disagreed on how to handle them. He likes the full ignore tactic and I like engaging them and verbally cutting them down or outmaneuvering them while keeping my party vibe going. We debated our methods but at the end I said that I think we could agree that each method works. Ignoring works better for 2j, and verbal amogging works better for me.

Tonight was fun then but the off days have really become slower now that summer is over. I feel like the best thing I gained today was I increased my feelings of entitlement when it comes to tall girls.

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