Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FB lay screwed up by fake weed

My night got screwed up. I was gonna go to my usual spot on Tuesdays but my FB text me and said she was going there as well. I went to pick her up but she couldn't find her ID. That was fine. We ended up eating at this pizza place. We stopped by my house and we were gonna hook up like we usually do, but she ended up smoking all this fake weed and got all fucked up. She didn't want to mess around. I escalated and she started to get into it. She still didn't want to have sex. I was fine with that. I fingered her and she got off. I asked her to help me out with a hand job like she'd done before. She's always been cool about that, but tonight she said she was tired and all fucked up and didn't want to help.

I feel like I shouldn't get mad, but I did. She apologized. I said I'd get over it, which I did, but I also said that I can't just not be pissed 10 seconds later.

On top of that, Sidegames pissed me off by eating my pizza. I eat some of his food, but I hate the way he ate my pizza. If he actually ate all of it, I wouldn't even care. He wasted most of it. For most slices, he threw out the sausage and the crust and just ate the cheese and the sauce. For three slices, he just licked the sauce and threw out the cheese, spinach, and crust. I told him that angered me that he just wastes my food like that cause I would actually eat the whole thing. Again, I can't get too mad as I eat his food. I actually wish he wouldn't let me eat his candies as I would get as fat as I've been getting, but that's also my own self control issues.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Internalizing that Girls Love Sex: Sticking point

This is a lesson that I've been struggling to internalize since I got into the game. I realize that it holds me back. Tyler/Owen had a good segment in the NY Free Tour clip on this page. He recommends this video to help internalize the truth that women love sex.

RSD Tim and Owen both talk about how the guys that are good at pulling girls believe that sex is a win/win for both the man and the woman. I can tell that even though I believe this to be true, part of my mind still holds me back because of the old social conditioning about women not liking sex. I think the old routines based game and theories also hold me back now. Those things blended together makes me think somewhere inside that I have to trick girls to have sex.

Nothing can be further from the truth. As Tyler/Owen says, girls are sexually frustrated. They want to meet a cool guy that is going to be nonjudgmental and will turn them one with that masculine polarity. Fortunately, I have become that guy but I just need to tweak myself just a little bit more.

I come into sets relaxed. I'm create that man to woman conversation that Jeffy stresses. I'm holding strong eye contact. I claw them. I make sure we face each other and our faces are really close when we are just talking. I hold their hands. When I'm really on, early in sets, I'll be facing the girl and holding her hands. I'll put her arms on my shoulders and put my arms around her and have them rest on her lower back. I'll spin girls around. I've become comfortable with all this stuff lately.

I'm becoming more comfortable with kiss but it's still a sticking point of sorts. I just have to really internalize that it's just a natural step in the interaction. It should be as simple as me trying to hold a girl's hand or putting my arm around her.

Win/win pull:
Thinking back on that close pull on Saturday, I realized that I wasn't viewing it as a win/win pull. I kept thinking I had to create some grand plan to get her to come home with me. Sure, you should come up with some minor excuse like grabbing food at her place and hanging out. As I saw with Maya in Cinco De Mayo, even sexual liberal girls don't want you to verbalize what's going down. Accepting that girls want to fuck still means that I'll say stuff like, "We're only gonna hang out for a short time," or "Come by and watch this video and hang out."

Where I went wrong with that girl is that I kept trying to plan too much. I should have picked one excuse and then just moved her towards the car to come to my place or hers. Instead of going to that bar for the drink, I should have continued kissing her on the street. To really turn her on, I could have pushed her against the wall or the bar window and starting really making out with her in a dominant way.

I know that I didn't kiss her faster and that I wasn't more dominant with the pull because I didn't have the mindset that she totally would want this to go down too. That appeared again with that Miata girl.

Manwhore talks about this in one of the "21 Convention" videos I saw on youtube. I need to come up to the girls and do all the stuff I already do right. The only difference is that I should be going up believing that the girls want this to go down with me because I'm different from most guys. All the stuff I'm doing right now isn't to trick the girl into getting attracted to me so I can sleep with her. This stuff is just me being that attractive guy that woman want to meet. When I escalate and otherwise move the interaction forward, I'm giving her want she wants too. Ultimately, when I pull her and have sex with her, I'm helping her relieve that sexual frustration that everyone, yes, even women, experience.

When I sarge properly, I'm giving her an incredible experience. This might have been a mind trick on myself in the past, but it's the truth now. That's not to say that I don't have more to learn. My game right now is at the point where I do create great experiences for the women and I need to start believing that in every set. When I internalize this, these crazy sexual experiences will become more commonplace for me.

NIght cut short from too much fiber

I went out briefly Sunday night. Wrigelyville was packed from the spillover from the Sheffield/Belmont music festival and of course because Monday is Memorial Day. I saw this amazing chick that fit all of my current physical criteria. She was tall, thin, had natural red hair, and the pale skin that goes with that. I opened her on the dance floor by spinning her but I had to leave after that.

The other day day I bought this Splenda that has soluble fiber in it. The package says 1 teaspoon contains 1 gram of fiber. Well, I use a ton of this stuff when I make iced tea. I estimate at least 1 cup full and a drank a lot so I had like 50 grams of soluble fiber. Here's too much information, but my stomach started rumbling after about a half hour at the bar. I had using public toilets. The one I would use is in Barleycorn in Lincoln Park cause it has the rotating seat covers like at Ohare airport. Anyway, I ended up cutting the night short and coming home. I'm actually glad I did as I had so much fiber that I would have been miserable if I had used the toilet there and stayed out.


I definitely felt the macro momentum. I was slightly hesitant to open initially as I had gotten used to being out with Seagull all this week. I haven't gone out alone in more than a week. I opened after only a slight delay and after one set I was basically back in state.

Stay in sets:

I was doing some more bold moves of opening on the dance floor but I did something stupid. I'd spin girls and then I'd just leave instead of trying to dance more and possibly escalate or isolate. The good thing is that I was pushing my comfort levels doing this. I just want to take things further next time.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 Streets sets: Almost pulled

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. The weather was perfect tonight in Chicago and it's warm weather all next week. I got to run a lot of street game like we did last Saturday. It actually surprises me as I'm writing this that my three sets of interest today all started in the streets in front of bars.

Close to a pull:
I started off around 11:30 PM and build momentum as usual. We were gonna walk into this Goose Island place that we never try when this girl complimented me on my shirt. I was about to just say thanks and walked in the bar but I didn't. In my head, I realized that was a huge IOI. She opened me which meant she was attracted to me. Seagull also stopped and mentioned that she had said something to me.

I don't remember exactly what I said at this point. I think I high fived her and just starting talking. I could tell immediately that she was drunk and high buying temperature. I was facing her and our faces were really close. I know I clawed her. She wanted to number close me but I wanted more of course. I remember saying, "We can exchange numbers but there are four more hours of partying left!"

I decided to try to move her. I was afraid her friends might walk out of the bar and I wanted to venue change anyway. I got her to walk next door to Mullen's. As we were walking, she called some friend and asked him to give her a ride. Here is where I think I had made a mistake. I should have escalated a little faster so wouldn't have called that guy.

After she gets off the phone with him, I lead her into Mullen's. While we are standing in front and looking for our ID's, we kissed. We went in and my mind was trying to figure out the best way to work the logistics here. She wanted me to buy her a drink which I didn't want to do. I think I take that too far sometimes as you'll see in another set of interest I'm gonna write about. I decided that I had kissed her so I could buy her a drink. She put her coat down and said she had to go to the bathroom and said she was leaving her coat cause I guess she didn't want me to wander off thinking she was blowing me off.

Pressed for time with impending ride:
Part of me must have known what I ultimately figured to be the best move. I knew that ride coming was a problem. I tried telling her to text the dude and tell him she didn't need the ride anymore. At one point, I even tried to grab the phone from her. That might have been a good move as when I did that she said, "No, no" but it was in a playful way and not a pissed off way. I think about this pull Manwhore form the RSD forums wrote about. He was going home with a girl but she had already phoned some fuck buddy who was also heading there. He called her as Manwhore and the girls were walking. Manwhore grabbed the phone, talked to the dude, and told the guy to turn around cause Manwhore was gonna hook up with her. I guess I could have grabbed that phone and texted that dude.

In the bar, I remember throwing out the food idea. First I was thinking the diner, but then I asked her about food at her place. I said we could go there and hang out for a bit for food. She said her food was shitty and wanted to order food at the bar. I knew the kitchen was closed so I blew off that idea. I started to mention my place too. She had said she had to get up early for work but said she wanted to see me again. I tried to seal myself into her memory by using the old, "You won't remember me 'case you're drink." Of course she kept saying, "No, no, I'll remember you!"

She asks me what bar we were at and I had thought she was texting her ride so I didn't want to tell her. She knew the bar and I busted on her for asking me when she knew the bar. Suddenly, some guy friend showed up. The guy started complaining about "bitches blowing him off." She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek but I pulled her attention away from him quickly.

She ended up getting a phone call and it was the ride. She then left us both. I think there was a way to work out this pull. I think instead of stopping at the bar, I should have just told her we were going for food or my place after we started kissing. I had a great parking spot on Clark so it was only two blocks away along the row of bars.

Miata girl:

On Division, we tried a few venues but spent most of our time on the street. I opened this two set. There was a loud blonde that messed with me open my opening. I just plowed through it and then put my arm around her and said, "You're fiest, I like you." The cute friend kept gazing at me so I started talking to her. Seagull came in a winged me and kept the blonde's attention.

I'm sure I screwed this set up because I didn't kiss my girl. They were waiting for the valet to bring their car and I ended up getting about ten minutes to work this set. My target kept gazing into my eyes. I put my arm around her periodically and I was really close to her face. I was holding both her hands as we were facing each other. At one point, I lifted her off the ground and spun her around and I probably should have kissed her there.

I remember trying to get her number and she was hesistant. Later, I mentioned food and she seemed interested in food. I knew her car was coming and I tried to tell her she should drive us for food, but unfortunately she had a 2-seater car.

I tried later for the phone number but she wouldn't give it to me. I think it's because she was giving me all the signals. Thinking back, I am really dumb for not kissing her. She had to have been thinking, "Why am I gonna give you my number when I want you to kiss me right now and you're not doing it?"

My problem here was that I haven't gotten it into my reality that I can kiss girls this quickly. I have been working on that Jeffy opener and I understand that it was like 4am so girls are drunk and high buying temperature. In my mind, I was thinking, "I just met this girl on the street." I don't give myself enough credit for gaming well enough at this point that quick kisses are possible. I should believe it. Even in the past, I've had several sets that wanted me to kiss them less than a minute in and I had like 5 minutes with this set. Furthermore, I kissed that girl I almost pulled in about 5 minutes.

I think I just need more reference experiences with street game so I'll be more comfortable doing this.

Had the Food Extraction:
Before the Miata set, Seagull opened a 2-set with a tall brunette and a cute, short blonde. I came in and I started to hit it off with the blonde. Suddenly, some dude came by and said, "Hey, that's my girlfriend" and dragged the brunette away. I was left with the blonde and I gave her this, "WTF" look. She said, "That's just some friend of ours." I kept talking to my girl and I felt like this set was on. A few minutes later, that brunette returned and pulled my girl away.

I saw them a few minutes later and I wanted to approach but I didn't. At the very end of the night, I saw them walking on the other side of the street. This was when all the bars had kicked people out. We crossed the street and opened them again.

I remember mentioning the food extraction. I sometimes go for food when I should be going for the pull to my place. This time, I think food was appropriate because I hadn't kissed my girl. I remember mentioning Elly's. My calibration is getting really good. When I first said, "We should grab food at this place just up the street called 'Elly's Pancake House."

I could tell they weren't interested in it yet. I followed what Tyler/Owen says in "Foundations" and started to oversell the place. I said, "This place has these cool collector plates on the wall. The food is good. You know how I know? The two times we were there, cops were eating there." At this point, I saw my targets eyes brighten just a bit and I knew she wanted to go now so I didn't try to sell it anymore.

I said, "Let's go." My girl looked to the brunette and with her eye coding, you could tell she was asking if the brunette wanted to go. They didn't say anything and you could tell she was contemplating it. Part of me knew the right move I think. I knew we could grab a cab and it was a 99% chance they'd go. I didn't want to pay for the cab though. My car was close, but I knew there was a small chance they wouldn't be comfortable coming in my car yet. Like a dumb ass, I didn't risk the rejection and just sat there. I think if I grabbed my target's hand and said, "Let's go" and started leading her towards my car, they would have come.

All was not lost, though. The brunette said, "Okay, we'll go if you guys pay for us." Seagull and I looked at each other and eye coded the same thing: we didn't want to pay. I hate paying for anything because it feels like supplication. I think I take that too far sometimes. I think we could have said yes and gone to Elly's with these girls.

Another reason I think we should have done it was that Seagull had a Wicker set about a month ago where this girl said she'd go if he paid. He ended up paying and the three of us went out for breakfast at Clarke's. He met her for a Day 2 a few weeks later. There was already precedent for paying for the food extraction. The girls were young too and probably didn't have that much money. They looked like students.

I can't help but think of this RSD forum post by this guy named progress-now. That particular guy gives some good advice sometimes but it's also obvious he keyboard jockey's far too much. He made some post asking about advice for a movie date. He said he wanted to go to a movie but didn't want to pay for the girl's ticket and was worried about how she might react to that. Some guys told him that movie dates are bad for Day 2's. Another guy told him that he should either pay or not pay but not make a big deal out of it either way. The guy that surprised me said the he would just pay for the the ticket. What surprised me more than that was that no one called it out as being supplication.

Both Seagull and I are low on money. I would agree that paying for a cab extraction wasn't worth the money. Taking my car was the move. I think now that we should have paid for the breakfast cause we would have had an hour to sarge them and we would have hit it off with them.

Part of me wonders if I should have just went for pull. I could have said, "You guys should come have beers at an after party with us." Then I could have drove them out to my place.

I'm of course frustrated that I didn't get the pull. It was a fun night though and it's an example of how much better I'm getting at this. I kissed a girl and almost got a pull. I then pushed for more and had that Miata girl really into me. Somehow I screwed up by not kissing her but it's because I lack street game experience, but you can be sure I'll learn from that mistake. I can see how if I keep going out regularly, in 6 months, I'll improve. I go for the kiss way more often now that I ever did before.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Milwaukee Adventures

I'm writing this report the next night. I usually write them right before I go to bed in the morning and that seems best. Seagull and I went up to Milwaukee to hang out with Fatty. First, we got up there early enough to catch the 6pm Great Lakes Distillery tour. At the end of the tour, I paid $5 to get small samples of all their liquor. I even got to try absinthe for the first time. I learned that the ban on it was lifted in 2007. It smelled like black licorice and tasted a bit like gin.

We picked up Fatty and went to Victor's. The whole reason we went up is that Fatty had heard about this plentyoffish event at the bar. Someone had set up a meet there and our covers were waived by just mentioning the website. We saw a bunch of people with name tags but almost all the women we saw in the place were over 40. Later, we learned the place probably was decent near the end of the night. Fatty and his buddy had spotted some good looking, younger women entering after 11pm.

It turns out Milwaukee is similar to Minneapolis. Like I usually say in set, I'm not used to the early closing time. Here in Chicago, we have after hours places that are open to 4am (5am on Saturdays). Even though the bars in Milwaukee close at 2:30am (and they kick people out about 2:15), people don't go out earlier to compensate. Places were dead and we were disappointed at first, but all the places got busy after 11pm.


I mention this every time because it's an awesome concept that they push at RSD. At Victors, I didn't want to approach early and even did the rare things for me now of passing up a set with a decent looking girl just as we were leaving. At our first bars at Water Street, I opened a few sets but didn't really click in any sets. We got busted out of a lot of sets early on as well.

I think things started turning around when I approached this giant mixed set. When the bars were still slow, I remember being upstairs and seeing that the only girls were in this giant group with some guys. Seagull didn't want to approach and I didn't either but I came out of the bathroom and just jumped in. A few girls were giving me some BS and one of the guys tried to mess with me. I kept my frame and stayed in. I didn't get the girls but I felt good living up to my standards of pushing myself and the set didn't go that badly.

Holding a hottie's hand behind her sister's back:
I had this awesome set in this 4-set I opened. They were all seated in a booth. I stopped and just started talking. This slightly chubby girl seemed to be interested but the girl next to her kept leaning in and trying to talk to me. I guess I she was attracted due to the old MM method of me ignoring her. I wasn't completely in state so I was willing to just get the chubby girl, but the other girl told me right away, "She has a girlfriend."

I decided to focus on he cute brunette next to the chubby girl. For a second, I got distracted by talking to the other two girls on the other side of the booth. Seagull showed up and started talking to one girl on that side. I decided to switch back to the brunette. The problem was she was blocked by the chubby girl. (BTW, I learned the chubby girl and the brunette were sisters). The chubby girl was leaning forward a little bit. I got my girls attention and started talking to the brunette behind the sister. We started clicking, so I reached over and touched her hand. She started holding my hands.

It was a weird scene. Seagull started talking to the chubby girl so she leaned forwards even more. I was leaning on the chubby girl's back a bit and I had my arm stretched across her back as I was holding hands with the sister (the cute brunette). We quickly switched to the more intimate hand holding of having our fingers intertwined.

The set was going well and our faces were close. In retrospect, I should have worked on isolating her from the table. I don't know why I didn't do it. I think I could have kissed her if I had moved her away from her friends. During a high point, I decided to take her number. It turns out the other girls were getting ready to leave when I decided to do it. The girl and I were in our "bubble of love" as Tim would call it, so neither of us had noticed the other girls were getting ready to leave. My girl didn't want to give me her number. She said she was seeing someone. I persisted and she said she couldn't. She let go of my hand and got up to get ready to leave.

Obviously she was into me. My game is good enough now that the girls forget about that and just get pulled in my bubble. I see now how guys can get girls into this state and the girls will have sex with you despite the boyfriend. This boyfriend theme repeated itself later. I had a set in the beer garden area later where the girl was into me and I was started to escalate. Her friend asked her where her boyfriend was and she pointed to the wall that was about twenty feet away from us. I asked if it was really her boyfriend and she said yes. I ejected but of course it amused me that we were having our moment and she let herself get into higher buying temperature despite her boyfriend being there.

Tried for a kclose and took number:
As closing time came, Seagull and I went into fast escalation mode. He said he learned a lot forcing himself to do that. I didn't really get to debrief him as he fell asleep during the long ride home. Fast escalation is low probability of success but it does make you more comfortable with escalation in general.

I didn't have any luck with the quick escalation. I ended up seeing this 3-set when Seagull was next to me. I had high fived this mixed looking girl (she looked half black and half white)) earlier. Some chode was talking to one of the girl's friends so I suggested to Seagull that we try to wing him and talk to the other girls. I sat down next to the mixed girls. We started talking and I immediately felt she was into me. She was receptive and kept asking me questions. Quickly, I was holding her hand. I had my arm around her and I was caressing the back of her neck and she was comfortable with that.

She asked me for her number so then we exchange numbers. Shortly after that, I tried to go for the kiss close but she didn't let me. We hugged and I kissed her neck. I ended up leaving. I don't even remember how I left as the place hadn't closed yet. I probably should have stayed longer.

Street Sets:
Seagull and I had got seperated from Fatty. After we left Victor's early in the night, Fatty had asked for the keys to my car. As Seagull and I were walking to the car, I had a thought that turned out to be a premonition. I thought about how it would suck if he locked my keys in my car by accident. I knew he was drunk so I guess that's why I thought it would be possible. We got to Duke's where we said we were gonna meet. I sent him a text about how I was pissed at this insecure guy that came into my set. Apparently, early on the night, I had been sarging his girlfriend. The dude came into the set and I tried to shake his hand. He just ignored me. I said, "Hey man, what's up?" He tried to act all hard and waved his hand off and said something like, "Go away."

Obviously, the guy was insecure and a prick. I've been in some many situations where I'm talking to a guy's girlfriend or wife and 95% of guys are cool. I just start talking to the guy when I know what's up and things are cool. I got mad because I wasn't in state yet and I didn't have a good response for this guy's dickhead behavior. I wis hI would have said something like TD's AMOG line, "Hey man, we're all just trying to have fun. You don't have to try to impress her by acting all hard. Just be real."

After that set, I sent Fatty a text and he suddenly called me. I said we were at the bar next door and he replied, "Forget about that. I locked your keys in the car."

Seagull ended up getting out of state for a bit. I did too but I knew Fatty would take care out if. It ended up costing Fatty $55 as I had let my AAA membership run out last year. I should sign up again as the price of a screw up like that is almost the entire yearly membership free. Had I still had AAA, we could have gotten the that service for free.

We ended up finally meeting up with Fatty and his friend after closing time at this mobile gyro stand. (BTW, the gyro was terrible and had coleslaw and two fries inside, for some odd reason. Fatty and his friend both said it was crap food.) Seagull and I worked some sets there by being high energy. I felt like I was getting along with this chubby girl. Suddnely her boyfriend walked up. Fatty's friend laughed about how the dude came up and just stood there in spectator mode as I was talking to the guy's girlfriend. It is amazing how easy it is to eclipse most guys without even really trying.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wrong headspace but just needed to let go a little bit more

Deep down, I know that today was a success. I should consider that when I was driving to the Ranch today, I felt anxious during the drive. I think it's performance anxiety. In my head, I wanted to do better than last night. I think I've been holding myself back lately. It's like I'm trying to sabotage success again. I keep eating too much and wanting to screw up other aspects of my life too. That sick side of me has gotten a taste of success and wants to go back to the dark side. I'm working on dealing with that.

Beyond that, I have to echo what I said about Tuesday night. In my head, it's like I feel like I need to be kiss closing girls or more every night or I think the night was a failure. Thinking like that gets me out of enjoying the moment and instead I'm looking for a result which hurts you in pickup.

Fortunately, despite all these parts of my personality wrestling inside my head for control, I can still put a decide sarging effort. I can thank Seagull for part of that. I didn't want to tell him how I felt when he walked in because I didn't want to bring his state down. Instead of opening sets and starting things off like I normally would, I sat at the bar drinking a beer. I waited for him to approach the first set. He opened this 3-set and I stalled winging him. I almost didn't even want to talk to them and I even wandered off and went to the dance floor to pump my state.

Opened on the dance floor:

I got opened on the dance floor early on. I'm glad I've been wearing my glasses lately because I am accepting that wearing glasses or contacts make no difference. I know I look better in contacts, but here I got opened with glasses just like I have in the past with contacts. The dance floor was dead and I had ventured on there a few times. This particular time, there were three girls dancing and I was dancing by myself. Some attractive brunette came up sand said "Hi" and started dancing in front of me. I made eye contact and danced with her.

She ended up walking away after about fifteen seconds. Either she got nervous after opening; I know that feeling well as I've done it in sets and girls don't open that much. Another factor might have been I should have gotten more aggressive right away. I didn't need to grind her off the bat, but I should have spun her and drawn her into me.

Held myself back again on the dance floor:
The one thing I need to do is really let go on the dance floor. Obviously, I made a ton of practice in the last 5-6 weeks. I'll occasionally open sets on the dance floor which I never did before. I consistently go out on the dance floor, even if I'm the only one out there. I just see moves that I'm not yet willing to make and I want to fix that. For example, I ran into that 3-set Seagull opened at the beginning of the night. I dance with them a few times, but I knew the real aggressive and proper way to work the set. I needed to really get into their circle and spin and grind all three girls and then focused on my targets. I rarely see guys that have the confidence to do that, but I feel that I should.

Another set was this crazy set I ran into by a table. I opened this one girl and seemed to be creating some attraction. Suddenly, this larger girl put her arm around me and told me I was taking to a married girl who was married to her brother. I wasn't fazed and I remember looking at her and saying, "What about you?" She pointed to her boyfriend at the table and I shook his hand. Suddenly, this third friend appeared. Seagull was talking to her briefly. I got introduced to her by this larger girl. The third girl then said she was gonna go dance. I actually thought I should follow but I hesitated. The larger girl said, "What are you doing here? She said she wanted to dance. Go dance with her."

The girl was dancing really close to me. More so than the girl that opened me. I got interrupted by the shot girls. Shot girls are annoying as they always try to encourage you to pay for shots for the girls by you. I just shook my head and the girl bought herself a shot and we returned to dancing. I'm sure I frustrated her by not touching her and/or escalating. She said she wanted more people to dance and said she was gonna grab a guy and I'd grab a girl.

This was when I went into that 3-set from earlier as I saw them on the dance floor. The were enthusiastic and I was sort of dancing with all three of them but I held myself back from doing the really confident dance I described above. The girl that I went to dance with pulled some chode in and started dancing with him. I knew I could have tried to spin her away from him but I lost confidence. The lesson is I should have been confident with her from the beginning. I also could have approached her again but instead I focused on this other girl.

Persistence and eclipsing other guys:
Seagull had opened this 2-set of two Mexican girls. For some reason, he didn't click with his girl but I felt a connection with the girl I was winging. My screw up early on was I should have went for the number close as soon as we talked about margaritas and a few other cool things. I felt like I could slow play, but I should have learned that lesson from a few Thursdays ago. Seagull's girl ended up walking away and I think I felt too results oriented later on. If I grabbed her number early on, then I would have felt as needy when I approached later.

I approached her a ton of times later on. She was conservative and was shy on the dance floor early on. I remember spotting them just standing there a few times and I went in and danced by them. The girl danced a little bit but she was more into the music later, when she was more drunk.

Part of my problem was that the friend would keep getting bored. I tried to dance with both of them, so I give myself credit for attempting that. Still, I don't have it quit perfected.

Later, 2-3 different chodes were dancing and talking with the 2-set. My target was less receptive than the friend to these dudes. At first, I was hesistant to go back in, by with Seagull's urging and knowing that I can bust out guys, I made myself do it. I was surprised how easily I could pull her attention from the three different dudes that kept trying to talk to her.

Sure, I've done some crazy stuff like dealing with those AMOG's with that Polish girl at Bourbon Street, but this set surprised me because this girl wasn't as into me as that Polish girl. The first time I busted a dude out, I pulled her to the dance floor. I actually was more confident that I had been earlier in the night and I tried the "spin and in" technique. She wouldn't let me hold her hips, though. We danced for two songs and I wanted to stop dancing and I sensed she did too, so I told her we should take a break.

She ended up being tired of dancing as she kept hanging out by the bar and watching her friend dance with guys. I left her after I danced with her. Sure enough, guys approached her. She wanted the attention as she didn't really bust out guys but I could pull her off any of the 3 different guys that were talking to her. One time, this dude tried to come in when I was talking to her and she actually waved him off.

I tried to number close her at one point and I think I threw it out there at the wrong time as she said, "We'll see. Maybe later." Again, I think I should have just number closed her at the beginning so I didn't have this mentality that I had later of needing to close. You can't be in the moment when you clearly want a result.

I ended up trying to get a food close later too. She said they might go for food. I suppose I could have stayed to the end and tried a pull. Part of me feels like I put a good effort out. I went back in multiple times even though guys were talking to her. I pulled her onto the dance floor and tried to escalate. I put out the food close. Still, I think I could have plowed for another hour. She seemed content to talk with me. If I had kept talking to her, maybe I could have escalated later on and then tried to pull or get a food extraction. I ran out of steam at this point and felt like I'd likely be wasting an hour. The place was also slow because of the rain and we had worked basically all the sets by like 2am, so we left.

Closing thoughts:
I really had to force myself to write this report. Part of me feels like I've just been doing the same shit Tuesday and Wednesday. Despite trying to be in the right head space, part of me still wants to say tonight was a failure. The lesson should be that I shouldn't hold back when I'm out. I feel best when I give a full effort regardless of what happens. Realistically, I pushed my comfort zones. I went into sets that I normally wouldn't have had the confidence to enter again. I tried some dance floor moves that I have been hesitant to try in the past week. I need to be happy that I'm trying and I have to work on having fun like I used to do only two weeks ago. I'm being hard on myself by having an unrealistic standard for myself. Yes, I shouldn't hold back on the dance floor or in set, but I should be happy that I'm working on that. If I keep pushing my comfort zones, then maybe in the near future, I'll naturally just pull in girls every time and try to escalate on the dance floor. I need to remember that I haven't even been working dance floor game for the past two weeks so what I did was good enough for now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playing it safe

I look back on the night and the only thing I can say is that we were playing it too safe. Things do feel different since I hadn't gone out that much last week. We went out Saturday, and then I took Sunday and Monday off. It's definitely a lot different to go out every day like I was doing. Beast mode means you get into state after just a set or two. Today, it took me a little longer to get into state, and I found that I wasn't pushing my comfort levels as much as I have most of this month. When I was going out almost every day, each day seemed like a continuation of the last day so it was easy just to go out and keep working on sticking points.

I had a good set when we first got to Joe's. I should have number closed this cute Mexican girl. We were having a good conversation and the friends weren't interfering at all. It was still early, though, and I wanted to watch the game. I ended up ejecting but I should have number closed.

After the Bulls game, Seagull and I had a difficult time at Joe's. We both kept opening sets but we were getting busted out quickly. I had a decent open with this Asian girl but that I just gave up when three girls and a guy showed up. It's like I didn't have the energy to deal with all that, which is a lame excuse.

Escalate despite the boyfriend:

We decided to go to Division cause we felt like we had sarged everything at Joe's. As I walked by Shennigan's, this blonde commented on my shirt as I opened her. The set seemed promising. We went inside but they took forever to come in and there were no sets inside. We decided to go to Leg Room. There was this 3-set there.

Leg Room is interesting. On certain days, like Sundays and Thursdays, the place is filled with aggressive guys like Sangria. Today, it was all chodes and no one was even talking to the set, and they were the best looking girls in the place.

The two girls were into me as they immediately kept rapid firing questions to me as soon as I opened them. Somehow, I ended up talking to the third girl who must have been low self esteem. I made a joke about her doing a rain dance and she said she was offended. I thought she was joking around but she mentioned it when I came back into the set 10 minutes later so she must have been mad. At one point, I just put my arm around her and told her I was sorry if I offended her. The girl ended up leaving and the friends didn't even care.

I told Seagull that it was perfect now as we had a 2-set. I liked the blonde girl. At one point, Seagull and I were talking to ourselves and the blonde gave me proximity IOI to open her again. They were dancing by the table and she backed up so she was next to me. I started dancing and moved towards them. The blonde turned and started dancing with me. I spun her around. I wanted Seagull to dance with the friend but he wasn't in a dancing mood. I tried to dance with her, but she didn't want to spin.

Seagull and I talked by ourselves and then after a few minutes I went to the set again. The blonde gave me more IOI. She grabbed my hand and said, "You gotta keep this energy." She kept complimenting me but then she said she had a boyfriend. She was telling me I should be just like this (meaning how I was acting) with other girls. Unfortunately, there were no other girls in the venue.

We ended up ejecting but I think I should have kept trying to kino escalate. She did have a boyfriend but I need to stop giving up. Sometimes the girls say that and they aren't receptive to escalation. Other girls will put that out there so they don't feel guilty and will still be open to escalation. I should have tried to escalate and found out.

Married girls:

We went back across the street. The blonde who was outside was finally inside. I opened her but she seemed to have some sort of ring on her finger. I assumed she was married and didn't escalate. Seagull wasn't getting along with the friend so I decided to work on the other 2-set in the bar. Since I don't have a problem messing around with a married girl, I guess I should have escalated with the blonde before switching.

The 2-set ended up being the best set of the night. The girls were fun and we had great conversation. Both girls had traveled extensively and they were both from out of town. My target looked like she had some ring on so again, I let it prevent me from escalating. Seagull and I ended up switching girls at one point. The girls were sisters. The second girl didn't appear to have a wedding or engagement ring on. I had gotten into non escalation mode so I didn't kino her either.

Yes, I had a fun conversation. I'm made that I didn't try to escalate with either girl. I would feel a ton better if I had tried and gotten rejected because at least I tried. I want to live up to my standard of going for the close. The girls probably were looking for some fun. They said they only come to Chicago once every 3 years. They were even reluctant to leave at the end.

I will learn:
Today was a warm up. I know I was happy with my performance. You can't control how the girls react, but you can control yourselves. I want to push my comfort levels again and I'll try that Wednesday night.

On a side note, I'm still not sure if I'm trying to win the 60" TV. I don't think I want to go through all that pain again with the hot peppers so I'm leaning on just going out to Cadillac Ranch.

Scavenging like a Bullhead

I don't even know why I'm including it, except that it's amusing in a self depreciating way. I took the Metra into the city as Seagull said he could drop me off since he was gonna stay by his brother's place in the suburbs. I drank two pitchers of beer. I ended up wanting to eat even though I had gotten a Subway sandwich prior to going to Joe's. People around us kept ordering pizza. I didn't want to waste the money to get a pizza but I wanted some pizza.

I ended up scavenging like a bullhead. I used to have "Bullhead" on my license plate was that was one of the few fish I could catch consistently as a kid. Bullhead scavenge on the bottom for food. When the Bulls game finished, I walked around trying to find some pizza that people were gonna throw out. I found this seated set of 2 guys and 2 girls. They had half a pizza sitting at their table. I kept waiting for them to leave and Seagull was getting impatient cause he wanted to sarge.

Just as we were about to give up, all four got up. Before they were even twenty feet away I sat down at the table and started eating the pizza. This bus boy came in and asked if he could take it away but I told him we were eating it. Seagull even had a few slices.

It amuses me that I scavenged like a Bullhead. Some people would look down upon this behavior but whatever...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doing my best & Street Game

Tonight almost was a horrible night. Seagull still had my car since I felt like shit all day Friday. It wasn't until about 3am Saturday morning that I finally was fully recovered from the hot peppers, and I broke a blood vessel in my eye from puking so I have red in the white of my right eye. I had this happen years ago so I know it'll heal and it's fine. Then, I took the train in. My one battery had died, so I switched batteries. The battery meter was busted and I got no warning that I was at low battery. The phone shut off and when I turned it back on, I had no charge left.

To make things worse, I set Seagull a text telling him I was by the Lyric Opera House, but I wasn't sure if it had been sent and the phone turned off. It sucks not having a phone and even worse, I didn't know Seagull phone number by heart and couldn't keep the phone on long enough to find his number. Also, pay phones are hard to find. I decided to head back to Union Station because I figured that would be one place that might have a pay phone. I ended up calling a childhood friend cause his home number has been the same since I met him in 1st grade. He was able to help me look up Seagull's number and the night was saved.

We met up with Benny and went to this club that my Sound Bar promoter promotes on Saturdays. She said we were supposed to get two free drinks but we only got free cover. The place was slow since it was after hours so we got the stamp and went to English and this other place a block away.

The venues were packed. Seagull opened a dance floor set so I was forced to whip out dance floor game early. Since I've been missing Joe's and Cadillac Ranch a lot, I haven't been working on my dance floor game. One thing I need to do it regain the confidence I had with it. I give myself credit for dancing with the girls, but I probably should have escalated more. Seagull was grinding with his girl and I was still dancing in front of my girl.

Number close:
Number closes don't even feel like an accomplishment anymore. I number closed this blonde at English because we seemed like we were hitting it off but I happened to open her about 5 minutes before her friends decided they were all leaving. I think number closes are a pain in the ass because you gotta try to game them more and most club numbers are flaky not matter how good you get. Maybe I'm making excuses, but since I've been going out every night, I barely have time to do anything with the number closes.

Tall Girl:
I complain about getting number closes, but perhaps I should have number closed this tall girl. When we first walked into English, I immediately spotted this tall brunette who was dancing with the music. I really am getting more comfortable with these tall girls. I just went right up. She was in a set with another girl next to her, and there were two guys at the table they were dancing by. I just went right in and opened. We had a good conversation, but she got distracted at one point when Seagull came in so I just left.

Later, I saw they were still there so I opened her again. The girl was a close friend and the two guys were her cousins. The cousins never really tried to cockblock me, but I felt weird that they were there so I wasn't kino as much as I normally would. I tried an isolation move to upstairs once, but she wasn't ready. I guess I should have tried to move her to the bar. Instead, I didn't try a isolation move. She was somewhat into me and asked me questions when I let the conversation stall.

I bitch about getting number closes, but I guess I should have taken her number. It's true what Tyler/Owen said in "Foundations," "You never know which girls are gonna call you back." It sounds dumb, now that I'm writing about it, but I remember the cousin said they were going soon. I know it's not the best to take the number close at the end like that. I still should have went for it, but I also felt the conversation had hit a low. Still isn't a good excuse not to take it.

Polish bachelorette party:
At Excalibur, I opened these big seated set that turned out to be a bachelorette party. I liked this girl with somewhat reddish hair. She immediately wanted to pour me shots. They had bottle service, but unlike the steroytypical Polish party, they weren't drinking that much. I learned later they had paid $300 for the vodka bottle service, and they had only drank a quarter of the bottle.

The party was wild and the friends weren't cockblocking as you often see at bachelorette parties. One girl was sitting with a dude and he soon was making out with her. Seagull came in and was working another girl. My girl got pulled to the dance floor. I guess I should have followed them there. The real move would have been to go with the 4 girls that went to the dance floor and danced with them all, eventually focusing on my target. Instead, I talked to this camera girl, and unfortunately, she turned out to be married. We ended up leaving the set and when we returned, they were gone.

Boot camp?
On a siden ote, I think I ran into a boot camp. I know they go to one of the venue's I was at tonight. I'm pretty sure I saw Brad.

Street Game:
I'll fast forward to the end of the night. It was finally nice out again so Seagull and I decided to work street game. I can see from my experience that street game will yield me some quick pulls sometime in the future. I was doing high energy game, mainly using Jeffy's "You're amazing, I love you" line. I also did Tim's "Happy Birthday." When we first started, I caught myself doing regular game with my first set. I quickly changed to high energy, quick escalation game.

The key moment was by Spy Bar. I had two good sets. The first was this large brunette who was talking to some guy. There was a cute, tall blonde with them and she was just standing there. I approached and said the Jeffy line. I hugged her. The girls who stop or don't blow me out on the open usually are enthusastic about the hug. I didn't go for instant make out. In the future, I'm gonna work on projecting sexual state and giving strong eye contact so I can try for the instant make out. This girl was giggling and I put my arms around her and lifted her off the group, which she loved, of course.

The other girl saw I was getting somewhere and knew her friend was drunk, so she told the guy, "Let's go." The blonde got pulled away. I tried to get her to stay. I saw her standing by the curb as the brunette and dude tried to get a cab. Suddenly, this tall dude with long hair started talking to her. I saw my screw up as I went up to her and she blew me off for the dude, trying to tell me he was her boyfriend. I knew she was full of shit, but I learned that I should have been more persistent.

The dude ended up getting busted out by the friend as he tried to get into a cab with them. It was the same problem I had initially. It's too bad I hadn't met this set inside one of the clubs I was at. I would have had time to win the friend over but it wasn't possible with street game.

I gotta push for the pull and not breakfast:
I realized with two street sets that I should be trying to sell the after party/pull at my place instead of pizza. First set was this hot black girl with was with a not so good looking friend. They stopped for me and the girl seemed happy to talk to me. I said, "Let's go!" and she asked where we were gonna go. I tried to sell this diner called "Eggperience." She didn't seem to excited about that. I felt like I should have sold the after party, but our car was like 6 blocks away. At the time, it didn't seem like an extraction would work, but I gotta try that.

After I lost the tall blonde, I remember there was this blonde probably about my age who walked by. She was with a friend too. I stopped her and did the same Jeffy BS. I lifted her up off the ground. That is such a money move, btw. I can't believe I never used to use it. I swear I felt a wedding ring as I was holding her hands, but she seemed really high buying temperature. I tried to sell a pull and she asked me, "Where?" just like the other girl. The diner just didn't seem as cool when I was selling it. These drunk, high buying temperature girls wanna fuck. I need to start just being forward and start saying an after party at my place.

I need to work on the quick escalation and make out too. I'm pumping their buying temperature pretty well. The ones that respond are all trashed and wanted something to happen. I need to try to kiss them after the hug, like Jeffy does, or I gotta lift them up, spin them around, and then try to kiss them and pull.

Sidegames would say I'm being hard on myself. I am getting more confident and brave with street game. I had some positive experiences today which is gonna help me feel more confident in the future. I just can see where I went wrong and I think I'll improve that next time.

Getting lucky:
There is some element of luck. The drunk girls do respond well to street game, but I was unlucky today. I had a 2-set where a girl responded well, but the friend was sober and dragged her away. Actually, this happened once by Rock n Roll McDonald's, and once by Sound Bar. Then, I had the cock block friend with the dude. I told Seagull that eventually, we are gonna be doing street game, and we're gonna get two drunk girls and this shit will just be on.

Overall Assessment:
I felt like I held myself back a bit on the dance floor, and there were times when I wasn't escalating and kinoing as fast as I would like. Overall, I think I pushed myself into the sets that I wanted. As I said, I'm getting more and more confident with these tall girls and one will soon be mine. I pushed the hardest I've pushed on street game. The warm weather is gonna be ever present soon, and I'll have plenty of times to practice it. I just love this high energy, quick escalation in the street game. I just have to own my desire and push for the pull to my place or her place.

I need to be happy with my night. It seems like if I don't get a kiss, make out, or more, I feel like the night was a failure. Of course, I know that just going out, giving a good effort, and pushing my comfort levels is what I'm supposed to do. I can't have success every night. Success will come in the future; often it comes in bunches too. The little things I learn from my experiences every night will help in future sets. I had fun, and got good practice in, so I should be happy. I even got my free drinks from girls which usually makes me feel good too.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Won a free TV from hot pepper eating contest

Today, there wasn't much sarging. I opened at set at O'Malley's while we were eating a burger and busted out right away. Then, Seagull and I went to Lion Head and had a beer tapper and some appetizers. I had seen on the website that the hot pepper eating contest was gonna be at Lion Head. I had thought about entering, but I figured I wouldn't win and I didn't want to be miserable for the rest of the night.

Seagull wanted me to enter. The DJ was having a hard time at first getting people to join. Only 4 people joined initially. Seagull started pointing out that there were a bunch of women who we figured weren't gonna last. It turns out that sexist comment was garbage as it was a girl in second place. The guy I thought would win was this little Asian dude and he ended up quitting in the second round.

Before I signed up, I opened this 2-set by the bathroom. I had come up and they were eating but it was too late to turn back. I opened and got busted out immediately. After that, I approached this mix 3-set with one a guy, a brunette who looked like his girlfriend, and this blonde. I direct opened the blonde and she tried to bust me out right away by saying she had a boyfriend. I plowed with the couple and told them about the hot pepper eating contest. The funny thing is by plowing, I hooked the set but I ended up leaving cause we still had beers and food to finish.

I'm glad I opened that mix set because the dude was one of my loudest supporters at the end. It's too bad I felt like shit at the end as I didn't get to thank him properly. I gave him a high five at one point, but I would have wanted to give him better thanks or bought him a drink.

My initial plan was I was gonna quit if the bhut jalokia peppers were as hot as I expected. They started us up with a some bell peppers which weren't even hot. It was just hard to eat because it was a giant pepper and I was full. I think being full helped in the end as the girl told me she quit because her stomach hurt at the end. They gave us several peppers. The nastiest was this dried Mexican pepper. It didn't even feel hot, but it tasted like shit. The jalapeno wasn't really hot. It wasn't till we got to some pepper before the habanero and then the habanero. At this point, my mouth and throat were burning. My nose was running but it all started to just feel the same after I ate the two jolokia to start the round.

I think there were 4 people left at the jolokia round. One quit after that round and there were three of us. Next we had to eat 5 jolokia peppers. I think this was when this white dude quit. It was just the girl and I. My throat and mouth were burning, but again, it all started to feel the same after the first two. I guess it was starting to add up because my eyes were tearing like crazy and they hadn't really until the 5 jolokias.

I knew the girl was gonna be tough. Seagull told me later that she didn't even look like she was affected by the peppers. I had to have looked like I wasn't gonna make it cause I was panting like a dog and my eyes were tearing profusely.

Seagull and I were just texting about the numbers. I believe it was 2 jolokias to start and 5 jolokias for round 2, for sure. Seagull says I ate 22 total, so round 3 must have been 5 jolokias and then round 4 was 10 jolokias, and that's when my female opponent quit. I had to eat 5 more to get the TV.

I ate the 10 so fast and the girl was struggling. She tried to throw one out and cheat but people caught her. She finished her peppers but then she quit, luckily. The host tried to trick me by pouring a cup of jolokia pepper juice and trying to get me to drink it. I refused as I had seen what it was, and that wasn't part of the contest. To win the TV, I had to eat 5 more jolokias and then not drink or get sick for 2 minutes . That was no problem.

I ended up leaving about a half hour because I drank a ton of whole milk to cool myself off. I knew I was gonna get sick from both the betters and from drinking so much milk as I'm lactose intolerant. I already went to the bathroom once. It's not so bad right now. I ate a ton of fiber too as my buddy from Wisconsin suggested so I'm hoping this won't be that bad.

The runner up girl and I are invited to show up next week at Excalibur to take on the top two people from the other two events at Leg Room and Finn McCool's. The winner of that event gets a 60" TV. I'll probably show up, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna try to win it or not. It depends on how shitty I feel over the next 14 hours.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wrong mindset too often cause of my success lately

Tonight I felt like I had a shit night. The thing I realized though was I was only out for two hours. Tuesday night was the first night I didn't stay out all night or at least get in more than three hours. Sometimes an early set clicks right away, and other times it takes the whole night for something to happen. I think about Monday night and how it really was shit until I met that cute redhead.

For some reason, tonight I was just in the wrong headspace. I wonder if I just have been sarging too much. I went out every day Wed-Tues. Today, I was running around doing errands all day and never really had a chance to just chill until I came home after Mad Mark's closed at 1am. After just under two hours of sarging, I just sat there thinking, "This sucks." When I got home, I realized that 2 hours isn't a good time frame to judge my night. Heck, if you stopped my night when I had my two SNL's, my nights would have been similar to tonight. I have to remember to view sarging nights like I'm supposed to view poker night: think about the long run and not some short sample size.

Another factor was I ran out of sets. I had pretty much opened everyone in the place, though I did spot this set on the other end of the dance floor that I never opened.

Back to routines:
Tonight, I felt I wasn't really present. I felt I just kept spewing the same lines to every set. I even got really embarrassed when I opened this 2-set. I didn't recognize them from earlier and I asked her, "What do you do for fun?" She said, "You asked me that same question earlier tonight." I turned red and started qualifying myself cause I felt really stupid. I felt like I did four years ago here when I used to use the same opener every time and girls started calling me out on it. Tonight I said, "Wow. I'm sorry. I guess I better come up with some new lines. You try coming up with something cool to say when you talk to twenty people a night." The girls were actually cool and felt bad for me. The one girl said, "It's okay." Of course, she followed with, "Well, it was nice to meet you..." Still, she could have been a total bitch and told me to GTFO.

Being inside my head:
Near closing time, I was just standing on the dance floor on death row. That means I was just at the edge of the dance floor with all the chodes watching everyone have fun on the dance floor. I remember thinking, "Wow, I feel like I'm having one of those nights like last week. The ones Tyler/Owen talks about where you feel like everyone at the club is having more fun than you." I realized, though, that this night wasn't that bad. I didn't feel as bad as I did Thursday or Monday.

I realized I was being too hard on myself. I even said to myself, "What the fuck do I think should be happening every night?" I opened a bunch of sets. I kino escalated quickly in many of them. I pushed my comfort level and I just never had any really long sets that clicked. I should be happy with that. I had some good moments. I remember this guy friend tried to bust me out and I just tooled him and ignored him and he ended up shutting up. I gamed the girl for a few more minutes till she busted me out. I had a few other sets that opened well, but I didn't get any 10+ min sets.

I guess part of me is getting that unrealistic view of how nights are supposed to go down. My game lately has been the best it's ever been, but this past week, I'm starting to have a lot of inconsistent nights again. It's like I fucked up my inner game a bit by getting success. I'm sure it's also my ego not wanting to accept the new reality that I can be good with girls. Part of me maybe wants to game badly to sabotage my success. Another part of me maybe thinks I should always have an awesome night.

Girls aren't just gonna love me every night. That's unrealistic. I gotta try again to internalize that Jeffy idea of "There is no rejection, just lack of chemistry." I think I need to watch that part of Jeffy 2 where he explains how we shouldn't dwell on rejections as they don't matter.

My plan for tomorrow:

I'll add the usual, "Success is opening and taking the conversation man to woman." Apparently, I'm not really following that because I keep getting frustrated even when I'm approaching and doing every thing I should be. I remember thinking what I thought one night at the Apartment. It was one night where I was just opening sets like crazy, including just about every girl that walked by me on the dance floor. I was getting rejected but I was having fun and laughing off the rejections. I remember thinking, "I can't do anything better than what I'm doing. Yeah, I'm getting rejections, but if I continue to do this, and if I always did this, I'd have to have success." I felt that way tonight when I was opening at one point. Yet, somehow, I dropped state.

I want to focus on being more spontaneous. I love how I was that one Saturday when I went out after hooking up with Maya. I was present and just said random cool shit that came to mind. Tonight I was the opposite. As I said in the beginning, I kept spewing the exact same bullshit to every set instead of really being present.

Finally, the main point to just try to have fun. I used to have a ton of fun at Caddillac Ranch cause I'd just dance and screw around amusing myself in sets. Last week, I think I was caring too much about having some success so I'd allow myself to feel good about myself. That's a bad mind set. If I just have fun, the success will eventually come and it's more likely to come.

Still made one last attempt:

I've gotta give myself credit. I didn't go to after hours because I felt like I needed rest. Still, about five minutes before closing, I saw this girl standing alone by the dance floor. I was in a bad state, but I made myself open her. I actually got present somehow and said some cool stuff that came into my head. I was up close to her and making it man to woman. I tried to sell a food extraction. She said she had to look for her friend.

The set might have worked if I did the Jeffy move. I needed to grab her hand and say, "Okay, friend time. Let's go find your friend."

I actually saw her just as I was about to leave. The lights had come on when she said what she said above. I had even asked if they had driven seperately. If they had, I was planning on telling her to ditch the friend. They had come together and indeed she found her friend. The move was to approach her again and try to bounce both of them. My temporary success had faded and I had begun to think the negative thoughts again so I just went home.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LIfted her up, grabbed her ass, but didn't kiss her, WTF

Tonight I had another massive state crash. I realize it's normal to have state crashes, but I don't get them that often. This past week, I've had two bad episodes on Thursday and Monday night. I started the night off having an awesome time amusing myself. I kept using the "I'm sad, I need a kiss opener." I realize that I can get it to open if I just plow through the general bad reaction I was getting with it. Later, this cute black girl that I opened actually kissed me on the cheek. I had tried to isolate her several times throughout the night but the friend kept cockblocking me. Seagull even tried to wing one time and the friend walked away mid sentence.

The state crashed happened when I went to wing Seagull in this 2-set. I was happy I was left to wing this girl with reddish hair. The problem was she said off the bat that she had met me two weeks ago and rejected me. Of course, I didn't even remember her but it makes sense as I'll open all the red haired girls in the venue. I plowed through that early resistance. I was trying to do man to woman conversation and I ended up making her uncomfortable as she didn't want me close to her. She walked off.

I'll give her credit for being a cool friend. I couldn't find Seagull and I figured he was still with his target. Later, he told me he made out with her on the dance floor. I remember seeing the friend standing by the dance floor playing with her phone. The funny thing is that I didn't realize it was her. I saw some bored girl by the dance floor and I approached and it turned out to be her. As soon as I came up she said something like, "Ugh! You again? Get out of here!"

I shouldn't let it bother me, but I felt like shit. I stood by myself playing with my phone. I could see she stood in that same spot for another 10 minutes. Eventually Seagull lost his target because she went to look for the friend. Again, I give that red haired girl props for not cockblocking.

I tried to open a few sets and I busted out left and right. I decided to have another beer which meant paying for my 4th beer. I had three free ones as Seagull gave me one of his beers.

Hi, I'm having a state crash:

I knew that action is always the answer as Jeffy says in Jeffy Show 2. I ran into Seagull as he had lost the girl and then I started opening again. I amused myself by saying my name and then saying, "I'm having a state crash." I remember girls giving me a weird look cause they didn't know what I was talking about, but I gotta say it worked. I felt better after a few sets. It was right after this that I got that "I'm sad, I need to kiss" to work with that black girl I had opened twice before.

I finished my evening at Debonaire having two decent sets that I lost to guy orbiters. One guy was obviously a chode friend. He was quiet the entire time after I shook his hand, but then he said they were going home. Girl told me she had to go as she lived in Wrigley and needed a ride. I should have said she could hang with me and I'd get her home. I didn't, but thinking back, that was the ideal situation Jeffy was talking about when he says sometimes you just go for the close even if you don't think it will happen. She's unlikely to stay with me but I had nothing to lose by trying and there was a small chance she'd stay.

Feisty Redhead:
We were gonna check out Evil Olive but we didn't make the midnight free cover. As we drove by it, we saw a long line so it's obviously a good place to go next Monday. We ended up at Division. You can tell school has let out. Division looked dead when we first got there but Mother's was very busy for a Monday night compared to a few weeks ago. I remember going in and seeing only a few people in there a few Mondays ago.

Seagull suggested starting at Mother's. We saw this two set standing there. One was a short redhead and the other was this blonde about my height who was thin. Of course I wanted the redhead even though the blonde would usually be my type. Seagull later said that there was just something sexier about my target that the blonde, who by the way, was her sister. I opened the redhead and I ended up going inside with her.

We hung out with the set for most of the night. Seagull tried winging the blonde but he couldn't get anywhere. Some random dude started talking to the blonde which gave me some mini isolation with the redhead. Eventually this gay friend showed up.

At one point, the set went outside. Seagull was tired and didn't want to open. He sat by where the girls had been. I didn't want to be standing there when they came back so I opened some sets. I opened this blonde girl and this dude was interfering but I could have kept plowing. Instead, I went back to Seagull. Then, I went on the dance floor.

I actually had an opportunity with this blonde, who Seagull commented had nice tits. She was in a mixed set of another girl and like three chodes. I went right up to her and opened and was right up in her face. She was really high buying temperature. It was on but then the friends decided to leave, probably partially because they could see I was hitting it off with her. I remember the girl and one dude left right away. This one chode grabbed my girls arm. I started talking to her and she just stopped. She was into me. I hugged her and our faces were really close. I tried to get her to stay but she said they were going to McFadden's. She said I could meet them there.

When I went back to Seagull, he said the set had left. I was like, "Why didn't you tell me?"

We went out and the 2-set was outside. I opened my redhead again. I mentioned a venue change to McFaddens as I wanted to be able to work either this set of the blonde. The sister ended up wanting to go back into Mother's. In retrospect, I should have pushed for McFadden's.


I kept analyzing where I screwed up cause I kept getting cockblocked by the sister, but it all came down to one moment that I almost had correctly, but still fucked up. On the ride home, Seagull said I should have cavemanned for the kiss cause I was pissed I never got it. I realized when I told him the story that I actually had done caveman, which is unusual for me. Hershey had a good point that I have more confidence now than I ever did. I doing things much better and I should take that away from this set. Hopefully, this will be a good reference experience that will lead me to do this more often and better in the future.

The blonde grabbed the gay guy and said they should all dance. My redhead stayed behind though. I finally had some isolation. She and the gay guy had used this Armomatherapy lotion just a few minutes before. She said, I have something for you. She pulled out the lotion and pumped some in my hands.

BTW, as I'm writing this, I realized even more than this was my moment. She wanted the kiss... She put some lotion on her hands and she rubber her hands together. She then put her hands on my face. Her left palm was on my right cheek and her right palm on my left cheek. I'm smart enough to know that this was on. I touched her face too similarly.

For some reason, I decided to lift her off the ground. I know that it really pumps a girls state. She enjoyed it and she put her arms and legs around me. She was smiling and she said, "I'm heavy." I replied that she wasn't. She said, "I have lead in ass or something." I immediately took my left hand and grabbed her left ass cheek and said, "No, this is nice."

All I had to do was lean my face forward and kiss her. I also could have said "Close your eyes" and kissed her if I was shy. Instead, I put her down. WTF!?

I put my arm around her and I was caressing her neck. Before I could try again, the sister appeared and physically dragged her to the dance floor. The rest of the night would consist of the sister constantly making it difficult for me to interact with her. The sister brought her on stage where she got distracted talking to the DJ. When I started dancing with her, the sister pulled her to the bar.

I suppose I should have tried to win the sister over a little more. Seagull and I did talk to her but I should have gamed her more when the redhead was in the bathroom. The problem is that is when the random guy had been sarging her and I had been content with letting him game her.

I have to be positive:

This set has been eating me up cause I know I chickened out of the kiss close. I love how I cave manned her and lifted her off the ground. I guess I wasn't ready to kiss because I had never had a girl in that position before. Obviously, it was on and I doubt she would have dodged the kiss in that position. As I wrote above, at least I learned that I can do stuff like this and get a good response. I'm expanding my comfort levels even more and I'll do this move better next time. I suppose I have to stop going for large girls so I can actually pick them up like I could pick up this girl.

Trying for a quick close:
At closing time, there was this cute brunette walking to the exit that we had somehow missed seeing. I stopped her and said Jeffy's, "You are amazing. I love you." Again, I chickened out of the instant make out. I started talking about pancakes and she seemed excited about it. I tried to lead her out by she resisted. She kept asking me what streets it was on. Part of thinks I should have just tried for the home extraction. I should try to really go for broke a few times. To my credit, I tried to physically lead her out the door but she resisted. I dropped her hand and let her go. I guess I could have lead her for about 2-3 seconds more and see if she followed and then I could have given up.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Pub Crawl SNL expanded report

I realized that I never posted my full LR for the pub crawl SNL. I think I have since lost the girl, who I called "Maya" but I will try texting her again at the end of the week. I had text her on Wednesday and got some lame response and didn't hear from her from two subsequent texts. It could be that she found some new guys and/or got bored with me. I hope to see her again but I still had a fun 2.5 days with her regardless.

Sidegames and I were at this pub crawl. We had a bunch of warm up sets at two venues before we got on the trolley for a second time. I sat next to Sidegames. Across the aisle from us was this two set. I remember thinking about holding that one U of C girl's hands on the Bunny Hop pub crawl and then I reached my arm across the aisle and opened the girl closest to me. Later, she would tell me that she was feeling the onset of an anxiety attack and I happened to open her at the right time and made her feel better.

We got separated as we all got off at the next bar. I ran into her later and approached her again. I found out she was with two other girls. I got introduced to them and the two girl's boyfriends. I danced with her for a bit and we got separated.

Some of the events may be out of sequence since it's been almost two weeks and I was a bit drunk. I remember being by the bathrooms with her. I remember having my arms around her and our faces being close together. Without any anxiety, I just leaned forward and kissed her. I then remember her asking what my number is; not my phone number but how many girls I've been with. She told me her number was 49, which I mentioned before, is a decent number but not that crazy a number. To AFC's, or those with Madonna-whore complexes, I bet it seems a lot. When you compare the number to naturals I know like "G," the number is small. A hot, slutty girl could have several hundred guys, for example.

We got separated two or three times. At one point, she got all excited about this Indian dude who was her co worker three years ago. She was excited to see him and started blowing me off. The guy later ran into me and told me basically that he was just her former coworker and he was just talking to her. He said he was sorry and didn't want to interfere.

I know this set had potential when I wandered by the friends (when I was looking for other sets) and her blonde friend stopped me. She said, "Maya has been looking for you. Where did you go?" I think I told her I was wandering around. She told me to sit down and wait for her. I complied.

This is gonna suck:
Sidegames bailed out early. We had talked about taking the 12:40am Metra train home as we had both taken the Metra downtown. Often times, I park at the Rosemont of Cumberland CTA Blue Line stops, but I was afraid I'd still be drunk for awhile this night. We had decided to play it safe and take the Metra. My options were to take that 12:40am train or wait until 5:39am for the first train out. This set seemed on. I forgot to mention that the blonde friend had even mentioned the possibility of an after party at Maya's place. I remember that Sidegames text me at like 12:10.

I felt I was screwed cause Maya's friends were gone from the table and I didn't see them anywhere. I figured I'd just head to Division and then grab breakfast somewhere if I couldn't close anything.

Maya momentarily brightened my night by texting me. She said she couldn't find me. I took this as a good sign cause her friends were gone and she was still her. Plus, she was texting me. (I had number closed her either right before the first kiss or slightly after.) We met up and hugged. We might have kiss again. I remember I had kissed her twice.

I remember mentioning having an after party after this place closed as I knew it was closing soon. She spotted the Indian dude and latched onto him again at the bar. I remember saying, "FUCK!" I just wandered off and watched her for a few minutes. The guy wasn't interested and she was into him so I didn't know what my options were. I couldn't really go tool him. Luckily, he just wandered off because he wasn't interested.

I opened her again and now her attention was on me because the guy she wanted was gone. I remember thinking that some guys would have been turned off by being second choice. I didn't care. I just wanted to continue the adventure.

I remember asking her if she had drinks at her place. She said she had a bottle of wine. I remember saying we should go hang out since this place was gonna close. I lead her out of the bar and we hopped into a cab. She told the driver to go to this intersection by her house. I had to pay for the cab but she promised to buy me a drink.

Not this again:
My immediate thoughts were it was gonna be like that one AMOG night with PedNurse. Maya had told me she was a regular at this bar we were going to. She saw this black woman she knew outside. She hugged that woman and we walked inside. I got introduced to two guys who tried to tool me on my Cinco De Mayo hat. I BSed with them for about five minutes while I saw Maya talking to the black women. I decided to go take a piss so I could ditch those guys.

When I came back, I went up to Maya and sat down next to her. We ordered drinks and I gave the bartender dollar coins for mine. She reminded me that she was paying for my drink and she made the bartender give me back my money. Next, she wanted to show me some painting that was made by a regular at this bar that she knew. On the way to the painting, she started talking to this guy, but the guy was with a girl.

I felt great relief when the bartender announced last call. It turn out we were at a 2am bar. We had left the other bar around 1:15, so I only had spent about a half hour here. I thought initially that it was a 4am place like that bar I was at with PedNurse.

We are not having sex:
I repeated a lesson from this set to my wings several times. As open as this girl was with her sexuality, she still told the usual BS as we were getting close to her place. "We are not gonna have sex." After the bar, I had asked her which way was her place and I grabbed her hand and started walking that way.

My response to her statement was, "Cool. I just wanna hang out and have fun."

I was telling Seagull this story last night and I said that next time, I'm just gonna be the first one to say that. My point above was that if a sexually liberated girl says this stuff, then obviously, it's even more likely that girls who aren't as comfortable doing SNL or ONS are gonna say it even more often.

Her place:
I love walking into a girl's apartment, especially on a same night pull. It is just cool to see a stranger's place. I remember walking in the bathroom and being all giddy. I had to hide my excitement. I just kept smiling in the mirror as I was washing my hands. I came out and she was playing with her computer. She let me sit down and then she sat on my lap. She played me some Youtube videos that had Karaoke. She sang two songs for me. She actually has a good voice. She pointed out the lyrics and they were all about sex. We started making out and she suggested we go to the bedroom.

I remember she did something awesome. He pushed me on her back and she decided to be very dominant which I found hot cause not many girls do this. She started kissing me and escalating on me. After I while, I switched it around. She had mentioned that she likes to dominate and then be dominated. I got her hot and she grabbed a condom.

I ended up staying there most of Friday. I felt so good just cuddling with her and messing around when we woke up. I felt so awesome because I had just banged a new girl off this Day3 the previous night and now I hooked up with this girl the very next night. As I wrote, I went over again Saturday and we had much better sex that time. I want to see her again because I know it can be way better as I've been studying up and I've become more comfortable with her and with women in general in just the 11 days that have passed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Latina milf but can't kino escalate far enough

I went to this club in the suburbs that has new owners. Seagull was supposed to come out but it was clear by like 5pm that it wasn't gonna happen. I was excited to try a new venue. Also, it was raining, so I liked the idea of just hitting one place that has a parking lot nearby. Finally, I wanted to try the suburbs. I haven't hit Schaumburg since I number closed that one girl with a BF my first week back in the game.

Are you with him?
This venue allows you to put your name on the VIP list through facebook. I wasn't sure if it was too late since I found that out about 9PM plus I made a stupid excuse that my facebook name is different than my license. It probably woudln't matter anyway as you give the name to a guy with a clipboard. Besides that, it seemed like cover was free before 10PM.

As I was walking in, I was right behind this dude. He gave his name to the clipboard guy and walked in for free. The clipboard guy looked at me and asked me, "Are you with him?" It's funny cause in the past I would have hesitated. Also, I might have had some stupid moral issue with giving a white lie like this which I don't have a problem with anymore. I just said, "Yeah." I was facing forward and in my low awareness radiance state. He asked again and I looked him in the eye and said "Yeah" again and I got in. Again, chances are I think I would have gotten in without the cover anyway, but why risk it? I mention this because this is another development that sarging brought me. In the past, the bouncer probably would have sensed I was full of shit from my demeanor in my AFC or rAFC days.

Two possible wings and I can't lose the lame one:
The place was really slow when I got in, but there were a few cute sets. I went into social momentum mode. I just started working the room. I had a decent set with this blonde girl that I probably should have number closed. She liked me and perhaps my mistake was I didn't try to isolate her. A friend dragged her off to the bathroom. I went back in and didn't seem to ignite the set as well. I probably could have gone in a third time and hooked her, but instead I met a better looking girl anyway. More on her later.

There was a guy in that blonde girl set that seemed pretty cool. He opened me later as I was walking. He said he was with girls from work but not with any of them (as in not dating or interested in any of them). I guess he had seen me working the room. I was gonna have him wing me as I think he would have done a decent job, but I got into a lone wolf set.

The other guy I met was this 40 year old Indian dude. He okay to talk to, but he kept following me around wanting to wing me. He did okay with this 3 Indian girls that I introduced him too. I think what bothered me is that he did several things that were low value. First, he held his drink up by his chest, which I suppose I could have corrected. Next, he said he had talked to these Polish girls that I pointed out in the smoking area. I said that he should open them again then and pull me in, and of course, he just stood there cause he didn't want to approach. I then opened them and he came in. I was probably busted out anyway and the girls said they have boyfriends, but I was plowing and getting a decent reaction. He came in and then I immediately lost the set.

I ended up losing him by going on the dance floor by myself to pump my state. Later he found me there and just stood by me. He literally was just standing still in the middle of the dance floor next to me. WTF?

Latina lone wolf:

I was just thinking about how I put some of this extra stuff in my reports that I could probably just omit. I guess I do it for myself so I remember what I had to go through to get to the better sets in the night. A few times early on, I felt really awkward and was standing, playing with my phone, and feeling lame. I had several bust ups with some hot girls too. This really hot set just basically immediately busted me out. I give myself credit for opening even when I wasn't full in state, and because I laughed when they busted me out.

I had told the cool potential wing guy I was going to the bathroom and then we were gonna open sets. When I was walking back, I saw this woman standing with a drink by herself. She is in her late 30's but has a hot body, especially considering she has three kids. I immediately opened. I found out early on that she was by herself. She asked me who I came with and I said, "Myself." She told me that she was supposed to meet a girlfriend her but the friend flaked and she came out by herself.

Immediately, ONS bells were ringing. It turns out my read was wrong, or I just didn't run my game well enough to even get close.

No Party dong:

I should make a whole other entry about this, but I need to wait until I have more trials. Like last Saturday, I went out this Saturday with like zero sex drive. Last week, I reported being completely calm and getting massive IOI's right off the bat. Tonight, I had little sleep and had to deal with working a slow venue. I also was just worn out from sex. Karina and I basically fucked the entire time she was here. The funny thing is I thought I wasn't even gonna get any action Friday when she got her as she put her head on the pillow and looked ready to go to sleep.

I almost didn't go out. I had zero sex drive and was tired. I forced myself to go out even though I knew it was gonna be solo. I wanted to go out for two reasons. First, I wanted to get more practice. Improvement in this game is about putting the time in the field and pushing your comfort zone as you work on your sticking points. The more you go out, the more you improve. Going out tonight meant I was one day closer to getting crazy success in the future. Mainly, I wanted to try sarging again having no sexual neediness.

I have to wonder if having no drive is part of the reason why I couldn't get her comfortable with escalation. If I had been able to get into a sexual state, maybe I would have got a kiss or better.

Not for a lack of trying:

I did a lot of moves tonight. We started off our conversation by the bar area. She mentioned dancing, but I told her to wait for a good song. We danced for several songs and then I moved her to a quieter area. Part of the reason is for the game reason of moving her around. The other is that while I don't get tired from dancing, I sweat like crazy. We cooled off, and then she wanted to go back out and dance.

She is an excellent dancer. She was the stereotypical Latina that knows how to move her hips really well. (She probably is awesome in bed. I hope I can find out). I suppose if I had G's dance game I could have escalated. My dance skills are very basic, but I can escalate with girls that want to get physical fast. I tried the hand on the shoulder. She was cool with that but when I put my hands on her waist, she was cool with it for like ten seconds, but then she pulled away. I tried spinning her and then pulling her into me. She kept dancing around and pulling back. Sometimes she's face her back to me and I'd close in on her and put my hands on her hips. She grinded on me for a few seconds and then pulled away.

At another dance break, we sat down. She was sitting on this cube thing and I made her move over a bit so I could sit next to her. I clawed her but she seemed a little uncomfortable with it at times. When we got a deep conversation going, she seemed comfortable with me holding the top of her hand with my hand. I also touched her legs are few times and didn't get any resistance, but then again, I didn't keep it there that long.

The Big IOI's:
There are ways I could have interpreted this set in a bad way. At times, I wondered if I had turned into dance partner of the night. I realized though that she was older and maybe that's why she wasn't into the grinding like I do with younger girls. She is definitely lonely. She said she works a lot and doesn't get out much.

On the dance floor, early on, I wondered if she didn't like me because it almost seemed like she kept moving back away from me. I kept trying to stay close to her because I didn't want dudes to cut in and dance with her. I give myself credit for being proactive at times. I remember two different times, she was dancing in front of me, and I could see some dude start to get close to her. I could see he was about to try to start grinding with her. Both times, I grabbed her hand spun her away from her. I'm lucky I'm not a Sangria where the dudes are way more aggressive. Just dancing by her kept most of the guys and away and my spin move got rid of the two that were trying.

The first big IOI was that there were two dudes that tried to approach her more directly. The second time we were on the dance floor, I remember this Italian dude was walking by and he stopped her and started talking in her ear. I knew he was sarging, but I didn't know at the time what she said but he left. Later, I knew it was the same thing she did to this other dude. This guy touched her and starting moving towards her and she waved him off and pointed at me.

I would say that IOI overrides her body language on the dance floor. She had said she likes dancing. She was just dancing and obviously, she wasn't trying to move away from me. I still think if i had real dance moves, I could have escalated. Maybe I needed to lift her up like Ozzie shows in his videos. I don't know.

The other big IOI was she went to the bathroom on two different occasions. The first time, she asked me to stay by the cube thing. I said I'd be in the area. I went up to the bar to get a water and I started talking to this random dude. When she was gone, I heard some guy hit the floor. I didn't get to see what happened but two bouncers struggled with this angry drunk dude as they moved him towards the front to throw him out. I remember thinking it was odd cause usually you see two parties fighting or about to start a fight. The guy I was talking to made a good point that sometimes they just kick out the louder or more belligerent guy. We joked about how it would be easy for bouncers to through either of us out, but the dude that was causing the problems was actually as big as one of the bouncers and the two guys were really struggling to throw him out. Anyway, she came back to me as she promised.

The second time, we were standing by the dance floor. She wanted to watch people dance but her legs had started to tire so she didn't really want to dance. She had to go to the rest room again. The way she asked me to wait there made it seem like she was afraid I was gonna run off. This time, I didn't even bother opening someone. I just started dancing to the music while I waited.

Food extraction attempt:
I seeded a possible food extraction early on. I said I was hungry even though I wasn't. I turns out I could have eaten as I ate a salad here at home before I wrote this report. (On a sidenote, I weighed myself and realized I gained 10lbs in the 3 weeks that Sidegames was here. WTF! That motivates me to lose weight again. I was close to fitting into some old clothes before I started to eat like a pig using Sidegames as an excuse to binge.) When she mentioned she was ready to leave, I tried for the food. She considered it for a few seconds but said she wasn't hungry.

I suppose I could have been bold and just tried for the house extraction. I could have said something like, "This place is gonna close soon. Why don't you come hang out, drink some beers, and watch a movie (or see some pictures or whatever)?" I'm watching Jeffy Show 2 again and he talked about going for the pull sometimes even when you don't think it's possible. I don't think that was the right move though as I hadn't kiss closed her yet.

I had her hug me when she was leaving and I tried the move I did with that girl on Thursday, but she hugged me and released right away.

Number close:
I didn't even mention this yet, but I number closed her early on. I take the number pretty consistently if we happen to discuss hanging out and doing something cool. I remember how I screwed that up with this Latina set with Sidegames two weeks ago. We talked about the zoo and restaurants and I told her she should give me my number. I suppose I passed a minor shit test her. She said, "Give me your number." I know that's usually wood, but I gave her my phone number. Then I made sure to do the old trick of having her text me right after entering my name.

I also got to use my old trick when I forget names. Despite knowing the word associations trick for remember names, I still seem to consistently forget names. I almost have photographic memory for what a woman tells me about her life. I'll remember what she likes to do, or where she'd like to travel, or pets, but I forget the name almost every time. I had her spell her name out when I was saving her number from the text.

I made sure to text her the standard, "Hope you got home safe" text. I hate when I forget cause I feel more awkward doing it the next day. It's also more likely a drunk girl won't remember me the next day too. The same night text helps her remember you. This girl gave me another big IOI by texting me a response to the same night text. Also, when we hugged when she was leaving she reminded me to text her.