Friday, May 13, 2011

Sarging with the guy I AMOGed:

I was out last night at Lion Head and I ran into this guy that was one of the competing guys a few weeks ago with PedNurse. This guy is a Nigerian guy who happened to be out in the town where PedNurse lived for awhile. I'll call him "Benny." He was one of the guys I cockblocked/AMOGed. Sidegames doesn't want to admit it, but I had PedNurse if I would have just kissed her when I had the chance. Benny even asked if I had banged PedNurse because he thought I was going to that night.

You'd think that the guy wouldn't like me. This is an example of what Jeffy says, "Game recognizes game." Cool guys don't care about specific girls. He gets action, and I now finally get action and it's all fun. Hanging out with the guy, I realized he does a lot of stuff that I can learn from. One thing he does really well is just BSing with random people: guys, the bouncers, the bartenders. I know that it's good to do that, but I only talk to guys when I want to pump my state or what to get in their set. Of course, I'm good with talking to girls, but I should start being natural fu nwith everyone. A side effect is that when the bouncers and bartenders are cool with you, like they are with this guy since he talks to them, you get extra social proof.

As a side note, I should give myself more credit. This guy has good game. It's obvious he gets laid a lot. The English dude from that night probably gets laid a lot too. It's funny to hear what happened from other points of views. Benny told me that he remembered PedNurse from out in Michigan, which makes sense as they even have the same area code for their phone numbers. I had thought he was just some random; to be fair, he has the skills to have been a random and number closed that day. While I obviously realized I did cool shit that night, knowing this guy is a natural makes it even better. Also, as I mentioned above, I should have hooked up with PedNurse if this guy even saw that the potential was there. It's too bad I let Sidegames presence hold me back. I can't seem to get PedNurse to meet up again :(

So, I ran into Benny at Lion Head. I suggested we wing each other as Sidegames had ran off early again. I actually got separated from Benny as I went off opening sets but we ran into each other again at closing time. I actually got to work some street game as it was nice out and with Benny, I had someone that likes to mess around with street game. I tried the Jeffy opener many times and even went for the immediate kiss twice, but to no avail. I was surprised how many moving sets stopped and were enthusiastic about the hug. Benny was being really fun by high fiving sets and just getting into any sets we saw in the street.

We ended up going to Division. It was busier than usual but still slow. We didn't get the tons of sets in the streets that I was hoping to see. I'm sure I'll hang out with this guy again.

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