Sunday, May 8, 2011

After 49 guys, "I can't cum unless I get myself off"

When I'm with Maya and try to get her off, she warns me that she has a hard, well almost impossible time cumming, unless she does it herself. Later, she told me she can cum to porn in 3 minutes. Of course, I understand the porn part. I'm starting to believe that watching too much porn can have detrimental effects on one's sex life. That's why I've cut down the amount of time I spend watching porn. I trained myself to get too turned on by that and not as turned on sometimes by a live woman.

She basically told me she has never had a guy make her cum. That surprised me cause she has been with 50 guys if you include me and assuming she's telling me the truth with her numbers and about her orgasms. What kind of lame guys is she hooking up with? That's the thought that entered my head.

I view this as a challenge anyway. I don't give myself enough credit sometimes. I have all this sex material that came with this pickup material and I'm focused on reading that stuff again. I read it last year but I didn't have a partner then. Some guys would just be selfish and not care about getting her off. Other guys have an ego when it comes to sex. Like many guys won't learn pickup because it would involve accepting that they don't know everything with women, many guys also would work on improving their bedroom skills cause it would involve them accepting that they are not the sex gods that they thought they were.

With practice, I'm gonna master my sexual technique with the same enthusiasm that I'm working on mastering my pickup technique. This is just another element of my game from which I should draw confidence. It'll help me internalize that I'm really bringing value to my interactions with women. It'll help me believe in that win/win scenario that RSD Tim talks about concerning the pull. That the girl gets to home with an awesome guy, and I get to go home with a hottie.

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