Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday night at the MCA

I'm not too excited about writing this report, but I decided to put it in so I have an accurate record. I don't want to just put in the nights where crazy stuff happens or I get great results. I went to the MCA event and I was tired from not getting much sleep cause I stayed at the girl's housefrom from Thursday night who I will call "Maya."

I actually had approach anxiety at the First Fridays event. I can't remember the last time that happened. I blamed it on three factors. First, the MCA feels like a Day Game setting which made me hesitant to approach and turn the conversation to a man to woman dynamic. The thing is that it was all in my head. Sure, I can tone things down a bit when I go there, but one still can get teh girl to face you,cut down the space, and isolate. The second factor is that my mind was trying to play ego protection tricks. I've felt like a true PUA the last couple of days, and I guess I was afraid of getting rejected and damaging that image. That's just stupid mental mind tricks. I tried to get my self in the right frame of defining success as approaching. Finally, there was an element of state transfer. I was with Sidegames and he was anxious and that made me anxious.

I write about that all the time. I told myself that I had paid the $13 to go to the event so I was gonna approach. After stalling for about twenty minutes, I finally started opening. I figured even if I busted out, at least I would get warmed up for later. The first set I went up to was terrible, compared to what I can do. I approached and introduced myself. I could tell I was talking softly and was stifled. I asked boring questions probably in rapport seeking tonality, and sure enough the girls said, "Well, we were having a private conversation." I started laughing and I said, "I know. I did a shitty job." The girl tried to soothe me by saying, "No" but I just giggled again. This MCA thing is a great venue, btw, cause it's supposes to be a singles event.

That bust up got me going so I opened a bunch of sets. I finally got in a good one with a girl that had just moved to Chicago from Dallas 2 months prior. We were hitting it off. She had to go to the bathroom. I screwed up cause I should have stuck around. I knew she had to pee cause she left her friends and told me to wait there. I had waiting around, but I should have just started talking to the friends, or at least stayed close by. I went to open sets and ended up not finding her again :(

Number close:
I got myself stuck with this cute, older woman. The conversation was fun, but I felt like I kept it too much in the friend to friend conversation mode. I did try to move her inside to look at the art or the balloon making. She didn't comply but I also didn't lead her confidently enough. She ended up pulling these two dudes into the conversation. I got bored and left but I let myself get stuck there for 20-30 mins. Seagull called me and said he'd pick me up. I opened a set right after this. It was another cute blonde, but not as cute as the Dallas girl. We hit it off about travel and then I just number closed cause I really had to go. I should have text her last night but I left one today.

Sound bar:

We got into a few decent sets. We probably should have stayed cause 1-2 of them had potential later. We ended up trying out English cause a friend who Seagull wants to call "Raw" showed up and couldn't use the promoter name to get in free anymore. English was dead and we went to Wicker. Those venues were slow too and Seagull was right that it was probably cause of Cinco De Mayo. People partied out Thursday and decided to take it easy Friday.

Cute bartender:
I had a chance with this tiny, cute bartender from this bar we sometimes go to at Wicker. She had gotten off work and decided to grab a drink. She was with some chode guy who seemed like a coworker. I let myself feel uncomfortable cause he was there. It's stupid how I could deal with 3-4 AMOG's all last week and yet I felt uncomfortable here. I did things right for a good 10 or 15 minutes. I had opened her when she was walking by and this guy came up with her drink. I talked to him briefly. He mostly just sat there in spectator mode. I kept talking to her. She actually liked me and I was stupid not to move things along. As Seagull said, I should have tried to isolate her. I wished my wings had talked to the dude instead of wandering off. It's not like they were opening anyone. They walked away and just stood there. WTF?

Anyway, I knew she liked me cause she gave some massive IOI's. She was texting someone on her phone, for example, and then apologized to me. She kept asking me questions. I forced myself to stay in longer than I might have in the past. I needed to kino escalate more,even though the guy was there, and at least try to isolate. I could have just taken a number at least. That was a fuck up.

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