Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FB lay screwed up by fake weed

My night got screwed up. I was gonna go to my usual spot on Tuesdays but my FB text me and said she was going there as well. I went to pick her up but she couldn't find her ID. That was fine. We ended up eating at this pizza place. We stopped by my house and we were gonna hook up like we usually do, but she ended up smoking all this fake weed and got all fucked up. She didn't want to mess around. I escalated and she started to get into it. She still didn't want to have sex. I was fine with that. I fingered her and she got off. I asked her to help me out with a hand job like she'd done before. She's always been cool about that, but tonight she said she was tired and all fucked up and didn't want to help.

I feel like I shouldn't get mad, but I did. She apologized. I said I'd get over it, which I did, but I also said that I can't just not be pissed 10 seconds later.

On top of that, Sidegames pissed me off by eating my pizza. I eat some of his food, but I hate the way he ate my pizza. If he actually ate all of it, I wouldn't even care. He wasted most of it. For most slices, he threw out the sausage and the crust and just ate the cheese and the sauce. For three slices, he just licked the sauce and threw out the cheese, spinach, and crust. I told him that angered me that he just wastes my food like that cause I would actually eat the whole thing. Again, I can't get too mad as I eat his food. I actually wish he wouldn't let me eat his candies as I would get as fat as I've been getting, but that's also my own self control issues.

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