Sunday, May 8, 2011

4am: Girl says, "What is going on here?"

I was just thinking about a funny interaction I had last night that I didn't mention in the field report. I met up briefly with Seagull and his Day 2 at Flat Iron. I then wandered off to Nick's and Tavern's. I wanted to keep trying to improve my game even though I didn't really have that desire to pull. At Tavern, there was this 2-set. I went to the bathroom and when I came out, I could see two dudes trying to out alpha each other for the set. While they were doing that, I went up to the girl with reddish hair and tried to steal her from them.

She giggled and said, "What is going on here?"

I went up to her several times afterward, and at one point I said, "It's 4am on a Saturday. Have you never been out before?"

All the naturals and PUA's are really trying to pull when it's that late so they swarm on girls, especially a 2-set with two cute girls in a place that is really target poor. Heck, these dudes will swarm on a guy who is leading a girl for a pull if they sense she's high buying temperature.

It reminded me of how Division looks in the summer time, though this wasn't as bad. I can't wait to try the quick make outs and pulls in the street on Division in just a few more weeks.

Game recognizes game:
One of the dudes that was trying to out alpha the other guy when I first went into that set was this big black guy. I saw him after I busted out and we started talking and laughing about the girls. As Jeffy said in the original Jeffy show "Game recognizes game." We both recognized what we were all trying to do and we thought it was funny and thought each other was cool.

"You're persistent"

That's what the girl said when I went up for a 3rd time. I said, "Yeah, I will pursue you to the ends of the world. (A line similar to RSD Tim's)." She smiled and said she liked it, but then she basically pushed me away anyway. I heard her telling the friend, "That little guy is a persistent fuck." LOL.

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