Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 Streets sets: Almost pulled

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. The weather was perfect tonight in Chicago and it's warm weather all next week. I got to run a lot of street game like we did last Saturday. It actually surprises me as I'm writing this that my three sets of interest today all started in the streets in front of bars.

Close to a pull:
I started off around 11:30 PM and build momentum as usual. We were gonna walk into this Goose Island place that we never try when this girl complimented me on my shirt. I was about to just say thanks and walked in the bar but I didn't. In my head, I realized that was a huge IOI. She opened me which meant she was attracted to me. Seagull also stopped and mentioned that she had said something to me.

I don't remember exactly what I said at this point. I think I high fived her and just starting talking. I could tell immediately that she was drunk and high buying temperature. I was facing her and our faces were really close. I know I clawed her. She wanted to number close me but I wanted more of course. I remember saying, "We can exchange numbers but there are four more hours of partying left!"

I decided to try to move her. I was afraid her friends might walk out of the bar and I wanted to venue change anyway. I got her to walk next door to Mullen's. As we were walking, she called some friend and asked him to give her a ride. Here is where I think I had made a mistake. I should have escalated a little faster so wouldn't have called that guy.

After she gets off the phone with him, I lead her into Mullen's. While we are standing in front and looking for our ID's, we kissed. We went in and my mind was trying to figure out the best way to work the logistics here. She wanted me to buy her a drink which I didn't want to do. I think I take that too far sometimes as you'll see in another set of interest I'm gonna write about. I decided that I had kissed her so I could buy her a drink. She put her coat down and said she had to go to the bathroom and said she was leaving her coat cause I guess she didn't want me to wander off thinking she was blowing me off.

Pressed for time with impending ride:
Part of me must have known what I ultimately figured to be the best move. I knew that ride coming was a problem. I tried telling her to text the dude and tell him she didn't need the ride anymore. At one point, I even tried to grab the phone from her. That might have been a good move as when I did that she said, "No, no" but it was in a playful way and not a pissed off way. I think about this pull Manwhore form the RSD forums wrote about. He was going home with a girl but she had already phoned some fuck buddy who was also heading there. He called her as Manwhore and the girls were walking. Manwhore grabbed the phone, talked to the dude, and told the guy to turn around cause Manwhore was gonna hook up with her. I guess I could have grabbed that phone and texted that dude.

In the bar, I remember throwing out the food idea. First I was thinking the diner, but then I asked her about food at her place. I said we could go there and hang out for a bit for food. She said her food was shitty and wanted to order food at the bar. I knew the kitchen was closed so I blew off that idea. I started to mention my place too. She had said she had to get up early for work but said she wanted to see me again. I tried to seal myself into her memory by using the old, "You won't remember me 'case you're drink." Of course she kept saying, "No, no, I'll remember you!"

She asks me what bar we were at and I had thought she was texting her ride so I didn't want to tell her. She knew the bar and I busted on her for asking me when she knew the bar. Suddenly, some guy friend showed up. The guy started complaining about "bitches blowing him off." She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek but I pulled her attention away from him quickly.

She ended up getting a phone call and it was the ride. She then left us both. I think there was a way to work out this pull. I think instead of stopping at the bar, I should have just told her we were going for food or my place after we started kissing. I had a great parking spot on Clark so it was only two blocks away along the row of bars.

Miata girl:

On Division, we tried a few venues but spent most of our time on the street. I opened this two set. There was a loud blonde that messed with me open my opening. I just plowed through it and then put my arm around her and said, "You're fiest, I like you." The cute friend kept gazing at me so I started talking to her. Seagull came in a winged me and kept the blonde's attention.

I'm sure I screwed this set up because I didn't kiss my girl. They were waiting for the valet to bring their car and I ended up getting about ten minutes to work this set. My target kept gazing into my eyes. I put my arm around her periodically and I was really close to her face. I was holding both her hands as we were facing each other. At one point, I lifted her off the ground and spun her around and I probably should have kissed her there.

I remember trying to get her number and she was hesistant. Later, I mentioned food and she seemed interested in food. I knew her car was coming and I tried to tell her she should drive us for food, but unfortunately she had a 2-seater car.

I tried later for the phone number but she wouldn't give it to me. I think it's because she was giving me all the signals. Thinking back, I am really dumb for not kissing her. She had to have been thinking, "Why am I gonna give you my number when I want you to kiss me right now and you're not doing it?"

My problem here was that I haven't gotten it into my reality that I can kiss girls this quickly. I have been working on that Jeffy opener and I understand that it was like 4am so girls are drunk and high buying temperature. In my mind, I was thinking, "I just met this girl on the street." I don't give myself enough credit for gaming well enough at this point that quick kisses are possible. I should believe it. Even in the past, I've had several sets that wanted me to kiss them less than a minute in and I had like 5 minutes with this set. Furthermore, I kissed that girl I almost pulled in about 5 minutes.

I think I just need more reference experiences with street game so I'll be more comfortable doing this.

Had the Food Extraction:
Before the Miata set, Seagull opened a 2-set with a tall brunette and a cute, short blonde. I came in and I started to hit it off with the blonde. Suddenly, some dude came by and said, "Hey, that's my girlfriend" and dragged the brunette away. I was left with the blonde and I gave her this, "WTF" look. She said, "That's just some friend of ours." I kept talking to my girl and I felt like this set was on. A few minutes later, that brunette returned and pulled my girl away.

I saw them a few minutes later and I wanted to approach but I didn't. At the very end of the night, I saw them walking on the other side of the street. This was when all the bars had kicked people out. We crossed the street and opened them again.

I remember mentioning the food extraction. I sometimes go for food when I should be going for the pull to my place. This time, I think food was appropriate because I hadn't kissed my girl. I remember mentioning Elly's. My calibration is getting really good. When I first said, "We should grab food at this place just up the street called 'Elly's Pancake House."

I could tell they weren't interested in it yet. I followed what Tyler/Owen says in "Foundations" and started to oversell the place. I said, "This place has these cool collector plates on the wall. The food is good. You know how I know? The two times we were there, cops were eating there." At this point, I saw my targets eyes brighten just a bit and I knew she wanted to go now so I didn't try to sell it anymore.

I said, "Let's go." My girl looked to the brunette and with her eye coding, you could tell she was asking if the brunette wanted to go. They didn't say anything and you could tell she was contemplating it. Part of me knew the right move I think. I knew we could grab a cab and it was a 99% chance they'd go. I didn't want to pay for the cab though. My car was close, but I knew there was a small chance they wouldn't be comfortable coming in my car yet. Like a dumb ass, I didn't risk the rejection and just sat there. I think if I grabbed my target's hand and said, "Let's go" and started leading her towards my car, they would have come.

All was not lost, though. The brunette said, "Okay, we'll go if you guys pay for us." Seagull and I looked at each other and eye coded the same thing: we didn't want to pay. I hate paying for anything because it feels like supplication. I think I take that too far sometimes. I think we could have said yes and gone to Elly's with these girls.

Another reason I think we should have done it was that Seagull had a Wicker set about a month ago where this girl said she'd go if he paid. He ended up paying and the three of us went out for breakfast at Clarke's. He met her for a Day 2 a few weeks later. There was already precedent for paying for the food extraction. The girls were young too and probably didn't have that much money. They looked like students.

I can't help but think of this RSD forum post by this guy named progress-now. That particular guy gives some good advice sometimes but it's also obvious he keyboard jockey's far too much. He made some post asking about advice for a movie date. He said he wanted to go to a movie but didn't want to pay for the girl's ticket and was worried about how she might react to that. Some guys told him that movie dates are bad for Day 2's. Another guy told him that he should either pay or not pay but not make a big deal out of it either way. The guy that surprised me said the he would just pay for the the ticket. What surprised me more than that was that no one called it out as being supplication.

Both Seagull and I are low on money. I would agree that paying for a cab extraction wasn't worth the money. Taking my car was the move. I think now that we should have paid for the breakfast cause we would have had an hour to sarge them and we would have hit it off with them.

Part of me wonders if I should have just went for pull. I could have said, "You guys should come have beers at an after party with us." Then I could have drove them out to my place.

I'm of course frustrated that I didn't get the pull. It was a fun night though and it's an example of how much better I'm getting at this. I kissed a girl and almost got a pull. I then pushed for more and had that Miata girl really into me. Somehow I screwed up by not kissing her but it's because I lack street game experience, but you can be sure I'll learn from that mistake. I can see how if I keep going out regularly, in 6 months, I'll improve. I go for the kiss way more often now that I ever did before.

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