Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doing my best & Street Game

Tonight almost was a horrible night. Seagull still had my car since I felt like shit all day Friday. It wasn't until about 3am Saturday morning that I finally was fully recovered from the hot peppers, and I broke a blood vessel in my eye from puking so I have red in the white of my right eye. I had this happen years ago so I know it'll heal and it's fine. Then, I took the train in. My one battery had died, so I switched batteries. The battery meter was busted and I got no warning that I was at low battery. The phone shut off and when I turned it back on, I had no charge left.

To make things worse, I set Seagull a text telling him I was by the Lyric Opera House, but I wasn't sure if it had been sent and the phone turned off. It sucks not having a phone and even worse, I didn't know Seagull phone number by heart and couldn't keep the phone on long enough to find his number. Also, pay phones are hard to find. I decided to head back to Union Station because I figured that would be one place that might have a pay phone. I ended up calling a childhood friend cause his home number has been the same since I met him in 1st grade. He was able to help me look up Seagull's number and the night was saved.

We met up with Benny and went to this club that my Sound Bar promoter promotes on Saturdays. She said we were supposed to get two free drinks but we only got free cover. The place was slow since it was after hours so we got the stamp and went to English and this other place a block away.

The venues were packed. Seagull opened a dance floor set so I was forced to whip out dance floor game early. Since I've been missing Joe's and Cadillac Ranch a lot, I haven't been working on my dance floor game. One thing I need to do it regain the confidence I had with it. I give myself credit for dancing with the girls, but I probably should have escalated more. Seagull was grinding with his girl and I was still dancing in front of my girl.

Number close:
Number closes don't even feel like an accomplishment anymore. I number closed this blonde at English because we seemed like we were hitting it off but I happened to open her about 5 minutes before her friends decided they were all leaving. I think number closes are a pain in the ass because you gotta try to game them more and most club numbers are flaky not matter how good you get. Maybe I'm making excuses, but since I've been going out every night, I barely have time to do anything with the number closes.

Tall Girl:
I complain about getting number closes, but perhaps I should have number closed this tall girl. When we first walked into English, I immediately spotted this tall brunette who was dancing with the music. I really am getting more comfortable with these tall girls. I just went right up. She was in a set with another girl next to her, and there were two guys at the table they were dancing by. I just went right in and opened. We had a good conversation, but she got distracted at one point when Seagull came in so I just left.

Later, I saw they were still there so I opened her again. The girl was a close friend and the two guys were her cousins. The cousins never really tried to cockblock me, but I felt weird that they were there so I wasn't kino as much as I normally would. I tried an isolation move to upstairs once, but she wasn't ready. I guess I should have tried to move her to the bar. Instead, I didn't try a isolation move. She was somewhat into me and asked me questions when I let the conversation stall.

I bitch about getting number closes, but I guess I should have taken her number. It's true what Tyler/Owen said in "Foundations," "You never know which girls are gonna call you back." It sounds dumb, now that I'm writing about it, but I remember the cousin said they were going soon. I know it's not the best to take the number close at the end like that. I still should have went for it, but I also felt the conversation had hit a low. Still isn't a good excuse not to take it.

Polish bachelorette party:
At Excalibur, I opened these big seated set that turned out to be a bachelorette party. I liked this girl with somewhat reddish hair. She immediately wanted to pour me shots. They had bottle service, but unlike the steroytypical Polish party, they weren't drinking that much. I learned later they had paid $300 for the vodka bottle service, and they had only drank a quarter of the bottle.

The party was wild and the friends weren't cockblocking as you often see at bachelorette parties. One girl was sitting with a dude and he soon was making out with her. Seagull came in and was working another girl. My girl got pulled to the dance floor. I guess I should have followed them there. The real move would have been to go with the 4 girls that went to the dance floor and danced with them all, eventually focusing on my target. Instead, I talked to this camera girl, and unfortunately, she turned out to be married. We ended up leaving the set and when we returned, they were gone.

Boot camp?
On a siden ote, I think I ran into a boot camp. I know they go to one of the venue's I was at tonight. I'm pretty sure I saw Brad.

Street Game:
I'll fast forward to the end of the night. It was finally nice out again so Seagull and I decided to work street game. I can see from my experience that street game will yield me some quick pulls sometime in the future. I was doing high energy game, mainly using Jeffy's "You're amazing, I love you" line. I also did Tim's "Happy Birthday." When we first started, I caught myself doing regular game with my first set. I quickly changed to high energy, quick escalation game.

The key moment was by Spy Bar. I had two good sets. The first was this large brunette who was talking to some guy. There was a cute, tall blonde with them and she was just standing there. I approached and said the Jeffy line. I hugged her. The girls who stop or don't blow me out on the open usually are enthusastic about the hug. I didn't go for instant make out. In the future, I'm gonna work on projecting sexual state and giving strong eye contact so I can try for the instant make out. This girl was giggling and I put my arms around her and lifted her off the group, which she loved, of course.

The other girl saw I was getting somewhere and knew her friend was drunk, so she told the guy, "Let's go." The blonde got pulled away. I tried to get her to stay. I saw her standing by the curb as the brunette and dude tried to get a cab. Suddenly, this tall dude with long hair started talking to her. I saw my screw up as I went up to her and she blew me off for the dude, trying to tell me he was her boyfriend. I knew she was full of shit, but I learned that I should have been more persistent.

The dude ended up getting busted out by the friend as he tried to get into a cab with them. It was the same problem I had initially. It's too bad I hadn't met this set inside one of the clubs I was at. I would have had time to win the friend over but it wasn't possible with street game.

I gotta push for the pull and not breakfast:
I realized with two street sets that I should be trying to sell the after party/pull at my place instead of pizza. First set was this hot black girl with was with a not so good looking friend. They stopped for me and the girl seemed happy to talk to me. I said, "Let's go!" and she asked where we were gonna go. I tried to sell this diner called "Eggperience." She didn't seem to excited about that. I felt like I should have sold the after party, but our car was like 6 blocks away. At the time, it didn't seem like an extraction would work, but I gotta try that.

After I lost the tall blonde, I remember there was this blonde probably about my age who walked by. She was with a friend too. I stopped her and did the same Jeffy BS. I lifted her up off the ground. That is such a money move, btw. I can't believe I never used to use it. I swear I felt a wedding ring as I was holding her hands, but she seemed really high buying temperature. I tried to sell a pull and she asked me, "Where?" just like the other girl. The diner just didn't seem as cool when I was selling it. These drunk, high buying temperature girls wanna fuck. I need to start just being forward and start saying an after party at my place.

I need to work on the quick escalation and make out too. I'm pumping their buying temperature pretty well. The ones that respond are all trashed and wanted something to happen. I need to try to kiss them after the hug, like Jeffy does, or I gotta lift them up, spin them around, and then try to kiss them and pull.

Sidegames would say I'm being hard on myself. I am getting more confident and brave with street game. I had some positive experiences today which is gonna help me feel more confident in the future. I just can see where I went wrong and I think I'll improve that next time.

Getting lucky:
There is some element of luck. The drunk girls do respond well to street game, but I was unlucky today. I had a 2-set where a girl responded well, but the friend was sober and dragged her away. Actually, this happened once by Rock n Roll McDonald's, and once by Sound Bar. Then, I had the cock block friend with the dude. I told Seagull that eventually, we are gonna be doing street game, and we're gonna get two drunk girls and this shit will just be on.

Overall Assessment:
I felt like I held myself back a bit on the dance floor, and there were times when I wasn't escalating and kinoing as fast as I would like. Overall, I think I pushed myself into the sets that I wanted. As I said, I'm getting more and more confident with these tall girls and one will soon be mine. I pushed the hardest I've pushed on street game. The warm weather is gonna be ever present soon, and I'll have plenty of times to practice it. I just love this high energy, quick escalation in the street game. I just have to own my desire and push for the pull to my place or her place.

I need to be happy with my night. It seems like if I don't get a kiss, make out, or more, I feel like the night was a failure. Of course, I know that just going out, giving a good effort, and pushing my comfort levels is what I'm supposed to do. I can't have success every night. Success will come in the future; often it comes in bunches too. The little things I learn from my experiences every night will help in future sets. I had fun, and got good practice in, so I should be happy. I even got my free drinks from girls which usually makes me feel good too.

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