Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looks don't matter: The Bliss from my AMOG battle

I mentioned in my field report that for the past few hours I've felt angry and frustrated. I also said that I felt moments of bliss. You see, I made a mistake with that set. I couldn't win the friends over. Maybe my chance was when I saw them outside. I felt like I had to gain the Polish girls attention cause she had gotten cold to me so I wanted to do that first. Perhaps I should have worked on talking with the friends more. It's not like I didn't try. I just felt overwhelmed with having to deal with all of this shit, and I felt maintaining my target's attraction and focus on me was priority number one.

Looks don't matter:

Too many guys, and I was one of them, can't get past believing that looks matter. Sure, it doesn't hurt to be tall, buffed, and good looking, but it's not required for success with women. In fact, if you have those attributes, but shitty game, you actually creep girls out. Tyler/Owen says in Blueprint that not being a good looking guy means that you'll end up rounding out your personality more than a good looking guy would as the good looking guy will see results sooner. The good looking guy won't be as driven to round out his personality. I sure seem to be rounding out all aspects of my personality and game cause of how much I've had to struggle.

Tonight is just more proof of how looks don't matter. An outsider comparing me to the two main guys I was in competition with would give me no chance if you went by looks. As I always say, I'm not horrible looking. I'm decent looking but I'm about 30 pounds overweight. These guys were younger, I'd say they were probably in their early 20's, and no older than 25. Both guys were at least 5-6 inches taller than me. They were is pretty good shape and had big pectoral muscles. Did it matter? Nope. I had gotten way stronger attraction when I opened this girl than they ever did unless they managed to bang her later by using the buying temperature I had created. That's if they actually pulled the fat friends and her to their house or one of the girl's. My game in terms of attracting her was superior and my AMOG game was way better.

The first guy had that lame, "I"m her boyfriend" shit like he was gonna scare me off with his size and some hard look. I guess that would have worked in the past, but not now. The cock guy was good with trying to close me out with kino but he didn't have the verbal to get rid of me, plus the way she grabbed my hands when I touched her hand just showed who she liked better.

As I keep saying, I fucked up with her fat friends but you can't win them all. As frustrated as I am in missing out an awesome kiss close and possible lay, I have to be happy with my performance. With wings, I probably would have gotten this set. If Seagull had been with me, he could have occupied the fat friends and talked me up. He could have helped with the AMOG's too but I did fine by myself on that front. Though I want to be hard on myself, how much matrix shit do I expect myself to be able to do?

I got the girl really into me. If I had about five minutes more with her outside before that initial drag-away, I might have been able to seal the deal. If I had gotten the kiss close and make out, all this shit would be a lot easier. By the way, I tried to tell her to tell her friends she was coming with me, but she couldn't leave them. They were her close friends. At one point, she was talking to them about hotels in Vegas. She said she was gonna pay for their hotels in Vegas as she makes good money and apparently, the fatties are broke. If I had gotten the opportunity to make out with her, there was a chance she just tell them, "I like this guy" and they might have stopped cockblocking.

I was dealing with 2-4 guys in this AMOG battle. While one guy was trying to kino my girl away from me, the other guy was able to get one of the fatties to really like him.

I mentioned this in the field report. Compare tonight to what happened in Sangria. I basically just let the AMOG's sarge my Latina girl. I'm thankful for that set. I might eventually still go out on a Day2 with that Latina girl. That experience has pushed me to improve my AMOG game. I learned a lot with PedNurse that one night and I learned a ton tonight. I'll do even better in my next AMOG battle that will inevitably happen with some other hottie in the future. There were many points when I could have given up. I think I pushed as far as I could have. I wouldn't have left if the one fatty didn't start double teaming me with the cock guy telling me to leave.

Those guys probably were wondering what my deal was:

I guess they got to feel satisfaction with me finally leaving in the end. Still, I wonder what they were thinking. I'm guessing they were thinking, "How the fuck can the guy do this? I'm younger, better looking, taller, and buffer than this dude, yet somehow this guy keeps stealing this hot blonde from me."

They might also be wondering how I was so calm throughout the interaction. I used to be afraid of guys. For example, I would have ran off with the initial comment about the dude claiming to be her boyfriend. At the end, I was alone with three girls and 4 dudes. If you think about it, it could be potentially scary. Four guys are gonna beat me if we get in a fight. The thing is, I felt I had nothing to worry about there. They weren't gonna do anything and actually as I was walking to my car, a cop car was driving through the parking lot anyway. More important is the vibe I put out now. In the past, I would have been scared and given off that vibe, which makes people mess you with more. I know as that's why I used to get bullied in high school. I now give the calm vibe cause of the reasons I said in the other post. I figure they won't do anything. Unless they are trained fighters, I'll hurt someone if we get into a fight cause I know how to punch, kick, and block. Worst case scenario, I know I'm not gonna get killed. I have enough street smarts to know what I'm dealing with. It's not like I'm in some club in the hood with gangbangers. Finally, I know how to verbally spar and AMOG dudes. The guy might want to fight me one on one but with the girls there, I can make him look even more stupid if he wants to fight. Ultimately, he wants the girls so he can't just attack me when I'm being fun; it's not like I'm getting in his face.

The theory too is that since I'm so calm, they are less likely to start shit. Being calm could mean I know how to fight, or I'm packing heat or something, or I just have some reason why they shouldn't fuck with me.

The cock guy tooled me in the end:

I guess I should mention this. When I finally said I was leaving I tried to shake the dudes hand. I don't even get pissed about this shit. AMOG battles happen and may the best man win. I happened to lose cause of the fat friends. Maybe I was sort of being a cock too cause I said, "Okay fine. I can't win. The friends like you and not me."
The moron actually said, "I'm not your friend."
I laughed, "She actually likes me more than you but I can't win cause her friends like you more so you win."
I tried to shake his hand but he wouldn't shake my hand. I guess he got that AMOG move right, but it didn't matter at this point. I give the original competitor props as he shook my hand on the dance floor. He is one of the natural dudes that recognize and respect game.

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