Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playing it safe

I look back on the night and the only thing I can say is that we were playing it too safe. Things do feel different since I hadn't gone out that much last week. We went out Saturday, and then I took Sunday and Monday off. It's definitely a lot different to go out every day like I was doing. Beast mode means you get into state after just a set or two. Today, it took me a little longer to get into state, and I found that I wasn't pushing my comfort levels as much as I have most of this month. When I was going out almost every day, each day seemed like a continuation of the last day so it was easy just to go out and keep working on sticking points.

I had a good set when we first got to Joe's. I should have number closed this cute Mexican girl. We were having a good conversation and the friends weren't interfering at all. It was still early, though, and I wanted to watch the game. I ended up ejecting but I should have number closed.

After the Bulls game, Seagull and I had a difficult time at Joe's. We both kept opening sets but we were getting busted out quickly. I had a decent open with this Asian girl but that I just gave up when three girls and a guy showed up. It's like I didn't have the energy to deal with all that, which is a lame excuse.

Escalate despite the boyfriend:

We decided to go to Division cause we felt like we had sarged everything at Joe's. As I walked by Shennigan's, this blonde commented on my shirt as I opened her. The set seemed promising. We went inside but they took forever to come in and there were no sets inside. We decided to go to Leg Room. There was this 3-set there.

Leg Room is interesting. On certain days, like Sundays and Thursdays, the place is filled with aggressive guys like Sangria. Today, it was all chodes and no one was even talking to the set, and they were the best looking girls in the place.

The two girls were into me as they immediately kept rapid firing questions to me as soon as I opened them. Somehow, I ended up talking to the third girl who must have been low self esteem. I made a joke about her doing a rain dance and she said she was offended. I thought she was joking around but she mentioned it when I came back into the set 10 minutes later so she must have been mad. At one point, I just put my arm around her and told her I was sorry if I offended her. The girl ended up leaving and the friends didn't even care.

I told Seagull that it was perfect now as we had a 2-set. I liked the blonde girl. At one point, Seagull and I were talking to ourselves and the blonde gave me proximity IOI to open her again. They were dancing by the table and she backed up so she was next to me. I started dancing and moved towards them. The blonde turned and started dancing with me. I spun her around. I wanted Seagull to dance with the friend but he wasn't in a dancing mood. I tried to dance with her, but she didn't want to spin.

Seagull and I talked by ourselves and then after a few minutes I went to the set again. The blonde gave me more IOI. She grabbed my hand and said, "You gotta keep this energy." She kept complimenting me but then she said she had a boyfriend. She was telling me I should be just like this (meaning how I was acting) with other girls. Unfortunately, there were no other girls in the venue.

We ended up ejecting but I think I should have kept trying to kino escalate. She did have a boyfriend but I need to stop giving up. Sometimes the girls say that and they aren't receptive to escalation. Other girls will put that out there so they don't feel guilty and will still be open to escalation. I should have tried to escalate and found out.

Married girls:

We went back across the street. The blonde who was outside was finally inside. I opened her but she seemed to have some sort of ring on her finger. I assumed she was married and didn't escalate. Seagull wasn't getting along with the friend so I decided to work on the other 2-set in the bar. Since I don't have a problem messing around with a married girl, I guess I should have escalated with the blonde before switching.

The 2-set ended up being the best set of the night. The girls were fun and we had great conversation. Both girls had traveled extensively and they were both from out of town. My target looked like she had some ring on so again, I let it prevent me from escalating. Seagull and I ended up switching girls at one point. The girls were sisters. The second girl didn't appear to have a wedding or engagement ring on. I had gotten into non escalation mode so I didn't kino her either.

Yes, I had a fun conversation. I'm made that I didn't try to escalate with either girl. I would feel a ton better if I had tried and gotten rejected because at least I tried. I want to live up to my standard of going for the close. The girls probably were looking for some fun. They said they only come to Chicago once every 3 years. They were even reluctant to leave at the end.

I will learn:
Today was a warm up. I know I was happy with my performance. You can't control how the girls react, but you can control yourselves. I want to push my comfort levels again and I'll try that Wednesday night.

On a side note, I'm still not sure if I'm trying to win the 60" TV. I don't think I want to go through all that pain again with the hot peppers so I'm leaning on just going out to Cadillac Ranch.

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