Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tall girls and black girls and going home with my FB

I've been going to the same bar every Friday cause dropping the promoter's name gets us 4 free drinks before 11:30PM and free cover (the place wants $20 after midnight). I think that's a phenomenal deal for a Friday and the place fills up pretty quickly. Tons of hots girls are there too. I seem to be continuing my theme of sarging black girls there. As I've said many times, I'm usually not attracted to them, but I keep finding beautiful black girls at this place. The first was this tall girl who looked a lot like Beyonce. Next, I work on this even taller black girl that was model thin and had a beautiful face. Finally, there was this black girl about my height that had a nice body. Lots of guys who like black women love a big booty which I don't like, but this girl had a thinner body so she didn't have that.

Tall girl with 3 orbiters:

I've been gaining confidence with taller girls. I've been holding their attention much longer and when I'm on, I've been interacting with them just like any other girl. It amuses me every time when this 6ft or taller girl has to lean over so she can put her ear by my mouth.

I did okay with that model looking black girl but the best set was this tall white girl near the end of the night. I saw her standing by the dance floor. I opened her by using breaking rapport and just saying, "Hey girl, who are you?" I clawed her right away and talked to her for about 2-3 mins. It was loud so I wanted to move her. I told her to come with me and I grabbed her hand and lead her by the stairs. We talked for a about a minute there but she said she got a text from her friends and had to find time. I did Jeffy's trick and said, "Yeah, let's go find your friends."

I was too good at it and lead her to the front bar and they were there. It was like the worst imaginable set. Her friends at the bar were three guys. The first guy was this short guy shorter than me. I greeted him and he starts of by saying, "This is my girlfriend."

I at least got a huge IOI from the girl. I just ignore it and get her attention back with the hot pepper line. She says immediately, "He's not my boyfriend." Some other guy starts talking to her, so I put my arm around him and say my usual line.

This is where I fucked up. I just needed to keep talking to her and maybe talk to the guys to befriend them. Instead, I kept trying to move her downstairs. It was okay to try once but I tried to push twice and then I tried, "Ditch the chodes." The problem is that I was basically talking down her friends so I got the "Well, it was nice meeting you" blow out. Again, I should have just kept talking to her and ignored the dudes unless they interrupted me.

Raw & G:
I forgot to mention that I finally hung out with G again. He told me he's been so busy that his social life in nonexistent. We enjoyed the free drinks and opened some sets but didn't really make anything happen. He had to work early so he left. Raw showed up and had his approach anxiety again. He made a few attempts later but I told him he needs to get past that shit. I tried to give him some tough love. Well, first I said the honest truth. "The only way to improve your game is to open sets. You can wait two hours to improve, a week, or two months from now, or you can open sets and start improving now." He still didn't want to open so I told him, "You are not allowed to wing me unless you open some sets."

I said the later because if he's not opening, then I know he's gonna be out of state and bust me out of sets. He's walked up before and just stood there.

I like the guy but he has to get over his fear himself. I know how it is but even back as a newbie, I knew that the only way to get better was approaches. Dahunter liked hanging out with me when I was only 6 months into the game because of two reasons that I learned recently from one of Tyler/Owen's free tour clips. When I was alone with Dahunter, I was chill and cool. The second reason is that I was an approach machine. TD/Owen says advanced guys love newbies who are approach machines because it's inspiring. It's like young blood in the tribe.

Gotta love FB's:

I had some decent sets Friday night, but nothing special which I know define as a kiss close or better. It was about an hour from closing time when I got a text from Karina. I had text her cause I thought I had seen her at this bar. She responded that she had been there but left. She wanted me to pick her up.

On a sidenote, I think this actually may be a problem. She goes to that bar every Friday and I've been going there as well. She's probably gonna get jealous if she sees me sarging there and I don't want to screw that up. She's a cool girl to hang out with and I enjoy the sex with her. Besides, Maya seems to have gone cold. I'll try again in a few days, but she hasn't responded to my last two texts. She does love random dick (and I say that in a complete non judgmental way. It's just the truth) and she made it seem like she doesn't often do repeats. I was fortunate enough to get a next day repeat. It's too bad if she doesn't want to see me again. I've been studying my sexual technique and have been refining some of the stuff I learned with Karina. If I do see Maya again, I'm gonna be a lot more skilled than I was the last two times.

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