Friday, May 6, 2011

SNL the night after I broke the drought

I don't have much time to do a real field report. I stayed up at this girl's place and I had to take the train back here so I could shower and change for the First Friday Event at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

I went to the pub crawl for Cinco De Mayo with the same group of bars as the Bunny Hop bar crawl on Good Friday. This time, the deal wasn't as good as it was only for 3 hours, and only Bud or Bud light drafts, margaritas on the rocks, Mexican buffet food, and the trolley service. The trolley service was good too me this time. I opened a girl who was seated across from me and we hit it off.

I had an awesome time with this girl. She's very open about her sexuality and she reminds me of that friend I have from World of Warcraft. I kiss closed her early on at the bar. I met her friends and they liked me. I remember I had wandered off and this blonde girl told me to sit down and wait for my girl to come back. More details later. I gotta get ready for this MCA event.

I remember sitting in her bathroom and just smiling. I still have a long journey ahead to really live the PUA lifestyle, but Wednesday and Thursday night gave me a good taste of it.

It amused me how I had really nothing for a month, and then bam. I went on that Day2 and messed around in the car on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I had a Day 3 and quickly got a lay to end the drought. Then, Thursday, I get my second same night lay. On top of that, I got to bang two new girls just a day apart. I'm happy, but tonight is another day of cold approaching and building momentum.

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