Friday, May 13, 2011

Pushed through a total shit state for a kiss close later

Pushed through a total shit state:
The night didn't start out well. I was arguing about dumb shit with Sidegames. Then he pissed me off because before we even got started, he was talking about how he wanted to leave early. He had slept all day and had no reason to be tired. I felt he was just being a bitch. He said it gets too loud for him and then he said I get too loud for him which pissed me off because that is exactly how I'm supposed to be. We started building momentum by opening sets and then he left right away. He annoyed me cause he could have left at like 11:20 and still had plenty of time to get to union station but he just bailed out right before 11pm.

Personally, I think he makes excuses for himself. By not staying out the whole night, he can tell himself that he's good with girls but just isn't staying out along enough and that's why nothing happens. It's the same reason he extracts some girls and then doesn't hook up with them cause he claims he's not attracted to them. Another example happened the other day when Karina was over. She asked if he gets any play when we're out and he tried to say politely, "If I lowered my standards, I'd get laid all the time." Maybe, but he's making excuses to protect his ego. I have confidenced that he has the skills, but I can tell it's his ego talking there. It's similar to what Raw does when he makes excuse for not approaching or staying in set. You either make a full effort with the girls you think are hot and risk getting busted up, or you go through the motions or even screw girls you are not so attracted to. As Jeffy says, newbies can practice all their game on not so attractive girls, but they don't have to actually fuck these girls if they really aren't attracted. They can escalate and practice the extraction even if they don't want to fuck.

Anyway, I shouldn't let myself get worked up by Sidegames. I have to admit that I used his BS to justify being in a bad state which I was in anyway at the start of the night.

Blowing up sets:

I was blowing up sets nonstop. I accepted that was gonna be the case as I knew I need to build momentum. I was getting worse responses then usual cause I just wasn't gaming as confidently as I normally did. I knew the answer though. I knew I had to just be happy that I was approaching and know that momentum would come.

At one point, shortly after Sidegames left, I found myself sitting at the bar alone and feeling like shit. I text Seagull but he said he was too tired. I told Sidegames and he suggested I come pick him up at the train station and leave. I remember sitting there feeling sad and sorry for myself. I'm not exaggerating when I say I felt like leaving and part of me wanted to cry about being in this state and getting some really bad responses. I knew that wasn't the answer though. If I left, I would just come home and keyboard jockey. I knew I had to open sets to get through this and by going home, I was just postponing what I had to do anyway. There were a ton of sets out at the bar, so I needed to open so I could get through this faster.

Momentum works
Eventually, I told myself I needed to push through it and I stood up out of the chair. I thought about that night after the free tour. I remember being in a shit state that day. It wasn't nearly as bad as this, though. I thought about how I suddenly was able to put myself in gear when the boot camp arrived. I knew if I could do it then, I could surely do it now. Besides, my game was way better now that it was then. I started opening sets. The big turn around was when I opened this cute blonde. I thought I saw a ring, but I wasn't sure. Her husband ended up being there. I talked to him and he was really cool. Both of them were cool actually. He had even watched that Ancient Aliens series that I love on the history channel. I felt great after talking to them and I even exchanged numbers with the guy as he works close to whee I live. It's nice to meet cool people when I'm sarging and that would be the case later as well.

The husband knew I was out looking for girls and he encouraged me to go work my game. I bid them farewell and I went upstairs to try to work my magic. I was a lot more confident and talkative but I couldn't get anything to work. At closing time, I saw Benny, as I mentioned in the previous entry. I was in a great state and was opening street sets and trying for quick escalation. I can't wait to do that again and I know that's gonna yield some fast lays in the future.

My set of the night:
Benny and I went to Division. I was hoping it would be busy. It was busier but still not packed like I've seen it in the summer. We worked some street sets and ended up going to my usual spot. I saw this two set. The girls were a little big, but I was attracted to this pale girl. On a sidenote, I think I keep getting overweight girls because I feel entitled to them. I need to work on feeling entitled to the hot girls. I approach hot girls now and sometimes I attract them (like the Polish girl at Bourbon Street). I don't act the exact same way around hot girls as larger girls and that's just in my head. I'm gonna watch the Tyler/Owen stuff on entitlement again cause that's a sticking point right now.

Anyway, I hit it off with this girl. It was amazing. It was like everything I mentioned, she happened to like too. The friend was even surprised off the bat and wanted to take a picture of us together. My target loves travel. She loves Thai food and green curry is one of her favorites, as it is one of mine. Later, I mentioned pancakes as I was trying to see a food extraction for later, and the friend started giggling and said my target loves pancakes. It kept happening and it was amazing how similar our tastes were.

I guess this was a mistake in way, cause I created a cherish, which RSD Tim says is the kiss of death. She felt connected to me, but I had ruined the chance for a SNL. She was from out of town and was driving back in the morning.

Eating a $10 cover:

I ate the shitty cover at Leg Room for only about 45 minutes of value. I had forgotten about the cover. I gotta get on their text list as Seagull had mentioned you can get in free with a text. What happened was my target's friend mentioned going to Leg Room. She asked if I wanted to go with and of course I agreed. Strangely, she was excited about that, as if I were gonna refuse. I guess I have done that before. Sidegames and I refused a venue change two Mondays ago because of cover. That set wasn't as on as this anyway, plus if Sidegames hadn't been with, I might have venue changed that Monday.

I walked with them to Leg Room and then I remembered the cover as we were walking in. The girls paid and I either had to just leave and be cheap or pay and try to make something happen. I'm glad I stayed cause I liked the girl. Also, her friend and this guy (who I think was the friend's cousin) were cool.

My target bought beers. First she ordered two beers, and then she asked me if I wanted a beer. I almost gave my dollar coins to pay like I did with this Latina Set at Lion Head two weeks ago. I remember that the Latina Set didn't even want me to pay. I decided I might as well accept free drinks. Plus, I had to pay that $10 cover which I hated to pay.

Eventually, I got isolation with my target at the bar as the friend talked to the cousin. Our bodies were really close to each other. I had my arm around her and I kept stroking her skin and massaging the back of her neck. The sexual tension was high. We kept gazing into each others eyes, but she kept breaking the tension by giggling and turning away. Early on, I told her I wanted to kiss her. I massaged the back of her neck and went for it. She rejected it. I stayed cool and kept talking.

I went for it a second time later on. I actually screwed up a bit this time. She said, "Don't kiss me." I said, "It's cool." That was perfect. The problem is that I just kept looking at her instead of plowing through with the conversation. She then said "Props to you for trying though." Finally, I started talking about something else. As Jeffy says, the move is to just giggle when she refuses and then immediately continue the conversation by talking about something.

Food Extraction Push?:
The other mistake I might have made was not pushing for the food extraction. I had seeded the Elly's venue change. When the girls went to the bathroom, I talked to the guy. He was cool. He liked poker and is a fireman. I was happy to meet him as I was happy to meet that married couple. When the girls returned, I mentioend Elly's again and the fireman and the friend were cool with it. My target said they had to get up early to drive back.

She hugged me and kept telling me to call her. She said she'd be back in Chicago soon, which is true cause her parents live near Chicago. We had our arms around each other as we hadn't completely released the hug. Our faces were right next to each other so I leaned in and we kissed. We talked some more and then kissed again, but no make out. Now, I was happy with this and I knew the girls were driving home. I guess I could have pushed harder for food and probably made it happen.

On the drive home, I thought about it more. I wasn't really hungry anyway but I know the food extraction would have just given her more memories of me. I had gotten the number close and kiss. I wasn't gonna get the lay, most likely, especially because we had gotten into this "cherish" frame instead of a SNL frame. I'm still not sure if pushing for the food was the right move, or just leaving like I did was correct.

More random encounters:
I just thought about that tall blonde from Joe's that I saw at Sound Bar last week. I screwed up by not venue changing her for food. I ran into one of her friends today at the Apartment. There was this Latina girl that looked familiar when I entered this set. I hate the line, but I said, "You look familiar." She remembered me too and then asked if I had seen her friend lately. It is funny how I keep running into familiar people. Chicago has a large night life crowd. I could only imagine how it is in smaller towns. RSD Brad has written about how he'd run into mostly the same people when he went out every night in Milwaukee. If I'm running into 1-2 people every night now that I've met before by going out almost every day in Chicago, I could see how, in Milwaukee, one would probably know just about most of the people out after just 2 weeks of going out every day.

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