Monday, May 30, 2011

NIght cut short from too much fiber

I went out briefly Sunday night. Wrigelyville was packed from the spillover from the Sheffield/Belmont music festival and of course because Monday is Memorial Day. I saw this amazing chick that fit all of my current physical criteria. She was tall, thin, had natural red hair, and the pale skin that goes with that. I opened her on the dance floor by spinning her but I had to leave after that.

The other day day I bought this Splenda that has soluble fiber in it. The package says 1 teaspoon contains 1 gram of fiber. Well, I use a ton of this stuff when I make iced tea. I estimate at least 1 cup full and a drank a lot so I had like 50 grams of soluble fiber. Here's too much information, but my stomach started rumbling after about a half hour at the bar. I had using public toilets. The one I would use is in Barleycorn in Lincoln Park cause it has the rotating seat covers like at Ohare airport. Anyway, I ended up cutting the night short and coming home. I'm actually glad I did as I had so much fiber that I would have been miserable if I had used the toilet there and stayed out.


I definitely felt the macro momentum. I was slightly hesitant to open initially as I had gotten used to being out with Seagull all this week. I haven't gone out alone in more than a week. I opened after only a slight delay and after one set I was basically back in state.

Stay in sets:

I was doing some more bold moves of opening on the dance floor but I did something stupid. I'd spin girls and then I'd just leave instead of trying to dance more and possibly escalate or isolate. The good thing is that I was pushing my comfort levels doing this. I just want to take things further next time.

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