Monday, May 16, 2011

The Pub Crawl SNL expanded report

I realized that I never posted my full LR for the pub crawl SNL. I think I have since lost the girl, who I called "Maya" but I will try texting her again at the end of the week. I had text her on Wednesday and got some lame response and didn't hear from her from two subsequent texts. It could be that she found some new guys and/or got bored with me. I hope to see her again but I still had a fun 2.5 days with her regardless.

Sidegames and I were at this pub crawl. We had a bunch of warm up sets at two venues before we got on the trolley for a second time. I sat next to Sidegames. Across the aisle from us was this two set. I remember thinking about holding that one U of C girl's hands on the Bunny Hop pub crawl and then I reached my arm across the aisle and opened the girl closest to me. Later, she would tell me that she was feeling the onset of an anxiety attack and I happened to open her at the right time and made her feel better.

We got separated as we all got off at the next bar. I ran into her later and approached her again. I found out she was with two other girls. I got introduced to them and the two girl's boyfriends. I danced with her for a bit and we got separated.

Some of the events may be out of sequence since it's been almost two weeks and I was a bit drunk. I remember being by the bathrooms with her. I remember having my arms around her and our faces being close together. Without any anxiety, I just leaned forward and kissed her. I then remember her asking what my number is; not my phone number but how many girls I've been with. She told me her number was 49, which I mentioned before, is a decent number but not that crazy a number. To AFC's, or those with Madonna-whore complexes, I bet it seems a lot. When you compare the number to naturals I know like "G," the number is small. A hot, slutty girl could have several hundred guys, for example.

We got separated two or three times. At one point, she got all excited about this Indian dude who was her co worker three years ago. She was excited to see him and started blowing me off. The guy later ran into me and told me basically that he was just her former coworker and he was just talking to her. He said he was sorry and didn't want to interfere.

I know this set had potential when I wandered by the friends (when I was looking for other sets) and her blonde friend stopped me. She said, "Maya has been looking for you. Where did you go?" I think I told her I was wandering around. She told me to sit down and wait for her. I complied.

This is gonna suck:
Sidegames bailed out early. We had talked about taking the 12:40am Metra train home as we had both taken the Metra downtown. Often times, I park at the Rosemont of Cumberland CTA Blue Line stops, but I was afraid I'd still be drunk for awhile this night. We had decided to play it safe and take the Metra. My options were to take that 12:40am train or wait until 5:39am for the first train out. This set seemed on. I forgot to mention that the blonde friend had even mentioned the possibility of an after party at Maya's place. I remember that Sidegames text me at like 12:10.

I felt I was screwed cause Maya's friends were gone from the table and I didn't see them anywhere. I figured I'd just head to Division and then grab breakfast somewhere if I couldn't close anything.

Maya momentarily brightened my night by texting me. She said she couldn't find me. I took this as a good sign cause her friends were gone and she was still her. Plus, she was texting me. (I had number closed her either right before the first kiss or slightly after.) We met up and hugged. We might have kiss again. I remember I had kissed her twice.

I remember mentioning having an after party after this place closed as I knew it was closing soon. She spotted the Indian dude and latched onto him again at the bar. I remember saying, "FUCK!" I just wandered off and watched her for a few minutes. The guy wasn't interested and she was into him so I didn't know what my options were. I couldn't really go tool him. Luckily, he just wandered off because he wasn't interested.

I opened her again and now her attention was on me because the guy she wanted was gone. I remember thinking that some guys would have been turned off by being second choice. I didn't care. I just wanted to continue the adventure.

I remember asking her if she had drinks at her place. She said she had a bottle of wine. I remember saying we should go hang out since this place was gonna close. I lead her out of the bar and we hopped into a cab. She told the driver to go to this intersection by her house. I had to pay for the cab but she promised to buy me a drink.

Not this again:
My immediate thoughts were it was gonna be like that one AMOG night with PedNurse. Maya had told me she was a regular at this bar we were going to. She saw this black woman she knew outside. She hugged that woman and we walked inside. I got introduced to two guys who tried to tool me on my Cinco De Mayo hat. I BSed with them for about five minutes while I saw Maya talking to the black women. I decided to go take a piss so I could ditch those guys.

When I came back, I went up to Maya and sat down next to her. We ordered drinks and I gave the bartender dollar coins for mine. She reminded me that she was paying for my drink and she made the bartender give me back my money. Next, she wanted to show me some painting that was made by a regular at this bar that she knew. On the way to the painting, she started talking to this guy, but the guy was with a girl.

I felt great relief when the bartender announced last call. It turn out we were at a 2am bar. We had left the other bar around 1:15, so I only had spent about a half hour here. I thought initially that it was a 4am place like that bar I was at with PedNurse.

We are not having sex:
I repeated a lesson from this set to my wings several times. As open as this girl was with her sexuality, she still told the usual BS as we were getting close to her place. "We are not gonna have sex." After the bar, I had asked her which way was her place and I grabbed her hand and started walking that way.

My response to her statement was, "Cool. I just wanna hang out and have fun."

I was telling Seagull this story last night and I said that next time, I'm just gonna be the first one to say that. My point above was that if a sexually liberated girl says this stuff, then obviously, it's even more likely that girls who aren't as comfortable doing SNL or ONS are gonna say it even more often.

Her place:
I love walking into a girl's apartment, especially on a same night pull. It is just cool to see a stranger's place. I remember walking in the bathroom and being all giddy. I had to hide my excitement. I just kept smiling in the mirror as I was washing my hands. I came out and she was playing with her computer. She let me sit down and then she sat on my lap. She played me some Youtube videos that had Karaoke. She sang two songs for me. She actually has a good voice. She pointed out the lyrics and they were all about sex. We started making out and she suggested we go to the bedroom.

I remember she did something awesome. He pushed me on her back and she decided to be very dominant which I found hot cause not many girls do this. She started kissing me and escalating on me. After I while, I switched it around. She had mentioned that she likes to dominate and then be dominated. I got her hot and she grabbed a condom.

I ended up staying there most of Friday. I felt so good just cuddling with her and messing around when we woke up. I felt so awesome because I had just banged a new girl off this Day3 the previous night and now I hooked up with this girl the very next night. As I wrote, I went over again Saturday and we had much better sex that time. I want to see her again because I know it can be way better as I've been studying up and I've become more comfortable with her and with women in general in just the 11 days that have passed.

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