Saturday, May 28, 2011

Milwaukee Adventures

I'm writing this report the next night. I usually write them right before I go to bed in the morning and that seems best. Seagull and I went up to Milwaukee to hang out with Fatty. First, we got up there early enough to catch the 6pm Great Lakes Distillery tour. At the end of the tour, I paid $5 to get small samples of all their liquor. I even got to try absinthe for the first time. I learned that the ban on it was lifted in 2007. It smelled like black licorice and tasted a bit like gin.

We picked up Fatty and went to Victor's. The whole reason we went up is that Fatty had heard about this plentyoffish event at the bar. Someone had set up a meet there and our covers were waived by just mentioning the website. We saw a bunch of people with name tags but almost all the women we saw in the place were over 40. Later, we learned the place probably was decent near the end of the night. Fatty and his buddy had spotted some good looking, younger women entering after 11pm.

It turns out Milwaukee is similar to Minneapolis. Like I usually say in set, I'm not used to the early closing time. Here in Chicago, we have after hours places that are open to 4am (5am on Saturdays). Even though the bars in Milwaukee close at 2:30am (and they kick people out about 2:15), people don't go out earlier to compensate. Places were dead and we were disappointed at first, but all the places got busy after 11pm.


I mention this every time because it's an awesome concept that they push at RSD. At Victors, I didn't want to approach early and even did the rare things for me now of passing up a set with a decent looking girl just as we were leaving. At our first bars at Water Street, I opened a few sets but didn't really click in any sets. We got busted out of a lot of sets early on as well.

I think things started turning around when I approached this giant mixed set. When the bars were still slow, I remember being upstairs and seeing that the only girls were in this giant group with some guys. Seagull didn't want to approach and I didn't either but I came out of the bathroom and just jumped in. A few girls were giving me some BS and one of the guys tried to mess with me. I kept my frame and stayed in. I didn't get the girls but I felt good living up to my standards of pushing myself and the set didn't go that badly.

Holding a hottie's hand behind her sister's back:
I had this awesome set in this 4-set I opened. They were all seated in a booth. I stopped and just started talking. This slightly chubby girl seemed to be interested but the girl next to her kept leaning in and trying to talk to me. I guess I she was attracted due to the old MM method of me ignoring her. I wasn't completely in state so I was willing to just get the chubby girl, but the other girl told me right away, "She has a girlfriend."

I decided to focus on he cute brunette next to the chubby girl. For a second, I got distracted by talking to the other two girls on the other side of the booth. Seagull showed up and started talking to one girl on that side. I decided to switch back to the brunette. The problem was she was blocked by the chubby girl. (BTW, I learned the chubby girl and the brunette were sisters). The chubby girl was leaning forward a little bit. I got my girls attention and started talking to the brunette behind the sister. We started clicking, so I reached over and touched her hand. She started holding my hands.

It was a weird scene. Seagull started talking to the chubby girl so she leaned forwards even more. I was leaning on the chubby girl's back a bit and I had my arm stretched across her back as I was holding hands with the sister (the cute brunette). We quickly switched to the more intimate hand holding of having our fingers intertwined.

The set was going well and our faces were close. In retrospect, I should have worked on isolating her from the table. I don't know why I didn't do it. I think I could have kissed her if I had moved her away from her friends. During a high point, I decided to take her number. It turns out the other girls were getting ready to leave when I decided to do it. The girl and I were in our "bubble of love" as Tim would call it, so neither of us had noticed the other girls were getting ready to leave. My girl didn't want to give me her number. She said she was seeing someone. I persisted and she said she couldn't. She let go of my hand and got up to get ready to leave.

Obviously she was into me. My game is good enough now that the girls forget about that and just get pulled in my bubble. I see now how guys can get girls into this state and the girls will have sex with you despite the boyfriend. This boyfriend theme repeated itself later. I had a set in the beer garden area later where the girl was into me and I was started to escalate. Her friend asked her where her boyfriend was and she pointed to the wall that was about twenty feet away from us. I asked if it was really her boyfriend and she said yes. I ejected but of course it amused me that we were having our moment and she let herself get into higher buying temperature despite her boyfriend being there.

Tried for a kclose and took number:
As closing time came, Seagull and I went into fast escalation mode. He said he learned a lot forcing himself to do that. I didn't really get to debrief him as he fell asleep during the long ride home. Fast escalation is low probability of success but it does make you more comfortable with escalation in general.

I didn't have any luck with the quick escalation. I ended up seeing this 3-set when Seagull was next to me. I had high fived this mixed looking girl (she looked half black and half white)) earlier. Some chode was talking to one of the girl's friends so I suggested to Seagull that we try to wing him and talk to the other girls. I sat down next to the mixed girls. We started talking and I immediately felt she was into me. She was receptive and kept asking me questions. Quickly, I was holding her hand. I had my arm around her and I was caressing the back of her neck and she was comfortable with that.

She asked me for her number so then we exchange numbers. Shortly after that, I tried to go for the kiss close but she didn't let me. We hugged and I kissed her neck. I ended up leaving. I don't even remember how I left as the place hadn't closed yet. I probably should have stayed longer.

Street Sets:
Seagull and I had got seperated from Fatty. After we left Victor's early in the night, Fatty had asked for the keys to my car. As Seagull and I were walking to the car, I had a thought that turned out to be a premonition. I thought about how it would suck if he locked my keys in my car by accident. I knew he was drunk so I guess that's why I thought it would be possible. We got to Duke's where we said we were gonna meet. I sent him a text about how I was pissed at this insecure guy that came into my set. Apparently, early on the night, I had been sarging his girlfriend. The dude came into the set and I tried to shake his hand. He just ignored me. I said, "Hey man, what's up?" He tried to act all hard and waved his hand off and said something like, "Go away."

Obviously, the guy was insecure and a prick. I've been in some many situations where I'm talking to a guy's girlfriend or wife and 95% of guys are cool. I just start talking to the guy when I know what's up and things are cool. I got mad because I wasn't in state yet and I didn't have a good response for this guy's dickhead behavior. I wis hI would have said something like TD's AMOG line, "Hey man, we're all just trying to have fun. You don't have to try to impress her by acting all hard. Just be real."

After that set, I sent Fatty a text and he suddenly called me. I said we were at the bar next door and he replied, "Forget about that. I locked your keys in the car."

Seagull ended up getting out of state for a bit. I did too but I knew Fatty would take care out if. It ended up costing Fatty $55 as I had let my AAA membership run out last year. I should sign up again as the price of a screw up like that is almost the entire yearly membership free. Had I still had AAA, we could have gotten the that service for free.

We ended up finally meeting up with Fatty and his friend after closing time at this mobile gyro stand. (BTW, the gyro was terrible and had coleslaw and two fries inside, for some odd reason. Fatty and his friend both said it was crap food.) Seagull and I worked some sets there by being high energy. I felt like I was getting along with this chubby girl. Suddnely her boyfriend walked up. Fatty's friend laughed about how the dude came up and just stood there in spectator mode as I was talking to the guy's girlfriend. It is amazing how easy it is to eclipse most guys without even really trying.

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