Friday, September 30, 2011

Pushing too hard to go to her place but good Day 2

I will call this girl "Math girl" for reasons that will only make sense to me. I met her at Vinny's favorite place that Friday that I had the 3 number closes. I followed through on my plan to text my numbers from that weekend. I sent texts Friday night with the "Hope you got home safe" text and then I waiting till Sunday and Monday to follow up.

Somehow, I managed to do the right things with Math girl. 2j explained how he tries to build attraction through flirting, misinterpretation, and other means. I have a hard time making flirty texts, but I somehow managed to do it with one of her texts. I gave a flirty response that also made her envision us in a sexual situation and it worked as she typed and "LOL" and played along with it. Then I switched gears a bit and text some regular conversation before deciding to suggest we meet this week. She was about to go to bed but she told me she's usually busy during the week but has free time during the weekend.

I knew it was on when I didn't text her Tuesday. I was busy Wednesday and my Polish friend wanted to hang out with me for my birthday. We had lunch and then went to see a movie. When I came out of the movie, I saw I had a text from Math girl. I knew that was a good sign as at this early stage, girls don't often initiate texts. Many girls will respond and then I can occasionally set up a meet. When girls are texting me out of the blue, I know it's on.

We ended up setting up a meet for Thursday night.

I don't want this to be a one night thing:

That's a line I remember from when I first starting doing pickup. Girls often are afraid you'll disappear after you hook up with them, so saying that is a good way to make them more comfortable about hooking up with you. As Style said, there are light and dark sides of the game. Coming form the dark side, you say stuff like that and use other techniques so you can fuck a girl. I don't like to do that. I would only say that if I wanted more than just a SNL.

Math girl has been different than many of the girls I met this summer, at least thus far. We had great conversation from the beginning. I'm sure it helps that I was way more relaxed that my last day two, but it also helps that we seem to be compatible. I have cool stories, ect, but she kept up her end of the conversation. I enjoyed hearing her opinions on things and hearing her stories about her life.

When I told her later that I didn't want this to be a one night thing, I meant it.

Pushing too hard for the pull:
I don't want to go into the details of the night too much. We met for margaritas. We stayed there a long time and at no point was I getting the feeling that she wanted to leave. It was obvious we both wanted to keep the night going. I wanted to move things along so I suggested going for a walk. We stopped at this bar that was by the train and had a drink. We talked for a long time there and then I tried to go back to her place.

I told her we would just there and hang out. I suggested grabbing some liquor nearby. She initially agreed to the idea but then while waiting for the train and on the train ride, she changed her mind. When we got to her stop, she said we'd go to a bar near there as she wasn't ready to let me come home with her.

I think I kept pushing as I really knew part of her wanted it to happen. She had basically agreed for a moment to let me come over.

I think she couldn't fool herself. In her head, she had decided if she let me come over, she was going to have sex with me. Most girls figure that's what will happen, but they'll focus on the BS reason for going there and tell themselves the sex just happened. They will let it happen that way, but Math girl wanted to decide she was gonna have sex with me right then at the bar before she'd let me come over and she couldn't do it.

Again, she was definitely torn about it. She make comments about me sleeping over. She even said she had to get up early but she kept wanting to hang out. We probably could have hung out even longer but in the end I wanted to go. I wanted her to get some rest anyway instead of us just cuddling in the bar all night.

When to burn the set to the ground:

I decided near the end that I was done pushing for it. I felt like I was getting annoying. I also decided that I was happy with the evening. We were into each other, we had kissed multiple times. We were sitting on a couch in the bar in embrace the whole last hour. She made it clear she wanted to see me again and even hinted that we might hook up next week.

2j reminded me that sometimes you should burn sets to the ground. It's when a girl is leaving the next day or has a boyfriend. In this situation, he would have stopped pushing for it this night. He said it's a calibration issue; he's right, I just need more experience. I knew enough to stop at one point and while I should have stopped sooner, I don't think I ruined it.

She likes me too much:
It's funny how that works. This girl is really into me and that's part of why she wants to take things slow. When I first started pickup, I always wanted to create serious connection and attraction but it's detrimental to the quick lay. 2j reminded me that it might take longer to hook up with girls when you're in this situation, but usually the sex will be better when it happens.

Anyways, I focused on pulling the whole summer. It's fine to change things up and possibly develop some sort of LTR or MLTR. I had a great time tonight. I miss having awesome conversation and having a connection with a girl. I'd like to cuddle with her and sleepover there.

Of course, a same night lay is fun too. I can see how eventually, finding emotional connections with girls is way more valuable than quick sex. My skill level isn't quite there, but I can see the path where SNL's and pull will be easy. I can see how it will always be hard to find a girl that has some of the other qualities that I look for in a girl such as intelligence, someone I can have deep conversations with or who shares my world view.

Slow updates & 9/23 FR: Persitence can feel creepy & work too

I've been less enthusiastic about writing daily reports. I suppose part of that was my building frustration last week. Saturday and Tuesday were basically nights where I felt at the time that I didn't really learn anything. It felt like a waste of time, but I do believe that we grow from each night out so I know that was just negative feelings at the time. Another part of my problem is that I have been too focused on pickup this summer. I finally got to put in some serious effort into this, but my mind has been wanting to balance my life and I can finally say that I began that process this week.

Last Week's FR:

I mentioned in my Saturday report that I was gonna make a report about Friday. I wasn't going to bother to do so after I had neglected to write it last weekend, but it's relevant to the Day 2 I had Thursday night.

I had said that I was gonna focus more on taking numbers. I explained that the whole summer I wanted to work on pulling so I took few numbers. 2j showed me through his experiences that Day 2's are a good resource.

Escalated too quickly:
There was this set that 2j pointed out to me. I opened this black girl on the dance floor and immediately she was grinding me enthusiastically. I felt like I ended up escalating too fast as she ended up going to the bathroom. Later, I saw her with her friend and I stopped her again. She was into me, so maybe she really did have to go to the bathroom.

This time I escalated even faster and further even though my mind was telling me I was probably screwing it up and should work on isolating her and building verbal rapport instead. I was stimulating her pussy with my leg and I kissed her. I could tell I was overescalating and sure enough, just as I was pondering trying to move her for some verbal game, she went over to her friend.

2j had the friend hooked, so I was able to open my girl again. My girl was drunk. I realized it even more when I came up this time. I tried for the number close. She gave it to me but it ended up not being a valid number. She either screwed up entering it, which is possible, as she was drunk, or I had overescalated and/or she just didn't feel rapport with me since we never got to talk.

Number close 2:

This is the one that counted. We ran into Vinny and his friend who was visiting from out of town at Vinny's favorite place. Vinny was having a good time with this set. Trojan- and I opened the other girls. I hooked this brunette and was grinding with her. In retrospect, I should have stayed with her. I lost her briefly as she moved away with her other friend (not the one with Vinny). The other girl had blown out Trojan- and mine left with her. It had been on, and I should have gone back.

After that set, I saw this black girl, and of course, I decided to open her as I'm into them right now. This girl ended up being cool. I had opened her right around closing so the lights came on as we were still talking. I took the number close and as I went on a Day 2 with her. That report is coming up next.

Persistence can feel creepy but it can work too:

When we were working street sets, 2j and I would sometimes fail to stop the girls as they were walking by us. He'd tell me that the move is to walk with them and keep plowing. I never liked it because it has always felt creepy to me even thought I know it's the right way to do it.

Trojan- and I were walking by Crescendo when this 2-set walked by me. I tried to stop them by they walked by. Trojan- decided he wanted the set and kept walking by them. I stopped for the reasons I wrote in the last paragraph. I actually thought he was busting out but then I saw his target was still talking to him by her driver side door.

The friend was sitting in the passenger seat with the door open. I could tell she was getting bored. I came in and started talking to her. She had yelled something to her friend like, "Let's go." Trojan- had his target really hooked and was all up on her. I said, "Let them be. They look good together."

I just kept talking and did a little plowing. I was just trying to wing and not necessarily trying to pick her up. Sometimes, that's when your game can be best. Just with my eye contact and conversation skills, she started to get attracted to me. I remember her complimenting me and telling me that she can tell I'm smart.

A few minutes later, Trojan's girl got in the car. I knew I had to do something so I brought in the margarita bit. I had mentioned margaritas earlier. This time, I said, "We should get margaritas." She said, "It's too late, we're going home." I said, "It's closed now anyway. I mean some other time." She said, "I can give you my number."

Passing shit tests easily:

I gave her my phone. When you type in a number and then save it as a new contact, the number still stays on the screen unless you hit the end button. She opened my phone and saw the number. She said, "Is that a girl who's phone number you just got tonight? I want to know if you a poker 'player' (she said it to mean she was asking if I'm a player)."

I replied, "Yeah, a girl gave me her number. Just be confident in yourself and you'll do fine."

That was a frame control statement. She was trying to frame this as, "I'm not sure if I want to give you my number because you might be some player." I framed it as her saying, "I'm not sure if I want to give you my number because you might not call me since you got this other girl's number and I'm not sure if I'm better than her."

She put her number in and then she wanted to make sure I'd contact her. It was from an area code that's not in Chicago land area. As she was typing it in, she said, "I'm from X. It's my real number, I swear."

I text with her a bit this week. She works a lot and I got short responses like, "I just got off work." or "I'm at work."

I'll try to text her more and make something happen, but the 2nd number close was way better.

Tues frustration due to too high expectations

2j called it Tuesday when I was ranting during the car ride home that it sounded like my frustration had been building over the last few sessions. There were some other pressures that probably influenced my frustration, but a big part of it was I made too high expectations for the evening. The venues have been slower, especially on weekends due to summer being over. Joe's on Weed Street is a lot slower, especially early on. It gets busy around midnight, but we usually run through the sets by there since we force ourselves to get there by 9pm for the discounted cover.

The night wasn't horrible. We opened a bunch of sets. The sets didn't really go anywhere. There were one or two sets where we maybe should have plowed a bit longer. We found it ironic that Vinny, the natural, was the one staying in sets and we were ejected.

We actually had a good discussion concerning plowing. I remember the old PUA adage of staying in sets until the girl leaves or tells you to go away. I've been struggling with that concept because I feel like yes, you should plow, especially early on, but many times sets don't feel like they are going anywhere and we'll leave.

On Friday, I saw a post on rsdnation about this very subject which shed some light on I how should calibrate it. What I wrote above is for newbies. Newbies often come with limiting beliefs so forcing themselves to plow teaches that you can plow, it teaches you to become comfortable dealing with social pressure, and it gives you more experience being in set. For more advanced guys, Tyler made a post that said, "When that anime sparkle in her eyes is gone, that's when you should back off."

It turns out that this is what we've been doing. I will admit that sometimes we eject too soon and I will continue to work on not doing that. When a set isn't going anywhere and my calibration is telling me that strongly, I should leave the set.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anger leads to motivation

I'm a bit of a dork. I've been watching Star Wars as the whole series just came out on blue ray. The Jedi say that anger leads to the dark side. I find that anger motivates me. I remember when I lost that girl to some guys at Sangria back in April. I got so motivated to learn to deal with AMOG's. I put myself in some uncomfortable situations and I really refined my skills.

This time, I'm angry about how I conducted myself Saturday. In this game of sarging, the worst feeling is "What if?" I'm sure I've mentioned the old sports cliche before that I feel applies to sarging, "It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you played the game."

I love this clip from "We Are Marshall." Unfortunately, embedding is disabled so I can only show the link:

Lay it on the line until the final whistle blows, and if you do that... if you that... you cannot lose. We may behind on the scoreboard at the end of the game, but if you play like that, we cannot be defeated.

If I put my best effort in, and I don't get the girl or I get rejected, then I can be happy with myself. Tonight, I'm left wondering what might have been. That blonde was cute and my type. I had her hooked. She had just moved to Chicago. That means she's more likely to be open to coming out with me. She doesn't know the city that well so I offer value with all the restaurants, clubs, deals, etc that I know. She's single and just starting over. I thought that guy might have been with her, but it became obvious at the end that he was just an orbiter that made things uncomfortable trying to kiss her.

I could have had a good time with her if I just put in the full effort. If I had and I got rejected, again, that would have been fine.

I'll remember this the next time I'm choding around or giving a half effort. I feel like I will be motivated when I go out on Tuesday.

As I said, anger fuels me. I get motivated and I should take that from this crappy night and do better.

Sat: Obliterated at Euro Club & Self-doubt

I don't really want to write this report. I didn't even write a Friday report and that was a decent night. If I were a QB, tonight could be described as one of those multiple interception nights where you just got sacked and hit nonstop. To top things off, the two good drives that could have been scores were held back by self-doubt.

A bunch of us met up to watch the Rampage-Jones fight and to celebrate my birthday which is next week. 2j and I then went to the club downstairs which is an Eastern European club. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said all the girls in the place were hot. It was an intimidating place to warm up. There was only one set when we walked in and we stalled and stalled. A good lesson here is that it reminds me never to stall like that. I felt better after I finally forced myself to open and I think the stalling, more than anything, created a bad head space.

The crazy responses I got didn't help. I knew I was out of state and still warming up, but I got some really strange responses. I'm used to getting blown out, but these girls weren't ready to be approached this early or something. Two girls jumped backed when I opened them. Thinking back, I should have joked about it and moved back a bit to ease them. 2j explained that since it was early, everyone was still sober and no one looked like they were having fun. We were the only guys approaching so the girls weren't ready for it. I said that if we were to do that club again, I think we'd talk to guys at first and just got out on the dance floor. After establishing ourselves as party guys, we'd bring the party to the sets.

Tall blonde:
The best set was this tall blonde I opened in Lion Head. I actually survived the horrible sets at the euro club and did okay initially at Lion Head. I hooked this blonde and she seemed like a promising lead as she had just moved to Chicago two weeks ago. We were having a good conversation and suddenly this guy she knew came and pulled her to the bar. I'll give him credit for his method: he just came up, grabbed her and said, "Let's get shots."

I actually planned to open her again and I opened some sets while waiting. I think the move was to try to isolate her upstairs to the dance floor. It probably wouldn't have worked, but I was thinking about moving her when the guy did that.

Here is where the night started to go downhill.


I opened several other sets and 1-2 were decent. I just didn't feel confident today for whatever reason. My stomach hurt a bit and I felt tired and thirsty, but I should be able to deal with that. The guy moved my girl and this other blonde upstairs. I saw them dancing, and I actually saw the guy try to kiss her. I think he was a friend that made things awkward because she didn't like the kiss. She turned her cheek and it looked awkward. He had put his arm around her earlier downstairs but when I saw them later in the night, they were sitting next to each other with the group of friends but the chairs were farther apart.

Ordinarily, I'd have confidently opened her again. I ended up stalling and opening sets around her. I opened this blonde who was incoherent and looked like she was about to fall asleep on her table. As I'm talking, the tall blonde comes by. She was calling out to her friend. I asked if it was the drunk girl and she pointed to some girl at the bar.

I give myself some credit for plowing here. I pretending like I hadn't seen her upstairs. I said, "Hey, it's you. You're still down here? You should come upstairs."

It's funny what I do when I'm not in a good state. In the euro club, I forced myself to approach, though I probably didn't do it with a full effort. Here, I had a chance to open her so I plowed. Instead of running it solidly by hooking her again and then trying for the pull, I just tried to ask her to come upstairs and dance.

Her response was interesting, "I was upstairs earlier and already got in trouble."

I could have replied, "Well, you'd only get in good trouble with me" or something like that. Instead, I just let the set end.

Talk louder:

Trojan- always bugs me to talk louder. Usually, I should talk a little louder, but it doesn't make a difference. Today, I just could talk loud enough. I'm sure that hurt me. Almost every set was telling me that they couldn't hear me.

Give me your number:
2j went home early as he had been sick all week and felt like shit. This Asian PUA I met happened to be coming out so at least I had a wing for the rest of the night. I tried to push 2j to stay but I really should be fine doing stuff myself. The Asian PUA and I opened some sets. He opens a lot, so I could have let him do the work. Strangely, I wanted to open more when I saw him hesitate for a second.

I had some decent sets but my game was off. Again, I just wasn't feeling confident. That is key. I should have believed. When I believe, good things happen.

At the end of the night, there was this short black girl and this tall pale girl walking down the sidewalk. It was an interesting combination because both girls were the type I'm into right now. I guess I really want to hook up with a black girl cause I chose her as my target. The pale girl was cuter and I probably should have worked her.

The Asian PUA was talking to his friend. He wasn't coming to wing so I just yelled for him and pointed at the tall girl. She giggled. He did a good job of holding her. We probably could have venue changed the girls if I pushed for it. My wing suggested them coming for food and they seemed like they might be interested. He suggested Domino's. My girl didn't like that. I probably could have oversold the Mexican place or pizza place but I held myself back. I could have tried to push a venue change as they were asking what we were doing.

Wow, I really sucked tonight...

I just realized how I kept passing up opportunities tonight. It's like I decided I was having a shitty night early on and I wanted to keep viewing it from that frame. On a regular night, we would have venue changed the girls. I could see the moves, but I just didn't take them. I remember how I felt as it was unfolding. Part of me was telling myself to oversell food or another venue, and I just sat there not wanting to make it happen. Weird inner game issues tonight...

Anyway, I talked about margaritas. I've been using that as a closing sequence the last two night. She liked margaritas so I tried to number close. She said, "No, give me your number."
Me: Naw, give me yours.
Her: Give me yours.
Me: No, forget it.

The thing is that I know it's 98% likely that she's not gonna contact me so I didn't want to waste my time. As it goes in this game, that I didn't want to give it made her want to take it more. I said something like, "Don't worry, I'll call you." I was trying to frame it like she was afraid I wasn't gonna bother calling her. Then she said that she has a boyfriend so she wanted to do it this way. I said, "I know you're not gonna call."

She pushed for it, so I gave her the number. I know she won't call, but that's an example some old pickup theory.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Time to follow a game plan

Thursday night, there wasn't much to report. 2j couldn't get into The Apartment. Apparently they remodeled the upstairs and were being strict about dress code for upstairs. I opened the one decent looking set in the Lion Head area. We planned to get to Spy bar by 1am. We drove by Duffy's (it looked dead and I couldn't find parking) and stopped by Durkin's. Durkin's was busy but there weren't that many sets. I opened this 2-set of black girls. I tried number closing one but nothing happened. When we got to Spy Bar, they tried to charge us cover. They said there was some special DJ there that night so we needed to get there by midnight to get in free. We ended the night at Leg Room. All of Division was dead and we ran through the sets in Leg Room in about ten minutes.

The night was a bust, then, but I did learn something about what I need to fix in my game. I watched the Tyler video below before I went out. I feel that the first part really describes my game. I've mentioned before that I've been aware that I play to not lose too often. I feel like he's describing me when he says guys often just try to "hold the set" instead of trying to push it towards the lay. 2j and I talked in the car for awhile and I realized that I have been dicking around with my number closes.

Yes, I pushed some of the number closes, but in August and September, I really didn't do much with the numbers. I made all kinds of excuses. When we were going out every day, I literally didn't have time to really work the numbers. Then I complained that I didn't want to go out for certain Day 2's cause I was afraid I'd get stuck paying for a dinner and then not get anything. I also realized that I text certain girls and they responded, yet I never really pushed to meet up. I think part of it was I was busy trying to go out every night and practicing pulling, but part of me was protecting myself by not really trying.

2j gets most of his lays from Day 2's and he's been having steady success lately with that. I always thought he had some fancy text game. He does flirt with them a bit sometimes but he says it's mostly basic. He said he could tell I was doing something wrong with the numbers cause with the amount we were going out, by sheer random probability, one should be able to get Day 2's out. I then realized that I used to get more Day 2's when my game was worse. It was then that I had to admit what I wrote in the paragraph above. For a variety of reasons, I didn't take that many numbers, and I also didn't really push the numbers to meet up.

Action plan:

As Tyler says in the video, it's time that I stopped going out to practice and started trying to get laid. Again, this isn't an entirely new concept. I made the breakthrough a few weeks ago where I realize that I half ass many if not most of the sets in the night. If I'm gonna spend time going out, I need to do things right. Now, I have a clearer idea of what I need to focus on.

I still want to work on SNL's. Going home with a girl the same night is such a fun experience. I always say that I love when I wind up in a new apartment of a girl I just met. If I'm gonna make that happen more often, that I need to run solid game. I can open sets hard and get girls really into me. I realize that after that, I would just try to "hold the set" as Tyler describes. If I wanna pull, I need to lead the girl around the club so I get her used to following my lead, and so she gets that illusion that she knows me longer than she does (the old Mystery Method of creating more memories of the girl with you in different locations).

I remember when I made a conscious effort to lead that one black girl from Iowa. Surprise, that set went well. Too often, I just stand in the same spot. At least I'll try to escalate, but I need to move her around the club.

Logistics & Numbers:
Sometimes, you have to take numbers. This goes along with something I need to do more in my sets as well. I need to screen the girls for logistics. I know this concept, but I don't ask the girl the right questions. I know 2j does this as he'll usually know the girls situation. I need to find out where the girl lives, who she came with, who drove, where she's staying, etc. I can also throw in RSD Brad's, "What are you doing later?" I need to figure out if the logistics are even there for a pull. Sometimes, it's not there: for example, she's in a bachelorette party and she drove, or she's with her brother and staying at his place. If the logistics for pulling are not there, I should try to get a number close. If it might be there, I can take a phone number, but I should be focused on moving her around the club and escalating.

When I take numbers, I have to text them the next day. If I get in on Friday, I can wait till Sunday. I need to try to set up a Day 2 within a week. No more dicking around telling myself that maybe I can get a better text exchange going before I try to set up the Day 2. I need to figure out something we want to do (get margaritas, get thai food, etc), and find out what her schedule is and plan to do it.


Flakes are part of the game. Since I keep sarging girls in the city, it's really annoying because I'll go out to the city and end up with a flake and now I wasted all that time. I need to make this work with my schedule. I like to go out and cold approach on certain days and I used to not like to set up Day 2's on those days. I think now that I'm better off setting up a Day 2 on say Tues, Thurs, Fri, or Sat because if she flakes, then I can just go out and sarge as usual. I hate wasting good cold approach days with Day 2's but I should be trying to go on Day 2's more now instead of trying to sarge more.

Closing thoughts:
I'm actually gonna start taking more numbers. For awhile, I would rarely take a number because I told myself I was only gonna work on pulling. Manwhore has said that he got some of the hotties through Day 2's and not only from SNL's. I see that 2j's main method right now is Day 2's. Crazy beast mode sarging was fine, and I still wanna work on my SNL game, but I should go back to taking more numbers.

Beyond that, if I push for my goals in the ways I wrote above, I'm surely gonna get better results. My game has improved and some cool things have happened over the last few months, but I have to admit that I spent too much time spinning my wheels. I'll close by summarizing in Tyler's terms, "I need to focus on a plan to get laid instead of just going out and trying to hold sets."

Pirate Day Pub Crawl

The barone group in Chicago had a pub crawl on Monday, Sept 19 with a pirate theme. I thought they just made it up, but I heard the day mentioned on the radio that day, and I remember playing World of Warcraft last year and being able to turn into a pirate. It's called International Talk like a Pirate Day. The Pub Crawl was for 3 hours and cost $15. It included domestic beers, some run punch, free food at each bar, and a trolley to hop among the bars. Every time I go, I get my money's worth.

Before the pub crawl, we stopped at this event for Southern Comfort promoting some new spicy spirit. The event was great and would have been good enough, but we wanted to hit the pub crawl so we left early. The event offered several free Southern Comfort drinks, free pizza, and there were hot server girls, and two girls in bikinis dancing at the bar. We warmed up on some late 20's set that we saw there.

The pub crawl was slow. The main set of the night was this mixed set we ran into that were all dressed up as pirates. Some of the bars gave pirate merchandise: I have an eyepatch and pirate hat that I'm going to recycle on Halloween. This group had their own outfits for the event. I was working on this short brunette. We ended up leaving and hopping to our last bar. The set showed up and I tried to sarge that girl. I was up on her and it was on for a bit but I probably was too drunk to make it happen.

The liquor really hit me as the pub crawl was ending. I remember 2j telling me that my game totally sucks when I'm really trashed. He said I have fun and am fun but I do too much me-it conversation. I'll talk to girls and just plow with material without responding to any of their feedback. I don't calibrate so I might as well be talking to a wall and the girls can sense that. 2j got a makeout from this mixed 4-set that we opened. I remember two guys and two girls were sitting in this booth. We approached and immediately, this one girl jumped up and was all up on 2j.

I'm lucky 2j pushed for us to get on the train. I had told him when I had to leave to be at Union Station in time. I made my train and got to Union Station. I couldn't find the right platform and had five minutes to go when I finally asked someone and realized I had to go to the other side. I ended up making the train and got home safely.

I'm glad I got home because I was totally trashed when I got home. I just laid in bed and fell asleep. I must have gotten home around 1:45am. I woke up at 3am and my head was spinning. I got water and had a hard time staying standing. I would have been miserable if I had been stuck out waint for a 5am or 5:30am train/bus ride to come home. I probably would have gotten kicked out of whatever after hours bar I went to for passing out.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cockblock friend & More proof that looks don't matter

I started the night with 2j and his roommate. The roommate left early which is good because the guy can be annoying. He'll hover around and not talk to the girls in the set, or he'll decide to come in and talk to the girl 2j or I is talking rather than talking to the friends. 2j and I ran a bunch of solo sets but nothing really stuck. He started to lose energy around 2am. I tried to push him to go another half hour but then I decided it was just best to let him go. We both realized that if he stayed, he'd just do nothing anyway. I ended up meeting with Trojan- from the forums anyway.

The set of the night was this 2-set Trojan- and I worked on the street in Wrigley. One was this pale, thin brunette who was an inch or two taller than me. The friend was this older blonde (I say older now to mean probably around my age, early 30's) who was a little overweight. Apparently she told Trojan- she was married but I'm not sure if she was. I had my girl really hooked. She was comfortable with me being right up on her and with me holding both her hands. Conversation was good too. The blonde came and pulled her away. I tried plowing with the blonde but they walked away.

How can I believe in looks?
The one positive thing I can take out of the bullshit that happened is that I have even more evidence that looks don't mean shit. Well, I suppose they meant something to the blonde but to the girl I wanted, it made no difference. I opened some set and then about ten minutes later, I saw the girls down the street talking to three dudes. The guys they were talking to were tall and built. The blonde was close to one of the guys. The two guys were standing near to the brunette but way too far away to be picking her up. I just went right in and grabbed the brunette's hand. She said something like, "Oh, it's you again." I was right up on her and she was smiling.

The blonde got all pissed and started bitching at me. Thinking back, maybe I should have just tried to ignore her. The problem was the bitching was making my target uncomfortable and she moved away from me as this happened. The two guys just stood there talking to each other like chodes do. The one guy tried to take advantage of the situation. It's funny again because he's probably like 6 feet tall, buffed, and good looking, yet I'm the one the brunette wants and not him. On top of that, I owned him verbally too.

The blonde was talking shit, but then she tried to get the guy to get rid of me. She said, "This is her finance." I laughed cause I knew it was bullshit and I knew the brunette liked me. The guy tried to put his arm around the girl and looked awkward. I went to touch the dude but it looked awkward as he was turning as he did it. I talked some more and then put my arm on his shoulder in the condescending way I always do.

The set just pissed me off because ultimately there was nothing I could do with the blonde. I guess I wanted Trojan- to do more as well. He tried initially but he didn't offer me any assistance the second time even though he had been watching. Some of his advice helped in the past, but he gave me bullshit advice here. He tried telling me that he thinks I looked around at all of them too much and he thinks I want their approval. I told him that if he had actually been up close, he would have seen how much shit the blonde was giving me and how I did my best to plow through it.

Again, sometimes it's just bad luck. I needed the blonde to like Trojan- and/or like me. Instead, she hated me and I couldn't get anywhere with her cockblocking. I think maybe I should have just ignored her since winning her over wasn't working. As I said above, the bitching affected my target as she moved away. I needed to stay up on her and keep plowing with material over the blonde's bitching. If I kept the brunette engaged, the blonde's nonsense would have become background noise.

Lead more:
I opened these two chubby girls in front of Proof. I was attracted to this blonde who was probably around my age. She was drunk and high buying temperature and I was all up on her. Trojan- did a good job engaging the friend even though he wasn't attracted to her. My mistake came when I threw out, "Let me give you a ride home." She gave some objections like, "I just wanna go home and go to bed." I replied, "We'll just hang out for a bit." She ended up saying, "Where's your car?" I said, "It's two blocks that way (which it was)." She said, "I can't walk that far."

Now, her feet were killing her and she had taken her shoes off. That was not leading. I did a good job until I just dropped the line of conversation. When she said, "Where's your car?" I needed to grab her hand and use Jeffy's, "Sko' Sko'!" The friend might have tried to stop her, but at least I would have made the right move. I can tell I'm rusty with my pull technique again as that was way too weak. I don't give up when she's basically agreed to let me drive her home.

I didn't get much time as her friend came with the car. She had been telling me her friend was pulling up soon in this Jaguar. I tried to tell her, "Give me a ride too." She didn't say anything, but I suppose I could have been more aggressive her too. She went up to the car and got in the passenger seat. I should have opened the back door, guided her in, and then hopped in myself. The other friend, who had been talking to Trojan-, liked us, so she might have been cool with it. I guess I got thrown off a little cause the friend who was driving was bitching the moment my girl was near the car, "Fucking get in the car already!"

Ultimately, the pull might not have happened due to the logistics, but I made a bad screw up. The friends might have let me drive her home as they were older. 2j says it frequently and it's true, "Older girls cockblock less than the 21 year old girls." Still, I'm not gonna get a pull if I give up that easily (the girl saying, "It's too far, my feet hurt.") Yes, I'll get the easy ones where the girl makes it happen, but those are rare.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday FR: Push sets more?

I get annoyed by how I don't have more success but I admit that my criteria for success is probably too high. As I've mentioned before, my mind likes to focus on my last pull being May 5, and somehow I ignore stuff like that crazy experience in the alley last Saturday or the near pulls I had over the last two months. Objectively, I have been doing better. Just about every night I massively hook at least 1-2 sets.

I'm trying to think about what I did wrong last night. The girl I hooked the most I had to settle for a number close. She was totally into me and I took her number. Suddenly, some guy she knew showed up and then she got all weird. She introduced me to the guy and then she just ran off. There was another girl I grinded with but nothing happened. The third set of interest was this set 2j and I opened. I showed this blonde the bathroom in the VIP area meaning I had mini isolation with her. I can say that I learned you can pull a set in there. She was drunk and walked in when the door unlocked and some dude was standing in there. He started to talk to her and I went in and put my arm around her to get rid of the dude. I see that a bathroom pull would work cause no staff said anything about more than one person being in the bathroom and in a pull, we wouldn't have the door open for a long time like in this situation.

I walked with that blonde back to her friend. 2j had left at this point. I started talking to this brunette who turned out to be married. She was my type though: she kept complimenting me, and I can't even believe this, but she mentioned the History Channel show "Ancient Aliens." I enjoy that show and can't believe I met a girl who liked it. The bad thing was that I started to ignore my blonde. I could tell she wanted my attention as she kept looking over and trying to say stuff. It looked like she wanted to feel better about herself so she started talking to some random dude who was standing near her. I kept talking to the married girl but then I busted out because I started asking her if she was sure she was happy with her marriage. She didn't want me to escalate but it was worth a shot. Thinking back, though, I should have went back to the blonde. Now I would have had the friend's approval and maybe I could have worked something with the blonde.

Stick in sets more:

I went through a stage where I persisted more. I mean that I kept going back into sets that ended for various reasons out of my control. Sometimes, you just lose the set for a dumb reason and you can go back and it will still be on. I notice I do this less now as I keep wanting to open more. This is a mistake. I could have gone back to the blonde and married brunette set. I could have tried again with that girl I was grinding with as I saw her alone several times later.

Drinking too much:

I find that I like drinking too much and perhaps I should go back to doing that less frequently. It's debatable though. My last real pull was when I was drunk on that Cinco De Mayo pub crawl. I also got two make outs when I was wasted after one of the free drink/food parties a few weeks ago. On the other hand, I was sober with that crazy black girl last Saturday. I was sober when I almost had that pull with that girl from Iowa. When I had my big breakthrough in Wrigley two weeks ago, I was sober as well.

Tonight, I'm gonna have one beer or two so I'll basically be sober so we'll see what happens. Honestly, it probably doesn't make a difference unless I'm really drunk. I do okay slightly drunk or sober.

A canada goose took a shit on me

Some of the stuff that happens to me is truly comical. I take it very well too as I know last night most people would have let this stuff ruin their evening. I wanted to take the bus in so I could drink but to leave late, I have to walk 3 miles to take this Pace bus to the Blue line. I have to walk that back but I like it cause it burns extra calories.

I had taken the bus from the blue line but not from that stop the other way. Apparently the bus turns right and left at this intersection I was waiting near. I was about 100 ft at a stop where I thought the bus would turn. I missed the bus cause it turned left. It only cost me 20 minutes but that was annoying. Luckily, with internet on the phone, waiting doesn't really bother me because I can surf forums and stuff which is what I'd do at home anyway.

When I finally was waiting for the train, I looked down and saw I had canada goose poo on my left pant leg. I can't even figure out how that happens. I'm guessing I rubbed up against poo while I was waiting around. I didn't see any geese flying or walking around so I don't see how shit could have landed on me. I also don't remember leaning up against anything so who knows?

I wiped some of it off with the tissue I had in my pocket and some spit. It just looked like green grass stains and luckily this stuff doesn't even smell like anything. I worried I might not get into Sound Bar. I also wanted to stop at Mcdonald's to get a big soft drink since I had gotten thirsty from the walk and I wanted to try to wash out some poo.

I ended up making it on time and finishing my drinks. Oh, and I got in as well. It makes for a funny story I suppose.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best responses from the two tall girls

Tonight I again got a variety of responses. I had some average looking girl go off on me and tell me go go away. I really do laugh when that happens now. I find it amusing that a girl can get that upset with me when I'm not even doing anything crazy. I think I asked that girl, "Fumas mota?" That means, "Do you smoke weed?" in Spanish. She got all pissed off and said I was rude. She told 2j that he was rude too for the way he came up.

On the other hand, my two best sets were with the two girls I found most attractive. The first was was this tall girl who said she was a 2nd Year Medical student at my old university. I should have number closed her. I opened her on the dance floor and we started dancing. She began asking me rapport questions right off the bat. Vinny was trying to help me with the four other friends. 2j didn't want to come in for some reason until I pulled him over. I told myself I was gonna open them later, but they ended up leaving. When I meet a cool girl like that, I should just take the number right away, especially when it's such a big set like that. The logistics were horrible for pulling so I should be number closing right away.

The second set was this tall girl that I found on the dance floor when we were doing our last round. I saw this 2-set: the tall girl and this short, chubby girl. They were dancing with each other and I was dancing next to them. I then decided to jump in between them and I moved close to my girl. That display of confidence hooked her. I remember she gave me that look when I did that and when I grabbed her hands, I could tell she liked me then. She was way more enthusiastic than I expected.

When I strongly hook girls that I really want, it still surprises me. I'm not surprised that they are attracted to me, but this girl was tall and cute and it surprised me how strongly I hooked her. I remember grabbing her hands and dancing with her, and within 5 seconds, she spun around so her back was facing me. She immediately pushed her ass right up onto me and started grinding. She was taller than me, so only the bottom of her ass was hitting my cock while most of her ass was rubbing against my stomach. Of course, I was instantly hard, and she grinded me even more when she noticed this.

2j was trying to wing me and I thought we finally had a really good set when I saw him dancing with the friend. I spun my girl around and pulled her into me. I was getting ready to escalate when I saw her friend start to move away from 2j and then she pulled my girl away too.

2j did put an effort in and sometimes the friend just doesn't like your wing. It's happened several times when I tried to wing him. I just wonder if he would have tried better if the girl had been attractive. At the same time, it's hard to run your best game when you're not really into a girl.

Thinking back, I probably should have went back into that set but we ended up leaving. 2j ran into some community guy we knew. This guy matched my enthusiasm for opening sets and I see why that attitude is inspiring. We hit several other spots but there were only 1-2 sets in the other areas we hit. We had some confrontation with some jealous orbiters in Lincoln Park. 2j and I disagreed on how to handle them. He likes the full ignore tactic and I like engaging them and verbally cutting them down or outmaneuvering them while keeping my party vibe going. We debated our methods but at the end I said that I think we could agree that each method works. Ignoring works better for 2j, and verbal amogging works better for me.

Tonight was fun then but the off days have really become slower now that summer is over. I feel like the best thing I gained today was I increased my feelings of entitlement when it comes to tall girls.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Instant massive hook & Screening out girls not DTF

I actually had a decent night before the craziness at the end. I thought the night might be shitty because things seem to go better when I'm out with 2j. I feel that he and I just mesh well as a PUA team. Seagull and I were a good team too, but since 2j and I have been going out 5+ times a week for several weeks, it's like when Seagull and I went for like 10 days straight around New Year 2010. Well, like that but on steroids. I enjoy going out with Trojan-, Vinny, and JW as well but I just feel like something cool is more likely to happen when I'm out with 2j. I suppose tonight disproves that theory.

Early long set that I screwed up:

Vinny and I started off at Republic for the usual drink deal. We got into a long 2-set that I opened. I should have number closed this thin Mexican girl. The friend suddenly had to leave and she had number closed Vinny. She told me she wanted to hang with us again. I was in the process of getting my target's number but the friend said they had to go and said she'd contact us through Vinny. I know that's a shitty lead and if it hadn't been early on and if I hadn't been drink, I would have pushed for the number.

Screening out time wasters:

We were planning on going to Wrigley but Vinny wanted to go to Lasalle Power Company as he found his first successes in Chicago at that place. Since his buddy from home was out, I told him I'd just go with the flow tonight. Usually, I would have pressed for Wrigley since Trojan- said he was gonna go out.

At Lasalle, the highlight was this blonde that I opened who was about to walk down the stairs. I stopped her and opened her hard. She responded favorably and we had strong eye contact. She said she was gonna go smoke and I said, "Can I come with?" It's strange that usually I wouldn't have the confidence to go through with it. There were several times when I persisted in this set when I have given up in the past. While she was outside smoking, we chatted for a bit. She was receptive to the kino I was doing and kept giving me create eye contact. She started to get uncomfortable with hand holding though.

When she was done smoking, I had suggested we dance. She said she had to close her tab so we went to the second floor to do that. I actually had my doubts when I was following her. I always wonder if the girl really wants me to tag along. I shouldn't doubt it cause I know that all girls, unless they screwed up mentally, know how to tell me to get lost if they aren't into me or don't want me following them. I know it's just self doubt. She already told me to come with her to close the tab, yet somehow part of me thinks I shouldn't follow her?!

Closing the tab took forever. We danced a little bit near that bar but she wanted to go upstairs to her friend. When we got up there, I met some of her friends. There were like 5 other girls. Some Asian guy came up and started grinding on her. Part of me wanted to leave, but I forced myself to talk to him and then spin her away from him. I should mention that I knew she knew him by the way she hugged him upon seeing him.

She danced with me a bit but she didn't like me holding her hands while I was dancing. That's part of my dance floor game and even a set like the beginning set at Republic was cool with that early on. I had actually talked to this girl more than that first set. She kept going back to dance with her friends. At this point, I got a text message from Vinny so I moved away from the group. I went back and tried dancing with her again and she said I was moving too fast. I replied, "I don't want you to be uncomfortable in front of your friends." Her response was basically that it wasn't that: she just liked to move slower.

At this point, I decided to leave. I felt I was wasting my time there and Vinny and his friend were about to take a cab. I literally caught up with them just as they were hailing a cab. I figured if the girl isn't comfortable dancing close to me, it's probably gonna be difficult to lay her so I should just move on. On top of that, her logistics were shitty being with that bachelorette party.

Before I left, part of me decided to go for the number close. I said, "Hey, I have to go, but we should grab drinks sometime." She said, "Sure." I said, "Here, give me your phone number." She hesitated, which made me want it even less. I ended up saying, "You know what, you can give it to me or not give it to me, I don't care." The way I said it, I knew she wasn't gonna give it, but I was fine with that.

Numbers are flaky anyway and I do a shit job of following up on them. I have been trying to give it a better effort. I actually think I saved myself the hassle here, but maybe I should have taken the number anyway.

Massive hook in the street off opener:

I love the late night street game as I always mention. This blonde was outside this bar smoking in our usual late night area. I had just gotten a Diet A&W Root Beer from Walgreen's when I saw this girl. I walked up and opened her hard. It still amazes me how I can hook sets so hard now. This was like last week when 2j saw me and said I had hooked strongly right off the opener. The strong eye contact was there and she was comfortable with me being right up on her and holding her hands.

I ended up number closing this girl. We talked for awhile outside. She is originally from Poland I she just moved to Chicago recently for school. Several times, she was thinking about going back in but I plowed and also pulled her physically back into me. Earlier in the week, I said I was gonna stop trying the fast kiss close. I kept wanting to do it in this set, though. I still think I need to stop doing it for the reasons Tyler explains in the video. I definitely am stuck in that second stage where I feel weird NOT escalating.

She wouldn't kiss me and I tried 2-3 times for it. She finally kissed the side of my lip and cheek. Like the corner of her mouth touched the corner of my mouth. She had actually given me more with that as the second time, she kissed my cheek fully when I told her to kiss me.

As I said, I number closed her. She said her schedule is usually open so I'll try to set something up next week. I have to actively try this week to set up Day 2's instead of just texting once or twice and then not following up.

I think I could have followed her in the bar and hung out with her and tried for a pull. The thing is that I didn't want to pay cover to get in.

This set in an example of what 2j said about that Polish 2-set that I left about a month ago. Recall I had this attractive Polish bartender totally hooked but her friend had a serious boyfriend and wouldn't give an inch even though she was into Andrew. I left the set and then I regretted it as I had no real sets after that. 2j said at the time that I could have stayed with the set, and it turned out I should have. He added that you can't be sure till afterward. It could also be that if I had stayed in the set, I might have missed something better.

If I had stayed with the girl, maybe I would have pulled her, but I definitely would have missed the craziness that followed this night.

Closing thoughts:

I was happy with the Polish set that I massively hooked off the opener. If I get one of those a night, I'm usually happy with my night. I'm showing progress in my game considering that happened with two other decent sets and the craziness at the end of the night.

Messed around in an alley, girl wanted to charge me, and almost fucked for free

I can't even believe the crazy shit that happens to me now. Messing around with a girl I just met in an alley is pretty cool. Normally, I would write this post by reviewing the night. There actually were two other interesting sets but I'll write about that in another post. I'll get to straight to the point: the highlight of the night was this black girl stroking me in the alley and then I sucked on her tits while I rubbed her pussy. I've read about guys from the community doing stuff like this and I'm glad to finally start experiencing it for myself.

The long title already revealed some of the interesting drama that was involved in all this. There the girl trying to hint at me "taking care of her" during the walk, yet in my mind I'm convinced I can fuck her for free. When we first started messing around in the alley, she was stroking my cock, and this Mexican worker was throwing stuff in the dumpster about 5 dumpsters up the alley. I remember telling her, "There's someone there" and she said, "Fuck him, he's just some garbage man" as she continued to stroke my cock. As she was stroking my cock, she kept trying to get me to pay. When I showed her I had 65 cents in my pocket (which was the truth), I started escalating on her.

I kissed and sucked on her neck, and rubber her pussy through her pants. She was horny and pulled out her tits. She didn't want me actually touching her pussy when I tried to put my hand down her pants early on, but as she got more turned on, she let me do more. I think there's a decent chance I could have actually fucked her if these two assholes hadn't decided to walk down this particular alley. I couldn't see what was going on as I was sucking on her tits and rubbing her clit frantically, but suddenly she said, "Someone is coming" and she pushed me off and pulled up her pants. I looked up and saw two dudes walking down the alley. They were about were the Mexican guy was throwing out the trash. I pulled my pants up and we walked down the side alley. (This alley intersected with another alley near us.) I remember walking briskly out of the alley holding the girls hand. This Indian couple figured something was up as I remember hearing him make a comment about me. I remember my shirt was half tucked in and my fly was open.

$50-Final Offer:

I really analyze what happened as she was hoping to charge me, but she was also horny. She didn't want to let me touch her pussy, but then she let me. She was wet so I know she was getting turned on. The two guys ruined my chance for a free lay, though. That blew her state and she wanted to walk by to where her friends were. She kept telling me that she thought I was full of shit that I don't have money. The truth is I actually don't even have any money in my account this moment. I couldn't have gotten any money and I explained that to her while we were walking to her friends. When we got to the friends, I was holding her hands as she was facing me. Our crotches were pressed together and she could tell I was still horny. She threw out that I could bang her for $50, which actually is a good deal. That escort I met at Rock N' Roll McDonald's mentioned she charges $200. That blonde was a little cuter than this girl, but this black girl had a fine body. She had good size breasts, but I don't care about that. She had what I thought was an amazing ass.

I actually considered the offer and part of me wishes I went through with it. I would have enjoyed bending her over and spanking and grabbing that hot ass. The thing is that I wouldn't let myself do it. I don't care about the morality of it. I just don't want to spend money on girls. It's the same mentality that I have for not buying drinks. The thing is, I probably should have done it considering I've wasted more than $50 taking girls out in the past only to get nothing. Heck, that fat bisexual girl I met scammed me out of $18 worth of drinks when I was drunk in July and I didn't even get a kiss from her. $50 guaranteed that I could bang her. As I think about it now, if I had gone through with it, I would tell her conditions, "I get to cum twice and I'm coming in her mouth once."

I was tempted, but didn't do it so I walked off. I ended up meeting up with Trojan-. I had forgotten that I had told him to meet me right before I met this girl.

How I met this girl:

I already finished with the good parts. This is background on how I met her. I was walking with Vinny and his friend from his hometown. I saw a 4-5 set of decent looking black girls standing on the sidewalk. I was gonna open this girl in a dress who I found out was the birthday girl. Instead, I went up to this girl in pants who was dancing. I had opened some cute blonde, who turned out to be married, earlier in the same way. The blonde had been dancing and I just went up and did my dance floor opener where I grab their hands and start dancing with them. The black girl was receptive. We were dancing on the sidewalk and then I pulled her close and we were grinding right there as the bars were letting out.

Vinny came in and started talking to the birthday girl. It was unintentional perfect timing as that girl was trying to get me to buy her a slice of pizza. While Vinny had her occupied, I kept grinding with my girl. I was facing her and we were the right height so our crotches we the exact same level when I had her pulled in and I had my arms around her. She was telling me how it was her birthday soon and she had no money to buy a dress or get her hair done. I told her that she could go to Sound Bar for 4 free drinks and I'd repeat this free drink theme until we got in the alley. I kept telling her I had no money but I could take her out to these drink deals.

We were both starting to get horny from our crotches pressing together. I remember her asking me early on what I was doing now. I said I was going home. I didn't have my car cause I was able to use the 3day pass to get downtown. I asked her where she lived and she said the south side. The logistics were shitty. She suggested we go for a walk.

As we were walking, I kept grabbing and spanking her ass. We started making out too. We were getting into it but we were standing on the sidewalk so I pushed her off. I was trying to figure out a good alley and ultimately, we chose the wrong one. I actually should go find a good spot for the future as I'm out in that area all the time. I had thought about in the past and wish I had followed through and found a good spot.

Before we made out, she was starting to suggest that I "take care of her." She said she can't find a guy to buy her stuff. For real, the girl would have been cool if I were a guy that would bang her and pay for her hair to get done or take her out for her birthday. It was when it was clear I wasn't gonna do that and just wanted to fuck that she started actually mentioning paying actual money like I was paying for a hooker.

Again, what a fucking crazy night. I'm sure I'll bang a girl in the alley in the future like I want to do. I liked the drama of her trying to get me to pay and that I got some free action anyway and likely could have fucked her had those guys not walked by. I even liked the Mexican taking out the trash while we're obviously doing sexual shit. I guess I'm sort of an exhibitionist. I suspected that but never had empirical evidence of that till now. I just wished those two guys hadn't walked down that alley, but hey, at least it wasn't the cops.

On a side note, it's funny how this pussy smell doesn't really go away until you take a shower. I've washed my hands a bunch of times and still smell it.

I'll end by saying that this was the highlight of my night, but this was on top of some decent sets before and I'll write about that in my next entry.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

An escort, some day game situations, and train sarge

I had an active night. The plan was to drive to the Blue Line station, check out my friend's art exhibit reception, hit the Chicago Art District event and then Sound Bar. I still had my CTA pass. As I was driving to the Blue Line, I realized a block from my house that I had a flat. That sucked but I made do. I was fortunate to have enough time to walk to the Metra station and catch the train. I only lost an hour so we got to do everything we planned.

I told myself I needed to pull. The first Metra train isn't till 7:30am on Saturdays. The backup plan was to stay at 2j's for a few hours. Instead, I got some exercise and got home early. I ended up discovering that I could take this Pace bus 2.5 miles to my house and the walk home wasn't that bad.

Day Game situations:
For some reason, 2j and I didn't open that many sets at the Chicago Art District event. I opened a 3-set at the very first place and 2j opened a 2-set at the next place and then we didn't really do anything. 2j said that I was being too hard on myself when I complained that I felt I should be doing more. I hate to report that I passed on opening several sets.

I suppose I made up for it at the end. I opened this 3-set while we were waiting for the bus after the event. I had this 19-20 year old cute blonde hooked. I made two mistakes. The set ended up being a 5 set with a guy and girl standing near them. I remember hearing the guy commenting about us sarging the girls. The girl that was talking to the guy came up. 2j said that the girl came to cockblock but because they were young and didn't have enough bar/club experience, she didn't really know how to do it. She came up and just stood there. 2j said I should have ignored her. I'm used to engaging female friends because I want to prevent the drag-away. I opened her and extended my hand and she refused to shake my hand.

This was the second screw up. I should have just backturned her and continued to talk to my girl. Instead, I started talking to 2j. 2j and I both figured that if I was gonna play it out the way I did, I couldn't let the cockblock's rudeness affect me. I commented that the cockblock's response to me was so unusual that I couldn't process it at the time.

Train sarge:
The two train sarges I'm about to write about could fit under day game situations. I went out a ton since April but I ran very little day game. To put a percentage on it, it would be like .01% day game (seriously). I feel like I should be comfortable in all situations. What I take from tonight is that I should have good reference experiences for being more confident in every day situations. I opened girls while waiting for the train and the sets went way better than I expected. The community says that if you own night game, then day game should feel like playing on easy mode and it's time I internalized that.

While we were waiting for the train after the bus ride from the gallery event, some girl opened us. She asked which direction her stop was. 2j plowed and asked if she had been to the gallery event. She had indeed and unlike us, she was really interested in the art. We kept talking and when the train came, we all sat near each other. The conversation was going well but I knew I only had two stops so I forced a number close. She was hesitant but I persisted. I might have gotten a fake number. I haven't checked it yet but I did what I could.

The second train set was at the very end of the night. I got separated from Vinny and 2j when I sarged this escort at Rock N Roll McDonald's. They had gone to the Grand Red Line station to go to 2j's place. I walked to the Chicago station. I was gonna go to 2j's place even though they were skipping the late night Division game. I ended up opening this woman who had been reading a book while we were waiting for the train. Again, I sat down near her. The conversation was going well so I tried to instant date her to Clarke's. (I passed 2j's stop which resulted in me having no where to go, but I ended up getting home earlier anyway as I said in the intro). Thinking back, I should have number closed her.

We talked more and then the Belmont stop came which I had mentioned. She said, "Here's your stop." I tried to get her to come to Clarke's again but it was a no go. I had no time to number close her. Thinking back, I guess I could have went for the number close and told her I'd get off at the next station.

A better move, I think, was to burn the set to the ground. I actually thought of it as I got off the train. I should have just went for broke. She was drunk and I had some light kino going. She had been comfortable with that. It's too bad we weren't sitting right next to each other instead of across the aisle as I could have really escalated more. I hadn't escalated enough to really turn her on, but I still think I should have just thrown it out there, "Can I come over and hang out?" She probably would have said no but that would have been a good effort. The food extraction was a decent try. I should have done a number close or try to go home with her. Instead, I did neither and I think that was a mistake.


2j and Vinny were done with sarging after we left Sound Bar. I wanted to try Rock N Roll McDonald's cause I had that great set last week. I went upstairs and asked one of them to follow but they didn't. I ended up opening this 2-set. Since I knew I had no wing, I tried to push things faster than I would have. Really early on, I tried telling my target to move over so I could sit. It was too early and the girl's resisted and I ended up leaving. I walked out to 2j and Vinny.

As we walked by the front, I saw this cute blonde playing with her phone at a table. I walked in and opened her. I talked for a little bit and she said right away that I could sit down in the empty chair. We had strong eye contact. I wanted to kino so I moved the chair to the side of the table.

She asked me what I had been doing and I told her I had been to Sound Bar. I asked her the same question and she said, "I'm an escort." I said, "Cool" and just kept talking. Again, I have to say that I'm different that most guys. I don't care that she's an escort. Even stranger, it kind of turns me on. I just continued the conversation and started to kino escalate. She was really testing me with the eye contact and I didn't flinch. I held her hand at one point and she was cool with that. I put my arm around her and tried massaging the back of her neck. She stopped me there and said, "You're good but I'm not a touchy feely kind of girl."

During the conversation, she had been texting a potential client that was by O'hare. She was verbalizing her thoughts about whether she was gonna go that far or not. I had told her mid way through that the cab was like $30 and she said it was more like $50. She felt it wasn't worth it to spend $100 to make $200. We kept talking and then she got the idea of taking the train. I told her where the nearest station was. She said she had to go. I told her to give me a hug and we went our separate ways.

I know most guys would think it's sick but for some reason, I like the idea of banging a girl that works as an escort but not having to pay. It's too bad I couldn't make this happen as she was cute.

I should take the positive that she was into me. I say that from the point of view that a sex worker (escort, stripper, porn star) would be used to all the BS from guys. The fact that my eye contact and body language broke through to her means that I do that right. I come off as high value and different from all the clients they deal with. If I can break through the wall of an escort, then I should never doubt that a regular girl can see my value.

I gotta go get my flat tire fixed. At Sound Bar, I had this cute Indian girl hooked. It's too bad I couldn't find her later in the night. I had a fat Chinese girl who was really into me. 2j and Vinny couldn't occupy the friend cause she was from Taiwan and didn't speak English. I remember the second time I stopped this set and I was dancing with the Chubby girl, I actually said, "What's the problem?" when she wanted to leave again. She said, "My friend." It confirmed what I knew.

I had several day game situations that I used to fear. Yeah I was drunk, but when I'm sober, I should be more willing to open day game sets at the train, fast food place, or wherever. Again, it's supposed to be easier now that I am good at club game and I even have positive reference experience from those sets from Friday.

Sharing value on her last night in Chicago

I have to write this report quickly as I have to get ready and head to my friend gallery reception soon. I just wanted to write this before my head gets clouded with all of Friday's activities. I had a wonderful evening Thursday night and that was despite sex not being involved. Sometimes I'm too goal oriented and I let something like that bother me: take that Irish girl that made out with me briefly and then dumped me in the friend zone. That stuff hurt. This was different last night.

I got a message Wednesday evening asking if I wanted to go to the zoo. It was from that engaged girl that I met on Division Street like a month ago. She had come out to my friend's free party three weeks ago. We had been taking about meeting up for weeks but nothing materialized. I thought she was just being flaky, but I found out last week and it was confirmed last night that it was because of medical problems. She had to go to the doctor 5 different times before they finally were able to solve what was wrong with her. She didn't want to elaborate but it sounded like migranes.

I actually wasn't sure if I was gonna make it out because I have a hard time getting up early. I currently am on this 3 day pass so I like to get use out of it but for example, I hade a hard time waking up at 3:30PM today (Friday). I happened to wake up at 10am Thursday so I went for a jog and then went out to the city. We had discussed meeting around 3pm at the zoo. I figured she was gonna flake as I hadn't heard from her when I text her that I was headed in but I went to the zoo anyway and had brought my camera.

She ended up coming out and when we met up, I found out that it was her last day in Chicago. When asked why she didn't mention it, she said she didn't want to put pressure on me the meet by telling me that. We walked around the zoo for a little bit but she was more interested in looking at the gardens in the area. We took some pics and I showed her that great skyline view from the new nature walk next to the park. She wanted to get a pic in Chinatown so we took the train down there.

We came back downtown as she wanted to take some pics by the river. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain by the time we got to the river cause we had dinner before. She had tried Giordano's and had wanted to try some more pizza. Originally, I was gonna take her to Gino's East, but we ended up at Pizzeria Due as we got of the train near there. I hadn't been to the later in like two years and I remember Sidegames and I used to go there almost every week at one point. I figured I must have really liked the pizza so we stopped there.


Well, despite what I said, I had to cut this short and finish it Saturday morning. I wish I had finished this Friday before going out so I still was in the mindset I was after Thursday evening. I'm actually finding it hard to finish this post as all the events from Friday are fresh in my head.

Receiving value:

We had to wait for a table so we both ordered Diet Cokes and I paid the bartender for it. The girl was trying to pull out money and I just told her we'd figure it out when we got the bill for the pizza. After we finished eating, though, she put the whole meal on her credit card and wouldn't let me pay. Next, we walked to Ghirardelli's which is a chocolate place that serves good sundaes. I was gonna pay for that since she paid for the dinner, but again she charged it and wouldn't let me pay.

I often joke about girls paying for me, especially when some dumb girls at the club try to get me to buy drinks. I find though that I don't necessarily like when people pay for me. In this case, I was fine with it.

Giving value:

Thinking back, I actually am starting to feel that good feeling I had after that evening. 2j and I often talk about how we should feel confident when we go up to girls because we actually do offer the girls a lot of value. 2j says that when I doubt this, I should think about the comparison between the average chode and I. We offer masculine polarity, our nonjudgemental attitude, our frame vs the average social conditioned frame, cool events like the art gallery event we attended Friday, free drink deals, and so on.

On Thursday, this girl really made me realize that value. She met me by chance. I happened to walk by her on one of our late night Division outings and I opened her and ended up number closing her. On Thursday, she told me how she was shy and had a hard time making friends during her 3 months in Chicago. I told her that it surprised me that she said she's shy. Around me, she was very outgoing and we got along well. I felt free to express myself too.

I actually got a sense of how her short interactions with me made her stay in Chicago better. She talked about how she went out alone often when she was her. She expressed regret that the medical problem prevented her from coming out more. It was obvious too that she could imagine how much fun we would have had if we had met sooner or if she had been able to hang out more. Still, I was able to cram in that stuff on her last evening and she seemed to enjoy it.

Should I have pushed harder?

I remember texting 2j before the dinner. I wanted his opinion if I should try to burn the set to the ground. He thought that I should have. I'm actually still torn on this issue. She engaged but she's gonna be away from home for an entire year. It's already been 3 months. If I had more time, I'm certain that thing would have escalated. I didn't want to ruin what we had. It seems strange to me in a way that I had such a good time without having sex. I also wonder if I would have made things even better for both of us if I had pushed for the escalation.

Logistically, it would have been difficult too. She was staying at this hostel that didn't allow guests, but I think I could have sneaked in. We actually took the elevator up by accident when I was leaving.

Anyway, I know girls don't get offended when you try to escalate. I suppose I could have tried and still recovered if she had objected. I even had a perfect moment to turn the talk sexual. After dessert, we were walking down Michigan Ave and we passed by Victoria Secret. She made a comment about the store. I asked if she bought new lingerie and she said that she bought some perfume and her purse but no lingerie because she's not around her boyfriend. I replied that she still could look sexy underneath. I think I could have followed with, "Are you seriously not gonna have sex for a year? If you were my girlfriend, I actually would tell you could hook up as long as you practiced safe sex and didn't fall in love."

Obviously, her response to that would have given me an idea of how she felt. Maybe it was a mistake not to make that comment.

What's done is done. As I repeated several times, we both had a great time the way things turned out so no need to second guess it too much.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some miserable cunt punched me...LOL

Part of what I've always loved about sarging is the crazy stuff that happens. The highlight of the night was some miserable girl punching me in the chest in front of Y Bar. 2j and I were out with Vinny. We started at McGees where we opened three sets. We were gonna go to Kincaid's but it didn't look good so we just got on the train for free drinks at Crescendo. Vinny surprised us there by opening this hot blonde that showed up in this 3-set. Speaking of that set, there was a miserable tall girl in that set too. She gave us shit from the beginning. We plowed and then she told us to go away. We walked away and heard her complaining to the bartender about us and he gave her a weird look because we had already walked away.

Anyone reading this blog for the first time would probably think we were doing something mis-calibrated but I know we were fine. In fact, when we went to Spy Bar, we immediately got in this 2-set. 2j really pushed himself with his target. Some guy kept trying to steal her from him. The guy had some success a few times but 2j kept going back in and stealing her back. We actually were gonna leave when 2j started hesitating: he said that he thinks he should have tried again with the girl. I pushed him to go back him if he felt that way. The guy was all up on the girl grinding with her. We figured his best move was to do the Ozzie move for a couple making out. He went up and put his arms around both the guy and the girl. The girl was drunk so she made out with him. 2j ended up not wanted to try to pull the girl because he realized after he stole her this time that she was totally trashed.

I should have practice persistence:

I winged him for a decent amount of time. The friend was this tall girl who said she had a boyfriend but I number closed her anyway. Some guy that she knew showed up. She started talking to him. I gave one attempt to grab her attention off of him but she quickly went back to him. At this point, I went and tried to work the rest of the club. I came back two other times. The third time, I got her attention by busting on her for still standing in the same spot. I could tell the guy was just in the friend zone, though. In the thirty minutes I had given him, he hadn't escalated at all. She went off to the bathroom and I ended up telling her goodbye when 2j gave up on the set.

Miserable cunt:
I didn't even plan to make this report this long but once I get started... Anyway, we were walking back to Crescendo when we saw this 2-set walking towards us by Y Bar. 2j opened the cute friend. I started talking to this girl. She was probably an HB6. I would have banged her but she was a little overweight and wasn't that cute. They ended up walking by and not stopping. Of course, I kept plowing verbally. I was just being friendly. Here's what I remember of the conversation:

Girl: (She's standing like 10 feet away). Do you want me to hit you with this shoe?
Me: (I can tell she's pissed but I really believe that I can turn anything around. After all, I've had no problems dealing with guys who are pissed at me.) Hey, we're just having fun. Party time!

The girl started walking towards me at this point. When's she next to me, she punched me in the chest. I could feel it as she probably tried to punch me as hard as she could but I've had friends punch me harder just screwing around. I couldn't believe she actually punched me.

I laughed about it, but I actually feel sorry for her. She gotta be miserable in life to punch me considering I give up the most friendly party vibe. I do it to a fault sometimes and get myself into the friend zone.

I think about what I would have done if she had punched me in the face. This type of thing is just a bad situation because if I pushed her back, some moron would probably try to be a white knight and get involved even though this was entirely her fault. 2j said if she had punched me, he would have grabbed her shoe (she had been holding her shoes in one hand) and thrown it in the street.

The thing that amuses me is that after she started to walk away, that's when I started saying mean shit because I was pissed. I said, "Wow you fat bitch! What's wrong with you?"

She got mad at me for being nice and continuing to plow with them, but she ran off when I started to say mean shit. Go figure.

Link to a thread I made on RSD about this:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Practice at Joe's

2j and I go to Joe's Bar just about every week. I like to say that I haven't got any real success there in all the times that I've been there. I've had fun and met some cool guys. I guess I met that one nurse that I would have banged had I just been a little more confident with kiss closing etc back in April. I ended up meeting Vinny cause of that girl so that's a plus as well.

Joe's is significantly slower since about three weeks ago. It would get so busy on the dance floor that you couldn't even move and it felt like a sauna in that area. 2j and I would usually avoid the area and just concentrate on working sets in other areas. Two weeks ago, things started to slow down. The biggest change was this week. All the Irish students that were here for the summer left as of Labor Day and that was like 25% of the crowd. A lot of college kids went back to school. You'd think this might be offset by DePaul, UIC, etc being in session but it seems to have no effect at Joe's.

There are still plenty of sets but we ran through them all by around 1am and we left.

I saw my favorite redhead again. She seems to have reconciled with her friend that she was going out with when I originally met her. 2j suggested that I try to hang out with the redhead but she's always wandering off. I guess I've exhibited the same behavior as well. She bought me a shot at one point and then she started talking to her friend so I just wandered off. I told her about the event Friday and she said to text her about it so I'm gonna try to get her to come out. I think I could make this happen if I focused on getting a one-on-one thing going with her instead of just running into her Tues and Thurs when she's with her friends.

Monday, September 5, 2011

No more fast kiss close drills necessary

I was gonna make an RSD post, but I found an Tyler article that answered my question:

The relevant part:
The reason that "not going physical" right away works for veterans of the game is because when you get your eyes right up to the girl, she can feel the full entitlement and lack of fear to go physical. It's extremely obvious to her, in the same way it's obvious that a trained fighter can get in your face and it's obvious he's not afraid to kick your ass.

So it's in that subtlety of the lack of fluctuation in the eyes -- that sexual steadiness that the girl senses from you -- that makes her realize "Wow this guy likes me, but he's in completely control of HIMSELF AND ME."

Thank you Tyler! That's it. I was afraid to go for the kiss close. Then, I finally work through it early in the summer. I had it down and then I had a bad week and again I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger on kiss closes. Saturday and Sunday proved that I'm again past this hurdle. Now, instead of screwing up sets trying to prove to myself that I'm not afraid to go for the kiss close, I can relax a bit and make the interaction more solid. This might pop up again, at which point I'll go back to drilling, but I can stop now.

I'm not afraid to get physical, and when the girls look at me, I can hold the eye contact and be completely chill. Further evidence is how much better results I'm getting now that I'm focusing and doing this right.

Here's Tyler's Video that he discusses in the article:

Almost had a McDonald's make out but should have slowplayed it

I went to this birthday party for a girl that I met back in March. 2j and one of his friends came. Initially, I was all outgoing introducing myself to people but then I got quiet. We're supposed to learn core confidence for every where, but I just didn't feel it at the party. We left early as 2j's friend said he could get us into Underground. We didn't get in so we kept trying to open girls on the street and at the bars on Hubbard to try to venue change them there and maybe to Crescendo. The night was a lot of street game which was fun was all of us were doing street approaches. I'm usually high energy and enthusiastic about street game but sometimes I want a break and both these guys stepped up.

Cute blonde at McDonald's:
Spy Bar and Crescendo said they were both at capacity. We would have had to pay cover at Crescendo which we didn't want to do so we worked street game. We went in to Rock and Roll McDonald's and I saw this blonde sit down by herself. While I might beat myself up for not being that outgoing at the party, I have to admit that I have a lot of confidence in general now. I just sat down next to her. I didn't open with the usual, "I wanted to meet you." I felt this was a day game situation and since people were listening, I opened it in the way Tyler describes opening in a crowded Starbucks. I sat down as if I knew her and said, "How was your night?"

I've got that sexual look down as it's been working great the past two days. I just gave her that look and we just locked eye contact. I did a future adventures projection and I talked about our evening thus far. The set was total on. I was holding her hand and she was comfortable with me putting my arm around her. I was gonna go for the kiss close real early. I went in and then pulled back. She said, "You want to make out with me don't you?"

I replied, "Maybe, and stroked her hair."

Run solid game vs Kiss Close Drills:

I'm puzzled about where to go with my game right now. I think I'm gonna make a post on I think the video below gives some insight but I'm torn whether I should still work on trying to get my fast escalation down or trying to do things a solidly as I can so I can try to pull. This is similar to Saturday in that I busted out of a good set by trying to practice instead of just slowplaying it and possibly or probably getting the girl.

2j commented that the girl was obviously into me and she was alone. She had left her friends at Crescendo and was here sipping a soda. What I tried to do was a few minutes later, I started blowing into her ear and went for the make out. Instead of the usual yellow light of the girl turning her face, she ran off.

2j pointed out that we were in a McDonald's. I'm don't feel any social pressure so I was willing to just make out there, but she obviously wasn't comfortable. If I had just kept the eye contact and ran some rapport game, I might have been able to pull her.

I'm thinking I shouldn't have done the kiss close drill and actually tried to get this girl. I wasted a good set.

We worked out way to Division. There was this 3-set from California that we all had hooked. My girl wanted to go to a "good bar." What I should have said is that all these places suck and we should go to Underground. Instead, I tried to take them to Mother's and they thought it sucked and ran off. We saw them again and they came into Detention but they didn't like that either. I knew all the places sucked compared to LA venues. They wanted Spy Bar, Crescendo or Underground. Unfortunately, my wings didn't hear her asking about the venue change or they could have helped.

We worked some street sets. I opened this tall blonde hard in front of Proof. Its amusing to open hotter girls because I get shit tests. I'm not used to getting them as only the hottest girls even try to shit test me any more. The first time, I got annoyed and just walked away. The second time, I plowed and ignored it. The third time, I had a ton of snappy comebacks but then got sick of the girl though she seemed to like it.

I've come so far:

When I got bombarded by shit tests in the third set, I realized how far I've come in this game. I was able to lock eye contact with that girl as she was saying all this bullshit to me and I didn't flinch. I remember when I would have felt shitty cause some girl was talking shit to me. I just laughed. It's funny and I can finally say that I do not care at all what she thinks of me. I can't believe it took all these years to reach that point.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blowouts happen on ugly girls or when I do half effort

It seems counter intuitive and it's still sinking in for me. My game is starting to work best on the better looking girls. I say that I still don't have the ridiculous girls hooking like the ones I see on Thursdays, but the better looking girls that we run into at the regular venues give me better responses than ugly or average girls.

Those in the community know that the main reason it's starting to work on hot girls is that hot girls aren't used to guys acting calm around them. Guys are either nervous or keep trying to qualify themselves to them. I stand out when I look at them with the strong eye contact and with that strong sexual intent, and I'm completely chill.

The ugly girls don't respond for several reasons. First, many have self esteem issues and when you're too high value, the community says that they don't believe it's real. They either try to sabotage it or they think you are messing with them. I remember in the distanst past when I got opened one time. I started to act weird because I couldn't believe it was happening to me. This is the old reason of your ego trying to force your existing reality upon you.

The other reason is that while I would have sex with them, if I'm not really turned on by them, the approach is different than when it's with a hottie. Jeffy even said that when they run game on girls they aren't attracted to, girls will tell them, "You must be an actor" because something just seems a little off.

It's not to say that they don't ever like me. Sometimes they make it easy. I was dancing with that large girl last week on Division and probably could have pulled her if I had my car there.

Half Effort:
Even tonight, I would sometimes sink back into half effort mode. One time, we were in front of Moe's Cantina around closing time. This girl walked by and I could see that like 5 guys were watching me, including the bouncers. I got self conscious and made a half ass effort to open a moving girl. Moving sets are hard in general. I can get them to stop sometimes when I do it right. By being awkward, I make it really hard.

Tyler has a video from the free tour where the seemingly tougher approach is actually better than the one that seems safe. I do even worse sometimes than trying to be safe. 2j saw me opening this moving set weird. I knew I should try to claw her, but I felt awkward so I reached for her hand and then brushed against her arm instead. 2j was right that I either have to grab her hand and do that method, or not try to grab her at all. The half effort was really awkward.

I know that this same mentality is why I have had problems giving my full effort. A voice inside me will tell me not to open hard and will full intent because I don't want to be awkward and then, ironically, I'll open in a way that might be the most awkward way possible. I'll be in congruent. I'll try to act confident but I'll look like I'm hesitating also. I'm better off approaching hard because at least it's congruent with my intentions. Besides that, opening hard either gets girls totally into me, or gets me blown out. Thinking about it, I'm actually just better off saying, "Hi" and opening softly instead of some of the awkward stuff I do when I'm giving half an effort.

Better effort and attitude yield results

I think Saturday night was a glimpse of where my game can be if I put a good effort in every set. To warm up, I was even saying stupid shit and the self amusement really got me into state just as RSD teaches. For example, I opened this large set by saying, "Hey, it's day game! High five." Another set on the street, I opened with gibberish and just plowed.

2j and I started off at Republic. We didn't even make the free drinks but we wanted to check it out as it was showering when we met up. The place was slower than usual and no sets really stuck so we went off to Wrigley. The main action of the night took place in Barleycorn.

The first set I really hooked was this cute blonde by the stairs. It was on until her boyfriend or some guy she was with came. The guy was the typical chode. He came up there and then tried to come between us by nudging me with his arm. That shit makes me laugh. They really think they are gonna get rid of me by nudging me or giving me a look. When they are awkward like that or get pissed, it actually gives me more fuel to make them look dumb. I ignored the guy initially, and then I made fun of him by saying, "What with this?" and imitating his awkward nudging. The problem was she was into the guy so it must have been her boyfriend or some guy she liked and she turned cold and kept telling me to open other girls.

Immediately after this, I saw a blonde by the bar. 2j said this was the set I hooked the most and he described her as a solid 8. I hardly ever mention rating but I will here as he noted that and I should take some pride in myself. This was an example of what Tyler talks about when he says, "Don't try." I tried in that I went out telling myself I was gonna try to run most sets to the best of my ability, but when I opened her, I didn't try to impress her.

I just looked at her in the same way I did with the previous girl. I gave her strong eye contact and got up close to her. I said some of my usual stuff. I could tell she was really into me. I started touching the back of her neck and she seemed to get turned on. I swear she said, "I love you." Obviously, not as in she truly loved me but she was getting turned on. I tried to go for the kiss close and she wasn't ready. She grabbed the guy near her.

The guy was some friend and was cool. I talked to him for a bit. Then I was gonna go upstairs. I opened her again. I grabbed her hand and looked her in the eye and said, "Let's go upstairs." She hesitated as she wanted to but said, "Not right now." I then left.

2j's analysis: Keep plowing:

2j actually saw this whole thing go down. He said that it was obvious she was into me and the guys were giving me isolation until she pulled him over. He said that after I talked to the guy and opened her again, I had isolation and should have kept talking. He explained it's just like when you try to kiss close a girl and you get rejected. You just keep talking. I did that part but when I asked her to go upstairs, I walked away when she wouldn't. I realized that I do that often when girls don't want to dance or go to the bar. I need to just brush it off and keep talking.

2j also said in our discussion that I should decide if I'm trying to pull a girl with solid game or if I'm doing drills. He said that his experience with hotter girls is that they often are more hesitant to kiss right away, especially in front of her friends. If I wanted to drill pushing for quick kiss closes, then I should be happy with what I did. If I wanted to run solid game on her, he thinks I should have waited till I had her isolated later. Besides that, even though I did things the way I did, I should have stayed in.

Hooked blonde with boyfriend downstairs:

Just as we were about to leave the upstairs, I saw this blonde by the stairs. She was just standing there and I approached her and opened her like I was supposed to do. Again, the set was just on from me approaching, giving her the strong eye contact, and getting up on her. I spent a few minutes dancing and trying to danced with her and escalate. Like the previous girl, she was letting me touch the back of her neck. She started telling me that her boyfriend was downstairs and she had to go.

I kept plowing and pulling her back in. We were by the stairs and she actually almost slipped on a wet spot on the floor but I saved her. I didn't know what to do. I knew she liked me. I debated that she might have been saying the BF BS because she didn't want to hook up, but 2j and I discussed that and that theory makes no sense. Her boyfriend probably was downstairs. Why would she like when it was obvious she was into me? I told her to kiss me than as no one would know and at least we could remember the moment. This was the same shit I said to the girl at Joe's on time who had a boyfriend and then kissed me. She tried to kiss me on the cheek. I told her to give me a real kiss. I went for it several times but she kept making me kiss her cheek and not her mouth. I decided to just let her go so I told her have fun and walk down carefully.

Eye opening reference material:
Tonight, I got a taste of how my nights out should be provided I keep working on giving my full effort on all the sets I open when I'm out. I'm the same guy I was yesterday or the rest of this week except that I pumped my state crazy with silliness and then I made myself open properly as much as I could instead of opening with half effort. Not surprisingly, I did a whole lot better.

It surprises me how little I really did. Tyler is so right about going up to girls and not trying to impress them and just looking at them with that sexual look. You just say shit that amuses you and escalate. This wouldn't have worked until a few months ago though because now I can look at attractive girls and be completely calm and not flinch at all.

I still think I should drill kiss closes so I get completely comfortable going for the kiss. I should get more opportunities if I keep this up. Eventually, I have to abandon that and use the calibration to kiss her properly. The second hooked set was on. The guys were cool and not cockblocking and the girl was totally into me. I just needed to move her around and try to kiss later when she was isolated (perhaps on the dance floor?).