Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tried to pull a 2-set while setting up the 3some frame unsuccessfully

Tonight was proof of why I shouldn't be afraid to go out solo. I often get breakthroughs solo. I made so many posts today as there were a ton of interesting things that happened. Also, I think I made some very obvious screw ups.

It was the end of the night. As I was out in the suburbs, this place closed at 3am on Saturday. Around 2:20am, I started doing the usual late night silliness. I thought the night was gonna be a bust. I was getting ready to walk out the door when I saw this 2-set by the bar. I went up to the shorter brunette as she had pale skin.

I can't remember the exact sequence of how I opened. It was late night, so obviously, I went in with full intent and I was really up on her with strong eye contact. I either did the Jeffy opener, or I started with, "Hey, I wanted to meet you. I'm Pokerpua. What's your name?" Actually, I think that's it. Then I said Jeffy's, "You are amazing. I love you! Give me a hug."

She hugged me and I could tell she was high buying temperature and into me. I knew the friend was gonna be a problem. I attempted to whisper into her ear, "We're gonna tell your friend that we already knew each other." I wrote "attempted to whipser" as I think I said this too loudly because just as I said this, the friend entered the conversation.

I introduced myself to the friend. "Hi, I'm Pokerpua. I met her two years ago. She saw me playing Golden Tee."

The friend started pulling on my girls arm. She hugged her and said, "She coming home with me."

I told my girl, "We're going for pizza." She moved away from her friend and got all excited. I put my arm around her. She said, "Yeah, I'm going for pizza! I wanna go for pizza."

The friend didn't seem too excited about the prospect. I grabbed her with my free arm and pulled her in. I had my arms around both girls and we were all huddled in close. I asked the friend, "Where do you guys live? We're gonna have pizza and drinks." She said they lived in a town that seemed farther than mine. I told them where I lived.

At this point, I think the friend made a joke about them being lesbians. I laughed, "I wish that were true. I need a bisexual woman but you guys probably aren't adventurous enough." My target played along as she pointed out this girl nearby that had a nice ass with a really high skirt. She said, "She has a nice ass. You should tell her." I said, "I'll tell her you like her ass." She said I should.

I was trying to pull my target into me so I could initiate a make out, but just as I was getting some space, the friend got up on her. I had my arms around them again. I tried giving the friend my strong sexual tension look. We looked into each other eyes but it didn't feel on like it was with my target.

The friend said, "Yeah, we'll have a tailgate party in the parking lot." I grabbed my targets hand and started leading her out the door. I got about ten feet towards the door and then the friend said, "There, let's get pizza." The club had pizza slices ready to go at the door.

I couldn't get them out of the door so I maneuvered them a few feet so we weren't in the middle of foot traffic heading to the door. I was still trying to get face to face with my girl so I could try to kiss her, but the girls were huddled together and giggling while I had my arms around both of them.

Bold move but too early:
I'm happy that I attempted what follows but I think I didn't calibrate it properly. I tried to kiss my girl but ended up kissing her cheek. She didn't react to that. It was "yellow" light as Jeffy would say. She didn't start making out with me but she also didn't run away.

Things were chaotic at this point. People were rushing by. I have my arms around two girls and I'm all up on them and I'm horny as hell. They are giggling and huddled together. I think I verbally I was telling them, "Let's get out of here. After party!" I decided to kiss the other girl on the cheek. I stroked her hair and caressed the back of her neck. I kissed her on the cheek too.

They didn't immediately run away. Writing this, I would think that they would. Still, I don't think I did this right cause they did leave about fifteen seconds later. I couldn't hear what they were saying to each other, and I can't even remember what I was saying, if anything. I remember I kept saying my target's name. I had forgotten it, but I had picked it up from the friend calling out her name. I think I was saying, "(Target's name), Let's go!"

The girls were whispering and then they just took off. I called out, "Heather." I tried to catch up but they were walking pretty fast. At that point, I figure I fucked it up and gave up.

Sell the after party and lead:
Thinking back on this set, I think I should have made out with my target right away. It's usually better to isolate the target than to kiss her in front of the friends. I think silly, end of the night game, is different. I should have tried to make out with her right away when I felt it was on. The friend might have been more receptive if she saw it was that on.

The way it played out, I think I should have lead more firmly to the parking lot.

When I asked where they lived, I should have said, "Let's have some drinks at your place. Let's go" and started leading out the door. I was about to write that I should have invited them over but I think I basically had said, "I have drinks at my place."

Clearly, I need to lead even more than I did. I started leading out the door, but stopped at the slightest resistance. Jeffy said I have to lead more in general. I also think about Ozzie's book. He talks about how you often have to tug a little bit on the girls arm to get her to dance with you. Obviously, you don't pull it so hard that it hurts, but just a little tug.

I remember I said, "Let's go" and pulled my girl towards the door. She was following but then the friend tugged her back. I remember I wanted to have my arms on both of them but they had their arms around each other at the time so I didn't know how to do that. I guess I could have done the old Mystery move and held out both my arms like I was gonna lead one in each arm promenade style.

Oh why can't I have sets like this when I have a fucking wing!!!

She just broke up with her boyfriend

I think this is another example of where I screwed up a potentially good situation. I opened this lone wolf who looked bored in the beer garden area of this club. She said she was tired. The conversation was going okay. I was starting to kino escalate and she seemed cool with me holding her hand. Suddenly, her friend showed up. I started talking to her.

As I write this, I realize this is another situation where a wing would have helped. Since I was solo, I talk to the friend. As I'm talking to the friend, this big Italian guy comes up to my target. He is like face to face with her and then kisses her on the forehead and leaves. I talk for another minute or two and try to switch back to talking to my target.

I forgot her exact words, but I think my target said to the friend, "It's like you're leaving me out here." I interpreted it to mean that the friend had allowed the big Italian guy to be all up on her.

The friend tells me, "She just broke up with her boyfriend."
My target said, "Yeah, I got kicked out tonight." She then turned to the friend and said some stuff and I remember her saying, "He had to know that I could easily get a guy at any point in the year and a half."

It seemed legitimate that she had broken up with her boyfriend.
I swear the friend said, "She's looking to hook up with someone."

It sounds crazy to type that but she said that. (I guess I'm still haven't completely accepted my new reality. Some of the things that happened to me tonight seem almost unbelievable. Even worse is how I manage to fuck these situations up.)

I wasn't thinking shit test this time. Everything matched up to what they were talking about. My response was just to put my arm around her when my target agreed that she had just broken up with her boyfriend.

I'm not so dense that I didn't recognize the opportunity here. My mind started telling me to try to isolate my target. I said, "Hey, have you seen the inside? Let's go inside."

Before I could get anything to happen, the big Italian dude showed up and two other dudes. I introduced myself to this Polish looking guy next to me. The guys were cool. They didn't try to mess with me or anything. They were just standing there. The friend says they are gonna go inside and she leads the whole group away.

I think I might have to post this. I don't know what the fuck I was supposed to do. I'm thinking when they said all that shit, I should have gotten right up on my target (the girl who had broken up with her boyfriend). I should have held her hands, given her strong eye contact, started to stroke her face and tried to kiss her.

Girls is smiling & giving strong eye contact but then tells some guy I'm following her

Posted this on RSD too.

Last night I went out solo and had several breakthroughs. As I was writing my reports for myself on my blog, I remember a situation that I haven't quite figured out. I was a club. It was around halfway through the night. I stopped this girl that was walking by. I do this with strong intent. I'll physically grab their arm while I'm talking. The girl stopped and I was up on her immediately. She was smiling and the eye contact was strong. She was looking up, and there was this ripped Filipino guy and some girl. I thought the girl was her friend so I said "Hey, that's my cousin. (It wasn't my actual cousin) " They asked how my target and I knew each other and she said, "We just met."

I wish I could remember her exact words. She had backed away, but she was still smiling and looking at me. It was like she was trying to walk away but then she stopped. What she said was something like, "There's something about you I like" but it wasn't those exact words.

She said she was getting a drink. I said, "Let's go to the bar." I grabbed her hand and lead her over there . It was like 10 feet away. She asked if I was buying her a drink. I said, "I'm taking you to the bar." Then I said, "You should be buying me a drink. I already got two free shots today (that was true)."

We were at the bar waiting for the bartender. I kept talking with her. Every time she looked at me, she was smiling and giving me insane eye contact. I had held her hand but then dropped it. I put my arm around her. There was some silence and then she walked around to another spot at the bar. I thought she was trying to get closer to where the bartender was.

This is where she got weird. When I got up to her, she was still smiling and gazing into my eyes. I put my arm around her and she said something like, "Why do you keep touching me?" I've gotten that before but she was still smiling and holding eye contact. When girls have said that before that were pissed, I could tell they were mad.

I let go and kept trying to talk. Then, she moved by some guy and started talking to him. I walked over and she gazing right into my eyes. I swear she was still smiling but it seems weird that she would be after what she said. She said, "This guy keeps following me."

I was like, "WTF?" I shrugged and just walked away.

I don't know if I was being creepy. It felt like it at the end but again, her facial expressions and eye contact didn't match. I've creeped girls out before so I know what it looks like. They don't keep smiling and looking into my eyes. They get a pissed off look in their eyes, or they run off, or they tell me to get away from them or say very firmly, "Don't touch me!"

In the beginning, it seemed like it was totally on. When she almost walked away and I plowed, it was as if I could see that internal battle happening inside her b/w logic and emotion. She was cool with me taking her to the bar. Then, I don't know what was going on or how I screwed up.

Example of Community overthinking "Are you gonna make out with my friend?" My reponse

I posted this on the RSD forums. I had forgotten that this happened to me. It's stupid how I manage to screw up good situations by over analyzing things sometimes. I've definitely screwed up pulls cause of this issue.

Being an analytical person in general, I've always loved pickup theory. Another reason I've always been drawn to it is that my understanding of pickup and social situations was based solely on social conditioning. Actually learning what really attracts girls helped me a ton cause I actually went out in addition to keyboard jockeying. I've also mentioned that the old Tyler AMOG tactics posts for his early days helped me deal with all the uncomfortable situations that can arise with guys at the bar.

There have been several threads lately about how guys over think stuff to their detriment. RSD's core principle of "Being present" involves turning off your analyzing while you're in the field.

I thought I had gotten over this problem. I think I have for the most part, but as I was thinking back on tonight I realized that I still do it sometimes.

I was really on at the beginning of the night. My first set was me opening what I felt was the hottest girl in the club and she started telling me the stuff Tyler says they'll say when you are doing everything right. It's the first time a hot girl ever told me "You're amazing," "You're beautiful" after my opener. I'm clearly not: I'm an overweight Filipino guy with glasses.

Anyway, I mention that so it's clear I was in the zone. The second set I opened was this 4-set. I opened one girl hard. Then, I introduced myself to the friends. I was talking to the girl. A few minutes, in I heard the two girls say something about make out. I turned to look at them and one of the friends said, "Hey, we're wondering if you are gonna make out with our friend?"

This is perfect of example of how knowing all this theory can fuck you up sometimes. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the average guy at that point would turn to the girl and try to kiss her.

What did I do? Here's what went through my mind:
-Is that a shit test?
-Well, I did open that hot blonde amazingly earlier so I must be in the zone. I can't sound too eager though.
-(My mind was thinking about how some girls will just drop sex into the conversation and you can't sound too eager as it's a shit test.)

My response:

They giggled and I kept trying to talk to the girl but they busted me out shortly afterward.
Thinking back, I think I would have liked my response to be, "Maybe. Is she a good kisser?" Of course they'd say, "Yes" and then I could have went for it.

This all made me realize how the average guy response was certainly better than what did, and possibly still better than the response I came up with after some further though.

Just a cautionary tale. Writing this post made me realize that I probably screwed up some pull opportunities with this same over analyzing problem over the past two weeks. Again, the average guy in the situation might make better decisions. I guess sometimes I have to think about what Jeffy said about "Karate no come from (head), no come from (heart) but from (party dong)." The average could would follow that and not over analyze.

TD's shit works... Girl tells me I'm beautiful

I followed through and went out solo. Once I was actually dressed and walking out the door, the resistance was gone. I was ready to sarge. Solo is interesting. I had fun, but I did have a few moments where I was just standing around doing nothing. I had to tell myself not to start analyzing and just to chill and be present. I had a few seconds of near state crashes after some bad responses but I laughed it off and continued.

Hottest girl in the club told me I'm beautiful:
Early in the night, I was standing by the dance floor. The club had some hired gun twirling a florescent hula hoop. I spotted a tall hot blonde near the bar. She was watching the show. In my opinion, she was the hottest girl in the club. I had read this report in the RSD "Success Stories" forum that made me realize my eye contact has been bad the last few days. I kept that in mind when I approached. I also made sure to approach with intent as RSD Tim explained in his videos.

TD/Owen has several videos on RSD nation that explain being present when you approach a hot girl and "not trying." He explains that if you are there and don't try to convey any value, you create massive attraction. In one of the videos, he even says that girls will tell you stuff like, "You're amazing. You're beautiful. You're gorgeous." To someone that doesn't understand pickup or have field experience, this sounds like fantasy. Some idiots on were ripping on TD/Owen's story where he described a hot model doing this to him at a restaurant.

Well, this shit is gold. It works!

I know that going up and opening direct with intent works. I've opened many sets like that. I never experienced what TD was describing before with any set, and especially not with a really hot girl. I did believe it can happen but it's another thing to experience it yourself.

I marched across the dance floor like I was on a mission. I went right up to her. I was holding eye contact as soon as she noticed me. I said the Tim opener I use a lot, "You are adorable. I wanted to meet you." I was really up close to her.

Just as that Hot Seat review says, the girl was gauging me the entire time by holding eye contact with me. It still surprises me how I completely calm I am when girls lock eye contact with me. I remember how, for the longest time, I couldn't even look a girl in the eye for more than a second or two before looking away.

I didn't even say anything after the opener. There was a few seconds of her just looking into my eyes. Then she started kinoing me. She said, "You are amazing." "You're so beautiful."

It was a barrage of compliments that you'd never believe a girl would give me if you saw what I looked like. I always say, I'm not horrible looking. Realistically, though, I'm 5'7" and this girl was significantly taller than me. I'm overweight and I've been wearing my glasses ever since I ran out of contacts. This girl has been with and hit on by way hotter guys than me.

Spread in the compliments was her telling me that she had a serious boyfriend and nothing can happen. Sometimes, that's just the way it is. She kept touching me after she said that. I remember plowing a little bit, but I believe she was totally into me but she was serious about her boyfriend. Just as I was getting ready to leave, she even leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Solo goals tonight

I just wrote on RSDN that I'm gonna go out and do solo game tonight. I feel a weird resistance to going out solo probably because I haven't done it in two weeks, and prior to that it had been a long time. I could call up people to hang out, but my best wings are out of town or unavailable. I finished that post by saying that the resistance I feel makes me want to prove something to myself going out solo.

I decided I'm gonna go out to the suburbs as it's closer and I've been driving to the city too often lately. I wanted to make an entry here so I further commit myself to going out tonight solo.

I want to work on two specific things tonight:
1) This Honolulu Hot Seat review thread with Hot Seat notes stressed the importance of eye contact in the interaction. As I read that, I realized that I haven't been stopping moving sets as well because I haven't been looking into their eyes. For some reason, I've been looking at their arms as I grabbed them or just spacing out. The other reason is I haven't felt as confident about stopping girls.

Anyway, I know the eye contact is huge as I can remember specific instances where the girl tested me with hardcore eye contact. When I was completely chill and unfazed, she looked away in submission and then the whole dynamic was better: it was on and I usually went to kiss the girl at that point.

2) I was talking to 2J last night in the car. He said the verbals he heard on the street sounded interesting. I appreciated the compliment but I also told him that I feel like I'm too much of the entertainer type guy at times. I am open and nonjudgmental when it comes to women and sex, but I'm almost certain that they don't get that impression when talking to me. I don't think they get the impression that I'm judgmental like AFC's are, but they don't the feel for my true feelings on sex.

With that in mind, I'm gonna force myself to bring sex into the conversation. I'm gonna start with 2j's suggestion. It was basically bringing in an opinion opener at some point during the conversation. "My friend just had a ONS but she said she feels a little guilty about it. I think she should be happy with it. If she was that turned on to hook up with a guy that fast, she should have done it. Sex isn't a big deal. Besides, I don't believe in that double standard society has when it comes to women and sex." Something like that.

Tall girl set and persistence

I must be manic or something today. I can't sleep, which is the usual case nowadays, but I also keep reviewing the night and I keep finding new lessons. I figure I might as well write them down for myself so they sick in.

I was thinking about these two really tall girls I opened by the bar last night. They were both very attractive in addition to being tall.

I'm an approach machine nowadays. If I see a hot girl, I'll approach. The hotness scale has turned into gray scale, I would say. There are really ugly girls that I don't approach now. If I do want to increase my lays, maybe I should start approaching them again. Most of the girls fall in the middle though. I feel the same approaching what someone might rate as a "6" as an "8."

Every once in awhile, there are sets that I find really hot. It used to be just tall girls, but I've gotten comfortable approaching them now so I don't think I approach them any differently than others girls at this point. About three months ago, I might not even open some of these sets I found really hot. Last night, I just hesitated for about a minute and then psyched myself into going on.

I told 2j I was gonna go in with strong intent. I marched over there and open the set. Thinking back, I didn't do full intent. I opened them from a few feet away instead of really getting up on them. Mistake number one was that.

The more important mistake was I just bailed out. The girl that could hear me said they had boyfriends. I plowed for another sentence and then I turned around. WTF?

That was a shit test. My autopilot response is the Tim line, "Want another?" but I'm trying not to say that anymore. It has never worked for me. I think what I needed to do this case was say, "yeah, yeah" and then just vibe or tell my stories as usual.

I decided to write this entry cause thinking back, I realized that I was shocked with the shit test. I shouldn't be surprised. Part of me wants to say that I'm getting shit tested on looks. Perhaps that's a small bit. That's what I thought initially: I look dorky with my glasses so that's maybe why these hot girls immediately shit tested me.

I'm actually glad I wrote this because while that might be a minor part, the main part was I didn't feel entitled to them. I got a different response than I was used to because I opened them with less intent and confidence than I do in most sets.

In any case, I should persist and give them a chance to view my personality. Chances are they can get attracted as so many women do. I can't believe I leave sets sometimes when I get a lukewarm reaction. With the Polish girl that liked me at the beginning of the night, I didn't even get a bad reaction.

This is newbie shit. I suppose it's amusing I'd suffer from it at times. I can be happy that I have it handled for the most part.

Hot blonde:
There was a really hot blonde that 2j and I saw walk into the VIP section. That VIP section is amusing because I have yet to get stopped when I tried to go back there. There is usually a bouncer at the entrance. I guess that keeps most people away as I used to think I couldn't go back there. Even 2j said, "She went into the VIP section." He said it meaning we weren't gonna be able to follow.

I hesitated with that set too. They were seated and we stopped in front of them. I didn't want it to look like I was mustering up courage to approach so I just started chatting to some random dude standing there. In this case, I was stalling as not only was the chick hot to me, but it was also a seated set. I know you have to sit down with the set, but I still feel uncomfortable doing that at times. Ozzie says in his book that he loves those sets and send students there as the girls will give you more time to talk to them. The girls know they either have to leave or tell you to leave so they'll stall unless you really suck. By stalling, I mean they might have left if they were standing, but they keep letting you talk cause they don't want to leave the spot. In that extra time, sometimes you end up hooking them when you wouldn't have had they been standing.

2j pointed out a great opportunity to open them. I was BSing with the random guy and 2j said, "Some guy is talking to her friend. You should open now."

Without hesitation, I opened her. She was a good reference experience. She was nice and the set went off like any other set. The friend ended up dragging her away when the dude stopped talking to the friend about a minute later. I never did see the set again.

I must say it feels great to open every set that interests me instead of having those regrets of not doing it. Of course there's a realistic limit. I don't have to sarge every girl but I try not to chode out like I used to do.

Looks awkward but isn't

There was a set last night and a set on Thursday that just made me think of something. On Friday, I was chatting with this girl that I knew was into me. I was trying to isolate her upstairs. She resisted and I tried to be persistent by physically leading her. Ozzie talks about this in his book. Sometimes, if you just lightly tug on their arm, they'll follow. The problem this time was that her cousin saw this and tried to bust me out.

A similar situation happened on Thursday. I was chatting with this girl. I went to try to spin her and she resisted. It looked awkward as she physically resisted the spin move. The guy in that set then put his arm on my shoulder and tried to tell me to go away. As he started talking to me, she of course moved away.

I have calibration now:

These two instances were annoying. One the one hand, I understand what they were doing. They just saw the awkwardness of that moment and tried to rescue their friend/cousin. The thing is these dumb asses don't realize that I'm calibrated enough to read what was going on. Also, these dudes hadn't been witness to the whole interaction.

With the couch girl, I was tugging on her, but she wouldn't budge so I had stopped and was gonna vibe with her some more. I knew she was attracted to me and by pulling off a bit and continuing to vibe, I knew she'd be fine with me and there would be a good chance of being able to isolate her later.

With the Thursday set, I also was gonna back off and try more verbals. I was actually close to leaving anyway.

Cool guy/Dick guy:
These two sets were examples of cool guys and asshole. I feel like I handled both. The Friday set was a black girl and guy. I thought the guy had said it was his girlfriend but then he clarified it was his cousin. I give myself credit for not leaving and then talking to the dude. I actually won him over but I didn't go back to the set. It was like I wasted all this energy winning the dude over and then I didn't feel I had the energy to start sarging my target again. I should have gone back here.

In the Thursday set, the guy was a dick. He kept telling me to walk away. I hate that shit. I don't like to leave when guys try to tell me to leave. I remember that I called him out on it. I said my usual, "Hey, we're all just trying to have fun here. Why are you acting like that?" That's when he qualified himself in a way and said, "You were making my friend uncomfortable." I think I said, "Hey, I was gonna leave anyway. No need to be rude, but I understand you're looking out for your friend."

Of course, what I was thinking is what I said above. I wanted to say, "Look man. I understand what you're trying to do. What you don't realize is that I've approached so many girls that I have calibration. (My ego wants to say, I've approached more girl in the last few months, heck probably last two weeks, then you'll ever approach in your entire life). In other words, I can read girls pretty well. You just saw the awkward part. You didn't see the whole interaction. On top of that, knowing that I made the girl uncomfortable, I would back off to make her comfortable, and then my verbal and vibing skills will get her attracted to me."

Follow the Polish girls & AMOG practice & Always try again

It's been awhile since I whipped out multiple entries after one night. This is the main field report from Friday night. There were some interesting encounters that I feel helped me improve my game tonight. The main set was this Polish set.

Why not open again:

Our usual place was slower and I got there early enough to enjoy my drinks without have to chug them down. 2j had beat me there. The first set I opened was some girl standing in line. Then, after greeting 2j, I opened this girl while I was ordering a drink. I wanted to open this pale girl and it turns out she was friends with this girl at the bar. That set was like a 6 girl bachelorette party so I decided to try other sets and figured I could try with pale girl again later.

I saw this seated two set with a girl with reddish hair who ended up being taller than me with heels and a blonde. I pointed out the reddish hair to 2j and of course said that I needed to open that. He went to use his drink ticket while I opened the set. For some reason, I ejected before he came back. I knew I should have persisted but then I just decided to walk up to them again with 2j next to me.

I was cool with working either girl as they were both attractive for me. 2j moved to talk to the blonde as I had said I liked the reddish hair girl. We had mini isolation for a bit and then a song came on that I liked. I decided to isolate the girl to the dance floor. She ended up pulling her friend with so we all went on the dance floor. We danced for a bit and then I bought her a drink!

Yeah, I bought her a drink, but it was with a drink ticket. I got isolation with her briefly and then we went back to the dance floor by her friend. 2j was working the friend, but then she suddenly pull the friend away to the bathroom. The girls said they'd come find us. Of course, I wasn't just gonna stand there waiting like a chump.

Obstacle had a boyfriend, but my target was fun:

2j said several times that I had the fun girl. She was great. Initially, she seemed like she was low energy, but the dance floor (and maybe the drinks kicking in) pumped her up. She was moving all crazy on the dance floor. Initially, she had resisted me getting up on her, but I backed off a bit. I feel like I did push-pull on the dance floor. I pulled back and then went back in closer several times and then suddenly we were just grinding on each other.

2j later said the blonde told him she had a boyfriend. We think she did for real and didn't want to cheat on him. 2j said the friend was into him and kept resisting. She did look like she was having fun with him. She kept busting him out though after a bit. After they left for the bathroom, I spotted them upstairs. The blonde seemed to be having fun with some guy, but she ended up pulling the set away again. Upstairs, some dude was trying to grind on my target. I remember seeing her, seeing some dude inching up to her, and then grabbing her hand and spinning her away from him and onto me. I really surprised myself by how I didn't even hesitate before doing it.

Downstairs, we ran into them gain. 2j came in this time and she really looked like she liked him and was having fun. Again, we think she just didn't feel comfortable even dancing cause of her boyfriend. This time, when she left 2j, I decided to stay in set. I thought the blonde was a cockblock, but during this 3rd time, I realized she wasn't really. I danced with my girl a bit, but I also didn't want the friend to get bored.

Dance floor moves:
I got some experience on how to dance with two girls. Initially, I pulled off my girl and danced in front of the blonde. I tried grabbing her hands but she resisted that. I remember dancing in between them. I gave the blonde some attention that she was comfortable with by just moving a little closer to her and dancing in front of her, but not touching her.

There was a turning point in the set when I realized the blonde wasn't the cockblock I thought her to be. I can't remember which happened first. One time, I was in between them, and I wasn't really on my girl. I remember the girl gently pushing me so I'd be up on my girl. The other time, I was dancing behind my girl and the blonde was dancing in front of her. She pushed the friend so the friend was on me and the friend started rubbing her ass on my crotch.

I should have followed:
I danced with two of them for a bit. I tried moving my target off the dance floor as I was starting to get really sweaty. I have a ton of stamina from running so I don't run out of energy but I sweat a lot. She didn't want to move. A song later, the blonde started leading my girl away. I remember following my girl. I wasn't sure if it was the right move, but I got reassure by my girl. She was happy when she saw that I had followed and she resumed dancing with me. She had also said, "I don't know where she's going" when I was following. You see, sometimes I lose confidence. In my head, I sometimes want to think that my girl had told the friend to drag her away, but her was proof that the blonde was just wandering off.

After a little bit, the blonde started to lead her away again. My girl turned to me and said they were going upstairs. I decided to leave here. I actually wanted to relax and I figured I'd find them again. I never did see them again.

2j and I discussed that set at the end of the night. He had a good point. You never can tell what can happen. In retrospect, I should have kept following them. I told him part of me was thinking too much cause I felt like I wasn't being alpha cause the blonde was leading us around. This is an example of where thinking too much hurts me. He said it would have been fine to follow her around. She liked me and was having fun with me. I would have just had to follow her around like I would if I were her boyfriend and the blonde was being like that. I also should have been happy the blonde was moving us off the dance floor.

His point about "you never can tell" was that on another day, leaving the set could have lead me to an even better set. The night was really young at that point. Had it been later, it would have been obvious that I should have stayed.


I had some prick Mexican dude try to scare me off. He was working some Latina girl and the friend was this black girl. She was responding well to me, but the dude tried to chase me out. He said, "That's my girlfriend" and try to nudge me off. I put my arm on him and said, "Dude, stop trying to be so serious. We're all trying to have fun here." The dude tried to tell me to leave as I was asking her if he was her boyfriend. I look at him and said, "Chill dude. If she says you're her boyfriend, I'll leave." He then said, "They are both with me."

At that point, I just ignored him and starting dancing with her again. We were dancing. It was funny as I spotted that lame dudes friend in the periphery. They had been trying to work it as a 2-set but I was messing up their plans. I'll give him credit that the girl he was working on was into him. I ended up leaving cause at one point the black girl left me and starting dancing up on that dude. She came back and said she was drunk and then went back to him, so I just left.

I'm gonna try to steal that girl:

During street game, we spotted these two black dudes talking to these two Polish girls. The girls were interested but the dudes were standing too far away from them. I pondered going in to try to steal them. I decided to do it as I wanted practice with stealing girls off dudes. I figure dudes try to do it to me so why not do it? Besides, practice will make me better at fending off competing dudes in general.

I just opened her by pretending to know her from another club. The dude was dumb and let me game her for about 3 minutes before he busted me out. Only reason he was able to get back in was that I hadn't really attracted her. 2j said the dude realized he was gonna lose the set if he didn't do something at that point.

The dude had made a mistake as giving me 3 minutes often would mean I could steal the girl. I know why I screwed up though. She might not have been into me anyway, but I wasn't gaming her 100%. I felt weird stealing the dude's girl so I was standing close to her but not really running my solid game. If the dude hadn't been there, I would have used different verbals and I would have been more up on her. I would have had a better chance of it being on if I had do that properly. I had already pulled her attention off of him, I shouldn't have let his presence alter my game. Still, it was good practice.

Rude tall girl turned nice later:
I had a great reference experience that was an example of why I shouldn't be afraid to try to open sets again even if they bust me out initially. There was this tall blonde girl in a red dress that we saw on the dance floor. Of course, I decided to open her. She busted me out right away. 2j decided to try. I had tried opening her verbally. He tried a dance floor move type opener. He lasted longer than me but I remember seeing her spin away from him. A third dude tried to open her later and he busted out.

Close to closing time, I saw her by the bar area. She was by herself. I remember her busted me out but I decided to try again. It was like talking to a different person. I'm sure it helped that she could hear me so much more easily. I clawed her and we talked for a bit. She said she had to find her friends. She said she'd look for me. When a girl says that, I usually just assume I got busted out. I'm not gonna wait but of course I would open her again.

Even though I busted out again, it just shows that sometimes it's worth opening a set again. Girls moods can change. They can become more drunk and be more open to being approached. In this case, the environment was different and she gave me a better audition than I had on the dance floor.

Why didn't you come look for me?

There was this cute black girl I danced with by some couches. I tried to move her upstairs to the cool fan area as she kept trying to fan herself as she was sweating. She had removed her shoes and the bouncer had given her shit about it, so she had been dancing in a spot behind this foot rest. I told her I'd come find her later when she had her shoes on and she agreed.

Later, I opened her again. When I sat down by her, she said, "I was looking for you when I had my shoes on" or something like that. I chatted for a bit but then I tried to isolate her again. I stood up and physically tugged on her a bit.

I'm gonna make another post about this...

Losing a wing & thoughts on girlfriends

Tonight I learned that Seagull decided to quit sarging as he decided to be committed to a girlfriend this week. I haven't had a chance to talk to him. He had warned me months ago that he was looking to do this. I tell all my wings that they have to get out of this what they are looking for so I can't judge it.

It did force me to ponder the situation in my own life. Sidegames used to be convinced that if I hooked up with a hot girl and she pushed me to be her girlfriend, I would stop sarging and make her my girlfriend. I told him then that he was wrong and contemplating it now, I come to the same conclusion.

I told 2j that I want this skill set. I told him that even if I banged that tall redhead that I've been lusting for, and she wanted to be my girlfriend, I would still be sarging.

(Multiple long term relationships)
That's my goal. Ideally, I'd have several good looking girls that I hook up with regularly. I'd also skill go out to work the skill set and to get SNL's or find new girls to turn into MLTR's. Some guys have an issue where they are bothered by their girls hooking up with other guys. I'm fair: if I'm gonna be hooking up with girls, of course they can hook up with other guys. I'd say I'm weird in that I'd actually want them to tell me about it.

Skill set is so close:

After all this time, my game is finally starting to get to where I always wanted it to be. At the same time, I'm humble in that I know I have a long way to go. I think ideally, I'd be good enough to pull at least once a week, but I know that's still far out there.

I believe I'm close to being able to get make outs regularly. For a short while, I was starting to believe I could get a make out every night. This week has been humbling in that I haven't gotten any. At least this week there haven't been obvious make out opportunities that I failed to seize.

I think I've been holding back myself at times. I was opening like a machine on the street. I pushed some sets hard but there were a few times that I wasn't getting up on the girls and really trying to escalate quickly like I normally do.

I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't pulled in a long time. With as much stuff as I do right, you would think that I would be able to pull more often. I think that going out as much as I do, one or two SNL's a month wouldn't be an unrealistic number to shoot for. I think that if I lived close to a bar, my chances would increase, but I should still be able to pull this off.

I can't let myself get too frustrated though. Realistically, the opportunities have been there, so I should be happy. The black girl from two weeks ago was almost a done deal. I just had to lead a little more at the end. The chubby Puerto Rican girl that night before that set on Division was a pull if I had just lead more at the right time. Then there were the two black girls that basically agreed to hook up with me; yet I got weird. That was due to my mind not yet accepting that reality that I could open a set hard and alpha and get a girl to basically agree to have sex with me in less than 5 minutes. The black girl last Friday that said, "Do you wanna fool around with me and my friend?" said that in like 3 minutes.

I have to believe I'm close. I have to believe I'm doing a lot of stuff right to even get these opportunities. Similar opportunities will present themselves in the future and I think in just two weeks, I'm prepared to make them happen. I think if the Puerto Rican set happened now, I'd make out with her and lead her out without letting her get sidetracked. I feel more comfortable that if I get a chick to respond well to my silly, fast escalation, late night street game, I'll believe it to be true and not screw it up in the way I did.

(As I was finishing that paragraph, I remember that chubby blonde I basically was pulling to that random dude's place. I really think that would have been a lay had I just walked with them to the dude's place.)

New Wing:
I'm lucky I met 2j off the forums. He's fun to go out with. I don't completely mess with him as I did with Seagull, but Seagull and I had been going out for like 3 years and I've only been going out with 2j for like two weeks. He has good game and I learn from him when I'm out. He says I'm positive and he is too. He never complains and we've always had fun even if we don't pull or make out with any girls.

PUA, the cockblock, and leading

There was this interesting set that 2j pointed out. I had opened the same set: there was this large girl and this cute petite girl. I opened it and the petite girl was into me but I couldn't disarm the obstacle. I know how to keep both girls occupied, but we were on the dance floor so I couldn't talk to both of them at once.

Well, fast forward to closing time. We spotted some guy working that same set. 2j initially thought that the guy was gonna get busted out by the fat girl like I did. Well, the guy had some skills. At first, he ignored the friend. Then, it seemed like he isolated the hot one away from the girl and had her up against a wall as he was talking to her. Whatever he did, the fat friend gave up for like 2 minutes and just stood there with her hands folded. We kept watching, and then he grabbed his girl's hand and lead her and the fat friend (who was holding onto the other girl's hand) into the VIP section.

2j pointed out that the dude must be a community guy cause very few naturals would have pulled that set off like that. I learned probably what I already know: I need to lead more. Seeing that set unfold I think is gonna open my mind to new situations where I can lead when I would have thought you couldn't.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Grinding with my fav redhead & I don't pay cover

Tonight when I was driving home, I actually was happy with my evening. Usually, there is that moment where I'm upset that I didn't pull or get a make out and then I talk myself out of it. Tonight, I could have done things better, but the effort was there. I gave a solid effort and went back into some sets that I knew were gonna be difficult or uncomfortable.

My redhead and 2j's brunette:

There's this set that we saw for the second week in a row on Tuesday. Last night, 2j told me that he saw our set again. I didn't look for them as I was busy opening sets, but of course, I ended up running into them. We haven't quite figured out this set. I tell 2j that they must be single and want to get laid. We see those two out and they never have guys talking to them. I've seen them on the dance floor and never see guys dancing with them. Maybe guys are intimidated cause the redhead is tall.

She was more friendly to me today. I saw her and the friend on the dance floor and I danced with her for a bit. We got separated when she said they wanted to get a drink. I made a minor mistake there as I could have lead them to one of the bars. Since we got separated, I just wandered off. I opened her later asking her about after hours. They said they were going next door.

I don't pay cover:

I like to say that today worked out in many ways. I was telling sets early on that I got an extra 20 minutes at the bar cause I just dodged this train. There's a train that takes 15-20 minutes to pass near my place. I was waiting at the light and I could see the train coming. There's a way to go around the train but those side streets take about ten minutes later. I gambled and waited. I felt like I was drag racing again as I timed my launch by looking at the yellow light and then anticipating the green light. Just as I was crossing the tracks, the gates started to come down.

Well, there was no street game after our usual spot as it was pouring rain. Vinny and 2j had gotten the stamp at the after hours. I told those bastards that they should text me when they are doing that. I didn't care that much as I was prepared to go to Division but they should let me know. It kept raining so we just kept standing under an awning. Vinny was trying to talk me into going to check out the bar. He even offered to pay $2 out of the $5 and I started to consider it. We walked over and there was no line. Vinny motioned for me to come with them. They showed there stamps. I flashed my arm but of course I had no stamp. The guy kept looking and I kept waving my hand like I was impatient. I had just kept walking after flashing my arm initially. He stopped me. I waved the arm again and just walked by and he assumed I had the stamp. Sweet!

Grinding with my redhead:
Thing worked out as our two set said they were going to the after hours and indeed they were there. I was a bit jealous that some dude was grinding on her ass when we walked in. He busted out after less than a song. We ended up running into them upstairs. 2j and I tried to pep talk each other and finally I just went up to her. For some reason, she doesn't like dancing facing me. She did for a bit at the other place but every other time I've tried to grab her arms and lead her, she was reluctant. She was dancing in front of me and I finally said, "Fuck it" in my head. I got closer to her and as she sensed my presence, she backed her ass into me so we could grind.

I grind with at least 1-2 girls a night nowadays. It's funny how I hated dance floor game but it does feel good. I was enjoying it because this girl really turns me on. She had 2 of the physical qualities I really have the hots for right now, "She's a natural redhead, and she's tall." When I was grinding her, I was thinking of how nice her ass is and how I'd love to bend her over. Yeah, I'm a bit infatuated with her. Fortunately, I don't get all nervous now like I used to. It's rare that I get crushed on girls now since I'm sarging so many sets now. I think this will help as it'll put me into sexual state. As I said, I'm comfortable looking her in the eye and talking. I just get extra turned on when I'm around her and state transference is gonna cause her to feel it.

I tried talking to her after the grinding but then she wanted to wander off again. She resists me and I haven't quite figured out how to get through to her. I think I'm not her type physically, but oh well. I'm confident that if I keep interacting with her, she's gonna want me.

Feeling up a hot black girl's ass:

Earlier in the night, I opened this thin black girl who was dancing. I just started dancing by her and she smiled and came closer and we started grinding. She was really getting into it and she was the right height that when we faced each other, my leg could stimulate her crotch as I pulled her in. A song later, I had her against the wall. She was aggressive. I had my hands on her waist and she moved my hands onto her ass. With that invitation, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me. She didn't have the typical large booty that one thinks of when one imagines a black girl. She had the type I like as she was thin, so it wasn't that big, but it had a nice shape to it. Honestly, her ass is hotter than the redheads, but the redhead is just totally my type.

I was running my hands through her hair and trying to look into her eyes. I tried to kiss her but she was moving around too much and I ended up awkwardly kissing her cheek. She didn't really want to kiss but I kept state and kept dancing. I think I should have set it up better. At one point, I wanted to kiss and bite her neck but instead tried to set up the make out instead. The neck play might have heated her up enough for the make out. About a half a song after I went for the make out, she ended up running off. I'm thinking I also could have tried to move her off the dance floor. The problem was she had a bored friend in the area and no wings were around at the time.

Street set on Division:

I opened this light skinned black girl that I thought was Latina in front of Mother's. We had a good conversation. I had dropped state a bit during the car ride. I was in beast mode enough to open and get close to her but I was hesitating a little bit. I should have been up on her more and tried to kiss her faster instead of just vibing. It's not like I had no kino but street is the time for fast escalation.

I pulled out my phone to show her the cat. She liked the cat. Then she said, "Call me" and started punching in her number. She ended up walking away after this. I was dumbfounded for a second and then I called out to her but she was too far. You see, she was wandering away and I really thought she was going back in the club as she had said initially that she was. Had I realized she was leaving, I would have walked with her and tried to sell a venue change. Instead, she was far away and I tried to call out to her but I didn't want to run over as I felt that would be needy. Maybe I should have tried anyway.

The move for sure was to get more up on here and try to escalate. It was a late game situation so it would have been better to go for the make out and find out if she was DTF or get busted out. This is the one set I regreted.

Warm up Vinny Set:
This report was all over the place. I met up with Vinny at the start of the night and we had two beers. I told him I wanted to open these two blondes near the front. I didn't want to but I knew I had to force myself to warm up. As I was finishing my beer, I spotted this two set behind me but as I waited, some dude started sarging them. We ended up going to the 2-set in front. It was a good set. We vibed with both girls and it seemed on. I tried to sell a venue change to our usual spot, but the girls said they were meeting some friends across the street. At the time, I thought we might have been able to move over there with them.

Later, I saw them at our usual spot, but with two guys. I didn't want to go in, but I opened my girl. I started dancing with her. She seemed into it, but suddenly, she handed me her drink and started dancing up on the guy. Some random dude walked between us and then I just walked away with the drink. I could have drunk it but I ended up running into the hot black girl that I grinded with so I ditched the drink.

We saw these blondes again at the after hours place. Vinny saw them and I told 2j that you could tell he wanted to open them again but was just looking cause they were with two dudes. I walked by and got my girls attention but she basically blew me off. I talked to her and tried to pull her to the dance floor area and she said she'd "meet me there." Guess I could have tried more verbal game and tried to eclipse the dudes, but I was happy I made the effort.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Repeat Sets & A little persistance required

There's not much to write about today. I opened a ton of sets. I opened some sets on the dance floor. I looked cool but didn't get anywhere with those sets. I must come across high value as two different sets wanted to take pictures with me.

Blonde Bartender:
We saw this set making out with some dude outside. I knew when I opened her that she was high buying temperature. I think I fucked up by not persisting. 2j thought she was with her boyfriend but I also saw her being lead around with some big black dude so she might just have wanted to hook up with someone.

I had stopped her as she was walking by. I had been stopping a ton of moving sets but a lot of them I didn't do with enough intent. I clawed this girl in and was immediately face to face with her. She said she was getting a drink and I grabbed her hand and lead her to the bar. That bar was crowded and took forever. In retrospect, I should have taken her to the upstairs bar. I vibed with her by the bar but she really wanted to order a drink so she squeezed in. This meant a few minutes of not talking. I should have squeezed in next to her and kept taking to keep her buying temperature up.

She got the drink and she started walking back to her table. I was following and then I lost confidence. I should have lead her as soon as she got her drink so she didn't wander off.

Sometimes I might be too persistent:

At least I got to work some sets from last week that I felt like I held back in. I saw my tall redhead there again. I didn't realize it was her until I opened her. We vibed for a bit and then she had to go for a smoke and again invited me out there. She was talking to some bouncer outside. I didn't realize it was a bouncer until later in the set. When she was done smoking, I tried to lead her upstairs. I really was trying to be persistent but she wouldn't go and went to the bathroom.

Later, I saw her on the dance floor. She was by the stage and just dancing by her friend. She is tall and guys must be intimidated cause I saw no one trying to dance with her. I went over twice to no avail.

I also saw this Latina girl that I had a decently long set. I didn't get to work her that long today as she and her friends were trying to get the bouncer to let their friends in. I also didn't remember which set she was from till late in the set.

"Come here" "Go Away":

There was this short, chubby blonde Irish girl. I had worked her near the end of the night. She was into me but she wouldn't move upstairs. In retrospect, maybe I should have just kept talking to her by her friends instead of leaving. Well, I saw her outside at the end of the night. I opened her. Her friends were walking away so I asked her what she was doing for after hours.

She started to walk away. I pondered following and then she turned and said, "Come here." I went over and put my arm around her and then she told me to go away. WTF? 2j saw the whole thing and when I mentioned what happened he agreed that it was weird. He said she was just wasted.

Drunk girl on Division:

We went to Division and it was dead. This cute blonde came stumbling over and I did the Jeffy opener. I probably could have got a make out, but when she hugged me, she kept holding on tight and didn't let go for like 15-20 seconds. I'm thinking I should have said, "Give me a kiss" and she might have done it. 2j had met some natural friend of his on the street randomly. The girl was rude to him initially and he was giving her shit and of course she was starting to get attracted. 2j had told me that one of his natural friends would always steal sets. I wasn't sure this was the guy but I tried to bust him out.

I tried to this blonde even though I hadn't got the make out. It turns out she was with some tall dude who was babysitting her. The dude was just standing there and not saying anything. I couldn't get her to ditch him and she seemed like she was starting to lose interest in me as she was wandering off trying to go into the bars that were already closed.

I don't think I am ever too persistent. I wrote that as a section heading, but I think I need to always be like that. It's good practice for when I have a chance to pull. I don't know why I lost confidence with that blonde. If I had lead her like I like I tried to lead the redhead, then maybe something would have happened.

Overall, I was doing what I could and I just have to be happy that I got out and got more reference experiences.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Do you want to fool around with me and my friend?

I went out Saturday night to this bar I had never be to before as 2j and I had both gotten a text messages for the place. It was free vodka cocktails from 10pm-11pm. I figured you can't beat free drinks on a Saturday. I suppose I should be drinking less as now I have deals for every day of the week and I keep taking advantage of them. I told Vinny about the event as I was getting there. The place has a strict dress code. It seems like you have to have a button up shirt as Vinny couldn't get in with a collared polo shirt. 2j and I laughed about how we had to tuck our shirts in; I hadn't heard of a place doing that since about 2000-01. The place was busy after about twenty minutes. I got into a few longer sets but nothing panned out. We headed out to Division.

I grinded with some hot black girls at this one place. The surprised me cause they stopped dancing with me after less than a song. Usually, I do better than that. Vinny was out on Division so we met up with him briefly. 2j and I started working the streets. I found out he has a close really close to the bars there. I told him that we'll certainly be able to pull there often.

2j ended up leaving cause he said he was too tired. I decided to keep working street sets. It was around this time that I got a text from my FB asking me to pick her up. I still wanted to work street game. I stopped this chubby blonde. She seemed into me. I went for the kiss close but it was no go and then she left shortly after that.

"Do you want to fool around with me and my friend?"

I think I'm gonna post this part of the FR as I need to settle this issue I have so I don't sabotage myself in the future. I had crossed the street on Division. I saw these two black girls walking through the crowd. I stopped the one I thought was better looking: she seemed like mid to late 20's. She was thin, about my height and cute. I grabbed her arm and said Jeffy's, "Hey. You are amazing. I love you."

She had stopped walking. I told her to give me a hug and she said, "For real?" Then she hugged me. Her friend was still walking so she started to walk after we hugged. I grabbed her hand and started walking with her. The set seemed promising by the way she held my hand. She wasn't holding it like a dead fish, which was good, but she also wasn't holding it enthusiastically either. The friend walked into this pizza slice place that's open till after the bars close. I walked in with her still holding her hand.

I remember that some drunk black dude started trying to talk to her. She was waving him off. I was trying to get her attention from him. I think I used the hot pepper line I sometimes use. She turned to me and we were really close together. I think I might have asked her what she's doing after the bars. What I remember for sure was that she we were looking at each other and she asked, "Do you wanna fool around with me and my friend?"

Of course I did, but here's where things got screwed up in my head. I didn't want to seem too eager and I also wondered how this could be real. I thought about a set about a month ago where the girl asked me if we should get a hotel room and then I started to worry that maybe she was next gonna ask me to pay for sex. I think it's because this type of stuff has only started happening to me in the last few weeks. I also think about the stories where my friend "Fatty" gets approached by prostitutes up in Milwaukee.

I replied, "Maybe. Where you stay at?"
She said, "Suburbs."

I said, "Me too. I live by O'hare, let's go."
I know that answer is bad regardless. That seems farther than it really is and I've gotten shit tested with that in the past. I need to remember what Jeffy told me about just leading and not trying to "convince."
She said, "That's too far. Why do we just a hotel room? There's a place that's only 60 bucks a night."

Now, I really started to worry she might be a prostitute so I just started to fuck things up even more. I said, "It's only 10 minutes away. Come over and we'll have a pizza and watch a movie."
She objected, "I don't want to have a pizza." She said something else and just suddenly ran off.

What went wrong in my head:

I think I got ASD and I was protecting my ego. The whole point of doing late night street game outside the bars is to find some high buying temperature girl, escalate fast, make out and then try to pull. The two times when the girl basically agreed, I screwed up things because I started to worry she might be a prostitute. That's stupid.

I remember last time that I asked "Fatty" how the prostitutes act towards him when he gets off the bus. He says they come up all aggressively and say, "Hey, you wanna party?" Then they keep pestering him. He doesn't blow them off right away but just plays dumb cause he likes to hear what they are gonna say.

I didn't want to pay for a hotel room regardless. Still, I asked Fatty if I got the hotel room, would I have gotten laid or would they have thrown out a price at that point. He thinks I would have gotten laid. It makes sense. A hooker makes the price known early on.

Besides that, these girls didn't approach me. I approached them, and thinking back on it, the girl seemed surprised at the beginning that I was into her. Hookers would have approached me. Also, they would have starting asking me if I wanted to party. Fatty also asked me how they were dressed. These girls were dressed like normal girls that were out that night and their outfits were actually more conservative than some girls.

How it should have gone down:
I think when she asked if I wanted to fool around with her friend and her, I could have still said, "Maybe." I should have just grabbed her and started making out with her. Then, I should have said, "Let's go" and started leading her to my car. Assuming I get her there, I'd start driving to my place and I could just say that it wasn't too far. As I was meeting my FB that evening, another option would have been to go to my one parking lot that was nearby where I messed around with a girl two months ago.

I'm making a forum post related to this. As I was thinking about that post, I realized that a quick way to figure things out would have been to start making out with the girl as soon as she said the post heading line.

On and off FB

I was gonna make a post on here but I never got around to it about the FB situation. I knew she must have been banging some dude as she normally texts me at least once a week wanting to hook up. It didn't really bother me, but then I texted her about hanging out last week. She said that it probably wasn't a good idea to hang out because she said that we couldn't have sex anymore. She said she liked this guy and it didn't seem right to continue to hook up with me.

I got a surprise Saturday when she wanted me to pick her up on my way home from the clubs. That was cool as I worried for a bit that I wasn't gonna get any guaranteed sex for awhile. I didn't let it bother me too much cause I know that my game keeps improving.

I later found out that she had gone back to this loser guy she was hanging out with before. The thing is that I'm glad she's lusting over him and not me as I don't want a relationship anyway.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

High Standing Water & Quick kiss close

Tonight there was some heavy rain in the Chicago area. It took me over an hour to drive home at 4 in the morning as 290 (The Ike) was closed at Harlem. I drove surface streets and many viaducts were closed so I had to double back several times. The rain also meant there was no street game.

Tonight I met up with Raw and this guy I met through one of Seagull's buddy. I'll call this guy "Mitch." Mitch likes to get all fucked up but the dude is cool and occasionally he'll talk to girls. Raw didn't open anyone really. I didn't let it bother me as at least he didn't complain about it. I just went off and did my own thing and hung out with these guys in between sets.

I was opening sets nonstop. I was drunk so I was opening like crazy on the dance floor. Maybe my game was screwed up a bit because I was getting blown out nonstop. The longest set I probably had was a 5 minute set. For a few brief seconds, I thought about how it sucked, but it also reminded me of a night I had at Lion Head/The Apartment probably two months ago. All you can do is just keep taking action and that's what I did. I should note that apparently some girl flicked me off as my friends asked me about that while we were getting McDonald's in my car at the end of the night. I didn't even notice. I would hope that Raw would get inspired to approach from watching me. He has approach anxiety and because he's so nervous, girls will be nicer to him than they are to me when I'm opening aggressively.

I started the silly Jeffy openers early than usual. I got two different girls to stop and it seemed like I could fast escalate but both times a friend appeared and dragged the girl away.

Quick Kiss Close:

I think I might post about this. I don't think I'm doing the fast kiss close properly. I opened this black girl at the end of the night. Her friend was chatting with some bouncer and she was just standing there. I think I opened here by just introducing myself. I was up in here space right off the bat. About two minutes in, we're gazing into each others eyes and I felt like she was ready to be kissed. Now that I'm recognize that look, I just think about how many girls I could have kissed in the past. I realize now how many times I had been in kiss close territory in the past. Yeah, there were times that I recognized it and didn't take action, but I know now that there were times when I didn't even understand how fully it was on.

When I realized she was ready to be kissed, I started caressing the back of her neck with my hand. She moved my arm, so I backed off a little bit. Then I started talking again and moved slightly closer. I dominantly held her arm with my hand for a few seconds and then started stroking her arm. I moved my face closer and kissed her cheek. She hadn't turned but I had screwed up somehow. I kissed her cheek. I pulled my head back and then went to kiss her lips. She let me kiss her. I pulled back and kissed her again.

I think I'm pulling back too soon:
I know I'm supposed to break make outs first but I think I might be doing it too quickly. I pulled back so soon that we didn't even get to transition into make outs. The second time I pulled back, it was like she dropped buying temperature a bit and didn't want to kiss anymore. Her friend had gone into this VIP room and my girl was anxious to join her. She said she had to go but kept telling me to take her number. I tried to be alpha and say, "Let's go meet your friend." She said for me to take her number. I took her number and then I tried to lead her into the VIP room again. She resisted and told me to text her tomorrow. I told her I'd text her if she kissed me again and she did.

Ignore resistance:
I think this was one of those moments where I could have taken her to meet the friends. I want to pull and not get some number that will likely be flaky. When she resisted the move to the VIP section, I think I should have persisted more. I could have said, "Come on, you're being silly, let's go find your friend" and then pulled her into the VIP section. I could then proceed to win over the friend and then try to pull this girl.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Street game, a football analogy, and two minutes to go in the game

With football in the news, a football analogy would be a good way to explain how my night went. If I were a football team, the team played well but just couldn't get there. Just before half time, the team had a great drive but just couldn't get in the end zone. The second half was much of the same with some good moments, but the real game changer almost happened at the very end of the game.

Street set that I almost had:

I had a blast on Division and it was just me at the end for street game. I actually ran into the perfect set. There was this cute blonde just standing by herself in front of Finn McCool's. I was a little out of state by this point. I opened her but for some stupid reason, I thought she might be with these guys about fifteen feet away. I opened less aggressively than I might have had I been in state. Still, the conversation was going well and I was starting to kino. In less than five minutes, I got that look from her that made me feel like the set had popped. When I see that look, I know it's time to set up the kiss close.

Just as I'm about to do it, the bouncer starts telling us that we need to move on. They always do that shit trying to get people to get moving as people like to loiter. In proper state, I would have just said, "Yeah" or ignored him and continued. The fucker picked a horrible time to interrupt the set and I let him. My initial reaction was to put my arm around her and say, "Let go over here." She walked with me for like three seconds and then her logic kicked in and she said, "I've waiting for my boyfriend over there." I knew she was full of shit cause she had said she was waiting for some friend who was with her in leg room. She was high buying temperature too.

To continue the football analogy, I'd say it was like we had a great two minute drive to win the game and then we got a bad ref call and then the team just broke down.

Interception opportunity & A girl fight:

Mystery used to use the opener "Did you see the girls fighting?" Once again, I saw two girls going at it. It was just around the corner from the cops on Dearbourne. The girls had been arguing in front of the cops earlier. They started to fight and the cops didn't realize what was going on till they saw all these people moving to get a look. The cops came and broke it up and then started trying to chase everyone away. I walked back towards the middle of Division as I was gonna take the alley to go by The Hang Up bar.

I had my interception opportunity to drive for a touchdown. The girl was still standing there. She was holding onto this light pole kinda of how a stripper might hold it. It was like she was leaning on it and her ass was sticking out. Some dude was standing in front of her talking to her. He was trying to sarge but he was standing like five feet away. At the time, I still felt uncomfortable as I had gotten busted out, but on the drive home, I knew the play.

The move was to approach her, get her attention by saying, "Hey, there you are!" Then I would have leaned into her ear and said the Jeffy BS and then told her to give me a hug. I'd give her an intent stare after we hugged and would have went for the kiss. I think there was a decent chance this would have worked as she looked like she wanted to hook up with someone. Instead, I kept walking.

FUCK! I had my state together for most of the night but I lost it right at the end when I had probably the best chance of the evening to make something happen.

Early gaming and an annoying AMOG:
I started the night at the Apartment with a beer tapper. I met Vinny there and then 2j showed up about a half hour later. I opened a bunch of sets. A few girls were interested for a bit but I never got any set to stick. Two times, there was a cockblock friend. One other time, there was this annoying black dude with these two French girls. I hate the AMOG's that tell me lies to try to bust me out. I started dancing with this French girl and then this dude tells me she's his wife when it obviously wasn't. I knew he was full of shit so even though he was motioning her to go towards him, I tugged on her arm and she actually started dancing with me again. Then the dude put her arm around her and she went over to him as she did know him.

That's fine, but then I ended up talking to the friend and the same fucker comes and pulls her away from me. It's obvious he's jealous and just trying to bust me out. He wouldn't even acknowledge or talk to me. I bitched to 2j about the AMOG. I actually opened those French girls several times just to fuck with the AMOG. One time, I almost got her isolated from him but then she said she had to wait for her friend (the guy). If I hadn't gotten distracted by opening other sets, I think the move would have been to tell her that her friend was creepy cause he wouldn't talk and kept acting jealous.

Half Time street game & Close venue change with 2 black girls:

I was running street game like a mad man. Vinny and 2j actually had a good point that I should stop high fiving. I admit I was doing it way to much and it doesn't make sets stop in the street. The girls often just high five and keep walking. These two black girls were walking towards us and I stopped them. I think I just stepped in front of the girl I liked and started talking to her.

Vinny was actually in top form for this set. Wednesday night, I think he was just tired and too drunk as he was quiet and low energy near the end. For this set, he was loud and when he came in, he did a great job of pumping up the set. He was so on that initially I was having troubling keep my target's attention off of him. Thinking about it now, it's not a bad thing to just let your wing take over the set.

AMOG's with physical game:

We had the girls hooked and we had begun to talk about venue changing. At the time, I didn't want to go to Max Bar cause of the cover and the long line. I wanted to move them to Big City Tap, but thinking about it, the cab ride would have cost me more than the cover to Max bar probably. Plus, Max Bar was certain to happen. Before we even could move them, though, Vinny made a slight mistake.
I was all up on my girl but Vinny left enough space between his girl so that these two black dudes came up and started working our set.

I gotta give the one guy credit. Before I could even say anything, he opened my girl and then lifted her up. He did the hug spin that I usually do and then he immediately lifted her up with his arms and was carrying her. Of course she loved it as girls love that shit. It's too bad I'm not strong enough to do that. It's the ultimate way to take over a set.

That AMOG just left:
The AMOG put the girl down. She walked to the other side of the friend. Another guy was talking to the friend and he was doing a good job holding her attention. Vinny was just standing there. I tell him that he's too passive sometimes and he admits it. He could have preempted any AMOG coming in by being up on the girl early on and he could have pulled this AMOG's attention off the guy if he hadn't just conceded and let the guy talk to her.

I wasn't about to give up. I had that internal moment that I write about when I'm faced with an AMOG situation. I don't really want to do it, but I compose myself in a second and then go in when called upon to bust out an AMOG. I was trying to get my target's attention first by just saying stuff in hear ear, but the AMOG had her RAS and she ignored me. I then put my arm around the dude and said, "Look at you man. You're like my little brother." As always, I say this with a smile and it's in a tone of voice like we're all having a good time. Then, as I was letting go, I used the TD line, "Nice shirt man, I had one just like it in high school." Then I backed off and stood by the girl. I said, "Okay man, let me see your move with these girls."

"I'm not gonna mess with you with this." I believe that was what he said. Whatever he said, the message was basically that he didn't want to deal with all this to work the girl so he just left. Now I grabbed my girl's hand and said, "Let's go to after hours." The girl wanted to go to Max Bar. I started leading her away and she grabbed the friend and the friend left the dude. Vinny finally came back and we walked towards Max Bar. My plan was to bitch about the line and then sell Big City tap. My girl was down and Vinny tried to get a cab.

Suddenly, my girl's logic kicked in and she said, "Cab, oh no. We're just gonna go to Max Bar and they ran off."

We probably could have went over to the Max Bar line and started working them again. 2j said it seemed promising for Vinny and I. He said we could probably hang with them till closing time and have a decent chance at pulling. I didn't want to pay the cover though I did want to go. The problem was Vinny wasn't too into it so even if I went over, I didn't feel like he'd really be trying.

I think if Vinny just fine tuned a few things, this set would have worked easier. It was a good job to call the cab, but he should have lead the friend over to the cab while he was getting the cab. Also, as I mentioned, he needed to get up on the girl and not let the AMOG's slip in and he needed to not just give up when the girls were focused on the AMOG's. Still, he did a great job at the beginning. Without a wing working the friend, I might not have gotten that far.

On the way to my car, we were talking about the set and Vinny said, "The guy's friend just walked away." I explained to him that the dude didn't just walk away. He left because I had busted him out with my AMOG lines. I took the time to tell him that it would be easier to bust the dudes out if I had a wing putting pressure at the same time I'm doing it.

Street opens probably lead to a pull for 2j:
We got to Division and I saw these three girls standing in front of one of the bars. The one that caught my eye was this tall, thin blonde, who ended up being Polish. I suggest we start with that set and we walked over. Vinny was the first to get to them. I was behind him and 2j was behind me. Vinny opened them by introducing himself. I followed suit and so did 2j. I immediately started talking to the tall blonde. Vinny worked the blonde on the left, and 2j worked this brunette on the right.

It seemed to be going well with the tall girl. We were vibing and sexual tension was building through the eye contact. I was getting closer and closer. She made a comment about, "You are very close." I backed off for a bit. It was weird, I responded, but then I knew that it was sort of a shit test. She was enjoying the interaction and didn't want me to leave. I think I could have backed off like I did, but I should have kept talking as I did it instead of pausing and turning it into like a 5 seconds moment of silence.

Vinny's girl ended up walking instead. My girl then decided to do it after like 5 seconds. I think I should have just kept plowing and I could have kept her out there. I didn't want to follow her right in when she said she was going in. I think when I saw the friend starting to go in, I should have grabbed my girl's hand and say, "Let's go inside." I knew it was on for 2j when his girl didn't want to go inside.

I went in a few minutes later and just go on the dance floor. I figured the girls might venture out there and it would be cool for me to be already out there. I danced two songs and then went to look for them. I found 2j seated with his girl. There was another brunette in the set. Some dude was talking to Vinny's blonde and some dude was talking to my girl. I just went in and started talking in my blonde's ear while the dude was talking to her. I pull attention off of him.
The interaction was not the same as it was outside, though. I kept trying to get her to dance with me. Maybe I should have just kept vibing instead. She was talking with the friends and I danced by myself for about 30 seconds. I approached her again and tried to take her to the dance floor and she said, "Actually, I'm leaving."

I thought about going for the number close but I figured if she gave it to me, it would probably be a flake as I had lost momentum. Maybe I should have gone for it anyway.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Looked cool on the dance floor but I could have done better

As aspiring PUA's, we often are guilty of focusing too much on our sticking points. It's a good thing to figure out where you need to improve, and that's why I write this blog every night. When you know what you need to work on, you can make sure you do those things better the next time. What even worse, though, is focusing on something like not pulling that night. I have to keep fighting that battle as every night I go home without pulling I feel disappointed. Pulling is often relies on factors out of your control: like a girl you probably could pull on another night horrible logistics (has to drive her friends home). Other times, you might really hit it off with a girl, but she's so into her boyfriend that you can't hook up with her.

Tonight, I had fun and I have to admit that some of the things that happen to me, I never would have imagined could happen to me. I should focus on some of the cool things that happen tonight and remember how every night is so much cooler than how things used to be even compared to just a few months ago. Still, tonight, there are a few things I could have done better.

I was cool on the dance floor:

As I've written before, I used to be terrified of the dance floor. Well, originally I was just afraid of being in the bar or club in general. Gradually, after going out, I started to get more comfortable with being in the environment and talking to girls. It wasn't until last year that I became comfortable with just being on the dance floor in general. This year has been a complete breakthrough. Early on, I was just dancing on the dance floor whether it was full or by myself. I kept wanting to open sets and I really struggled to push myself to do it. Yeah, I could open verbally, but I wanted to become comfortable just opening girls using dance floor game. After struggling with that, I slowly became more comfortable doing it. Simultaneously, I was working on actually dancing with girls on the dance floor. I used to be really awkward, but I do a much better job now, and now it's actually a decent tool. If I can isolate a girl that's into me on the dance floor, I can go for the make out.

I still struggle to be completely carefree on the dance floor, but I'm at a point where I never would have expected to be. For example, last Saturday, I got into that deep set from opening on the dance floor and then spending the majority of my time on the dance floor.

Tonight wasn't as awesome. We went to this after hours place that we had never been to before because a bunch of people were talking about it when our usual place closed. I didn't want to go at first, but Vinny had a good point that we'll be on Division Thurs,Fri, and Sat so we should try a new place. When we got there, the dance floor area had a guy and two girls dancing. I quickly got on there and just started dancing by myself. This tall girl I had opened before started dancing with me. She was just having fun and she wouldn't let me escalate.

Later, there were these 3 tall Irish chicks and two of them were really hot. I liked the blonde even though her face was that cute. I just started dancing near them. I really have fun just being out there, especially when the DJ is playing songs I recognize and like. While I was out there, this 4 set came on the dance floor and I was dancing in a circle by them. (BTW, this is where I still struggle. I think ideally, I would have gotten past the circle dancing right away and just started dancing with all the girls. Maybe I should work on that Thursday.)

What surprised me is that I could see the tall girls looking at me. It makes sense according to the old MM theory of social proof. Still, it amuses me that I can command attention on the dance floor, especially cause I'm overweight and wearing my glasses. Of course, this is just proof that if you do things right, looks and how you dress don't really matter. I started to dance with one of the tall girls. The tall blonde that I liked immediately wanted to take pictures of the girl and I. I ended up being in four pictures with them. Soon, the blonde was back on the dance floor and I spun her around and just danced near her.

I went back to dancing by myself and then the blonde like came up and started aggressively dancing with me. I had seen the initial girl and the blonde whispering to each other out of the corner of my eye before this happened. I guess the blonde was attracted and the friend pushed her to start escalating on me. I enjoyed that.

I gotta say that dancing with tall girls is different than short girls or girls my height. I haven't had that much experience with it other than the wild Estonia girl a few months back that was grinding with every one at Cadillac Ranch. I'm starting to enjoy dancing with short girls the best as when I'm facing them, it's easier to escalate. My legs also end up being the right height to put pressure on their crotch as well. Grinding with the tall girl was a bit awkward, and maybe that's why she pulled off after about 30 seconds. I talked to her later and mentioned Division and she ended up saying her boyfriend works at one of those bars.

Where I went wrong in this set is that three guys showed up that they knew. The guys were just friends and were dancing by them. I shied away a bit from the girls. Then Vinny wanted to go home and I just took the easy way out, I suppose and left. I think I could have kept working on these three girls in spite of the guys and tried to escalate more.

Another Tall Blonde:
There was this tall blonde that was just an inch or two taller than me earlier in the night. I opened her and we were having a cool conversation about travel as she had just been on this long vacation to Australia. I got screwed because some guy she hadn't seen for awhile walked by and she got all excited to see him. She hugged him and they talked for like 5 minutes and then she was back in this mixed set that I had seen her in earlier.

My mistake here is that I should have approached her again. I guess I just didn't feel the right entitlement to this girl by virtue of her being tall, plus tonight, I was left comfortable dealing with guys than I usually am. The silly thing is I approached a ton of others girls multiple times that were less exciting or possibly interested in me than this girl was.

Chubby girl and working the less difficult target
I opened this 2-set and asked Vinny to help me. He started talking to the redhead and I took the easy way out and talked to the chubby girl. It's somewhat annoying because I specifically told him to talk to the chubby girl for me. To be fair, he wasn't even really winging until I forced him to. The girls were at the corner of the bar and he was next to them on the bend sitting. When I opened the girls, they had their attention on me and I could have kept it on me. I wanted help so I pointed out Vinny and pulled him into the set. Vinny talked to the redhead a bit but he never really worked her that much. Besides, I could easily pull her attention off of him if I really wanted.

Perhaps, that's a sticking point. I'll sometimes just talk to the less attractive girl as a cop out when the wing starts talking to her. The chubby girl was somewhat cute and we had a good conversation. She was responding well to my kino.

Should have isolated and closed:

As I said, I was kino escalating and she was responding positively. There was this moment when the redhead whispered in her friend's ear and then disappeared. I thought she was going to sign up for karaoke but I think she went to the bathroom. In my head, I immediately thought, "I'm getting isolation here, possibly on purpose."

I moved a little closer to her and upped the kino a bit but I didn't really move towards the kiss close even though I was thinking about it at the time. I guess this is how Seagull says he feels sometimes. I thought I could do it but told myself that I didn't really want it.

That's bullshit though. Maybe I wasn't totally attracted, but I would have hooked up with her. I've hooked up with even larger girls. As I was commiserating with myself on the ride home about how I didn't have any make out moments last night, I thought about this set. I should have went for it and would have felt better if I had. In addition, I could have built momentum that could have lead to more kiss closes later.

My failure was a lapse in judgment. Unless you're getting a ton of sex, I think if you would do a girl, you should escalate. I also think it's worth practicing escalation and pulling if the girl is receptive even if you are not really attracted. At this stage, Seagull and I don't get that many mid to late game sets. We should be getting practice anyway we can.

The chubby girl had to go home early as she had to get up for work the next day. Again, I saw the opportunity. I knew I could have number closed her but I told myself that I didn't really want it. Part of it I'm just sick of dealing with number closes. I should have taken it here because she might have been more responsive than other girls. Besides, I should farm some newer numbers so I can practice text game and get better at it. Manwhore said that his tight text games gets him a lot of lays that he wouldn't otherwise get. SNL/Pull game is what I'm working on but I'd get laid more if I could figure out text game.

I should note that I don't even farm that many numbers. I only take a girl if we really discover a commonality that we both would be interested in meeting up again and doing or if I make out with the girl. I want to focus on pulling and SNL's so I push any given set as far as I can that night.

Focus for next time:
I feel better now that I devoted some space to the good things that happened tonight. I briefly touched on the sticking points. In the next few days, I'm gonna try to be even more confident on the dance floor. That means no choding around in the dance circle when I know I should be dancing and spinning with all the girls in the set. I also should have been more dominant with the tall girls. It's like I was happy with what was happening and didn't want to push more than I had.

I also need to never give that "I don't really want this set" BS justification that I used tonight. If the girl isn't that attractive, that's even more of a reason to escalate quickly. With those girls, I should escalate fast to see if they are DTF so I don't waste a ton of time with them.

Finally, I need to make sure I approach certain sets that were going well again. I do this, for the most part, but Tues and Wed, there were sets that I chickened out of entering again and that is a mistake.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A fun night but missed a possible quick makeout due to misreading token resistance

I had a good streak going so I was hoping my night would be more exciting that it turned out. Every night I want to get at least a make out so I can practice more later game stuff, but I shouldn't expect that every time. At least I don't let it hurt my momentum like I would in the past.


I practiced some isolation moves which is a good thing. I neglected going for the isolation in the past and I need to be good at it cause it's essential for the pull. It started in my first set. I opened this 3-set and somehow I ended up talking to this fatty, but she and I did get along. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend. I kept trying to get her to come outside with me or go to the dance floor, but no dice. I could tell she liked me though, and I was even holding her hand till it popped into her head that she shouldn't do that with a guy that's not her boyfriend.

I got isolation with this tall redhead but then I ended up losing the set later. I kept trying to open her again when she walked by but to no avail. My best chance to try again was when I saw her on the dance floor. I kept tapping her shoulder but she might not have known it was me. I could have been a bit more persistent, but oh well.

Dance floor game:

I work dance floor game a lot more often now. I think I sometimes used it as a crutch. It's like there's less bullshit. You open, start dancing, and if the girl is into you, you start grinding. I know how to try to move towards the kiss close, so there's that possibility, or I can move her off the dance floor to run my verbal. I was doing well with this cute little black girl. I saw her again and my wing (this guy from the RSD forums. I have to look up his screen name) occupied the friend. Later on, I saw her by the bar and I don't know why I didn't try again.

Beating the AMOG:

I opened this chubby Latina girl near the dance floor late in the night. It was going okay. Two friends showed up and I danced with them a little. Somehow, this tall fat dude started dancing with her cause I had stopped dancing close to her for a min or so. One of his friends started dancing with one of the friends. The funny thing is that I was left with probably the best looking one out of the three but I wanted to work on the original girl.

The guy had his arm around her and was trying to get him to go over to meet his friends (and to get her away from me.) You see, he had been grinding on her from behind, and when I saw this, I grabbed her hands and starting dancing up on her. Then, I spun her away from him.

I should be proud that I win most of these battles now. He was speaking to her and I could hear him saying, "Come over here and meet my friends." She wanted to but at the same time, I was holding her hand and plowing her with stuff in the other ear. I kept saying, "Let's go over to the bar" and tugging on her arm. I was putting a little pressure, but not enough to cause pain. After about 30 seconds of both guys saying stuff in each ear, she peeled away from him, and I got her to the bar.

Somehow I screwed it up at the bar. I think I somehow was standing too far from her. I should have been up on her and trying to escalate as I talked to her. I mentioned hanging out after the place closed, but as I did that, I realized it probably would be better to mention that after I made out with her. She said she had to get back to her friends. I guess I could have followed her but I felt defeated.

Later, I hate to admit that I avoided that part of the dance floor. I should have gone in and tried to escalate again, especially at the end. I was afraid I was gonna see that fat AMOG all up on her and I was worried I'd let myself feel even more defeated.

Close to an quick make out:

I was doing the Jeffy line silliness for the last half hour. I was getting blown out more often than usual. At the very end, I saw this cute, thing blonde walking in my direction. I stopped her. I told her to give me a hug and she said, "Okay, I'll give you a hug." She wasn't too enthusiastic, so I didn't go for the kiss right there. I pulled back slightly, but I started holding her hand. I was trying to sell an after party. We were gazing into each others eyes. I decided to go for the kiss. She said, "No" as I started to move my head forward.

On the ride home, I thought about that moment. Manwhore has talked about how you have to tell the difference between token and real resistance. Girls sometimes put up fake, token resistance. They do it to test if you are a real man and also because throwing up some resistance let's them feel like they have to submit and be dominated, which turns them on. Obviously, this is a fine line. You have to know when to stop too.

That was fake resistance:

I thought about sets where I've gone for the kiss and got rejected. There was something different about this girl. She said, "No" meekly, but she was still holding eye contact and she didn't move her head at all. I think the move was to say, "Shh" and possibly put my index finger in that "Quiet" sign in front of her mouth. I would have kept moving my lips towards hers and then moved my finger to kiss her. I think there was a good chance she wouldn't have resisted. If I somehow read it wrong, she still would have been able to move or turn her head so it wouldn't be like I was forcing her to kiss me.

I read the situation this way now as I have plenty of experience with girls not wanting to kiss me. Now that I've been going for quick make outs too, I know what that looks like. Girls will move their face or turn it as soon as they see my face moving closer to them. I've also had girls put their hand in front of face or put their hand on my chest and push me away gently.

She ended up running off about 30 seconds after I went for the kiss. I think if I had pushed through the token resistance, she would have allowed the kiss and then I could have really tried to pull.

No Division:

When I got in my car it was 3am. I could have driven to Division but I figured it would be slow. Maybe I should have done it cause I might have been able to get a pull or make out with the late night sets. There's always Wed-Sat though. I know I'll build momentum from Tuesday and maybe something really cool will happen soon.