Saturday, July 30, 2011

Follow the Polish girls & AMOG practice & Always try again

It's been awhile since I whipped out multiple entries after one night. This is the main field report from Friday night. There were some interesting encounters that I feel helped me improve my game tonight. The main set was this Polish set.

Why not open again:

Our usual place was slower and I got there early enough to enjoy my drinks without have to chug them down. 2j had beat me there. The first set I opened was some girl standing in line. Then, after greeting 2j, I opened this girl while I was ordering a drink. I wanted to open this pale girl and it turns out she was friends with this girl at the bar. That set was like a 6 girl bachelorette party so I decided to try other sets and figured I could try with pale girl again later.

I saw this seated two set with a girl with reddish hair who ended up being taller than me with heels and a blonde. I pointed out the reddish hair to 2j and of course said that I needed to open that. He went to use his drink ticket while I opened the set. For some reason, I ejected before he came back. I knew I should have persisted but then I just decided to walk up to them again with 2j next to me.

I was cool with working either girl as they were both attractive for me. 2j moved to talk to the blonde as I had said I liked the reddish hair girl. We had mini isolation for a bit and then a song came on that I liked. I decided to isolate the girl to the dance floor. She ended up pulling her friend with so we all went on the dance floor. We danced for a bit and then I bought her a drink!

Yeah, I bought her a drink, but it was with a drink ticket. I got isolation with her briefly and then we went back to the dance floor by her friend. 2j was working the friend, but then she suddenly pull the friend away to the bathroom. The girls said they'd come find us. Of course, I wasn't just gonna stand there waiting like a chump.

Obstacle had a boyfriend, but my target was fun:

2j said several times that I had the fun girl. She was great. Initially, she seemed like she was low energy, but the dance floor (and maybe the drinks kicking in) pumped her up. She was moving all crazy on the dance floor. Initially, she had resisted me getting up on her, but I backed off a bit. I feel like I did push-pull on the dance floor. I pulled back and then went back in closer several times and then suddenly we were just grinding on each other.

2j later said the blonde told him she had a boyfriend. We think she did for real and didn't want to cheat on him. 2j said the friend was into him and kept resisting. She did look like she was having fun with him. She kept busting him out though after a bit. After they left for the bathroom, I spotted them upstairs. The blonde seemed to be having fun with some guy, but she ended up pulling the set away again. Upstairs, some dude was trying to grind on my target. I remember seeing her, seeing some dude inching up to her, and then grabbing her hand and spinning her away from him and onto me. I really surprised myself by how I didn't even hesitate before doing it.

Downstairs, we ran into them gain. 2j came in this time and she really looked like she liked him and was having fun. Again, we think she just didn't feel comfortable even dancing cause of her boyfriend. This time, when she left 2j, I decided to stay in set. I thought the blonde was a cockblock, but during this 3rd time, I realized she wasn't really. I danced with my girl a bit, but I also didn't want the friend to get bored.

Dance floor moves:
I got some experience on how to dance with two girls. Initially, I pulled off my girl and danced in front of the blonde. I tried grabbing her hands but she resisted that. I remember dancing in between them. I gave the blonde some attention that she was comfortable with by just moving a little closer to her and dancing in front of her, but not touching her.

There was a turning point in the set when I realized the blonde wasn't the cockblock I thought her to be. I can't remember which happened first. One time, I was in between them, and I wasn't really on my girl. I remember the girl gently pushing me so I'd be up on my girl. The other time, I was dancing behind my girl and the blonde was dancing in front of her. She pushed the friend so the friend was on me and the friend started rubbing her ass on my crotch.

I should have followed:
I danced with two of them for a bit. I tried moving my target off the dance floor as I was starting to get really sweaty. I have a ton of stamina from running so I don't run out of energy but I sweat a lot. She didn't want to move. A song later, the blonde started leading my girl away. I remember following my girl. I wasn't sure if it was the right move, but I got reassure by my girl. She was happy when she saw that I had followed and she resumed dancing with me. She had also said, "I don't know where she's going" when I was following. You see, sometimes I lose confidence. In my head, I sometimes want to think that my girl had told the friend to drag her away, but her was proof that the blonde was just wandering off.

After a little bit, the blonde started to lead her away again. My girl turned to me and said they were going upstairs. I decided to leave here. I actually wanted to relax and I figured I'd find them again. I never did see them again.

2j and I discussed that set at the end of the night. He had a good point. You never can tell what can happen. In retrospect, I should have kept following them. I told him part of me was thinking too much cause I felt like I wasn't being alpha cause the blonde was leading us around. This is an example of where thinking too much hurts me. He said it would have been fine to follow her around. She liked me and was having fun with me. I would have just had to follow her around like I would if I were her boyfriend and the blonde was being like that. I also should have been happy the blonde was moving us off the dance floor.

His point about "you never can tell" was that on another day, leaving the set could have lead me to an even better set. The night was really young at that point. Had it been later, it would have been obvious that I should have stayed.


I had some prick Mexican dude try to scare me off. He was working some Latina girl and the friend was this black girl. She was responding well to me, but the dude tried to chase me out. He said, "That's my girlfriend" and try to nudge me off. I put my arm on him and said, "Dude, stop trying to be so serious. We're all trying to have fun here." The dude tried to tell me to leave as I was asking her if he was her boyfriend. I look at him and said, "Chill dude. If she says you're her boyfriend, I'll leave." He then said, "They are both with me."

At that point, I just ignored him and starting dancing with her again. We were dancing. It was funny as I spotted that lame dudes friend in the periphery. They had been trying to work it as a 2-set but I was messing up their plans. I'll give him credit that the girl he was working on was into him. I ended up leaving cause at one point the black girl left me and starting dancing up on that dude. She came back and said she was drunk and then went back to him, so I just left.

I'm gonna try to steal that girl:

During street game, we spotted these two black dudes talking to these two Polish girls. The girls were interested but the dudes were standing too far away from them. I pondered going in to try to steal them. I decided to do it as I wanted practice with stealing girls off dudes. I figure dudes try to do it to me so why not do it? Besides, practice will make me better at fending off competing dudes in general.

I just opened her by pretending to know her from another club. The dude was dumb and let me game her for about 3 minutes before he busted me out. Only reason he was able to get back in was that I hadn't really attracted her. 2j said the dude realized he was gonna lose the set if he didn't do something at that point.

The dude had made a mistake as giving me 3 minutes often would mean I could steal the girl. I know why I screwed up though. She might not have been into me anyway, but I wasn't gaming her 100%. I felt weird stealing the dude's girl so I was standing close to her but not really running my solid game. If the dude hadn't been there, I would have used different verbals and I would have been more up on her. I would have had a better chance of it being on if I had do that properly. I had already pulled her attention off of him, I shouldn't have let his presence alter my game. Still, it was good practice.

Rude tall girl turned nice later:
I had a great reference experience that was an example of why I shouldn't be afraid to try to open sets again even if they bust me out initially. There was this tall blonde girl in a red dress that we saw on the dance floor. Of course, I decided to open her. She busted me out right away. 2j decided to try. I had tried opening her verbally. He tried a dance floor move type opener. He lasted longer than me but I remember seeing her spin away from him. A third dude tried to open her later and he busted out.

Close to closing time, I saw her by the bar area. She was by herself. I remember her busted me out but I decided to try again. It was like talking to a different person. I'm sure it helped that she could hear me so much more easily. I clawed her and we talked for a bit. She said she had to find her friends. She said she'd look for me. When a girl says that, I usually just assume I got busted out. I'm not gonna wait but of course I would open her again.

Even though I busted out again, it just shows that sometimes it's worth opening a set again. Girls moods can change. They can become more drunk and be more open to being approached. In this case, the environment was different and she gave me a better audition than I had on the dance floor.

Why didn't you come look for me?

There was this cute black girl I danced with by some couches. I tried to move her upstairs to the cool fan area as she kept trying to fan herself as she was sweating. She had removed her shoes and the bouncer had given her shit about it, so she had been dancing in a spot behind this foot rest. I told her I'd come find her later when she had her shoes on and she agreed.

Later, I opened her again. When I sat down by her, she said, "I was looking for you when I had my shoes on" or something like that. I chatted for a bit but then I tried to isolate her again. I stood up and physically tugged on her a bit.

I'm gonna make another post about this...

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