Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bombed a Day 2 that I thought was a likely lay

My night was a good example of persistence. Some of my wings need this lesson cause I can guarantee several of them would have just went home had they been in my situation. It's an example of the roller coaster ride that happens when you go out regularly.

Bombed a Day 2:
It's actually surprising that I didn't get laid tonight. The funny thing is that I'm still recovering from hives so I might not have enjoyed sex tonight as much I normally would, plus I wouldn't have been completely comfortable since the marks haven't completely healed yet. Still, I would have like to have gotten laid. Purple Shirt girl from several weeks ago text me. She has never initiated texts until tonight. If I text her, she'll respond, but tonight she text me in the evening and asked if I was going out. I told her I was probably going to Wrigley and she said she was gonna be out there too.

I knew that was a good sign but she was persistent too. I text two friends that this chick must have been ovulating. I hadn't left my buddy's house to get on the train cause I was waiting for Seagull to get off. I decided to leave when Purple shirt girl asked when I was getting out. As I was on the train, she again asked how long as she said she wanted to ditch her friend. She even tried calling me at one point. I thought this was a lock.

Maybe it was a mind trick, but it also is true that I had no momentum when we met up. Originally, I had planned to warm up before meeting her. Instead, I had gotten all drunk at my buddy's BBQ and didn't even talk that much there since I was so fucked up. I got on the train and since she was basically waiting for me, I had no time for warm up. I was gonna try to kiss her when I met up with her but she reacted coldly to the hug so I didn't go for it.

We sat down at this bar. I have to go there for Day 2's more often as they have $2 bud drafts every day. This chick was cool and ended up paying for her drinks. That's funny cause when I met her originally, she forced me to buy her a drink that day. I was a dumb ass and sat too far away from her at the bar. I had to lean in to touch her. Finally, a few minutes in, I just move my chair over. The conversation was okay. I kept trying to kino her but she didn't seem that comfortable with it. For example, I held her hand and she held my hand like a dead fish.

She mentioned she was going to meet up with her cousin for her birthday early on. I think she set that up for an escape in case I was lame. Maybe I was lame because I framed it that way in my head. Maybe I'm overanalyzing things though. As we were finishing the first beer, she said she could only have one more beer. As we were nearing the end of that second beer, I was starting to kino even more.

Again, I second guess myself because she didn't seem that into it and then seemed to be in a rush to leave. She said she was gonna take the train one stop south. I was debating taking the train as I was considering going to Division.

I'll give myself credit for being persistent. I asked, "You're not gonna invite me to come to this party?" I knew that she didn't want me to go, but I figured I might as well put it out there. She said some BS like she can't cause it's her cousin's birthday but she said we can hang out again and have 4-5 beers instead of just two. We hugged and then I decided I was gonna stay in Wrigley. I had an hour and half to work there and I love the Wrigley street game at closing time.

I actually considered just taking the train home. Seagull decided not to go out. The funny thing is he text me as I was on the blue line. I happened to be passing the stop we were gonna meet out. He would have gone out if I had gotten off but it was too late. Plus, I knew this Day 2 was gonna happen so I didn't want to be even later to it. Hershey and Raw were out in Wrigley but Hershey bailed before I even got there, which didn't surprise me. Nowadays, I'd be shocked if the dude was out for longer than an hour. While I do fine a solo game, it takes me effort to force myself to do it sometimes. When Seagull is going out, though, It's like I'm excited to go out, though.

I made the compromise with myself that I would go out the extra hour despite feeling shitty from not having a spectacular Day 2. I wouldn't say I was a total AFC lame ass, but I wasn't my true PUA self either. I guess I felt like I should have been at least kissing this Purple shirt girl again. It's too bad she hadn't gotten more drunk earlier. If she had been wasted like when I met her originally, maybe we would have hooked up.

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