Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Repeat Sets & A little persistance required

There's not much to write about today. I opened a ton of sets. I opened some sets on the dance floor. I looked cool but didn't get anywhere with those sets. I must come across high value as two different sets wanted to take pictures with me.

Blonde Bartender:
We saw this set making out with some dude outside. I knew when I opened her that she was high buying temperature. I think I fucked up by not persisting. 2j thought she was with her boyfriend but I also saw her being lead around with some big black dude so she might just have wanted to hook up with someone.

I had stopped her as she was walking by. I had been stopping a ton of moving sets but a lot of them I didn't do with enough intent. I clawed this girl in and was immediately face to face with her. She said she was getting a drink and I grabbed her hand and lead her to the bar. That bar was crowded and took forever. In retrospect, I should have taken her to the upstairs bar. I vibed with her by the bar but she really wanted to order a drink so she squeezed in. This meant a few minutes of not talking. I should have squeezed in next to her and kept taking to keep her buying temperature up.

She got the drink and she started walking back to her table. I was following and then I lost confidence. I should have lead her as soon as she got her drink so she didn't wander off.

Sometimes I might be too persistent:

At least I got to work some sets from last week that I felt like I held back in. I saw my tall redhead there again. I didn't realize it was her until I opened her. We vibed for a bit and then she had to go for a smoke and again invited me out there. She was talking to some bouncer outside. I didn't realize it was a bouncer until later in the set. When she was done smoking, I tried to lead her upstairs. I really was trying to be persistent but she wouldn't go and went to the bathroom.

Later, I saw her on the dance floor. She was by the stage and just dancing by her friend. She is tall and guys must be intimidated cause I saw no one trying to dance with her. I went over twice to no avail.

I also saw this Latina girl that I had a decently long set. I didn't get to work her that long today as she and her friends were trying to get the bouncer to let their friends in. I also didn't remember which set she was from till late in the set.

"Come here" "Go Away":

There was this short, chubby blonde Irish girl. I had worked her near the end of the night. She was into me but she wouldn't move upstairs. In retrospect, maybe I should have just kept talking to her by her friends instead of leaving. Well, I saw her outside at the end of the night. I opened her. Her friends were walking away so I asked her what she was doing for after hours.

She started to walk away. I pondered following and then she turned and said, "Come here." I went over and put my arm around her and then she told me to go away. WTF? 2j saw the whole thing and when I mentioned what happened he agreed that it was weird. He said she was just wasted.

Drunk girl on Division:

We went to Division and it was dead. This cute blonde came stumbling over and I did the Jeffy opener. I probably could have got a make out, but when she hugged me, she kept holding on tight and didn't let go for like 15-20 seconds. I'm thinking I should have said, "Give me a kiss" and she might have done it. 2j had met some natural friend of his on the street randomly. The girl was rude to him initially and he was giving her shit and of course she was starting to get attracted. 2j had told me that one of his natural friends would always steal sets. I wasn't sure this was the guy but I tried to bust him out.

I tried to this blonde even though I hadn't got the make out. It turns out she was with some tall dude who was babysitting her. The dude was just standing there and not saying anything. I couldn't get her to ditch him and she seemed like she was starting to lose interest in me as she was wandering off trying to go into the bars that were already closed.

I don't think I am ever too persistent. I wrote that as a section heading, but I think I need to always be like that. It's good practice for when I have a chance to pull. I don't know why I lost confidence with that blonde. If I had lead her like I like I tried to lead the redhead, then maybe something would have happened.

Overall, I was doing what I could and I just have to be happy that I got out and got more reference experiences.

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