Saturday, July 30, 2011

PUA, the cockblock, and leading

There was this interesting set that 2j pointed out. I had opened the same set: there was this large girl and this cute petite girl. I opened it and the petite girl was into me but I couldn't disarm the obstacle. I know how to keep both girls occupied, but we were on the dance floor so I couldn't talk to both of them at once.

Well, fast forward to closing time. We spotted some guy working that same set. 2j initially thought that the guy was gonna get busted out by the fat girl like I did. Well, the guy had some skills. At first, he ignored the friend. Then, it seemed like he isolated the hot one away from the girl and had her up against a wall as he was talking to her. Whatever he did, the fat friend gave up for like 2 minutes and just stood there with her hands folded. We kept watching, and then he grabbed his girl's hand and lead her and the fat friend (who was holding onto the other girl's hand) into the VIP section.

2j pointed out that the dude must be a community guy cause very few naturals would have pulled that set off like that. I learned probably what I already know: I need to lead more. Seeing that set unfold I think is gonna open my mind to new situations where I can lead when I would have thought you couldn't.

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