Friday, July 29, 2011

Grinding with my fav redhead & I don't pay cover

Tonight when I was driving home, I actually was happy with my evening. Usually, there is that moment where I'm upset that I didn't pull or get a make out and then I talk myself out of it. Tonight, I could have done things better, but the effort was there. I gave a solid effort and went back into some sets that I knew were gonna be difficult or uncomfortable.

My redhead and 2j's brunette:

There's this set that we saw for the second week in a row on Tuesday. Last night, 2j told me that he saw our set again. I didn't look for them as I was busy opening sets, but of course, I ended up running into them. We haven't quite figured out this set. I tell 2j that they must be single and want to get laid. We see those two out and they never have guys talking to them. I've seen them on the dance floor and never see guys dancing with them. Maybe guys are intimidated cause the redhead is tall.

She was more friendly to me today. I saw her and the friend on the dance floor and I danced with her for a bit. We got separated when she said they wanted to get a drink. I made a minor mistake there as I could have lead them to one of the bars. Since we got separated, I just wandered off. I opened her later asking her about after hours. They said they were going next door.

I don't pay cover:

I like to say that today worked out in many ways. I was telling sets early on that I got an extra 20 minutes at the bar cause I just dodged this train. There's a train that takes 15-20 minutes to pass near my place. I was waiting at the light and I could see the train coming. There's a way to go around the train but those side streets take about ten minutes later. I gambled and waited. I felt like I was drag racing again as I timed my launch by looking at the yellow light and then anticipating the green light. Just as I was crossing the tracks, the gates started to come down.

Well, there was no street game after our usual spot as it was pouring rain. Vinny and 2j had gotten the stamp at the after hours. I told those bastards that they should text me when they are doing that. I didn't care that much as I was prepared to go to Division but they should let me know. It kept raining so we just kept standing under an awning. Vinny was trying to talk me into going to check out the bar. He even offered to pay $2 out of the $5 and I started to consider it. We walked over and there was no line. Vinny motioned for me to come with them. They showed there stamps. I flashed my arm but of course I had no stamp. The guy kept looking and I kept waving my hand like I was impatient. I had just kept walking after flashing my arm initially. He stopped me. I waved the arm again and just walked by and he assumed I had the stamp. Sweet!

Grinding with my redhead:
Thing worked out as our two set said they were going to the after hours and indeed they were there. I was a bit jealous that some dude was grinding on her ass when we walked in. He busted out after less than a song. We ended up running into them upstairs. 2j and I tried to pep talk each other and finally I just went up to her. For some reason, she doesn't like dancing facing me. She did for a bit at the other place but every other time I've tried to grab her arms and lead her, she was reluctant. She was dancing in front of me and I finally said, "Fuck it" in my head. I got closer to her and as she sensed my presence, she backed her ass into me so we could grind.

I grind with at least 1-2 girls a night nowadays. It's funny how I hated dance floor game but it does feel good. I was enjoying it because this girl really turns me on. She had 2 of the physical qualities I really have the hots for right now, "She's a natural redhead, and she's tall." When I was grinding her, I was thinking of how nice her ass is and how I'd love to bend her over. Yeah, I'm a bit infatuated with her. Fortunately, I don't get all nervous now like I used to. It's rare that I get crushed on girls now since I'm sarging so many sets now. I think this will help as it'll put me into sexual state. As I said, I'm comfortable looking her in the eye and talking. I just get extra turned on when I'm around her and state transference is gonna cause her to feel it.

I tried talking to her after the grinding but then she wanted to wander off again. She resists me and I haven't quite figured out how to get through to her. I think I'm not her type physically, but oh well. I'm confident that if I keep interacting with her, she's gonna want me.

Feeling up a hot black girl's ass:

Earlier in the night, I opened this thin black girl who was dancing. I just started dancing by her and she smiled and came closer and we started grinding. She was really getting into it and she was the right height that when we faced each other, my leg could stimulate her crotch as I pulled her in. A song later, I had her against the wall. She was aggressive. I had my hands on her waist and she moved my hands onto her ass. With that invitation, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me. She didn't have the typical large booty that one thinks of when one imagines a black girl. She had the type I like as she was thin, so it wasn't that big, but it had a nice shape to it. Honestly, her ass is hotter than the redheads, but the redhead is just totally my type.

I was running my hands through her hair and trying to look into her eyes. I tried to kiss her but she was moving around too much and I ended up awkwardly kissing her cheek. She didn't really want to kiss but I kept state and kept dancing. I think I should have set it up better. At one point, I wanted to kiss and bite her neck but instead tried to set up the make out instead. The neck play might have heated her up enough for the make out. About a half a song after I went for the make out, she ended up running off. I'm thinking I also could have tried to move her off the dance floor. The problem was she had a bored friend in the area and no wings were around at the time.

Street set on Division:

I opened this light skinned black girl that I thought was Latina in front of Mother's. We had a good conversation. I had dropped state a bit during the car ride. I was in beast mode enough to open and get close to her but I was hesitating a little bit. I should have been up on her more and tried to kiss her faster instead of just vibing. It's not like I had no kino but street is the time for fast escalation.

I pulled out my phone to show her the cat. She liked the cat. Then she said, "Call me" and started punching in her number. She ended up walking away after this. I was dumbfounded for a second and then I called out to her but she was too far. You see, she was wandering away and I really thought she was going back in the club as she had said initially that she was. Had I realized she was leaving, I would have walked with her and tried to sell a venue change. Instead, she was far away and I tried to call out to her but I didn't want to run over as I felt that would be needy. Maybe I should have tried anyway.

The move for sure was to get more up on here and try to escalate. It was a late game situation so it would have been better to go for the make out and find out if she was DTF or get busted out. This is the one set I regreted.

Warm up Vinny Set:
This report was all over the place. I met up with Vinny at the start of the night and we had two beers. I told him I wanted to open these two blondes near the front. I didn't want to but I knew I had to force myself to warm up. As I was finishing my beer, I spotted this two set behind me but as I waited, some dude started sarging them. We ended up going to the 2-set in front. It was a good set. We vibed with both girls and it seemed on. I tried to sell a venue change to our usual spot, but the girls said they were meeting some friends across the street. At the time, I thought we might have been able to move over there with them.

Later, I saw them at our usual spot, but with two guys. I didn't want to go in, but I opened my girl. I started dancing with her. She seemed into it, but suddenly, she handed me her drink and started dancing up on the guy. Some random dude walked between us and then I just walked away with the drink. I could have drunk it but I ended up running into the hot black girl that I grinded with so I ditched the drink.

We saw these blondes again at the after hours place. Vinny saw them and I told 2j that you could tell he wanted to open them again but was just looking cause they were with two dudes. I walked by and got my girls attention but she basically blew me off. I talked to her and tried to pull her to the dance floor area and she said she'd "meet me there." Guess I could have tried more verbal game and tried to eclipse the dudes, but I was happy I made the effort.

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