Saturday, July 30, 2011

Solo goals tonight

I just wrote on RSDN that I'm gonna go out and do solo game tonight. I feel a weird resistance to going out solo probably because I haven't done it in two weeks, and prior to that it had been a long time. I could call up people to hang out, but my best wings are out of town or unavailable. I finished that post by saying that the resistance I feel makes me want to prove something to myself going out solo.

I decided I'm gonna go out to the suburbs as it's closer and I've been driving to the city too often lately. I wanted to make an entry here so I further commit myself to going out tonight solo.

I want to work on two specific things tonight:
1) This Honolulu Hot Seat review thread with Hot Seat notes stressed the importance of eye contact in the interaction. As I read that, I realized that I haven't been stopping moving sets as well because I haven't been looking into their eyes. For some reason, I've been looking at their arms as I grabbed them or just spacing out. The other reason is I haven't felt as confident about stopping girls.

Anyway, I know the eye contact is huge as I can remember specific instances where the girl tested me with hardcore eye contact. When I was completely chill and unfazed, she looked away in submission and then the whole dynamic was better: it was on and I usually went to kiss the girl at that point.

2) I was talking to 2J last night in the car. He said the verbals he heard on the street sounded interesting. I appreciated the compliment but I also told him that I feel like I'm too much of the entertainer type guy at times. I am open and nonjudgmental when it comes to women and sex, but I'm almost certain that they don't get that impression when talking to me. I don't think they get the impression that I'm judgmental like AFC's are, but they don't the feel for my true feelings on sex.

With that in mind, I'm gonna force myself to bring sex into the conversation. I'm gonna start with 2j's suggestion. It was basically bringing in an opinion opener at some point during the conversation. "My friend just had a ONS but she said she feels a little guilty about it. I think she should be happy with it. If she was that turned on to hook up with a guy that fast, she should have done it. Sex isn't a big deal. Besides, I don't believe in that double standard society has when it comes to women and sex." Something like that.

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