Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A fun night but missed a possible quick makeout due to misreading token resistance

I had a good streak going so I was hoping my night would be more exciting that it turned out. Every night I want to get at least a make out so I can practice more later game stuff, but I shouldn't expect that every time. At least I don't let it hurt my momentum like I would in the past.


I practiced some isolation moves which is a good thing. I neglected going for the isolation in the past and I need to be good at it cause it's essential for the pull. It started in my first set. I opened this 3-set and somehow I ended up talking to this fatty, but she and I did get along. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend. I kept trying to get her to come outside with me or go to the dance floor, but no dice. I could tell she liked me though, and I was even holding her hand till it popped into her head that she shouldn't do that with a guy that's not her boyfriend.

I got isolation with this tall redhead but then I ended up losing the set later. I kept trying to open her again when she walked by but to no avail. My best chance to try again was when I saw her on the dance floor. I kept tapping her shoulder but she might not have known it was me. I could have been a bit more persistent, but oh well.

Dance floor game:

I work dance floor game a lot more often now. I think I sometimes used it as a crutch. It's like there's less bullshit. You open, start dancing, and if the girl is into you, you start grinding. I know how to try to move towards the kiss close, so there's that possibility, or I can move her off the dance floor to run my verbal. I was doing well with this cute little black girl. I saw her again and my wing (this guy from the RSD forums. I have to look up his screen name) occupied the friend. Later on, I saw her by the bar and I don't know why I didn't try again.

Beating the AMOG:

I opened this chubby Latina girl near the dance floor late in the night. It was going okay. Two friends showed up and I danced with them a little. Somehow, this tall fat dude started dancing with her cause I had stopped dancing close to her for a min or so. One of his friends started dancing with one of the friends. The funny thing is that I was left with probably the best looking one out of the three but I wanted to work on the original girl.

The guy had his arm around her and was trying to get him to go over to meet his friends (and to get her away from me.) You see, he had been grinding on her from behind, and when I saw this, I grabbed her hands and starting dancing up on her. Then, I spun her away from him.

I should be proud that I win most of these battles now. He was speaking to her and I could hear him saying, "Come over here and meet my friends." She wanted to but at the same time, I was holding her hand and plowing her with stuff in the other ear. I kept saying, "Let's go over to the bar" and tugging on her arm. I was putting a little pressure, but not enough to cause pain. After about 30 seconds of both guys saying stuff in each ear, she peeled away from him, and I got her to the bar.

Somehow I screwed it up at the bar. I think I somehow was standing too far from her. I should have been up on her and trying to escalate as I talked to her. I mentioned hanging out after the place closed, but as I did that, I realized it probably would be better to mention that after I made out with her. She said she had to get back to her friends. I guess I could have followed her but I felt defeated.

Later, I hate to admit that I avoided that part of the dance floor. I should have gone in and tried to escalate again, especially at the end. I was afraid I was gonna see that fat AMOG all up on her and I was worried I'd let myself feel even more defeated.

Close to an quick make out:

I was doing the Jeffy line silliness for the last half hour. I was getting blown out more often than usual. At the very end, I saw this cute, thing blonde walking in my direction. I stopped her. I told her to give me a hug and she said, "Okay, I'll give you a hug." She wasn't too enthusiastic, so I didn't go for the kiss right there. I pulled back slightly, but I started holding her hand. I was trying to sell an after party. We were gazing into each others eyes. I decided to go for the kiss. She said, "No" as I started to move my head forward.

On the ride home, I thought about that moment. Manwhore has talked about how you have to tell the difference between token and real resistance. Girls sometimes put up fake, token resistance. They do it to test if you are a real man and also because throwing up some resistance let's them feel like they have to submit and be dominated, which turns them on. Obviously, this is a fine line. You have to know when to stop too.

That was fake resistance:

I thought about sets where I've gone for the kiss and got rejected. There was something different about this girl. She said, "No" meekly, but she was still holding eye contact and she didn't move her head at all. I think the move was to say, "Shh" and possibly put my index finger in that "Quiet" sign in front of her mouth. I would have kept moving my lips towards hers and then moved my finger to kiss her. I think there was a good chance she wouldn't have resisted. If I somehow read it wrong, she still would have been able to move or turn her head so it wouldn't be like I was forcing her to kiss me.

I read the situation this way now as I have plenty of experience with girls not wanting to kiss me. Now that I've been going for quick make outs too, I know what that looks like. Girls will move their face or turn it as soon as they see my face moving closer to them. I've also had girls put their hand in front of face or put their hand on my chest and push me away gently.

She ended up running off about 30 seconds after I went for the kiss. I think if I had pushed through the token resistance, she would have allowed the kiss and then I could have really tried to pull.

No Division:

When I got in my car it was 3am. I could have driven to Division but I figured it would be slow. Maybe I should have done it cause I might have been able to get a pull or make out with the late night sets. There's always Wed-Sat though. I know I'll build momentum from Tuesday and maybe something really cool will happen soon.

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