Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Why is China man in here?"-Close to a pull with my 1st black girl

Originally, I was just gonna write this report in my Bombed Day 2 report, but that one got too long. This deserves it's own entry anyway. As I said in my last entry, tonight I was persistent. I could have gone home after I had a poor Day 2, but instead I decided to go sarge since I was out in Wrigley already. I walked in and busted out of several sets in my first bar.

You're too close, man:

There actually was one set that was on after the opening. There was this cute blonde sitting at a table. She seemed bored. On the other side of this table were 4 girls bunched together. I assumed it was a 5 set. I opened pretty strong and I was up close to her. She responded positively. Suddenly this bouncer came up and said, "You're too close,man." I gave him this WTF?! look. I felt mixed emotions at that moment. For a second, I doubted myself. I thought about the Day 2 and wondered if I was really miscalibrated tonight. I had bombed several sets already and here was some bouncer giving me shit. I felt that emotion for about a second and I also got pissed. I was thinking, "Who the fuck does this guy think he is trying to tell me how close to stand to girls?" I felt like how I did 2 months ago when this cunt waitress at Debonaire told me I wasn't allowed to talk to tables.

I guess I put out my usual confident vibe though. After I gave him this WTF? look, I just stood there and then he said, "That's my girlfriend." I asked her, "Is that really your boyfriend?" She said it was so then I just said, "Okay" and left. It made sense. She had said she wasn't with the large group and why else would the bouncer say something to me? Plus, she confirmed what he had said.

I really have changed:

In many ways, I'm so much different than I used to be. It's amazes me when I think about it. I think about this poster on RSD who keeps complaining and making excuses for why he's getting poor results after only 5 months in the game. In fact, he even seems to be creeping out the girls. I see myself in him and the funny thing is that I think I started out being at an even worse level than he did. Guys used to tell me that either you were good with girls or you weren't. Once again, I am so lucky that recommended "The Game" to me six years ago or I would have never found the community and changed my life.

I think about the bouncer situation above. Until recently, I would have ran off all scared that he said something to me. Instead, I'm looking at him funny and just standing in the same place until I figure out what's going on.

I think about how my nights have been recently. Almost every night I'm getting make outs now and getting near pulls. This used to just happen with fat girls, but now I'm starting to get results with girls I really find attractive. I can see how this will turn out if I keep at this. Eventually, I'm sure I'll be writing something like this expressing my amazement at how often I can pull.

"I'm sorry." "Oh, my name is Pokerpua."

I knew that closing time was nearing. I thought it was like 30 minutes away but it ended up being longer than that. I forgot that the Wrigley places stay open almost till the actual closing time as opposed to the BS on Division where it closes at say, 5am, but they kick everyone out at like 4:20-4:30. I decided to go to our usual giant dance floor place. I figured I could work some dance floor game plus it's so loud and crowded that I'd have plenty of opportunities to try my silly, hard open, extremely fast escalation game.

I walked around the lower level. I can't even remember why I didn't open there. I was still drunk, but I think there weren't any obvious sets. I think it was a bunch of mixed sets that I didn't feel like dealing with. There was no line to the second floor so I went upstairs. The first set I stopped was some brunette who was wandering alone. I love those sets as I've had some success with them in that very venue. A friend showed up before I even hooked it and pulled her away.

I went around some guy after than and accidentally bumped into this little black girl. I do the alpha walk through the crowd but if I bump into someone I apologize. I feel like it's rude not to do so. I think you can walk around like you own the place but still be polite if you bump into someone. Anyway, I said, "I'm sorry" and then I was about to walk away. I had actually turned my back to her, and then I thought to myself, "WTF? She's cute. Open her." I turned around and introduced myself.

We starting dancing and immediately I could tell she was into me. I can't even describe it. It's calibration from practicing dance floor game. It had to do with the way she responded to me when I started dancing with her and her response to the spin. She started grinding with me, but I realized she was into me before that. This girl was in a large set. There were two other black girls and this Latina who turned out to be the mother hen. They were just letting me grind with her, but Ozzie's lessons from "Transformations" still stick with me. He says you have to dance all the girls. He says to grind them all, but I didn't go that. I introduced myself to the friends within a minute. A song later, I think I spun two of the girls. I then decided to isolate her briefly.


Isolation is key and I know I need to practice it more. A big part of setting up a pull is leading the girl around the club. I remember thinking, "I gotta move this girl and talk to her." The talking to her is key too so, as Ozzie says, you don't become dance partner for the night. I said, "Let's go to the bar and take a break." This particular bar is so fucking hot upstairs that every gets soaked with sweat. She needed the break. I dragged her near the bar. I put my arm around her and we started to talk. She has the travel bug and of course that got her points.

We talked for a bit. Then we started dancing where we were talking and then she said, "Do you wanna go back to my friends?" I lead her back there. Later, I'd try to isolate her by the fans.

Cock blocking:

I thought I had neutralized the friends. I word it like that for a reason. I think there's a difference between actually "befriending" the friends and neutralizing them. For example, when we were at the diner, I could have told stories and dominated the conversation and had the friends thinking I was awesome. Maybe I should have done that but I did enough. In this dance floor situation, I could have really spread my dancing among all the girls but I just danced with them a little bit.

After I had moved her to the fan area, the girls had followed me. Prior to that, some dudes had started grinding up on the other girls. The Latina chick got sick of one dude and lead all the girls away from that group. I knew it was on with my girl so I just followed. By the fans, I danced with my girl for several songs. The Latina girl had pulled my girl in a few times. I'd let them dance and just danced by myself. One time, she did it and tried to cockblock me. She said something like, "Okay, I'm gonna take my girlfriend back." She gave me this firm look. That girl is the fiesty Latina girl who has the Spanish temper.

I could see myself leaving the set in the past as I would have felt I was busted out. I said, "Give me a high five." She didn't exactly budge after that move. She held firm and then I said, "You are fiesty. I like that. I gotta adopt you." That broke the ice. Besides that, my girl grabbed my arm as this was going down as she didn't want me to leave. After this incident, I danced with all the girls a for a few seconds (like 15 seconds each), just so I felt like I was showing them attention.

Seeding the pull:

I knew closing time was coming, so I had begun to work logistics while I was dancing with her. Mine were shitty. My car was parked off the Blue Line in Oak Park. I figured I could have the girl take the train with me if necessary and then I could drive to my place. I found out she lived closer to downtown, but it turned out she only lived like 10 minutes from where I was parked. At the time, I thought they were all staying at the same house, but it turns out they weren't.

I asked her what she was going after this place closed. She said they were probably getting something to eat. I tried to sell Clarke's but the Latina girl kept rejecting it. Later, I would learn it was because she wanted to meet some friend at the restaurant we ended up eating at.

I told her several times, "We should hang out after this. I'm off the blue line."

Another thing I had to do was escalate more. Sure, we were grinding, but I needed more than that. I wanted to kiss her. She actually resisted kissing. I figured it was cause of the friends being there. I couldn't get isolation from them as it was almost closing time plus, the last time I tried the move, they just followed us. Some dudes started grinding with the girls again and they were into it. This is when I started to escalate more. I already made a good move of trying to grind her crotch with my leg when we were dancing while facing each other. At this point, I started to maneuver her so our facing would be facing each other. When we held eye contact, she'd hold it for a few seconds, smile, and then face down.

I went for the kiss one of those times and ended up kissing her face. She liked what I was doing though as when she'd turn her face down, she'd move closer and put her head into my chest and shoulder. One of these times, I started kissing her neck. I gave her a playful bite on the neck and I blew air onto her ear. Later, I tried kissing her again and even said, "You're friends can't see."

"Why is this China man in here?"

The place closed and mother hen started to lead the girls out of there. I had told my girl again that we should hang out after this. Mother hen was leading my girl by holding her hand, but she was holding my hand. The two other friends were following. Later, I'd pull them along by grabbing their hand. If my car had been there, I think the move would have been to try to get her to my car and then to my house. I found out they had a car here so I was hoping to get a ride with them. Mother hen kept talking about going to this one restaurant so I figured I was stuck with doing that.

Mother hen lead the group down the street and eventually they found an open cab. Mother hen got in the front seat (of course, cause she's mother hen...). My girl got in the back seat and I got in with her.

I should note that I might have hesitated at this spot worried if this was gonna be okay. I knew it was because my girl was holding on to me. In my mind, though, I had made a subtle play here. There were 5 of us. What I didn't want to happen was to have the 3 girls get in and then I'd have to try to squeeze in the back. It would be easy for mother hen, or any of the girls to just say, "Sorry, no room."

As the two other girls were getting in, Mother Hen (I realize that both words should be capitalized since I'm use that term as her name, but I'm not gonna fix what I've already written) suddenly realized I was in the cab.

She squawked, "Why is China man in here?!"

I think I just smiled. My girl said something like, "Cause he's coming with."
Mother hen objected, "Why?"
My girl said firmly, "Cause he is."

Mother hen that realized this was going down. My girl stood up so I could squeeze under her and have her sit in my lap. Now the other girls could get in.

Some things are out of you control:

There were several factors that were out of my control tonight that made the pull less likely to happen. As I'm writing this, I realize that I need to drive when I go into the city. Tonight I couldn't have driven as I wanted to get drunk at my buddy's party and still go sarge. Because of that, I was stuck going to eat. Maybe I couldn't have convinced her to ditch the food even if my car had been there, but being stuck with the girls means I couldn't even push that angle.

A really shitty thing was that one of the girls realized in the cab that she had lost her phone. She got out and my girl and I got out to go back to the bar. The other two girls ended up circling around and got dropped off by the bar.

Another factor was that my girl was from Iowa though she has family here. On top of that, she was leaving today. That was a negative and she kept saying that's why she couldn't come over in the end. That was legitimate, but her text at the end explained another reason. I might have to make another entry there.

Finally, these drunks girls parked so far away yet they thought it was walking distance. The distance we walked was from next to Wrigley Field (Addison and Clark) to near Duffy's. Let's just call it Diversey and Halsted. I tried asking Mother Hen were the car was but she never gave me exact streets. She had just said it was close. We should have taken a cab there and this ate up time that could have meant me getting a lay.

This Entry is so long...

I realize that the novel-length of this makes this hard to read. I actually want to condense this report cause I want to get feedback from RSD on what happened tonight.

Finally get a make out:
Maybe the phone actually helped me. I got to show some alpha qualities in directing the girl to the correct door to talk to the bouncer about looking for her phone. I also was able to look up the number for the girl to call when she had to have the line suspended. Mother hen had tried to look it up but couldn't figure it out before I did. The biggest way it helped me was it gave me about five minutes of actual isolation time.

As the girl was inside looking for the phone, my girl and I waited on the sidewalk. She was leaning against the wall and I was standing in front of her. I remember looking into her eyes. We were holding eye contact and sexual tension was brewing. She tried to break the tension by saying something like, "Why are you looking at me like that?" I didn't respond. I was holding her hand with my right hand. With my left hand, I started stroking her face. Props to "Philly" (one of the cool guys we went out with occasionally a few years ago) to making me realize back then how good that makes a woman feel when you do that. When I feel like I have to create the kiss, I remember his lesson about that move.

Sometimes, I feel like this moment just happens where it's obvious it's time to kiss the girl. With all the fear I had, especially back in the AFC Days, sometimes the moment is so strong that you just kiss the girl despite the fear. That happens sometimes when I'm out sarging. It seems like often times, I have to create this moment to make the kiss happen. That's how it felt when we were standing there.

I stroked her face and then I stopped stroking and held my hand against her face. I then leaned in and kiss her. She accepted it and then we started making out. I pulled back and we started making out again. I stopped it again and then suddenly I saw that Mother Hen and the other girl had gotten dropped off and were back.

Restaurant state break and persistence:
We sat down to eat. Another Latina girl and this young black college kid had met us there. They were friends of Mother Hen. I talked to the dude a bit. He was cool and I actually had to make a conscious decision to stop talking to him so I wasn't ignoring my girl. I debated above how I could have spoken loudly and tried to run a dinner conversation by telling stories or whatever. If I was in that mood, I suppose that was one option but I think my chill version was fine. I befriend the dude even though it was unnecessary as the new Latina girl and he ended up having to leave early since they had a long drive.

My target was eating but I talked to her. I couldn't hold her hand or put her arm around her while she was eating. I moved my chair closing and just starting rubbing her leg with my hand. She liked it and didn't resist at all. The cool thing was the friends couldn't see I was doing this. I know that girl often aren't comfortable with making out with you or escalating in front of their friends. I actually am gonna make a post on RSD because I want to know how you are supposed to play this. I feel like if I had been making out with her more, the pull could have happened.

As we were finishing dinner, I again whispered in her ear that we should hang out. Luckily, I got more isolation time when my girl decided to pay the bill with her card as she didn't have cash. The girl walked to the car while we had to wait up front to pay the cashier. I told her to tell her friends that we were gonna go watch the sunrise. I was giving her plausible deny-ability. Sex was more likely to happen cause she could feel like it was my fault and not feel like a slut. Plus, I was being alpha by telling her what to tell her friends and was demonstrating that I know how this all works. She said she would tell them to drop her off at her car.

Should have made out in the car:

We got to her car. I didn't escalate in the car ride. I held her hand and stroked her arms but didn't try to make out. I think that was the right move. When we got to her car, Mother Hen wanted to take a picture of my ID in case something happened to her friend. It was a little obnoxious but I also understand that she was just looking out for her friend. I tried to just give her my number but she kept insisting so I finally just did it. After all, my girl had just met me randomly in the club and while I was cool, I was a total stranger.

I got in the car and my girl was having trouble starting it. Eventually it did start. I think the move was I should have made her kiss me in the car. I could tell her buying temperature had dropped a little and she was tired. I told her to drive west on the Expressway.

My plan was to just have her drive all the way to my house and we'd pick the car up. I think this didn't happen cause she lost buying temperature. We had only driving like 8 minutes before she said, "How far is this?" I kept saying it wasn't far but she asked me for the specific exit. I passed the quicker exit and had her take the next exit. This was after I had tried saying, "Just keep going. My place is only 10 minutes further." She tried objecting that she had to get some rest. I said she could sleep in the extra bed and I said it wasn't far and we could just hang out.

I actually need to make a condensed post on RSD because I wonder if I should have lied and tried to keep her driving to my house.

We got off and got to my car. I told her to pull behind my car. I kissed her. We started to get into it. I was escalating and she was liking it. We weren't parked though. She was like 2 feet from the curb and had the engine and light on. I was having a hard time really escalating like I wanted to because of bucket seats. I knew if I could get some pressure on her pussy that it would really turn her on and possibly get her to come home with me. If we were making out on a couch, a bed, or even standing up, I could think of ways to do this. Sitting or lying down, I would put my arm in between her legs. I learn that from the Vin Dicarlo escalation ladder. You put the arm there and it looks like you do it for leverage and you put pressure on her pussy which turns her on but she won't object because it's not like you're touching it directly.

I started to bite and caress her neck. I started to feel her tits. She was wearing a shirt, so I just decided to move my hand there. I rubbed her pussy a little bit. She actually didn't resist. Thinking back, I should have just started doing it more. I like to use Manwhore's move of putting her hand on your cock but even though I was enjoying it, I wasn't getting a hard on because of the way I had to contort my body to do all this.

I stopped the escalation when she seemed to be into it to try to get her to drive to my place but she still wouldn't. I tried to get her to actually park the car, but at that point I had waited too long and her buying temperature had dropped again and eventually I had to get out of the car. We exchanged numbers and she said she'd be back. I thought it was gonna be like this girl I talk to in Missouri who might come back in several months. This girl said she's supposedly gonna be back in 2 weeks. I wouldn't have pushed so hard if I had known that, but maybe it's a good thing that I pushed this hard.

I still think I should have just started rubbing her pussy more. It's not like she moved my hand away right away. I was afraid she would as normally I wouldn't just put it there as quickly as I did. Maybe if I had left it there and really got her wet then we would have ended up fucking. The problem is I don't know any good spots to park near my buddy's place there. Whatever, I could have figured something out if I had gotten her that turned on.

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