Saturday, July 2, 2011

Plowed through resistance perfectly & more quick makeout progress

Tonight, I had several moments when I was really happy with myself. If you had a camera watching, you would actually believe I was a genuine PUA. I feel like I'm close to figuring out this quick make out challenge and of course that's gonna help my overall game since missed kiss closes have been my worse sticking point. In terms of game development, I have to say that tonight stands out.

Tall Serbian girl:
I started off with a few bust outs. Then Seagull opened this seated two set. I came in and started talking to some blonde and then a bunch of orbiters showed up and I just ejected. I saw this tall brunette in a blue dress and I decided to open her. It hooked and soon we were dancing. It helped that Shakira's "Hip's Dont Lie" came on as I like that song and I'm very familiar with it. Her friends were getting all excited and taking pictures. The night was still slow so most of the people around were looking at me, especially cause I'm a fat overweight Filipino guy with glasses and I'm dancing with this tall, hot brunette. I shouldn't game for attention like that but I have to admit to liking it sometimes.

The song ended and she sat down and motioned for me to sit down. We started talking. She mentioned wanting to chill with her friends after a few minutes. I plowed through that but then she said it again and left. I should have opened her again later on but I never did see her again.

"I'm a lesbian." "I have a boyfriend." "I only like guys that are my age."

This set was my favorite and was close to being a pull. It was a lesson in plowing and frame control. Many guys would have given up with the initial resistance but I plowed through and the set became so fucking on!

It was near closing time. I had worked this black girl and her giant set for about an hour. I ended up number closing her before she left. Seagull and I then went into late game pull mode. I spotted this two set leaning on this circle of couches that make a VIP area. I opened this cute little blonde with a nice ass. The funny thing is I can't even remember what opener I used. I was in the "You're amazing" mode but I think I might have just did the "You're adoarable" opener. Anyway, whatever I opened with, her response was "I'm a lesbian." I often say, "No you're not, I hung out with a lesbian at Green Dolphin once and you'd don't give that vibe." I don't even know if that line works that well. This time I just said, "If you're bisexual that would be cool. I like bisexual women." She just repeated, "I'm a lesbian."

I plowed after that response and just started talking about something. South beach or travel or whatever BS I usually say. Seagull came in to wing me and he started working on the other girl. I kept plowing and then another shit test came, "I have a boyfriend." I replied, "I thought you were a lesbian? Lol. It's cool. I'm not really looking for a serious girlfriend. I just wanna have fun. We make our own rules here anyway."

There was something about the look and smile that she gave in response that made me feel like the set had "popped" as Jeffy calls it. Prior to this, she would stop the conversation and just start dancing and shaking her ass. The first two times, I just stood there and waited for her to stop and then I started talking again. This time, when she started dancing,I decided to just get behind her and start grinding on her.

Revelations on grinding:

I've been hesitant to just go up to girls and start grinding on them. I'll do it after I start dancing with them a little bit, especially when they turn around and start waving their ass in front of me. I hung out this this large group of black girls that I mentioned earlier. It happened during the middle of the night. I actually worked this set properly. I danced with all of the girls and talked to several of them. Anyway, throughout the time I was with them, random guys that were more aggressive on the dance floor would come and start grinding with the girls. The girls would often get into it. I surely don't do it often enough. The thing that surprised me is that I used to think that these guys would get somewhere. Sometimes they do, but I'm surprised how often it nets them nothing. The girls enjoy the grind for a bit and then they back away from the guys. None of these guys were around longer than like 5 minutes. There were more guys throughout the night.

I suppose part of the reason they don't get anywhere is that most guys don't have good game in general. The ones that I have seen have success quickly escalate to a make out. The other method I know from the community is that you drag the girl off and on the dance floor.

Was about to kiss the blonde:

Let me know return to the cute blonde set. I grinded with her for a little bit until she stop moving and then I went to her side and started talking again. I put my arm around her. She shit test me again. She said, "I only go for guys around my age." Obviously, she was implying that she was young and I was too old for here. Bad responses guys would give would include, "I'm only 33." "I'm not that old." "Age doesn't matter."

I knew it was a shit test and fortunately, I came up with a good answer almost immediately. As I writing this, I realize I can trust myself to come up with good responses. It sure helps that my heart isn't beating with nervous energy anymore. Even when I'm turned on, I can usually perceive the situation clearly. I remember thinking, "A good response would be to frame it like she was throwing out something she was insecure about herself."

I should mention that this Manwhore 21 convention bit has helped me out a lot. Also, choding out by buying drinks two times this week helped me remember that I'm the buyer here. I keep telling myself when I go out that I have to go up with that attitude, "Here I am girl. I'm the special kind of guy you fantasize about meeting. You're lucky I'm choosing you from among all these other girls here. I'm seeing if you meet my standards so we can build something fun and exciting together. Win-win (as TD & Tim say)."

I responded, "It's okay. We'll make up for your inexperience." That was frame control. To repeat, instead of interpreting it like she meant it, "I'm a hot young girl and you are too old for me," I put the comment in the frame of her saying, "I'm young and inexperienced." My response was reassuring her, "It's okay, We'll make up for your inexperience."

At this point, I grabbed her hand. I moved my face closer to her. I remember her giving me a coy smile. I started to stroke her hair and blow in her ear. She moved her face in a way that I knew she was starting to get turned on. At this moment, the friend leaned over. Then the friend grabbed her hand and pulled her away. My target left reluctantly.

Stopped a moving set and went for quick make out:
About two minutes after that last set, I saw this brunette walking by me. I stopped her and said the Jeffy line. I told her to give me a hug. She complied and I think I moved my face towards her and she said, "I don't know you." I always respond with something I got from RSD TIm in Flawless Natural, "My name is (my name). My favorite color is blue." She told me her name. We started dancing. I usually start with grabbing her hands into the mercy position. I'll move our arms to the beat as best as I can. I'll then spin. After the spin here, I pulled her in close. I had my hands on her waist and our faces were close. We were looking into each other eyes. Once again, I knew the sexual tension was building. I smiled and held the eye contact.

Here is where I screwed up. She held eye contact for about 10-15 seconds. I don't remember the exact time, but it seemed long and then she closed her eyes. My mind said to kiss her, but I still was suffering from that sticking point. It sometimes seems amazing still that I can stop a girl like this, dance for a short while, and then experience that she's ready to be kissed. I stalled and then she opened her eyes. To my credit, at least I went for it about twenty seconds after she had opened her eyes. I grabbed her head and tried to kiss her. She smiled but moved her head away. She ended up running off after this.

I think if I had kissed her when her eyes were closed, it would have been on. She would not have dodged it at least. Why else would she close her eyes after we had created such strong sexual tension with the eye contact? I missed the moment but at least I went for it. The good thing is that this just give me more positive reference experience. My timing was off but I knew to go for it. As I do this more and more, I'm clearly gonna start getting a ton of make outs.

I love you two:
After that set, I stood with Seagull. I spotted the cute blonde and her friend dancing nearby. I tried to tell Seagull to just come in. He kept shaking his head. I guess the set really didn't go well for him. I went up to them and starting dancing by them. The friend gave me this look, but at that very moment, I put one arm on my girl and the other arm on the friend and said, "I love you two."

She was about to bust me out but what I did relaxed her. I wish Seagull would have come in now. I started to dance with my girl and suddenly this creepy, ugly Indian dude starting grinding on the brunette. She looked disgusted and then grabbed my girl and ran off.

Sure it would have helped if Seagull came in, but I realized later that this set was under my control. I needed to trust in my ability to work this set. I had a vision of the right thing. My small move reassured her. I think I had two moves that I had to make quickly when that loser Indian guy came in. I could have look at her and given her the girl eye code and then spun her away from the guy. The other move would have been to say, "OMG that guy is creppy. Let's go." Then I could have have grabbed both their hands and lead them to another part of the club.

I have to say that this was one of those screw ups that I know will help me in a future set. This set overall was a great experience. Again, I love how I plowed through the resistance and she just gained more attraction for me. I guess I understand a bit why girls give these shit tests. I always understood it from the community as them wanting to see if you are really the alpha/cool you you present yourself to be. That's true, but I remember hearing, and I understand now that girls give resistance or token resistance because it enhances the experience for them. Her BS early on really made me enjoy her grinding her ass on my crotch. She had a nice ass anyway, but I remember thinking, "Wow, I might have left early on many times in the past. Instead, I stuck through it and now I'm grinding with this hot girl." I was thinking the same thing when I was getting close to setting up a kiss close.

My place has cold beers:
We went to Division at the very end. I was hoping I'd get to do the instant make out but I got busted out quickly of every set I used the Jeffy line on. Seagull and I ended up working this Peruvian sets for a few minutes. These girls were hot, but they were also married. I had noticed the ring but kept trying. I actually sold my place for after hours instead of the food like I would have done just a few days ago. I told Seagull that I actually think we could have gotten them to come out for food but we didn't want to do that anymore. I also told Seagull that to pull married girls, we gotta be making out with them. I held my target's hands while talking to her. I had tried getting closer but she kept moving back when I'd move in a little bit.

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