Friday, July 1, 2011

Two confrontations in last two weeks: Posted on RSD

I had two small confrontations with jealous chodes in the last week. This is a lot for me. Keep in mind that I've never gotten in a bar fight so it's rare for me to get in these situaions. I wanted to get feedback on the two most recent incidents to see if I'm doing this wrong. I can only think of three reasons why I've had more issues. First, I'm approaching a lot more challenging sets. For the longest time, I'd shy away from mixed sets, but often I'll go into them now. Obviously, this means I'm more likely to run into a situation as opposed to approaching only girl sets. The second reason is that I've been wearing my glasses for the past few weeks instead of contacts. I thinking that maybe some of these guys think they can intimidate me initially because I'm an Asian guy with glasses. The third is usually I'd just walk away butI I've been staying around in situations when I wouldn't in the past.

I went out 5 days out of the last seven. The most recent incident happened last night. I saw a bored girl at a table. Standing by the table were two cute blondes and some black guy. He was kinoing one girl and I was attracted to both equally so I just approached the other girl. Sometimes I'll open the whole group or the guy first, but I just direct opened the blonde he was paying least attention to. We were talking for a few minutes and she even introduced the guy as her "travel agent." I hooked my target and I haven't really kioned escalated that much as it was early in the night as I was warming up.

Suddenly, he just put his arm around my target and started talking to her. She started paying attention to him. I stood there for a bit, and then I tapped her on the shoudler and started to pull her attention off of him. Then he says, "This is my girlfriend." I said something like, "Cool man." He then made a waving motion and said, "You can go now." I might have left it at that, but when he decided to be a dick, I decided that I was now gonna tool this guy. I've opened guy's wives or girlfriend with even more kino that I was doing here and most guys are cool. This guys response was far out of the norm of responses I get and it bothered me that he was being a bully. Also,I was almost certain this wasn't even his girlfriend. He looked like an orbiter chode. I think I patted him on the shoulder and used the Jeffy AMOG line, "This guy is like my little brother." Then he said, "I've been drinking man. I'm like the incredible hulk. You should go" trying to intimidate me. I just stood there, looked at him, smiled and then said an old TD line, "You don't have to try so hard to impress these girls." I then said, "Why are you being so serious? We're all just trying to have fun here."

As this is happening, it turns out there was another guy by the bored girl who had been sitting. The guy, and the two girls and just laughing at the situation. I finally just ask the girl, "Is this your boyfriend?" She said, "Yeah" but I think she was lying but I was fine leaving at this point. The guy finally figured I wasn't gonna leave and he said, "I'm gonna talk to her over her for a second" and pulled her away. I then turned to the girls and said, "What's with your creepy friend? He's all serious and I'm just trying to have a good time."

Lying chode Friday

The other confrontation was last week. I was in this mode where I was stopping girls left and right in this one high traffic area. This girl was standing by playing with her phone. I opened her. I hadn't really gotten close to her though. After about a minute, this guy squeezed into the space between us (again, I wasn't as close as I should have been). He put his arm around her and started talking to her. I just kept standing there. He said, "This is my girlfriend." Again, I could sense he was lying. I was actually gonna just leave but as I was about to leave, he said, "Do you know her?" I lied and said, "Yes." I really was sure it wasn't his girlfriend and he had been lying cause he wouldn't have asked it in the tone he did if it had really been his girlfriend. As he was talking to me, she walked off and it was obvious it wasn't his girlfriend in the way she walked off.

I have to admit that I instigated this cause I was drunk. I laughed at him, "Haha. I see what you were trying to do. That wasn't your girlfriend. Nice try."

He turned and said, "Go on, get out of here" and waved me off similar to the way the guy did last night.

I replied, "No man, this is my spot." (I didn't want to move as this was an excellent area for opening moving sets.)

He repeated, "Get out of here."

I looked him in the eye, smiled and repeated, "No man, this is my spot."
He walked off.

My feelings/thoughts:

I feel like I don't really throw fire on situations like these. Instead of getting all mad, I remain calm and keep up the party vibe. I still have yet to get in a fight at the bar. I wonder if I should be walking away sooner. It just bothers me when some guy waves me off like a bully, especially when I read the situation to be the guy being some orbiter guy friend who is just cockblocking. I should add that I used to be bullied in high school so I suppose I might have complex about leaving in similar situations. That's why I could use some objective feedback.

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