Monday, July 4, 2011

FR: Make out, food extraction, but no pull w/ petite girl

I just told my wing that I've been watching this "Sweet & Petite #4" porno. There are 4 types of girls that I've been going for lately: 1)natural redhead 2)tall girl 3)short petite girl and 4)black girl. This girl I sarged tonight definitely would qualify as number 3: she used to be a ballerina when she was younger and she weighs about 100 lbs. I did the spin hug and she felt so light. She felt lighter than the petite blonde that busted me out on Saturday.

Another thing I did tonight was I just decided to bask in the good feelings I had. I've pushed myself to go to Division every time no mater what. I've even pushed myself to sarge several times after having so much sex that I probably couldn't even have sex if I pulled. I suppose I get that mentality from when I played poker. Win or lose, you should always put in the hours. I think it's good to just enjoy the good feelings of success and I felt really good about tonight's sarge even though I didn't pull. Still, part of me thinks I should have forced myself to go to Division. I would have had 45 minutes to work the bars and another 15 minutes right about now to work street game. Maybe I'd be writing a LR instead of just this report.

Busting out left and right:
I almost didn't go out tonight. I was tired and I was hesitant to go out alone. I don't mind going out alone but I haven't done it in so long. Vinny usually can always go out but his girl is in town so he was out. I could have met up with some other non sarging guys but I decided that it would be good to go out solo. Additionally, I have posted about going solo and how it's not a big deal and you learn a lot. I know that's true so why the heck was I gonna avoid going out because I was solo.

I forced myself to open sets right away at the first two bars. The first few sets, I wasn't talking loud enough. That makes sense as I didn't talk to anyone all day and didn't even talk on the phone with anyone. I surprised me how girls couldn't hear me even though I felt I was talking loud. Finally, I just told myself to speak louder that I thought necessary. I also got closer to the girl so I was speaking in her ear.

The first set I opened turned out to be a gigantic 7 person mixed set. I switched from my target to another girl. Then two more girls and a guy showed up and got that girl's attention. I vibed with this guy for a minute and then decided to walk off. Maybe I should have stayed for practice but that seemed a little much in the state that I was in. I opened a tall blonde after that and she said the "Nice to meet you" bust out after about 30 seconds. I went to the next bar and busted out of two sets in less than 20 seconds.

Rather than get disheartened, I laughed that this was even possible at this stage of the game. Of course it is, even TD/Owen gets bust outs at his level. I do trust in momentum and I knew that eventually I'd find my cool self.

Right before I opened my girl of the night, I busted out again in like 20 seconds. I immediately walked towards the back of the bar and saw this cute Latina girl and opened her. She didn't understand me at first, but this time it was because she's still working on her English and I talk to fast. I repeated what I said in Spanish which is a minor DHV. She pointed out her friends: she was with three other girls and one girls was making out with some guy at that very moment. She asked me a lot of questions at the beginning. It was nice to be able to just sit back and have her do some work instead of plowing with my usual BS. We danced for a bit. I held her hands and danced with her. I spun her. I tried getting really close but she resisted that for most of the night.

I told Seagull Saturday that my isolation game would rank as a 0 right now. I know I don't isolate often enough and I decided to work on that. I had mini isolation with this girl as the friends were several feet away. The bar had live band karaoke, and it was so loud that I was having problems hearing. I know in the past I would have kept dealing with it, but this time I went for the isolation. It was a bit difficult to go for the move as I had to try to talk slow to explain that I wanted to show her the other part of the bar, plus I had to keep saying it loudly in her ear as the sound was extremely loud. I finally grabbed her hand as I was pointing out the other side of the bar and began to lead her. I tapped the one friend and point at the other side of the bar and my target so they would know what was up too.

We talked for a bit on the other side of the bar. I kept alternating between holding her hand and having my arm around her. The whole night, she wasn't giving me a chance to hold eye contact and be really close to her while we were facing each other. That's usually how I build sexual tension. Also, she resisted the dance floor escalation, which I mentioned above.

In isolation, I finally realized where she was from. She had told me a South American country. When she repeated it in one of her stories over here, I knew where she was from. I wasn't used to hearing the proper, native pronunciation of that country.

We talk for a good amount of time and then she wanted to go back to her friends. I think she was afraid they were gonna leave without her. I had tried to number closer her in isolation as we had several activities that we wanted to do. She had dropped her phone into a pool and hadn't gotten a replacement. I asked about e-mail but she said she only can check it once a week. When we got back to the friends, we dance and talked for a few minutes and then I saw her talking to her friend that was making out with the guy. She said she was gonna get paper, but I ended up getting the friends phone. I programmed my number in and programmed the friend's number into my phone.

It was too loud again, so I had her come to the window area. I said we could talk there and she could see if her friends were gonna leave as we were near the exit. I should note that I need to do this more often even if it isn't too loud. Part of pulling is compliance by this little mini moves.

The logistics were she had come with the girls. Later, I would learn that they had taken the train. She stays with a host family but tonight she was staying at her friend's place. I tried to seed a pull by talking about my place. I also started to talk about food. Yeah, Seagull and I have shunned food but Saturday night I was thinking about how if we are willing to spend the money, it does have some value.

Food Extraction:
She surprised me by making the food extraction happen. I threw around the idea few times and then she went to go talk to the friend. It turns out she was asking the friend if she could go with me to get food. The friend agreed. I reassured them by telling my girl to remind them that I had the other friend's number and she had mine so they could reach her if necessary.

I was gonna take her to my usual spot in this neighborhood. It was the spot where Vinny and I extracted those two Asian girls a few weeks ago. The problem was it was a long walk. I decided to just eat at the diner closer that my friend Seamas used to like to go to in college. We walked a few blocks and I held her hand and also switched to walking with my arm around her.

Fortunately, the diner wasn't too busy. The waiter tried to sit us at a booth. I guess that could work if I made the girl sit next to me. I chose this two person table. After we sat down, I realized the table was shitty for kino. I knew this would be a problem. In the past, I've had this problem and done nothing about it. This time, I noticed some stools at the table next to us that were movable. I went to the washroom. I didn't really have to go but I felt more comfortable doing that and then pulling up a stool so I could be closer to her than just making the move without the bathroom trip.

That ended up being perfect. I could touch her hands and her legs. We talked and I found reasons to kino her in those areas. She was completely comfortable with me having my hands on her leg, which surprised me.

Boyfriend, whoops:

We had so much to talk about, but I also knew I had to steer the conversation in the right direction. I tried asking her if she had been in love. She ended up talking about some boyfriend she had back home. She said they had broken up, but a month ago he had sent her an apology letter and they were back together.

Whoops, what a shitty topic to bring up. I changed the subject by asking how many boyfriends she had in her life. She only had 2. I told her she was more conservative that most American girls. I then asked her if she had ever kissed a girl and she hadn't.

We finished our food and she had to go to the bathroom. The bill wasn't that bad. I began to tell myself that I better kiss this girl or I just totally wasted my time.

Walking to the bar and then the train:
We started walking back to the bar. I told her that she could come hang out with me. I told her I have beers and an aquarium. I said nothing would happen. Then I said, we are adults so nothing would happen that we both didn't want to happen. She said she had to meet up with her friends as she didn't want to blow them off.

A funny thing happened as I was walking. I saw one of my African friends from Division. He was one of the guys Seagull, Vinny, and I had competed with weeks ago. Since we kept seeing them so much over that next week and half, we all just became friendly with each other. They even know my name, but I don't know theirs. We're always smiling and high fiving each other on the street. I saw him walking but didn't want to draw attention. He saw me though and just patted me on the back as he walked by. I think this is the first time he saw a girl really up on me like this.

We got to the bar and it was closed. Fortunately, they were gone but she started to get worried. I told her that she's safe with me. I'll drive her home or she could hang out with me. She really wanted to find them so I told her she could call them. It turned out they were at the train stop near my car.

We started walking there and she was worried. I told her that she's safe with me. I told her that I'm actually a nice guy. She agreed. I even showed her on the GPS so she'd feel safer. We walked arm in arm all the way to the train stop.

I better do something:
This stretch of street was the same one Vinny and I had walked with those two Asian girls. I thought I would have time stop and kiss her here but she kept worrying about getting to the train. About a block away from the train, I had my moment. I wanted to kiss her before we said good bye so we wouldn't be in that stereotypical first kiss moment. Fortunately, we had to wait to cross the street because of traffic and a red light. I had my arm around her and her arm around me. We were standing side to side. I had been stroking hair and caressing the back of her neck with the hand that was on her shoulder. I then took my other free hand and touched and stroked her cheek. I remember hearing her take a breath. I turned her head with that same hand and said, "I'm glad we met" and I moved to kiss her.

I thought she was gonna turn her cheek. That shows how I still have to develop more confidence in my kiss closing but at least I'm making moves now. She didn't resist and kissed me. We walked the block to the train. I asked her to make sure her friends were there otherwise I was driving her home as that would be safer. I offered to let her use the phone but she said they were waiting. She grabbed her train pass. Then we kissed. I pulled back and then we kissed more and made out for a little bit. She said she had to go and I wanted to kiss one more time even though it could be interpreted as needy, I told her, "One more" and I pulled her in and we kissed again.

She says she'll get in touch with me within a week. I hope so.

Basking in the glory:

I felt really good after this set, which surprised me initially because I didn't get laid. I think it's because I just kissed a girl Saturday and had some near kisses Friday and here I was again kissing a girl. I realized that kisses have been within my reach for awhile now but I had been holding myself back mentally. As I've written in here, I've known that for weeks, but it has been a hard process trying to breakthrough that sticking point.

Besides that, this girl was quality to me. She's one of the types of girls I'm looking for right now. She's smarter than the average party girl that I meet at the bar normally.

One other reason that I felt good was that I had thought about focusing on my longer set game and tonight I did just that. I realized Saturday night that I've been relying too much on fast escalation silliness at the end of the night. That has it's pull possibilities and it's help me break through my kiss sticking point, but I also needed to work on standard, longer game technique.

So, yes, I feel good that I met my standards for going out tonight. That's the main thing that I miss when I have thoughts like I did Saturday where I get disappointed and frustrated that I didn't pull. Tonight, I forced myself to go out and to go out solo. I fought through the horrible sets I had early on. I pushed my sticking points and I forced myself to do things that said I would focus on.

Oh, and I had a good interaction with a cool girl. That always feels good even though I should focus on gaining skill and not necessarily getting the girl.

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