Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fast kiss close from the street

Seagull and I started the night by going for 2-sets. Many of the PUA gurus have said that the easiest way to pull girls home is to pull 2-sets with a good wing. I've seen how powerful this can be in the few 2-sets I've worked successfully with wings. I'm still working on the double lay from a 2-set pull. Seagull and I once pulled 2 girls to his place on New Years (my first SNL), but those girls didn't know each other so it wasn't a true 2-set. With G, just a week before that, we pulled a 2-set (who told me that had boyfriends yet still made out with us) to his place but we screwed it up there. The only other 2-set pulls have been for food.

We always complain about not finding 2-sets, but they are out there. In the past, I think we just stop really looking for them cause we end up just opening nonstop. That's been my fault too. Tonight, I said we'd concentrate on 2-sets unless there was a redhead. I always say I'm going for natural redheads anywhere I see them.

The focus on 2-sets made me eject out of sets I might have plowed in the past. I opened a 2-set and one girl's boyfriend showed up. I actually should have pursued the other girl more and she seemed disappointed when I just walked off, but we were on a mission here. We left some other sets when we noticed a girl had a ring on.

As I'm writing this, I think that we should continue to focus on 2-sets. We ended up not being able to do that as much later in the night as the bars were so packed and there were mostly large groups. Plus, we started to work street game.

2 drunk girls sitting on the sidewalk:
As we were walking to the main bar area, I spotted two girls sitting on the sidewalk. I pointed them out to Seagull and I said it looked like a good set to pull. Saturday night was an especially busy night. There was the Cubs-Sox game and fireworks at Navy Pier. The game was at 3PM and often times, you'll find people that have been drinking since the start of the game. These girls were drunk, but not so drunk that they were falling over or getting sick.

Mystery Method says not to go into sets tandem. I like doing it on the street, especially for moving sets. I opened the girls since I was ahead of Seagull. The set was a chubby white girl, who I'll call "KD", and this Latina girl. Seagull would tell me later that the Latina girl looked better looking when she was sitting down. Personally, I didn't think she was that bad. I always say that I believe in the binary rating system: either I would do her or I wouldn't. Besides, I've had some great sexual experiences with larger girls. Seagull is a good wing man and tries to help me out even if he's not into a girl. The only problem is that he doesn't have the same drive and persistence as he would if he were really into the girl.

He was doing well early on in the set. We had the girls isolated and I was escalating fast. I was up close to her since I was touching her. I've really started to internalize this fast escalation because I can't even really describe each step. I used to remember every little step in my escalation but now, I'm mostly on auto-pilot. I know I like to face the girl and hold both hands as I'm talking. I'll keep the kino dynamic by changing to having my arms on her waist and then around her completely. I'll put her arms on me and I'll try to put them on my shoulders.

Focusing on kiss closing has paid off:

We were only talking for a few minutes when I knew it was time to go for the kiss close. She had responded well to all my kino escalation and we were having those moments of sexual tension from just being silent and gazing into each other eyes. I remember having her against this wall and moving my face closer to her lips as we held eye contact. I knew she wanted to kiss me and I was going for it but then she said, "I want to but my friend won't like it."

I know how this works. This is why you should try to isolate girls in general. They may want to kiss you, but often they resist around their friends. They don't want to appear slutty but just kissing random guys, especially in a situation like this when she just met a few minutes ago.

Another problem was that Seagull had the friend's attention but he wasn't escalating. I remember looking over and he's standing a few feet away from her. I know he can do better than that. I told him that he should practice this stuff so he has it down for when we're in a situation with really hot girls.

The reason 2-sets with your wing is supposed to work so well is that when you both escalate, the girls will see each others buying temperature rising and they'll let it happen. The objection happens when one girl's buying temp is going up and the other girl's is stagnant.

My girl mentioned she lives near one of my favorite restaurants. I talked enthusiastically about the place and said we should go. The funny thing is that she said, "I just met you drunk on the street. I'm not gonna give you my number."

Shortly after that, the friend talks about having to go pee. For a moment, I thought we were losing the set, but then I remembered what I'm supposed to do. I grabbed my girl and started leading them to this bar across the street. I ended up grabbing the Latina girl's hand as well. The Latina girl let go when we got across and she went around to the front. She actually disappeared for about 30 seconds. I stood there with my girl was trying to escalate.

We went inside and the girls went off to the bathroom. I remember my girl saying, "You know that girls have to go to the bathroom together." As we were waiting, I started to talk to Seagull about what our plan was. We had just started the night, but it was late enough that we could go for the pull. I warned that we were probably gonna get objections as I felt they could lose buying temperature in the bathroom. I could imagine them getting logical about this and saying, "What are we doing? We just met these guys."

The came out and the Latina girl wanted to go to this front area of the bar. I again had semi-isolation with my target. Seagull was talking to the friend. He later told me that he was pushing hard for the pull to my place. We figured he miscalibrated because she wasn't going for it and instead of chilling, he just kept pushing for it. I said maybe he should have just let it go, talked and escalated and then tried again later. He said he had problems escalating because he wasn't attracted to the girl. I said that he could also just talk to her without escalation. Both of our verbals are good enough to keep girls interested. I think about sets in the past where we were too scared to escalate so the girls would talk to us for a hour anyway.

My girl started to push for me to buy a drink. I didn't want to do it considering my screw ups this week with buying drinks. First, I told her that she shouldn't have another drink as she was drunk and I didn't want her to get too drunk. She said she was fine. She kept pushing. We were basically face to face and embracing as we were talking. We still hadn't kissed. I decided to say, "I don't buy girls drink. They buy me drinks." She objected, "I'm not that type of girl. I won't buy a guy a drink." Then I said, "I'll buy you a drink if you kiss me."

At this point, I realized that I was being a little too logical with my responses. I realized that I should just change the subject and plow on with something. I started to do this. The girl started escalating on me. She took her hands and help both my cheeks with her hands. She mentioned the stupid drink and kissed the corner of my lip and my cheek. At this point, the friend came in and grabbed my girl and said they had to go to the bathroom again.

I could tell something had screwed up. This is when Seagull told me that he had pushed too hard for the pull to my place. I violated the rule of not giving in field advice and said, "Why? If she's not going for it, just change the subject and keep escalating." This is when he complained about her not being a cute as he had thought she was before we approached.

We thought we had completely lost the set. I said we might as well wait and I can try again when they walked past. Seagull said there might be another exit and there was a chance they could just run off there. I knew we were so close to a pull so I was disappointed.

Sorry I'm cockblocking you:
The girls came back. I grabbed my girl. We ended up all going outside as the girls said they were gonna go home. I remember trying to sell a hot dog and a shot at this Irish place down the street that has good deals even on Saturdays. We ended up standing by this railing to the beer garden of the place we just left. The friend was giving so much resistance and I was trying to plow through. She wouldn't budge. I eventually mentioned number closing.

This is where things were weird. I guess my target did say that the friend was in charge of her tonight. The friend said she'd give me the girl's number. I didn't take it at the first offer cause I thought it was weird. I thought the friend was gonna give me a fake number. I kept trying to plow. The girl said she was sorry but they were gonna go to some friends house. She even said what I wrote as the title of this section, "Sorry I'm cockblocking you. I'll give you her number and you can call her." I ended up taking the number. I showed it to my target to verify and then saved it. Seagull made a good point later that I could have done the old PUA trick of telling the friend to call my phone on the girl's phone.

The friend really was a mother hen type in the good and bad ways. There was some random girl sitting all wasted on the sidewalk next to us. The friend broke off and squatted by the girl to check on her. I will say she takes care of other girls and her friends well. Of course the bad part is the cockblocking that was experiencing. While this was happening, I whispered to my girl, "Hey. You're friend isn't looking." We talked for about 30 seconds, and then we kissed some more. Then she said, "I really have to go with my friend," and we left them there.

The only thing I think I could have done different here was I could have tried to invite myself along. I remember mentioning going with them but she objected. I think a move might have been to make it clear I would come alone. I could have said, "My buddy and I drove separately and he's tired anyway. Why don't I just come with you and he'll probably go home and go to bed?"

Street set calibration:

The rest of the night was mostly street sets. We were in a ton of street sets. I learned that I need to work on street set pull calibration. I keep throwing out the pull to the after party at my place too soon. The example I think of was this tall girl. I opened her with the Jeffy line and had her give me a hug. I should have went for the instant make out but I didn't. After the hug, I was still holding her hand. I asked, "What are you doing now?" She replied, "I don't know, what are you doing?" I said, "After party." She said, "Cool, me too." I said, "Let's go to my place, I have cold beers." I started to lead her while still holding her hand. She said, "No, I'm going to a different party" and left abruptly.

Her response to "What are you doing?" is a positive sign. I went for it too fast. I need to research fast street game more and just have more in field experience. I know from "Jeffy Show 2" that if I do the opener and the girl goes for the instant make out and stays (Jeffy says many girls will make out with, giggle, and then run off), you can start leading her. The move in my situation it the tall girl was to keep talking and escalating. I should have done something similar to what I did with KD earlier in the night. I think my game plan to is pace my game so I kiss her within 5 minutes and then try again.

If we had met this set before the other guy:
There was this Irish 2-set with this chubby redhead on Division. This big, build black guy really had her wanting him. There was this thin brunette friend. I opened the brunette friend and I was quickly escalating on her. Suddenly, the chubby redhead grabbed my target and told me to stop touching her. That screwed me for the rest of the time with this set.

I have to say that I'm persistent. I kept trying. The black guy was cool and wasn't trying to cock block me at all. What I should have done was what I did a few weeks ago with the random guy. Well, that guy whispered in my ear to see if I was gonna try to pull the friend. My move was probably to whisper in this guy's ear that I was gonna help him pull his girl by helping with the friend. Instead I stood there and tried to game the girl and each time the fat redhead kept interrupting me and telling me not to touch her.

I actually thought the black guy was pulling later as I saw him leading them away. Instead, I saw them still standing down the street later on. I told Seagull to try with the girl. I said the black guy didn't cockblock me but also didn't really help me. I said that maybe he would help Seagull out since they were "brothers." Seagull tried but reported that he didn't get anywhere.

The funny thing is I saw this set again as we were walking back to the car. I thought we had our chance as I didn't see the black guy initially. I saw some foreign guy and his friend talking to my target. Then I saw the redhead just standing a few feet away. I approached my target and said, "Look at you following me. Lol. You guys are still out here." She was actually more receptive to me this time. I then saw the black guy and realized Seagull and I weren't gonna be able to pull these two. It was the same situation as before.

I had pulled my target's attention right off the foreign guy and his friend. The guy kept trying to get it back but he sucked. He kept trying to talk to her at first and I just kept talking in her ear and she ignored him. I stalled at one point and he started to say, "I wanna talk to you. Come here." She turned around and said, "What?" but didn't go there. I used the TD line, "Okay man. Show me your moves man. I'm listening."

The guy tried making fun of me by saying, "Are you Jackie Chan? Do you know Jackie Chan?"

The girl walked away from them so I didn't need to respond. I just walked away too. I tried one last try for a pull. I said, "My car is right there. I can give you guys a ride home." She said, "I'm not going anywhere in your car. Sorry about those guys. They were assholes. Have a good night."

The only other move I could think of here was to plow with her more and try to escalate since she had been more receptive and the friend was no longer giving me shit.

I kept telling Seagull that if we had ran into this set before the other guy had, we would have had a really good chance of pulling this set.

Nice try AMOG:
I was gonna end this entry but this AMOG battle above reminded me of a short one on Division before the set I just wrote about. This cute blonde had stopped a cab and then let it go. I knew she was with a brunette. I opened my blonde in the street with the Jeffy line. Again I didn't go for the instant make out though. I was up close to her and touching her. I spun her around and then held her hand and pulled her to the sidewalk. I learned that the two girls were with a 3rd girl and that's why they had let the taxi go.

My blonde had this novelty necklace on with a little cup attached. While I was talking to her, this black guy stopped. He asked her, "What do you drink with that little cup?" She responded, "Fun little drinks." He then tried to get her to come over and she was about to start moving there. That's when I stepped in. I still surprise myself how I parry so many AMOGs so easily now. Most of the time, the girl plays along with me too. This set ended up not turning into anything, but I know I would have lost the set to this guy not too long ago.

As he was motioning for her to go over (I think he said something verbally too but I don't remember what he said), I put my arm around her and said, "This is my little sister." It made no sense but that old TD/Owen line popped into my head. The guy made a poor response by saying, "So how do you like your brother?" She said, "Great, can't you see we look like twins." At this point, I faced her and grabbed her hands with my hands and started talking. The guy gave up, of course.

This reminds me of the best AMOG move that I don't do often enough. It's happened to me of course and when it does, I'm like, "Wow, perfectly executed." The move is that you just grab the girls hand or put you arm around her and just lead her away. You just completely ignore the guy and there's not much he can really say or do. The closest thing is any strong kino, but from guys doing that to me, I know you also have to just ignore the guy and start plowing her with something so she's completely focused on you.

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