Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tried to pull a 2-set while setting up the 3some frame unsuccessfully

Tonight was proof of why I shouldn't be afraid to go out solo. I often get breakthroughs solo. I made so many posts today as there were a ton of interesting things that happened. Also, I think I made some very obvious screw ups.

It was the end of the night. As I was out in the suburbs, this place closed at 3am on Saturday. Around 2:20am, I started doing the usual late night silliness. I thought the night was gonna be a bust. I was getting ready to walk out the door when I saw this 2-set by the bar. I went up to the shorter brunette as she had pale skin.

I can't remember the exact sequence of how I opened. It was late night, so obviously, I went in with full intent and I was really up on her with strong eye contact. I either did the Jeffy opener, or I started with, "Hey, I wanted to meet you. I'm Pokerpua. What's your name?" Actually, I think that's it. Then I said Jeffy's, "You are amazing. I love you! Give me a hug."

She hugged me and I could tell she was high buying temperature and into me. I knew the friend was gonna be a problem. I attempted to whisper into her ear, "We're gonna tell your friend that we already knew each other." I wrote "attempted to whipser" as I think I said this too loudly because just as I said this, the friend entered the conversation.

I introduced myself to the friend. "Hi, I'm Pokerpua. I met her two years ago. She saw me playing Golden Tee."

The friend started pulling on my girls arm. She hugged her and said, "She coming home with me."

I told my girl, "We're going for pizza." She moved away from her friend and got all excited. I put my arm around her. She said, "Yeah, I'm going for pizza! I wanna go for pizza."

The friend didn't seem too excited about the prospect. I grabbed her with my free arm and pulled her in. I had my arms around both girls and we were all huddled in close. I asked the friend, "Where do you guys live? We're gonna have pizza and drinks." She said they lived in a town that seemed farther than mine. I told them where I lived.

At this point, I think the friend made a joke about them being lesbians. I laughed, "I wish that were true. I need a bisexual woman but you guys probably aren't adventurous enough." My target played along as she pointed out this girl nearby that had a nice ass with a really high skirt. She said, "She has a nice ass. You should tell her." I said, "I'll tell her you like her ass." She said I should.

I was trying to pull my target into me so I could initiate a make out, but just as I was getting some space, the friend got up on her. I had my arms around them again. I tried giving the friend my strong sexual tension look. We looked into each other eyes but it didn't feel on like it was with my target.

The friend said, "Yeah, we'll have a tailgate party in the parking lot." I grabbed my targets hand and started leading her out the door. I got about ten feet towards the door and then the friend said, "There, let's get pizza." The club had pizza slices ready to go at the door.

I couldn't get them out of the door so I maneuvered them a few feet so we weren't in the middle of foot traffic heading to the door. I was still trying to get face to face with my girl so I could try to kiss her, but the girls were huddled together and giggling while I had my arms around both of them.

Bold move but too early:
I'm happy that I attempted what follows but I think I didn't calibrate it properly. I tried to kiss my girl but ended up kissing her cheek. She didn't react to that. It was "yellow" light as Jeffy would say. She didn't start making out with me but she also didn't run away.

Things were chaotic at this point. People were rushing by. I have my arms around two girls and I'm all up on them and I'm horny as hell. They are giggling and huddled together. I think I verbally I was telling them, "Let's get out of here. After party!" I decided to kiss the other girl on the cheek. I stroked her hair and caressed the back of her neck. I kissed her on the cheek too.

They didn't immediately run away. Writing this, I would think that they would. Still, I don't think I did this right cause they did leave about fifteen seconds later. I couldn't hear what they were saying to each other, and I can't even remember what I was saying, if anything. I remember I kept saying my target's name. I had forgotten it, but I had picked it up from the friend calling out her name. I think I was saying, "(Target's name), Let's go!"

The girls were whispering and then they just took off. I called out, "Heather." I tried to catch up but they were walking pretty fast. At that point, I figure I fucked it up and gave up.

Sell the after party and lead:
Thinking back on this set, I think I should have made out with my target right away. It's usually better to isolate the target than to kiss her in front of the friends. I think silly, end of the night game, is different. I should have tried to make out with her right away when I felt it was on. The friend might have been more receptive if she saw it was that on.

The way it played out, I think I should have lead more firmly to the parking lot.

When I asked where they lived, I should have said, "Let's have some drinks at your place. Let's go" and started leading out the door. I was about to write that I should have invited them over but I think I basically had said, "I have drinks at my place."

Clearly, I need to lead even more than I did. I started leading out the door, but stopped at the slightest resistance. Jeffy said I have to lead more in general. I also think about Ozzie's book. He talks about how you often have to tug a little bit on the girls arm to get her to dance with you. Obviously, you don't pull it so hard that it hurts, but just a little tug.

I remember I said, "Let's go" and pulled my girl towards the door. She was following but then the friend tugged her back. I remember I wanted to have my arms on both of them but they had their arms around each other at the time so I didn't know how to do that. I guess I could have done the old Mystery move and held out both my arms like I was gonna lead one in each arm promenade style.

Oh why can't I have sets like this when I have a fucking wing!!!

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