Friday, July 22, 2011

Street game, a football analogy, and two minutes to go in the game

With football in the news, a football analogy would be a good way to explain how my night went. If I were a football team, the team played well but just couldn't get there. Just before half time, the team had a great drive but just couldn't get in the end zone. The second half was much of the same with some good moments, but the real game changer almost happened at the very end of the game.

Street set that I almost had:

I had a blast on Division and it was just me at the end for street game. I actually ran into the perfect set. There was this cute blonde just standing by herself in front of Finn McCool's. I was a little out of state by this point. I opened her but for some stupid reason, I thought she might be with these guys about fifteen feet away. I opened less aggressively than I might have had I been in state. Still, the conversation was going well and I was starting to kino. In less than five minutes, I got that look from her that made me feel like the set had popped. When I see that look, I know it's time to set up the kiss close.

Just as I'm about to do it, the bouncer starts telling us that we need to move on. They always do that shit trying to get people to get moving as people like to loiter. In proper state, I would have just said, "Yeah" or ignored him and continued. The fucker picked a horrible time to interrupt the set and I let him. My initial reaction was to put my arm around her and say, "Let go over here." She walked with me for like three seconds and then her logic kicked in and she said, "I've waiting for my boyfriend over there." I knew she was full of shit cause she had said she was waiting for some friend who was with her in leg room. She was high buying temperature too.

To continue the football analogy, I'd say it was like we had a great two minute drive to win the game and then we got a bad ref call and then the team just broke down.

Interception opportunity & A girl fight:

Mystery used to use the opener "Did you see the girls fighting?" Once again, I saw two girls going at it. It was just around the corner from the cops on Dearbourne. The girls had been arguing in front of the cops earlier. They started to fight and the cops didn't realize what was going on till they saw all these people moving to get a look. The cops came and broke it up and then started trying to chase everyone away. I walked back towards the middle of Division as I was gonna take the alley to go by The Hang Up bar.

I had my interception opportunity to drive for a touchdown. The girl was still standing there. She was holding onto this light pole kinda of how a stripper might hold it. It was like she was leaning on it and her ass was sticking out. Some dude was standing in front of her talking to her. He was trying to sarge but he was standing like five feet away. At the time, I still felt uncomfortable as I had gotten busted out, but on the drive home, I knew the play.

The move was to approach her, get her attention by saying, "Hey, there you are!" Then I would have leaned into her ear and said the Jeffy BS and then told her to give me a hug. I'd give her an intent stare after we hugged and would have went for the kiss. I think there was a decent chance this would have worked as she looked like she wanted to hook up with someone. Instead, I kept walking.

FUCK! I had my state together for most of the night but I lost it right at the end when I had probably the best chance of the evening to make something happen.

Early gaming and an annoying AMOG:
I started the night at the Apartment with a beer tapper. I met Vinny there and then 2j showed up about a half hour later. I opened a bunch of sets. A few girls were interested for a bit but I never got any set to stick. Two times, there was a cockblock friend. One other time, there was this annoying black dude with these two French girls. I hate the AMOG's that tell me lies to try to bust me out. I started dancing with this French girl and then this dude tells me she's his wife when it obviously wasn't. I knew he was full of shit so even though he was motioning her to go towards him, I tugged on her arm and she actually started dancing with me again. Then the dude put her arm around her and she went over to him as she did know him.

That's fine, but then I ended up talking to the friend and the same fucker comes and pulls her away from me. It's obvious he's jealous and just trying to bust me out. He wouldn't even acknowledge or talk to me. I bitched to 2j about the AMOG. I actually opened those French girls several times just to fuck with the AMOG. One time, I almost got her isolated from him but then she said she had to wait for her friend (the guy). If I hadn't gotten distracted by opening other sets, I think the move would have been to tell her that her friend was creepy cause he wouldn't talk and kept acting jealous.

Half Time street game & Close venue change with 2 black girls:

I was running street game like a mad man. Vinny and 2j actually had a good point that I should stop high fiving. I admit I was doing it way to much and it doesn't make sets stop in the street. The girls often just high five and keep walking. These two black girls were walking towards us and I stopped them. I think I just stepped in front of the girl I liked and started talking to her.

Vinny was actually in top form for this set. Wednesday night, I think he was just tired and too drunk as he was quiet and low energy near the end. For this set, he was loud and when he came in, he did a great job of pumping up the set. He was so on that initially I was having troubling keep my target's attention off of him. Thinking about it now, it's not a bad thing to just let your wing take over the set.

AMOG's with physical game:

We had the girls hooked and we had begun to talk about venue changing. At the time, I didn't want to go to Max Bar cause of the cover and the long line. I wanted to move them to Big City Tap, but thinking about it, the cab ride would have cost me more than the cover to Max bar probably. Plus, Max Bar was certain to happen. Before we even could move them, though, Vinny made a slight mistake.
I was all up on my girl but Vinny left enough space between his girl so that these two black dudes came up and started working our set.

I gotta give the one guy credit. Before I could even say anything, he opened my girl and then lifted her up. He did the hug spin that I usually do and then he immediately lifted her up with his arms and was carrying her. Of course she loved it as girls love that shit. It's too bad I'm not strong enough to do that. It's the ultimate way to take over a set.

That AMOG just left:
The AMOG put the girl down. She walked to the other side of the friend. Another guy was talking to the friend and he was doing a good job holding her attention. Vinny was just standing there. I tell him that he's too passive sometimes and he admits it. He could have preempted any AMOG coming in by being up on the girl early on and he could have pulled this AMOG's attention off the guy if he hadn't just conceded and let the guy talk to her.

I wasn't about to give up. I had that internal moment that I write about when I'm faced with an AMOG situation. I don't really want to do it, but I compose myself in a second and then go in when called upon to bust out an AMOG. I was trying to get my target's attention first by just saying stuff in hear ear, but the AMOG had her RAS and she ignored me. I then put my arm around the dude and said, "Look at you man. You're like my little brother." As always, I say this with a smile and it's in a tone of voice like we're all having a good time. Then, as I was letting go, I used the TD line, "Nice shirt man, I had one just like it in high school." Then I backed off and stood by the girl. I said, "Okay man, let me see your move with these girls."

"I'm not gonna mess with you with this." I believe that was what he said. Whatever he said, the message was basically that he didn't want to deal with all this to work the girl so he just left. Now I grabbed my girl's hand and said, "Let's go to after hours." The girl wanted to go to Max Bar. I started leading her away and she grabbed the friend and the friend left the dude. Vinny finally came back and we walked towards Max Bar. My plan was to bitch about the line and then sell Big City tap. My girl was down and Vinny tried to get a cab.

Suddenly, my girl's logic kicked in and she said, "Cab, oh no. We're just gonna go to Max Bar and they ran off."

We probably could have went over to the Max Bar line and started working them again. 2j said it seemed promising for Vinny and I. He said we could probably hang with them till closing time and have a decent chance at pulling. I didn't want to pay the cover though I did want to go. The problem was Vinny wasn't too into it so even if I went over, I didn't feel like he'd really be trying.

I think if Vinny just fine tuned a few things, this set would have worked easier. It was a good job to call the cab, but he should have lead the friend over to the cab while he was getting the cab. Also, as I mentioned, he needed to get up on the girl and not let the AMOG's slip in and he needed to not just give up when the girls were focused on the AMOG's. Still, he did a great job at the beginning. Without a wing working the friend, I might not have gotten that far.

On the way to my car, we were talking about the set and Vinny said, "The guy's friend just walked away." I explained to him that the dude didn't just walk away. He left because I had busted him out with my AMOG lines. I took the time to tell him that it would be easier to bust the dudes out if I had a wing putting pressure at the same time I'm doing it.

Street opens probably lead to a pull for 2j:
We got to Division and I saw these three girls standing in front of one of the bars. The one that caught my eye was this tall, thin blonde, who ended up being Polish. I suggest we start with that set and we walked over. Vinny was the first to get to them. I was behind him and 2j was behind me. Vinny opened them by introducing himself. I followed suit and so did 2j. I immediately started talking to the tall blonde. Vinny worked the blonde on the left, and 2j worked this brunette on the right.

It seemed to be going well with the tall girl. We were vibing and sexual tension was building through the eye contact. I was getting closer and closer. She made a comment about, "You are very close." I backed off for a bit. It was weird, I responded, but then I knew that it was sort of a shit test. She was enjoying the interaction and didn't want me to leave. I think I could have backed off like I did, but I should have kept talking as I did it instead of pausing and turning it into like a 5 seconds moment of silence.

Vinny's girl ended up walking instead. My girl then decided to do it after like 5 seconds. I think I should have just kept plowing and I could have kept her out there. I didn't want to follow her right in when she said she was going in. I think when I saw the friend starting to go in, I should have grabbed my girl's hand and say, "Let's go inside." I knew it was on for 2j when his girl didn't want to go inside.

I went in a few minutes later and just go on the dance floor. I figured the girls might venture out there and it would be cool for me to be already out there. I danced two songs and then went to look for them. I found 2j seated with his girl. There was another brunette in the set. Some dude was talking to Vinny's blonde and some dude was talking to my girl. I just went in and started talking in my blonde's ear while the dude was talking to her. I pull attention off of him.
The interaction was not the same as it was outside, though. I kept trying to get her to dance with me. Maybe I should have just kept vibing instead. She was talking with the friends and I danced by myself for about 30 seconds. I approached her again and tried to take her to the dance floor and she said, "Actually, I'm leaving."

I thought about going for the number close but I figured if she gave it to me, it would probably be a flake as I had lost momentum. Maybe I should have gone for it anyway.

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