Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looks awkward but isn't

There was a set last night and a set on Thursday that just made me think of something. On Friday, I was chatting with this girl that I knew was into me. I was trying to isolate her upstairs. She resisted and I tried to be persistent by physically leading her. Ozzie talks about this in his book. Sometimes, if you just lightly tug on their arm, they'll follow. The problem this time was that her cousin saw this and tried to bust me out.

A similar situation happened on Thursday. I was chatting with this girl. I went to try to spin her and she resisted. It looked awkward as she physically resisted the spin move. The guy in that set then put his arm on my shoulder and tried to tell me to go away. As he started talking to me, she of course moved away.

I have calibration now:

These two instances were annoying. One the one hand, I understand what they were doing. They just saw the awkwardness of that moment and tried to rescue their friend/cousin. The thing is these dumb asses don't realize that I'm calibrated enough to read what was going on. Also, these dudes hadn't been witness to the whole interaction.

With the couch girl, I was tugging on her, but she wouldn't budge so I had stopped and was gonna vibe with her some more. I knew she was attracted to me and by pulling off a bit and continuing to vibe, I knew she'd be fine with me and there would be a good chance of being able to isolate her later.

With the Thursday set, I also was gonna back off and try more verbals. I was actually close to leaving anyway.

Cool guy/Dick guy:
These two sets were examples of cool guys and asshole. I feel like I handled both. The Friday set was a black girl and guy. I thought the guy had said it was his girlfriend but then he clarified it was his cousin. I give myself credit for not leaving and then talking to the dude. I actually won him over but I didn't go back to the set. It was like I wasted all this energy winning the dude over and then I didn't feel I had the energy to start sarging my target again. I should have gone back here.

In the Thursday set, the guy was a dick. He kept telling me to walk away. I hate that shit. I don't like to leave when guys try to tell me to leave. I remember that I called him out on it. I said my usual, "Hey, we're all just trying to have fun here. Why are you acting like that?" That's when he qualified himself in a way and said, "You were making my friend uncomfortable." I think I said, "Hey, I was gonna leave anyway. No need to be rude, but I understand you're looking out for your friend."

Of course, what I was thinking is what I said above. I wanted to say, "Look man. I understand what you're trying to do. What you don't realize is that I've approached so many girls that I have calibration. (My ego wants to say, I've approached more girl in the last few months, heck probably last two weeks, then you'll ever approach in your entire life). In other words, I can read girls pretty well. You just saw the awkward part. You didn't see the whole interaction. On top of that, knowing that I made the girl uncomfortable, I would back off to make her comfortable, and then my verbal and vibing skills will get her attracted to me."

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