Monday, July 25, 2011

Do you want to fool around with me and my friend?

I went out Saturday night to this bar I had never be to before as 2j and I had both gotten a text messages for the place. It was free vodka cocktails from 10pm-11pm. I figured you can't beat free drinks on a Saturday. I suppose I should be drinking less as now I have deals for every day of the week and I keep taking advantage of them. I told Vinny about the event as I was getting there. The place has a strict dress code. It seems like you have to have a button up shirt as Vinny couldn't get in with a collared polo shirt. 2j and I laughed about how we had to tuck our shirts in; I hadn't heard of a place doing that since about 2000-01. The place was busy after about twenty minutes. I got into a few longer sets but nothing panned out. We headed out to Division.

I grinded with some hot black girls at this one place. The surprised me cause they stopped dancing with me after less than a song. Usually, I do better than that. Vinny was out on Division so we met up with him briefly. 2j and I started working the streets. I found out he has a close really close to the bars there. I told him that we'll certainly be able to pull there often.

2j ended up leaving cause he said he was too tired. I decided to keep working street sets. It was around this time that I got a text from my FB asking me to pick her up. I still wanted to work street game. I stopped this chubby blonde. She seemed into me. I went for the kiss close but it was no go and then she left shortly after that.

"Do you want to fool around with me and my friend?"

I think I'm gonna post this part of the FR as I need to settle this issue I have so I don't sabotage myself in the future. I had crossed the street on Division. I saw these two black girls walking through the crowd. I stopped the one I thought was better looking: she seemed like mid to late 20's. She was thin, about my height and cute. I grabbed her arm and said Jeffy's, "Hey. You are amazing. I love you."

She had stopped walking. I told her to give me a hug and she said, "For real?" Then she hugged me. Her friend was still walking so she started to walk after we hugged. I grabbed her hand and started walking with her. The set seemed promising by the way she held my hand. She wasn't holding it like a dead fish, which was good, but she also wasn't holding it enthusiastically either. The friend walked into this pizza slice place that's open till after the bars close. I walked in with her still holding her hand.

I remember that some drunk black dude started trying to talk to her. She was waving him off. I was trying to get her attention from him. I think I used the hot pepper line I sometimes use. She turned to me and we were really close together. I think I might have asked her what she's doing after the bars. What I remember for sure was that she we were looking at each other and she asked, "Do you wanna fool around with me and my friend?"

Of course I did, but here's where things got screwed up in my head. I didn't want to seem too eager and I also wondered how this could be real. I thought about a set about a month ago where the girl asked me if we should get a hotel room and then I started to worry that maybe she was next gonna ask me to pay for sex. I think it's because this type of stuff has only started happening to me in the last few weeks. I also think about the stories where my friend "Fatty" gets approached by prostitutes up in Milwaukee.

I replied, "Maybe. Where you stay at?"
She said, "Suburbs."

I said, "Me too. I live by O'hare, let's go."
I know that answer is bad regardless. That seems farther than it really is and I've gotten shit tested with that in the past. I need to remember what Jeffy told me about just leading and not trying to "convince."
She said, "That's too far. Why do we just a hotel room? There's a place that's only 60 bucks a night."

Now, I really started to worry she might be a prostitute so I just started to fuck things up even more. I said, "It's only 10 minutes away. Come over and we'll have a pizza and watch a movie."
She objected, "I don't want to have a pizza." She said something else and just suddenly ran off.

What went wrong in my head:

I think I got ASD and I was protecting my ego. The whole point of doing late night street game outside the bars is to find some high buying temperature girl, escalate fast, make out and then try to pull. The two times when the girl basically agreed, I screwed up things because I started to worry she might be a prostitute. That's stupid.

I remember last time that I asked "Fatty" how the prostitutes act towards him when he gets off the bus. He says they come up all aggressively and say, "Hey, you wanna party?" Then they keep pestering him. He doesn't blow them off right away but just plays dumb cause he likes to hear what they are gonna say.

I didn't want to pay for a hotel room regardless. Still, I asked Fatty if I got the hotel room, would I have gotten laid or would they have thrown out a price at that point. He thinks I would have gotten laid. It makes sense. A hooker makes the price known early on.

Besides that, these girls didn't approach me. I approached them, and thinking back on it, the girl seemed surprised at the beginning that I was into her. Hookers would have approached me. Also, they would have starting asking me if I wanted to party. Fatty also asked me how they were dressed. These girls were dressed like normal girls that were out that night and their outfits were actually more conservative than some girls.

How it should have gone down:
I think when she asked if I wanted to fool around with her friend and her, I could have still said, "Maybe." I should have just grabbed her and started making out with her. Then, I should have said, "Let's go" and started leading her to my car. Assuming I get her there, I'd start driving to my place and I could just say that it wasn't too far. As I was meeting my FB that evening, another option would have been to go to my one parking lot that was nearby where I messed around with a girl two months ago.

I'm making a forum post related to this. As I was thinking about that post, I realized that a quick way to figure things out would have been to start making out with the girl as soon as she said the post heading line.

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