Monday, July 18, 2011

Instructor Advice & I was in da hood

I'm glad I posted my field report because I ended up getting a response from Jeffy. Here's the link.. The main critique was "too much talking, too much acknowledgement of her objections. Too much 'convincing.'" You gotta love the forums: I actually got solid advice from one of the instructors that I look up to on RSD. For some reason, I kept thinking I had to have a response for all the BS objections girls throw out when I've tried to pull. I think it's because the first apartment pull with G two years ago involved a lot of convincing, as did my first SNL pull.

I suppose I had some feeling that I was doing that wrong. Back when I met "Purple Shirt Girl," I remember writing that the girl exclaimed, "I had an answer for everything she said." I thought that was a good thing, but then again, I also remember writing how scatterbrained I was with a pull plan. I threw out like a bunch of different ideas: come have pizza at my place, let's grab food, let's have food at your place, let's go to the car. Keeping Jeffy's advice in mind, I need to just pick something, and just tell the girl let's go. He said to blow off any objections with "yeah,yeah" and just keep leading.

Thinking about Saturday's set, I probably could have had her ditch the friends, especially after we made out while waiting to get the phone. Sure, it sucked that I had to take the train, but I could have just lead her to the train and then to my car. Alternatively, I guess I could have just said keep driving and said the exit to my house.

Obviously, I'm just gonna need to keep practicing and try to follow Jeffy's post and I'll get better at this. It's good to have a framework now.

I was in the hood:
I kind of suspected I was in the hood Saturday. Two of my friends used to go to the West Side to buy drugs so they know where that area is. I figured there would be shitty cars but my one friend said that's not always the case. You see some nice cars there. Also, since it was 5am, the streets were pretty empty. During peak hours, people are just standing around and hanging out all over. I've seen a glimpse of that when I used to drive down Garfield Blvd on the South Side to get to school. I remember driving by the Maxwell place on Independence and I remember that's near the area where my buddy said was the hood.

I'll close with an old NWA song below. BTW, I actually have been in Compton. There is a casino called Crystal Palace which is in Compton, so technically I've been in Compton and slept in Compton. Of course, it's safe there and I was never in the actual bad area. The casino is right off the freeway. The one thing I remember of the California casinos is that the security guards actually carry guns unlike in Illinois or Indiana.

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