Sunday, July 3, 2011

I shouldn't feel frustrated when I don't pull

I had a pretty good night, which I will be writing a field report about in my next entry. At the end of the night, I felt disappointed that we were going back to the car without pulling. I would giggle because I knew I shouldn't feel this way. I could still feel that pain when I got home which prompted me to write this entry.

I've written before that the goal each night should be to have fun and push my comfort levels. I met those goals and I should feel like it's an awesome night. Instead, part of me wants to think about the sets I didn't succeed in. I saw this cute petite blonde that I lusted over a few Sundays ago. She remembered me but I wasn't able to make anything happen with her; instead she was into some other guy. That's not even a big deal, but it bothers me a bit.

I felt like I gave the best effort I could and I should be happy with myself. That dark part of me thinks that there had to be some way to pull tonight if I had just done a few things better.

I know the answer. I shouldn't draw my state or happiness from whether or not I pull. That outcome involves factors that are not entirely under my control. All I can do is put my best effort. I opened the sets and I pushed to fast escalate. I actually tried throwing out the pull to my place which I was afraid to do just last week. I made a ton of progress on my main sticking points in just a week.

I'll close with this motivational video clip from We Are Marshall:
Embedding is disabled on that youtube clip so here's the link:

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