Saturday, July 30, 2011

Losing a wing & thoughts on girlfriends

Tonight I learned that Seagull decided to quit sarging as he decided to be committed to a girlfriend this week. I haven't had a chance to talk to him. He had warned me months ago that he was looking to do this. I tell all my wings that they have to get out of this what they are looking for so I can't judge it.

It did force me to ponder the situation in my own life. Sidegames used to be convinced that if I hooked up with a hot girl and she pushed me to be her girlfriend, I would stop sarging and make her my girlfriend. I told him then that he was wrong and contemplating it now, I come to the same conclusion.

I told 2j that I want this skill set. I told him that even if I banged that tall redhead that I've been lusting for, and she wanted to be my girlfriend, I would still be sarging.

(Multiple long term relationships)
That's my goal. Ideally, I'd have several good looking girls that I hook up with regularly. I'd also skill go out to work the skill set and to get SNL's or find new girls to turn into MLTR's. Some guys have an issue where they are bothered by their girls hooking up with other guys. I'm fair: if I'm gonna be hooking up with girls, of course they can hook up with other guys. I'd say I'm weird in that I'd actually want them to tell me about it.

Skill set is so close:

After all this time, my game is finally starting to get to where I always wanted it to be. At the same time, I'm humble in that I know I have a long way to go. I think ideally, I'd be good enough to pull at least once a week, but I know that's still far out there.

I believe I'm close to being able to get make outs regularly. For a short while, I was starting to believe I could get a make out every night. This week has been humbling in that I haven't gotten any. At least this week there haven't been obvious make out opportunities that I failed to seize.

I think I've been holding back myself at times. I was opening like a machine on the street. I pushed some sets hard but there were a few times that I wasn't getting up on the girls and really trying to escalate quickly like I normally do.

I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't pulled in a long time. With as much stuff as I do right, you would think that I would be able to pull more often. I think that going out as much as I do, one or two SNL's a month wouldn't be an unrealistic number to shoot for. I think that if I lived close to a bar, my chances would increase, but I should still be able to pull this off.

I can't let myself get too frustrated though. Realistically, the opportunities have been there, so I should be happy. The black girl from two weeks ago was almost a done deal. I just had to lead a little more at the end. The chubby Puerto Rican girl that night before that set on Division was a pull if I had just lead more at the right time. Then there were the two black girls that basically agreed to hook up with me; yet I got weird. That was due to my mind not yet accepting that reality that I could open a set hard and alpha and get a girl to basically agree to have sex with me in less than 5 minutes. The black girl last Friday that said, "Do you wanna fool around with me and my friend?" said that in like 3 minutes.

I have to believe I'm close. I have to believe I'm doing a lot of stuff right to even get these opportunities. Similar opportunities will present themselves in the future and I think in just two weeks, I'm prepared to make them happen. I think if the Puerto Rican set happened now, I'd make out with her and lead her out without letting her get sidetracked. I feel more comfortable that if I get a chick to respond well to my silly, fast escalation, late night street game, I'll believe it to be true and not screw it up in the way I did.

(As I was finishing that paragraph, I remember that chubby blonde I basically was pulling to that random dude's place. I really think that would have been a lay had I just walked with them to the dude's place.)

New Wing:
I'm lucky I met 2j off the forums. He's fun to go out with. I don't completely mess with him as I did with Seagull, but Seagull and I had been going out for like 3 years and I've only been going out with 2j for like two weeks. He has good game and I learn from him when I'm out. He says I'm positive and he is too. He never complains and we've always had fun even if we don't pull or make out with any girls.

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