Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tall girl set and persistence

I must be manic or something today. I can't sleep, which is the usual case nowadays, but I also keep reviewing the night and I keep finding new lessons. I figure I might as well write them down for myself so they sick in.

I was thinking about these two really tall girls I opened by the bar last night. They were both very attractive in addition to being tall.

I'm an approach machine nowadays. If I see a hot girl, I'll approach. The hotness scale has turned into gray scale, I would say. There are really ugly girls that I don't approach now. If I do want to increase my lays, maybe I should start approaching them again. Most of the girls fall in the middle though. I feel the same approaching what someone might rate as a "6" as an "8."

Every once in awhile, there are sets that I find really hot. It used to be just tall girls, but I've gotten comfortable approaching them now so I don't think I approach them any differently than others girls at this point. About three months ago, I might not even open some of these sets I found really hot. Last night, I just hesitated for about a minute and then psyched myself into going on.

I told 2j I was gonna go in with strong intent. I marched over there and open the set. Thinking back, I didn't do full intent. I opened them from a few feet away instead of really getting up on them. Mistake number one was that.

The more important mistake was I just bailed out. The girl that could hear me said they had boyfriends. I plowed for another sentence and then I turned around. WTF?

That was a shit test. My autopilot response is the Tim line, "Want another?" but I'm trying not to say that anymore. It has never worked for me. I think what I needed to do this case was say, "yeah, yeah" and then just vibe or tell my stories as usual.

I decided to write this entry cause thinking back, I realized that I was shocked with the shit test. I shouldn't be surprised. Part of me wants to say that I'm getting shit tested on looks. Perhaps that's a small bit. That's what I thought initially: I look dorky with my glasses so that's maybe why these hot girls immediately shit tested me.

I'm actually glad I wrote this because while that might be a minor part, the main part was I didn't feel entitled to them. I got a different response than I was used to because I opened them with less intent and confidence than I do in most sets.

In any case, I should persist and give them a chance to view my personality. Chances are they can get attracted as so many women do. I can't believe I leave sets sometimes when I get a lukewarm reaction. With the Polish girl that liked me at the beginning of the night, I didn't even get a bad reaction.

This is newbie shit. I suppose it's amusing I'd suffer from it at times. I can be happy that I have it handled for the most part.

Hot blonde:
There was a really hot blonde that 2j and I saw walk into the VIP section. That VIP section is amusing because I have yet to get stopped when I tried to go back there. There is usually a bouncer at the entrance. I guess that keeps most people away as I used to think I couldn't go back there. Even 2j said, "She went into the VIP section." He said it meaning we weren't gonna be able to follow.

I hesitated with that set too. They were seated and we stopped in front of them. I didn't want it to look like I was mustering up courage to approach so I just started chatting to some random dude standing there. In this case, I was stalling as not only was the chick hot to me, but it was also a seated set. I know you have to sit down with the set, but I still feel uncomfortable doing that at times. Ozzie says in his book that he loves those sets and send students there as the girls will give you more time to talk to them. The girls know they either have to leave or tell you to leave so they'll stall unless you really suck. By stalling, I mean they might have left if they were standing, but they keep letting you talk cause they don't want to leave the spot. In that extra time, sometimes you end up hooking them when you wouldn't have had they been standing.

2j pointed out a great opportunity to open them. I was BSing with the random guy and 2j said, "Some guy is talking to her friend. You should open now."

Without hesitation, I opened her. She was a good reference experience. She was nice and the set went off like any other set. The friend ended up dragging her away when the dude stopped talking to the friend about a minute later. I never did see the set again.

I must say it feels great to open every set that interests me instead of having those regrets of not doing it. Of course there's a realistic limit. I don't have to sarge every girl but I try not to chode out like I used to do.

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