Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black girl was grabbing my cock

As I was eating McDonald's after the bar, I thought about how screwed up at least 3 good lay prospects ever the past 2-3 weeks. It's like a comedy of errors. My game is good in many ways, but I have two things to blame for not getting new girls. First, is that I lack field experience with this late game stuff and with girls wanted me so quickly. The second problem is the inner game problem that my reality has to catch up with what has been happening.

I wrote before that if I had the usual decently long 1-2 hour set that I've pulled in the past, I'll have no problem. Instead, I had that chubby blonde that didn't really want me with the black guy and the girl that totally wanted him. I still think I would have gotten laid if I hadn't second guessed myself at the very end. Then, I had that tall, attractive black girl that wanted to get a cheap hotel. Part of that was the money issue as well. Then I had tonight.

I met up with Vinny at McGee's and I ate two dollar burgers. I opened the only real set there. Vinny disappointed me by not coming up to wing. I stopped the set a few minutes in and went to get him and he couldn't come. Then, he said he was watching the girls and he could tell they weren't interested. I told him, "No shit. I just talked to them for a few minutes. It's not always on, but you can turn that around." As I said before, he suffers from that natural syndrome where he only go for and gets girls that give him approach invitation or IOI's.

That being said, Vinny is usually outgoing and comes and wings. Tonight, he just seemed out of state. I think it's because his main girlfriend is coming in this week. He just seemed different when we were out today. We left McGees and went to Kincaid's. That place is solid for Wednesdays with $1 beers and a ton of girls.

Train set:
I almost never open at the train station or on the train but I should do it more often. Kincaid's is right by the brown line. The southbound service to the loop was done for the night so I had to go north and then catch the Red Line. As I got up to the platform, there was this cute brunette sitting there. As soon as I saw her, I opened her. I then sat on the bench but not close to her as not to startle her. The train pulled up too early. This set would have been something if I had 15 minutes to work her. I didn't sit by her on the train but I kept talking. It was hard to hear so I sat next to her. I actually tried to get her to come to an after hours place but it was no go. What I didn't try to do was try to go home with her. She mentioned she was going home. Yeah, it was unlikely to work, but a weakness in my game is I don't ask girls directly to come over or for me to go over. I'm gonna work on that more this weekend.

The really aggressive girl's friend:

I had some warm up sets at several venues before I walked into Leg Room. I circled around and ran into this large black girl with blondish hair. I opened her and started dancing with her. She was liking it and was getting into it. She even started grinding with me about 30 secs in. Her friend was way thinner and more attractive. She was about a 7: not really attractive but not bad either. She came up trying to get me to buy drinks and of course, I wouldn't do it. I kept talking to the large girl and the friend came back with a drink that looked like a white Russian. She complained how it cost $11. Damn. Glad I didn't chump out and buy drinks. (BTW, I saw the bisexual girl on the sidewalk as I was walking into Leg Room. She was with some black guy. I should have said hi but she was so far away that I would have had to jog over to catch up and I just went into the bar instead).

The birthday girl got tired and wanted to sit down. I lead her to a table. We sat down. About a minute later, the same friend came over. Now, I hate being drunk because I can't remember the exact sequence of events.

Grabbing my cock and talking about eating pussy:

I remember the friend came up. I remember putting my arm around her at some point. She started pushing me to buy drinks and I just said, "I don't buy girls drinks. They usually buy me drinks." I remember having that strong eye contact moment. It's funny how I can just hold eye contact and be so chill. I can only remember one time in the last month when I actually got nervous with eye contact and that was this tall girl with an really beautiful face and body in Wrigley.

I remember her saying some shit like, "You wouldn't even buy a drink if I grabbed your cock."

I remember her grabbing my cock after saying that and one time afterward. I pushed her hand away at one point. I think the second time I said, "If you're gonna be grabbing me, I'm gonna be grabbing your tit."

She started to ask me if like to eat pussy. I just smiled and shrugged. This is where she was over the top. She said, "I'm good at eating pussy." She mentioned some other friend that was there (I couldn't see her) and asked if I would enjoy eating that friend's pussy. I asked if she would. She said she already had.

Being chill helped me:
I gotta talk to Fatty about how to handle this whole situation as he has more experience with actual Ghetto black girls. The only black girls I've dealt with have been educated or grew up in the suburbs. Girls that grew up in the hood are different and Fatty has dealt with them a lot. When she was talking sexual stuff at first, I know the right move was to be unreactive. Style recommended just saying, "Respect" when girls would just throw outrageous sexual comments out of nowhere.

When she started grabbing my cock, I did one right thing by grabbing her tit. She was cool with it. Where I screwed up is I obviously should have started escalating more.

Seriously, WTF?!:
My failure tonight is just a sign of a larger problem. At first, I thought the girl was just messing around, but when she's grabbing my cock, letting me grab her tit, and talking about fucking, she was being serious. She was high buying temperature and I've never been with a girl that acted like this around me. Thinking back, I was like a deer in the headlights at some point. I had to have frustrated her by being to chill.

After she had grabbed my cock once, I remember our faces being close together as we were holding eye contact. I could have made out with her there and then started escalating quickly.

Seriously?! I titled this section that because I don't know what else I want a girl to do. I'm not gonna get girls to be more forward that what happened to me tonight. It bothers me that I didn't try to escalate more this set. I'm gonna continue to screw up lays if I don't work on fixing what's holding me back.

I Need More instant make out attempts:
When Kincaid's was closing, I went around trying to fast escalate but I didn't even get in the position I normally do where I hug the girl and go for the make out. I had some decent attempts at the end of the night with pulling girls in while dancing. I just didn't go for any instant make out or even quick make outs and that is the massive sticking point that I should work on the next few days. If I can get that down, it will really advance my game to the point of following through and getting more pulls.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chumped out on drinks for a bisexual girl

My buddy took me to see an advanced screening of Transformers 3. The 3D effects were awesome. I'll probably see it again. After the show, I decided to check out Lincoln Park. Vinny had talked about meeting up with me but he ended up going home. I went out despite the fact that I would be out by myself. The bars were noticeably slower now that DePaul is done with classes for the summer. I worked the 4 sets I saw in several bars.

I have a 3-day pass for the train so I decided to stop at Division. I figured I might as well check it out. It was slow, though it was busier than most of the Monday's I have been there in the past when it was cold out. The exception was that second day I was back in the game this year when Seagull and I went to Division on a Monday.

As there were drink specials, I got slightly intoxicated. I like getting drunk but the one stupid thing I've done is spend more money on drinks that I normally planned on. I actually started out netting drinks as I got recruited to play this drinking game. The game is sort of a relay where you drink like a quarter cup of beer and then try to flip your beer cup so it lands upside down. The group had provided a pitcher and then my team got another pitcher to play with as we had won. The game broke up when there was a dispute over who won the 3rd game. The other team had beat us but they also had cheated by going out of order.

I tried working this mixed 3-set after the game. I probably should have tried to sarge one of the girls involved in the game as the set was 1 guy and 3 girls. They ended up disappearing later in the game. The 3-set was some guy from Boston and two girls from Chicago. I approached and talked to the guy and he tried to dissuade me from entering the set. I ended up talking to the blonde, who had looked bored when I was working the set. My game was working on her, but then the girl cockblocked me and of course the dude joined in. Oh well. That was a bad sarge in that I knew I was gonna get cockblocked, yet I didn't befriend the other girl at all. Had I won her over, the set might have gone better.

Immediately after busting out of that set, I opened some random guy. I forgot to mention that I had opened two girls that I had spotted earlier. The chubby blonde was with some guy so I ended up talking to that mixed 3-set. Well, as I was talking to this random guy, the other girl from that set opened me.

We started talking and like the lesbian I met at Green Dolphin many Mondays ago, this girl was upfront with her story. I saw her checking out some girls that were dancing on the stripper pole and she told me she was bisexual. Of course, I liked that. I told her I'm into alternative lifestyles, though I never quite explained what I meant by that. I actually thought about this on Sunday. Sunday was the gay pride parade and while I'm straight and I don't even have any gay friends, I can appreciate other lifestyles. After all, the lifestyle I'm trying to live is far from a mainstream one.

This bisexual girl was large but the FB has taught me that they can give me some great experiences. That being said, I don't open these girls as often as I used to which is sort of a contradiction. I guess I try to go for the hottest girls, but I don't mind if I hook up with less attractive girls. On a side note, I should have tried to hook up with that larger girl in the redhead set Saturday night that wanted me.

I started to kino escalate on this bisexual girl and she reciprocated. I was getting turned on. The problem was after about twenty minutes, she started pushing for us to do shots. I ended up paying for that and I felt like a chump. I hate to admit it, but she got me for another shot right at closing time. I don't know what I was thinking cause I HATE buying girls drinks. It's not like I bought her a drink right of the bat, but I feel like I shouldn't be paying for drinks. I told her that I normally don't buy girls drinks.

Besides being drunk, I suppose another reason I bought drinks is that she is bisexual. I've searched in vain for a bisexual girl all these years so when I finally had one into me, I felt more invested that usual.

I think tonight was an eye opener regardless of what happens. You see, I gotta stick to not paying for drinks. I guess I should stop getting drunk as well if I wanna avoid this situation. I seem to buy drinks in longer sets as part of me feels like they have earned it. At some point, you do come of as cheap if you don't want to buy drinks. I guess if I hang out with this girl again, I gotta make her pay for some stuff. Anyway, I thought about how a hot 6 foot tall redhead or blonde would probably be able to get me to buy drinks after a long set, and I need to not do that in the future. Perhaps, tonight will be a lesson learned.

BTW, I tried to pull her. Before the bar closed, she made it sound like she was down for grabbing food, but when closing time came, she said she had to go home with her friends. Maybe I should have pushed more than I did. I tried to kiss close her a few times but she dodged it.

She wasn't totally scamming me. She did like me. At one point, we got separated at the bar. We were on the dance floor and she wandered off. I didn't follow and kept dancing. She circled back to find me and even asked where I had been.

She did number close me when were outside. I had her put her number into her phon at that point. I wonder still if I should have pushed harder for a pull. I also debated asking her friends to drop me off at the blue line station where I was parked. Part of me didn't even want the ride, though, because I needed the train ride to get sober.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Possible breakthrough: Finally went for instant makeout

Tonight, when we got to Division, I told Seagull that I was gonna focus on the Jeffy street opener. You just go up to every girl and say, "You are amazing! I love you." You hug her and then go for instant make out. I've been using this in street game but I've been holding back from going for the kiss. It was too scary to do it. I finally broke my cherry last night. I hugged a girl and tried to kiss her. It wasn't what I expected. She just kept moving her face to avoid the kiss but didn't get mad.

I think the breakthrough was that I use the opener a few minutes before that and I felt like I had a good chance of getting the kiss. I wrote Friday's FR that the last set of the night was another one that might have gone for the kiss.

Drunk girl on the dance floor + AMOG:

We were upstairs at Barleycorn for the usual last minute dance floor game run. I remember spotting this girl that I immediately sensed was drunk and high buying temperature. I pulled her in and started dancing. As I did this, this guy started grinding on me a bit. I knew he was trying to use that gay grinding AMOG technique. He persisted for like 20 seconds and turned around and was grinding his ass one me. I just didn't react and focused on escalating on the girl. The guy noticed I wasn't reacting and even qualified himself at the end by saying, "Sorry, I was just joking around."

I should have tried to kiss this girl and I feel like the breakthrough I wrote about will help in future dance floor sets. I know that failing to go for the kiss close often screws up a set more often than going for it does. It's especially important in this dance floor sets where the set is on right off the bat.

4-set, target doesn't like me but friend does:

I opened this redhead on the street. She walked away after like 20 seconds and I stood around waiting for Seagull to find me. A few minutes later, I hear someone calling my name. It's a girl in a 4-set. I went back into the set as I knew that was an IOI. I tried sarging and escalating on the redhead but she told me she had a boyfriend and kept backing off.

I found Seagull and we went up to Barleycorn. At some point in the dance floor area, I found the 4-set. I approached them again. This large Latina girl was all excited to see me and yelled my name out. I tried escalating with the redhead again. I spun one of the other girls and I danced with the large Latina girl. I ended up dancing as part of a dancing circle when Seagull found me. He asked, "Why are you dancing up on a girl?" He was right. The answer was that my target didn't like me, but that other girl did.

In retrospect, I should have taken a phone number. If I want to increase my lays, I should work all angles. I would have hooked up with her but at the time I was hoping to find something better. I also wondered if she'd go for me even though she had to know I wanted the friend.

Drunk red dress girl:

There was this cute southern girl with three guys. I had seen her standing around when the bars let out. I found her later standing by this light pole as the three dudes were talking in a circle. I approached her with the Jeffy opener. She hugged me and we held eye contact. I think she might have gone for the kiss if I had gone for it but I felt uncomfortable with the guys there. This black guy that was standing by tried to AMOG me. He said, "Let me guess, you are from North Carolina too?" I just said, "Yeah" and focued on the girl.

I knew she was high buying temperature. I tried to push for food, which is stupid. Tonight I was falling back on that instead of just pushing for the pull. She pointed out that she was with the guys, which I already knew. I ended up leaving because I just figured it was horrible logistics and I was better off looking for more sets.

On the ride home, I thought that maybe I should have pulled her about 20 feet away on the sidewalk and went for the make out. If I could escalate like that, maybe I could get her to ditch the guys.

2-set pull attempt:

Our last set of the night was this 2-set we saw walking along the road next to the sidewalk. We opened them at the same time which I think is the best way to do fast street game. My experience has been that sometimes, in a 2-set, I'll get the one girl interested, but I won't have time to game the other girl and she'll quickly pull the friend away or cockblock. With this double opener, we stopped both girls and had them occupied.

I used the Jeffy opener and tried to kiss her but it didn't work. I got close to her. We were standing in the street and it felt like she might walk away, so I told her, "You're gonna get hit by a car." I grabbed her hands in the mercy game type grip and pulled her into me as I backed onto the sidewalk.

I kept plowing with verbal game as I tried to change up my kino so it was dynamic man-to-woman type kino. I put her arms on my shoulders as I put my arms around her waist.

I was selling the Elly's pancakes pull. Seagull told me later he was surprised by that because we had talked about just going for the pull instead of food. I agreed that I shouldn't push the food. The other girl mentioned that they were headed to McDonald's and I started talking about Rock N' Roll McDonald's. I told Seagull that perhaps we should start pushing that for food as it would be a lot cheaper than Elly's.

We ended up losing the set. It's hard to remember the exact moment as everything happens so fast with these late night street sets. I remember I sensed the friend was gonna pull her away and I started to say, "I wanna call you." I felt it was bad game but I didn't know what else to do. I suppose this is street game is still a work in progress.

More Jeffy openers near closing time:

As I was going for the actual make out, I realized that I should be doing this in say the last hour at Joe's or Barleycorn, or wherever. The opener doesn't work as well when it's a 3 set, for example, that I'm stopping as the other girls hear it and try to drag the girl away as I'm doing it. I realized that doing the opener at the bar around closing time is perfect. The music means only the girl can hear what I'm saying. If it's crowded and loud, I think I might be more likely to get the kiss. We'll see.

I need to practice pushing for the pull:
I'm still hesitant to just throw out the pull to girls I just met with the street opener. I need to get over that mental block in my head. I've heard Vinny do it in person and when it doesn't fly, it really isn't the big deal that I suppose my mind fears. I wonder if I should throw in the Apocolyse opener a few times so I can get comfortable putting it out there.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

We could get a cheap hotel room & not being in my reality gives me screwed up thoughts

Tonight was just a chaotic night. I liked the free drinks too much and I remember saying, "Being fucked up is fun!" When I'm drunk lately, I find myself opening more sets on the dance floor. Even early on, when there weren't many people on the dance floor, I remember going into sets near the dance floor and trying to get girls to dance.

Girl liked me until I opened friend the same way:

Seagull was in this set that was so on. I thought he was gonna pull and he was close. I spent that entire 30+ mins or so standing in the same spot. It was the same spot where I stopped the girl last week: it's in this open area by the staircase. I stopped countless sets and was getting busted out a lot, which I actually found humorous. Between bast escalation and street game, I wonder how I can ever worry about rejection cause you do start to get immune to it.

I stopped this moving girl. She kept telling me she had to find her friend. I kept her there for a little bit but then she wandered off. I remember escalating fast. I had my arm around her and I had my arms around her waist. A bunch of sets later, I saw her walk by again. I pulled her in again. She didn't stay long this time by leaned in and kiss me on my cheek next to my mouth. She began to walk away and then I pulled her in again. She did the same thing and then ran off.

I kept opening sets and this chubby blonde came by. Of course when I'm in his stupid mode, I just do the same fast escalation stack. She stopped and we were holding strong eye contact and I we were really close together. Suddenly, her friend appears and it's the same girl. I remember saying, "Oh, this is your friend?"

I felt like I had fucked up because now she thinks I do this with all the girls. That might be okay but not when it's the friend. I remember saying, "Let all have a fun night" as I had my arms on both girls but they wandered off. I found the blonde again and as I was drunk I said something stupid like, "Hey, I like your friend." She said, "She doesn't like you."

At the very end of the night, I saw Seagull talking to the blonde. There was a 3rd girl there and my target was standing next to this big black guy. I hesitated about going in for about a minute and then I went and opened the girl. She said seomthing like, "I don't like you" or "Go away." At least I didn't have to worry "What if?"

One day, I'm gonna get into a fight:
I was thinking about why I've have more confrontations lately. I think it's because I just won't bail out as easily when competing guys come in. Sure I didn't just give up in the past, but I would often leave if the guy was more aggressive about blocking me out. I was standing in that same spot, and I saw this girl standing by herself. I opened her and was talking to her for a bit. I wasn't really locked in so there was a bit of space between us. Suddenly, some Eastern European dude came in and started talking to her. I kept standing there.

"This is my girlfriend," he said.

I kept standing there. Keep in mind this was all within in like 10 seconds. Then he asked me, "Do you know her?" At that point, I knew he was full of shit. If it was his girlfriend, he wouldn't ask me that in the way that he did. I said, "Yeah." As he's having this short conversation with me, she walks off.

I laughed, "I see what you're trying to do. That wasn't your girlfriend."

The dude got all mad and made this waving motion and said, "Go on, get out of here."

I didn't want to leave that spot as it's a perfect place to open. I just stood there and said in a calm voice, wit ha a smile on my face, "This is my spot."

The dude looked at me and waved again and said, "Get on out of here."

I repeated, "This is my spot."

The dude just walked away. What a fucking chump trying to use me to build confidence. I might have believed him and just given up if he hadn't asked me if I knew her.

I titled this section the way I did as I'm getting way more confrontations that I ever had. It doesn't happen every night, but I've had 3-4 this year. I suppose I also have been going out 5+ times a week so I have a bigger sample size. I seem to handle this shit well as I have yet to get into a fight.

Street Sets:
I had a 5-10 minutes set with this cute brunette in a red dress. She was complaining about the girl and guy friends she was with. She told me she was waiting for them. I was my usual positive self. I was trying to escalate but she kept backing off and it made sense later when she told me she has a boyfriend. I did my best to make something happen but she decided to walk off. I later saw her standing near the entrance to the club waiting for her friend.

Just when that set ended, I saw Seagull working a two set. The two girls were sitting on the sidewalk. Seagull was squatting next to one girl. This random guy was standing by Seagull talking to the set. Seagull later told me that the guy had seen the situation and came in trying to wing. He had pretended to know Seagull. I didn't know any of that. All I saw was some random dude. I went right in. I still amuse myself how I can just lock out guys so easily. I introduced myself to the obstacle and then pointed at Seagull and said, "Hey this my friend (Seagull's name)." I then started talking to my girl and then the dude walked off.

I actually thought we might pull this set. Seagull got his girl to stand up and he gave her a piggy back right down the street. I sat down next to the girl and was talking to her. She seemed comfortable with me touching her leg at times and with me having my arm around her and kinoing the back of her neck. The problem was she started to say she wanted to go home. She also started to worry about the friend and started calling out her same. Some random guy was walking by and she told him to get her friend. The guy first went up to a random 2-set and then she told him it was the girl piggyback on a guy (which of course was Seagull). Seagull and the girl came back. We were both trying to push some sort of pull for food or to my place but then my girl said she had to pee. I tried to sell Elly's but the friend said they were gonna go back into the club to use the bathroom and they left.

We could get a cheap hotel room:
This was a weird set in many ways. I kept telling Seagull the story cause I couldn't quite figure it out. It seemed like it was on, but I felt like I hadn't done much. Part of me started to wonder later if she had been a hooker. There is evidence both ways.

After we lost that two set, I decided to open this tall black girl. She had hair colored similar to Beyonce. She was standing next to the wall talking on the phone. I opened her, probably with the high five opener I often do on the street. I remember I through in my Miami routine and she asked me where I was from. She said she didn't believe I was from Chicago. She kept bugging me to see my ID. I didn't show it to here but a few minutes later she ended up asking me. I only mention this because it's evidence of the hooker theory as I know escorts want to see an ID cause they think it means you're less likely to be a cop, which of course is BS.

BTW, the huge thing pointing against her being a hooker was that she never once mentioned me paying for anything. I guess that should be the most certain evidence there. I guess I kept wondering how this set could have been so on. I felt like I didn't really do anything.

It's almost all there:

I guess I've internalized most of the stuff I do need to do, so I often don't give myself credit for doing those things. It another area of me still continuing to grow into this PUA reality. I guess the big thing for me is that I hadn't kissed this girl or made out with her so I was wondering how it could have been on. Then again, in this same street spot, I opened drunk girls a few weeks ago and had two high buying temperature sets. I gotta remember that the girls get drunk, get high buying temperature and want to hook up. Heck, there was this set Seagull and I had tried to pull before we left. I was working the one girl and the other girl was texting. I read the text it was basically her telling her FB that she wanted to come over and hook up. I gotta remember that girls want sex and want it from me when I do this right. It's just gonna take time for me to fully accept this new identity.

Anyway, he's what I know I was doing right. Our eye contact was strong from the beginning. I think back about how I used to get so nervous holding eye contact. Now, I'm just completely relaxed and I enjoy gazing into their eyes. I smile now cause I know it's creating sexual tension. I was kinoing her and it was dynamic kino. I touched and help her hands for a bit. I remember having my arms on her waist as we were talking and holding eye contact.

At one point, early on, she asked to use my phone to call her friend. I remember that she had been playing with her phone before I opened her, so I said, "What about your phone?" She said the battery was dying. She started to walk off like she was gonna try to use someone's phone. I pulled out my phone but before she called I said, "This person isn't gonna call me this week looking for you? My friend (this guy I knew from this casino) used to make everyone use *67 before calling anyone)."

She reassured me that it wouldn't be like that and I let her use my phone. No one answered and she gave it back to me. Now, this was another weird thing that an escort might do. The more I write this report, the less likely I think it was the case. A girl might call her pimp or use my phone to call her, but later we saw her by Division getting into her own car. More on that later.

After the phone call, we kept talking. I started to push for an after party. Seagull later thought he heard me mention, "The Hang up" which is a venue by Division. I was telling her, "Let's hang out." I said we should have an after party. I said I'm west and only live 10-15 minutes away.

"That's too far," she said,
I replied, "It's not. It's close."
She objected again. I asked, "Where you stay at?" (That's what black people say when they ask where you are living. It might just be "Where you stay?")
She had said earlier she was from Indiana. She replied, "I have a hotel room downtown."
Of course, I said, "'Sko. Let's go hang out there."
She said, "My family is staying there."
I persisted, "Let's go by me. I have cold beers and fish that do back flips."
She answered, "I really need to stay around the downtown area."

"Oh, you want to party? We could just get a cheap hotel room."

That's probably what got me thinking about the prostitute situation. Prostitutes will ask you, "Do you wanna party?" Fatty has said prostitutes approach him in Milwaukee when he's by the bus and say that shit. I have to ask him again, but I believe they start mentioning prices, which this girl didn't.

Assuming this was just on because my game is strong now, I screwed up when she mentioned this. I made a weird face. I was thinking two things when she said this. First, I didn't want to spend that money as there is no cheap room around downtown. The places where there are cheap rooms would take as long to get to as my place. The second was I wondered if she was gonna try to charge me cause this shit was so sudden. The later is just me still not believing in myself something, I think.

She actually left me and I saw here walk a bit down the street. She looked like she was getting a taxi. I was gonna give up, but I decided to try again. I grabbed her arm to get her attention. She said something like, "Why are you touching me when you don't want to get a hotel room?"

I didn't have an answer so I wandered off and Seagull and I went to Division.
Edit: Just as I was about to post this, I remembered something Seagull mentioned. The right response would have clarified things. I should have said, "Okay, let's split it."

Should have tried for an instant make out:
We got to Division when the bars had already been closed for about 10 minutes. I worked a 2-set right away. I talked to them for about 5 minutes or so but we wouldn't get them to go anywhere. Vinny found us there. I learned the lesson of plowing. The girls said they were going but Vinny plowed them. Then, I plowed some more and they stayed a bit longer before finally leaving.

After a few more attempts, we started heading to the car. I saw this girl in this flower print dress. I opened her with Jeffy's routine. I told her to give me and hug. As I was hugging her, I thought about the instant make out. I think this girl would have went for it. After the hug, she kept her head near me in a way that was different than the way other girls had reacted to this routine in the past. I couldn't have gotten a pull as she was with a bunch of friends. I still should have made the attempt. I think this instant make out shit will make me more comfortable going for a kiss in general. She started to walk away after the hug. I pulled her back in and I lifted her up and spun her around. The girls always giggle when I do that and I should do that more often.

Had another chance but missed it:
As we were walking to Seagull car, we were talking about that black girl. He then saw a girl across the street and said, "Hey isn't that her?" It was her. She looked like she had come from the Hang Up bar. In a strange coincidence, she was parked right behind Seagull. I should have opened her again. At the time, I was afraid she'd think I was following her, which was a dumb though. I even walked around the front of Seagull car so I wouldn't have the option of opening her.

The move was to catch up to her and say, "Hey, it's you again!" I then could have teased her for following me. After some more high energy stuff, I could have said, "You didn't tell me you had a car here. Let's go for a ride."

At time time, I was also thinking, why was she leaving that bar alone again? It made me think maybe she was looking for more clients there. That theory makes less sense though, the more I think about it, and you can see that from the way I've been writing this. She could have gone to the Hang up to look for friends. She had used my phone to try to call her friend. The fact that she was driving her own car too means she wasn't calling some pimp on my phone, I think.

Besides, as I wrote above, what kind of hooker would never mention any price. It's not like she mentioned the hotel room right away. she mentioned it after I had gamed her and kino escalated. I'm half tempted to edit this hooker theory out of the blog but I'm gonna leave it in.

Fix my reality:

The biggest lesson here is that I really have to believe that I can do these fast pulls at the end of the night. Part of me believes it and that's why I'm making the effort to do so. I finally get a girl to verbalize that she was willing to get pulled and then I start thinking weird thoughts because I didn't want to accept that a girl wanted to hook up with me that quickly.

The street game pull makes sense. Other guys in the community have told me how they had massive success pulling drunk girls out on the street when the bars have closed. The girls are horny and high buying temperature and drunk. I'm also exhibiting a lot of high value behaviors girls look for in guys. I'm being persistent and dominant without being needy. Once I start accepting it into my reality that I'm actually this PUA that I always wanted to be, the sooner I'll have more lays. Accepting myself doesn't mean that I don't have to improve. As TD/Owen says, you can always improve.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Long set with a black girl with a possible future Day 2

Tonight I was out with Vinny. We hit the dollar burgers at O'malley's. I was gonna open some sets there but I wanted to eat my burger first. We ended up leaving there right afterward. I should request my tall waitress there as the one we got was shitty. She took forever and didn't remember to bring us water.

I tried this blonde in this seated seat with 2 guys and 3 girls. The set was going okay but then the friend cockblocked me. I guess I should have worked more on befriending the group. The other option was I should have isolated her to the bar. For some reason, I still don't isolate as often as I should. In some sets, I push for it more than others but that was only the second set I opened during the night. The first was this 2-set. The girl ended up doing the "Nice to meet you" blowout. The funny thing is that she was there with a girl. Some guy showed up to meet the friend and for the 15 mins I spent after the set, the girl who blew me off just sat there looking bored.

The net theory:
Vinny was talking about how he goes for very few girls. I wanted to explain to him that it was the typical MO of a natural. They go for girls that give them massive IOI's or look high buying temperature. I tried to explain that, yeah, some sets are harder, but with the right moves, you can increase your chances of working them.

I'm so glad that I have brought back my approach machine mentality of the old days. If I see a girl I want, I do my best to approach here. Take this tall girl at the same bar. She was in a mixed set with 3 guys and 2 girls. It looked like it would be shitty. The guys didn't cockblock at all. I ended up busting out but she gave me a good 5 minutes to game her.

Dancing with a black girl:
I worked a bunch of sets at The Apartment. I only had a little over an hour since we had spent time eating the burger and hanging out at Kendall's. I tried opening on the dance floor and working some sets but nothing really exciting happened. We tried some street game including this tall blonde but nothing again.

The set of the night ended up being in this mixed 3-set. It was a black guy and two black girls. I was just about to try a new venue when I opened them. The whole set was cool and my target was very high energy. She even went to dance on the stage. On top of being a good dancer, she shared my passion for travel. I ended up hanging with this set for almost the whole time were were at Division. Near the end, she asked if we were gonna get drinks. Vinny and I had actually just talked about this . I won't buy drinks if girls ask at the beginning but if the interaction looks like it's going somewhere, I sometimes do. It remains to be seen if I screwed up here or not.

We danced and the escalation was okay there but I didn't kiss her. We slowly grinding more as the night continued. Of course that turned me on and I started to think about how I really want to hook up with a black girl since I've never done it before. I guess I'll have more prospects Friday as the place we go to usually has a lot of hot black girls.

I thought of what my move was at the end. I had number closed her. I wanted to do more. Part of me wanted to push for a food close. I might have been able to do that if I pushed the guy and girl for it but I also didn't want to pay for food either. At closing time, I tried asking her if she wanted to hang out. She did but asked when. I said she could come by and look at some vacation pics and have some beers as I stay up all night anyway. She said she was tired but we talked about meeting on Sunday. I'll have to run decent text game for her not to flake.

We tried some street game after the bar close and that set left but nothing happened. There was this set form Kentucky that Vinny and I had worked briefly. I was pushing Vinny to help me try to close them but he didn't like them for some reason. I guess I should have pushed for it myself but I didn't.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From horrible mood, to almost falling asleep, to It's on!

Jeffy says in Jeffy Show 2 that once you get enough reference experience that if you push through the bad state and bad sets the night will be better, then you learn to trust that will happen in the future. I needed it Tuesday night. Most people would have quit at several points in the night. I almost watched to ditch. I felt tired and tried to get a nap. I slept for about 10 minutes before text notification woke me back up. I drove out to pick Fatty and I was in a bad mood since I had not eaten anything. Then, he was drunk already and kept screwing up the directions to the house where I was to pick him up.

When I finally picked him up, he was really drunk. I was afraid at one point that he wasn't gonna get in. I even dropped him off right in front of the bar while I looked for parking as he had said he needed to piss. I finally found parking 10 minutes later and went in the bar. I called him to find him and he tells me he's still looking for the bar outside!

I finally start to get in a better mood when we get a table and order some beers and two pizzas. The White Sox are winning too, which helps. I'm not really that into baseball anymore, but I was a big Sox fan growing up. I liked watching the Cubs vs Sox since I still enjoy that rivalry. I love cheering at the bar knowing that there are Cub fans there.

We were sitting outside and suddenly the downpour that we had been hearing was gonna come started. Luckily, we were able to grab a spot by the covered bar area since the outside was better than inside. The pizza came and from all the beer and food, I was so sleepy. Fatty kept nodding off and I had to keep nudging him every minute for the 8th and 9th innings of the baseball game. I told him he had to stay up as if he kept falling asleep, he'd get kicked out. I told him I wanted to leave but since I had drank so much, we had to stay till close to I would be sober.

I told Fatty that once the game ended, we were gonna move around and get on the dance floor so we'd stay awake. We walked around and I felt overfull and tired. I didn't open for at least a half hour. I started to get mad at myself cause we came out to sarge and I couldn't believe I was gonna just not open. Not since I started the game have I ever had a night where I just didn't open. Sure, I didn't open a few weeks ago when I was out with Latina Nurse and then I had to leave so I could pick up the FB on the way home, but that's different.

First Set:
I remember that I was getting blown out pretty quickly out of most of the sets. I had that theme in my head, but thinking back, the first set wasn't that bad. I opened this light skinned Mexican girl by the smoking area as Fatty was smoking. I had feared that I was gonna bomb, but the conversation went pretty well. I only ended up losing her because her two friends left and naturally she followed them.

Opening with dancing:

I'm getting more and more reference experience that I can open with dance moves. My problem now is that I don't feel comfortable opening on packed dance floors. I'm talking about when you have to squeeze through people to move around. I remember reading that the move in that case is to just straight up start grinding on girls. I've seen dudes do this. The bust out rate, of course is huge, but I need to start doing that more.

With this set, we were off the dance floor. I was walking and starting moving to the song that was on in this open area. There were three girls nearby. I decided to just work my way towards them. I opened with usual dance floor method. I got close and made her give me a high five. I dance in front of her for about 15-20 seconds, and then I grabbed her hand and made her do a spin. I pulled her in a little bit and we danced some more. She turned away a little bit and I decided to hip bump her. She smiled and then faced me again. I danced by one of the friends and got introduced. A forth friend showed up and my target told me that it was that girl's 21st birthday. My target wanted me to dance with the birthday girl but she didn't want to. I started to dance with my target again and she got really close.

She gave me a huge IOI by starting to rapid fire rapport seeking questions like an AFC/chode. This is huge. Most girls have shitty game, so when they like you and want to game you, they'll start asking the same boring questions that most AFC guys ask girls: "What are you from?" "What are you studying?" "Where did you go to school?" I knew it was on. The girl impressed me too as she said she is into reading and not many people are nowadays. She's premed and doesn't go out much.

Suddenly, she gets pulled away. We had been in our own bubble and I hadn't even noticed the friends walking away. The last friend pulled her away and she had to go. I figured I'd see her again and open her again but I never found her. In retrospect, I should have followed her immediately or made a solid effort to find her again shortly afterward. I couldn't control the drag-away. I thought I had neutralized her friends since I had interacted with them, but I was wrong.

Stupid orbiter friends:

I opened this 3-set pf Irish girls. Joe's was crazy tonight. I have never meet so many Irish girls (as actually from Ireland with the accent) in a bar in Chicago before. There were swarms of them, and on Sunday that was the case too. I opened this tall blonde and this orbiter guy almost imemdiately comes in and tries to bust me out. He says, "I'm with that girl." I said sarcastically, "Yeah, they are all with you, right?" I tried to use the usual "little brother" tool. I should have tooled him more about his shirt.

That shit just pisses me off. I can almost guarantee that he's not even with any of them. He's just some stupid orbiter friend that can't get with any of them and wants to bust out any guys that come in. His BS distracted the girl enough that she back turned me and the set ended up walking away.

I told Fatty that shit like that is why I have no mercy on other dudes. I usually will try to be cool with any guy friends but I should feel free to tool them more and just flat out ignore. That's what I did that on Sunday with that cute blonde. She even claimed to have been with her boyfriend and I still surprise myself with how easily I can pull attention off most guys.

Girl was interested in a pull:

We were at Joe's all the way to the end. I started to do the silly fast game. I stopped this two set. It was a moving set and I was able to stop the first girl. I did some high energy stuff and put my arm around her. She put her arm around me which was a good sign. I told her we were having an after party and she started to ask questions about it. She was ready to go for it but then the friend pulled her away. That was my fault. I needed to involve her. I told Fatty that he also should have been working her as I was working this one.

It was a good set regardless. I see how this can work. I stick by what I wrote this weekend: if I focus on pulling for the after party as much as I used to focus on pulling for food, I'm bound to get some girls to come back and hang out at my place. The trick will be then to be able to escalate it to sex.

AMOGing for my wing:
Fatty opened this Irish girl outside. He was talking about having an Irish background and some loud guy tried to get into the set by using a fake accent. Fatty later told me that he thought the girl knew the guy. I explained that it was just some random AMOG trying to get in on his set. I remember watching Fatty talking to the girl and that fake accent guy was there, and then another AMOG came up too.

Fatty handled the first AMOG really well. He guy tried to introduce himself all high energy trying to get Fatty go qualify himself. Fatty turned and extended his hand saying, "My name is (his name)" and then turned back to the girl and full on ignored the guy. I thought about TD/Owen in "Foundations." He gives the example of some loud AMOGing wanting to look at some pictures you're showing. The loud AMOG would be yelling, "Hey, pictures! Pictures! Let me see those pictures!" You neutralize him if you react very slowly and then in a monotone voice give them to him and say, "Here." This was similar.

I jumped in when the two were standing there trying to get the girl's attention. To Fatty's credit, the girl was focused on him and not even paying attention to the dudes. I came in and said, "Look at you guys. Show me your moves. I was see how cool guys pick up girls."

The funny thing is that immediately after I said that, both guys turned around a left. I know those TD lines work, but it amazed me how it completely blew them out.

Fatty tried to push the after party. The girl gave some BS excuse. I put my arm around her and tried to sell it, but she wasn't comfortable with that and told me not to touch her. Whoops! Fatty talks about how he's hesitant to put his arms around girls. I said that most girls are cool with it, but yes, you occasionally get a blow up, but whatever... it happens.

Momentum works:

As I said in the beginning, most guys would have found many times to quit tonight. They might have just laid in bed and not even have gone out. They might have stayed in the shit mood I was in. When they got tired, they might have just stayed since I couldn't drive home, but they might have just decided not to sarge sicne they weren't in state. After I got a ton of bust outs, I know many guys would have again said, "Well, obviously this isn't happening as I'm feeling shitty" and left or given up. I kept persevering because that is how you improve in this game. Jeffy also would say that I'll get through future shitty moods more easily as I trust that just opening will eventually get me back in state.

Not that it matters, but I eventually did get that good set. That felt good but even without that, I was happy that I approached despite all the reasons I could have given to just end my night.

I should add that Fatty felt like he had the best night so far. He did okay Sunday, but Tuesday night, he was opening sets on his own. He went from almost nodding off during the game to being in a super awesome state. The reason, of course, was momentum.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking Fatty out and another missed fast kiss close

I had been horny today but fortunately I had plans with my FB. I was worn out after a few hours with her and chances are I was gonna stay in. I text Vinny at one point about going out and he seemed ambivalent at the time. Fatty had text me as I was picking up Karina and said he was in town. I told he I'd go out if he wanted. I was actually hoping he'd decide not to go as I was tired and unmotivated to go out after cumming 3 times with the FB. Part of me did want to go out as I again wanted to see how sarging felt with I didn't need sex. Fatty called me just in time for me to get dressed before leaving to take the FB home.

We had a good warm up in a 4-set that I opened at the first bar we hit. There was this cute brunette that was really friendly and outgoing. There was a large friend that was friendly as well and two boring blondes. Fatty had thought the brunette was my target but I wanted a blonde. I let Fatty have the brunette and he hit it off with them. It was a funny contrast. You the supposed PUA talking to the blondes and stalling out and you got Fatty laughing it up with the set. I could have kept plowing but decided just to talk to the chubby girl. I wanted to help Fatty out and the fat girl was cool. The blondes did get bored but we needed another wing man for them.

Petite blonde:
There was this really cute petite blonde at Barleycorn. I opened her as a 2-set with this brunette. Fatty had come in to wing and kept the brunette occupied. I was hitting it off with the blonde. Some guy shorter than me came up and got her attention. She turned to acknowledge him and I could tell by her reaction that she knew him. I decided to let him talk. He kept talking so eventually I just got her attention and of course it was easy to get her focused on me. He disappeared for a few minutes and then came back. He said, "I'm gonna borrow her for a minute."

I wandered off as I wasn't gonna just stand there. I ended up opening a 2-set from Boston. I hooked them and sat at the table but I was just talking and not really escalating. Fatty and I were discussing whether to venue change or not when I decided that I was gonna go back to talk to the petite blonde. I wasn't just gonna leave it like that.

She was standing next to this tall, slightly chubby guy. The short dude was next to him. The brunette was facing the guys and positioned in between the two guys. I just went up, tapped the blonde on the shoulder and started talking. After about a minute, I heard the short dude start saying that they were leaving. It's funny that I heard this but the girl was focused on me. She only knew they were leaving when the guy got her attention and repeated it. Then she said to me, "We're about to leave." I said, "Is that your boyfriend?" She said the tall dude was and I just ejected. I ended up seeing them again in front of Smart Bar as Fatty and I were walking back to the car after helping the old dude with the concussion.

The guy probably was her boyfriend. I like how I ran this set. I shouldn't have asked the boyfriend question in the leading way that I did. I should have made her step away from the guy a few feet and then went for the number close. If she was with her boyfriend and had no interest in cheating, she would have pointed him out. If she wasn't with the guys, or if one was the boyfriend and she still wanted to hang out with me, she'd give me the number. By asking if that was the boyfriend, I feel now that I lead her. It's like I was afraid of the dudes but the real reason I did so at the time was that I was being considerate.

I also might just be over-analyzing this.

It's fucking on with a tall blonde:
This is one of those sets that's simultaneously positive but mostly frustrating. I should be happy that I'm approaching the girls that really attract me. I have to say that my entitlement is pretty high right now. What that means is that I'm able to approach all girls in the same way. I don't get flustered because the girl is really hot to me. Of course, I'm human and sometimes I'll be intimidated but it's so rare now. The last time it happened was two weeks ago. There was this tall brunette with a really beautiful face and perfect skin. I was attracted to her when I opened her but when she turned to me, I realized how beautiful she was and I actually paused my sentence I was saying. Then I mumbled something else and of course she back turned me because I had changed from this confident guy that approached her into a chode.

I mentioned in the old man report that I was in this 4-set with Fatty. I wanted this brunette in the set but the conversation had stalled. I tried twice to start up the conversation again, but she just listened to what I said and turned to talk to her other friend again. I turned and saw this cute blonde standing near me. She was a few inches taller than me. I tapped her and opened her.

It was on right away. I did the usual escalation that I'm comfortable with. Soon I was standing really close to her. I was facing her and really close. I held eye contact with her. I found out she travels a ton and I IOI'd her about that.

This tall buffed dude tried to mess with me at one point in early in the set. I wasn't as close to her at this point. I had my arm around her but I had removed it at this point. The buffed dude came in and put his arm around the girl and said, "This is my sister." I looked at him and didn't say anything. I was puzzled. He then said, "I'm just kidding" and walked away. Later, I opened a 2-set and he was with one of the girls in the 2-set. My read was right on that as I saw them all walk by me later when I was attending to the old man. Anyway, the one girl appeared to be his girlfriend. I'm guessing that he saw this tall, thin, cute blonde with me and wanted to mess with me. When I didn't even react, he walked away right away.

I start losing her to some guy:
We were really close as we were talking. We had to be initially because it was really crowded. At one point, I turned as saw that there was more space. I hadn't noticed since the set was going well enough for us to be in a bubble. I decided to move her away from the entrance. This sort of broke her state too. Some Irish guy with a flannel design shirt started talking to her. She started to move towards him.

Of course, I didn't give up. I'm so confident know that I can pull girls off guys that I didn't even hesitate. I first just tried to get her attention by tapping her and saying, "Hey." She didn't turn to look at me. I tried putting my hand on the dude and saying, "Hey, this guy's like my little brother." He kept talking so I said, "Nice, shirt, I had one like it in high school."

I remember that the guy actually looked at me for a second. I remember there was a bit more space between them. I then saw that she was starting to like the guy as she touched his shoulder. I paused for about 3 seconds. I then told myself, "No way. This guy is doing well but I know I can pull her off him." I then said loudly, "Hey man, show me your moves." I touched both their shoulders and said "I'm listening. Show me your moves. I wanna learn from you cool guys."

He was still trying to talk to her but I then got closer to her, tapped her shoulder and then used Jeffy's, "I know a guy who eats lemons like oranges." (I normally use the hot pepper line but I burned it on her already and didn't pull her off him.)

The funny thing is when she finally turned to me, I saw one of this Irish guys friends trying to pull him away from us. I started to talk but then she turned away. The guy had grouped with his two buddies and was no longer engaging her. She was trying to reach across the corner of the bar to get this brunette girl's attention. At this point I gave up and went to open other sets.

I opened a 2-set that turned out to be a mixed 3-set with that buffed dude. I then went to look around back and saw this drunk blonde dancing. I spun her around. She was really wasted and almost fell over. I tried to pull her to the back area but she wasn't following as I tugged on her hand. She kept trying to touch this tall white guy. I came back around later and saw her standing by the corner of the bar. I tried to open her again but she kept trying to touch the tall dude. I decided to give up I just didn't seem to be her type.

I suspect that I screwed up by not kissing her:

You'd think that with that mission I set forth Sunday morning, I would have been more conscious about trying for the kiss. I never really had the chance to kiss close in the other sets and the only one that went well was that petite blonde set. When I was talking to the tall blonde, I knew it was on. I was working to try to make it man to woman. I was locking eye contact and getting up in her face. I don't know why I hadn't started to stroke her hair, stroke her face, or caress the back of her neck.

I want to blame it on not having enough time. If she hadn't ran off when she did, I want to say that I would have done those things. I don't know. It bothers me that I wasn't thinking about stroking or caressing. Besides, I again feel that even though the set was short, it was on enough that I should have found a way to kiss her.

I read some field reports and the guys talk about how they sometimes kiss close really quickly. Of course, there's the Brad video I posted that shows how it can be done in seconds. I knew afterward that when I had my arms on her waist and our faces were so close to each other, she was most likely ready to kiss me.

Kissing isn't gonna guarantee a lay, but it's sure gonna help seal the attraction. I have to say that if I just told her to close her eyes when I had my hands on her waist and I moved the 3 inches forward to kiss her, there was a good chance she would have accepted.

I'm frustrated because I again failed to do something. I hope this pain will lead me to action soon.

Dance floor opening:
We went to Division. I opened this tall girl in Shennigan's. She seemed hesitant to dance but I spun her and we started dancing together. After the song, she started to ask me questions. I found out she was from Milwaukee and here with her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary. She was cool and I told her and the husband about that lunch at the Signature Room in the Hancock building. I felt good about that set because I saw a girl that was my type and took action.

I did it again with this really tall Irish chick. She was a brunette but had really pale skin which I love and these amazing long slender legs. I had opened her on the dance floor and danced with her briefly. I never got the chance to try to escalate with her on the dance floor. I tried several times to open her verbally off the dance floor but never got anywhere.

Girls recognize me again:

This is humorous because there are so many places to go and people out in Chicago that it's rare to run into sets again. It happens a bit more often when I'm go to certain venues every week. I see several sets at Joe's every week and at the Apartment. Today, there was this Asian girl who was from Ireland. I was trying to talk to the tall Irish girl and she called out some blonde's name. The Asian girl and the blonde then touched my arm. They both said they remembered me. The Asian girl said she remember that I had been talking about space when I met them.

I open so many sets that I didn't remember this set. There was a set on Division on Friday that recognized me from Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville. This girl rememberd my cat and was excited to see me. I fucked it up because at one point, I remember catching myself qualifying myself verbally and she lost interest.

With this Asian girl, I think I screwed it up because it was obvious I wanted the tall girl. The Asian girl must have liked me as after they explained how they knew me, the Asian girl wanted to take a picture with me. (On a sidenote, I often get girls wanting to take pictures with me. I say often as it happens at least once or twice a week and I'd expect it to never open. I'm not that good looking. I'm guessing that I come across so high status that the girls what a picture with the "cool" guy that just came up to them. I put that in quotes as I feel weird talking about myself in this way but it also seems to be true). I talked to her for about a minute and then I pointed at the tall girl and said, "How do you know her?"

Some AMOG came in and started talking to the Asian girl. He had her attention. I stood looking at them. I hate when a guy comes in and the girls turns her attention off me and into the guy. It reminds me of the early days when I'd always lose girls to other guys. Now, I also wants to bust them out even if I don't like the girl. I tapped her shoulder and kept saying stuff to her and with the second or third try, she finally back turned him. I tried talking to her but she turned to talk to another friend.

For whatever reason, I didn't feel confident to try again to talk to the Asian. Perhaps, I should have. I felt weird, I think, because I tried again with the tall brunette and it was awkward and I felt stupid. I ended up leaving and meeting Fatty outside rather than go back to the group again to talk to the Asian girl.

Helping an injured old man in Wrigleyville

Fatty and I helped some old guy last night. We had left the bar and Fatty and I were talking about this 4-set we had been in. My target liked me initially but I could't keep a conversation going after a few mins. I ended up leaving the set to go work on this tall blonde; I write about that set in the next entry. Fatty and his girl were hitting it off. He had made a little effort to ask her to get food. I advised that the girl seemed to like him and he could still ask her to get food or come to an after hours bar. We were two blocks from the bar as we had left at last call but I kept saying that we could walk back and he could ask her when the set left the bar. It would have been weird if we had said goodbye and then come back, but for all they would know, we could have just gotten outside.

As we are standing on the corner discussing this, I see an old man cross the street. As he is about to get onto the sidewalk, he suddenly stopped and just fell backwards. He fell straight back in the way that a tree falls straight when you cut it. At the time, I thought it was some drunk guy. I told Fatty, "Hey, that guy is all fucked up."

Fatty ran over there and he and this girl tried to help him up. This other guy lead the old man to a light pole. The girl kept trying to ask the guy if he was all right and he kept giving incoherent answers like, "I'm going shopping." I was standing there and as people walked by, I would tell them what was going on.

My thoughts were that Fatty and the girl were helping him. He was in serious need to medical attention so I didn't call 911. A girl that walked by later was gonna call but at this point, a bouncer at a nearby bar had come to see what was going on. After observing the guy for about 5 minutes, I started to say that we needed to get him some help. I had seen him fall and Fatty said he saw that the guy had a huge bump on his head.

I don't know much about concussions, but I know that falling and hitting your head on the road is a good way to get one. Add in that he was giving incoherent answers and I suspected he might have a concussion. Fatty and I knew we weren't gonna just leave him there. We were looking for a cop to flag down so at least we could leave this situation in the hands of professionals. We actually saw one turn at stop at a stop sign. The girl was trying to yell for them but she wasn't being load enough. I was waving, but they didn't see me. I joked later that I should have flicked them off as that probably would have gotten their attention.

The bouncer guy had the bar cordless phone. He was debating on what to do and I told him that the guy needed some medical attention for the reasons I stated above. He ended up calling an ambulance. Before this Fatty was standing in the street looking to run into the street to flag down a cop but the ambulance arrived before he could do that.

When they came up, I immediately reported the situation to the paramedics. They asked if anyone had actually seen him fall and I said that I witnessed it. At this point, Fatty and I felt comfortable leaving.

I hope the guy is okay.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I have to do a kiss close speed challenge

I've saw this a few months ago but decided to watch it again. I keep thinking about those two Barleycorn sets. What I did in those sets, I would not have done three months ago. I'm definitely making progress. I remembered a set at Crocodile two years ago. There was this tall Polish girl dancing. I walked over to open here verbally as again, I was too scared to do dance floor openings until about 5-6 weeks ago. I remember us locking eyes and knowing at the time and in the analysis that I should have kissed her. I have to remind myself to not be so critical of myself because compared to that set, I doing things much better now.

I stopped a moving set with my ideal type of girl right now: a cute, tall, thin redhead. I plowed through her resistance and ran dance floor game and slowly escalated. The thing is that the two dance floor sets from last night should been similar to Brad's video above. The way I am now, if I were Brad in that video, I would have stopped her and immediately had a man-to-woman conversation. I'd claw her. I'd grab her hands and pull her in. I'd put my arms around her and put her arms on me. I wouldn't go for the kiss nor would I get a make out.

It's obvious that the quick make out is a massive sticking point for me now. As I said in the last post, it bothers me that I'm still struggling with this. Yes, I was stacking kino and if thee girl had stayed around, I most likely would have went for the kiss within 20 minutes. It probably would have been less. The thing is that I could have kissed both girls way earlier in the interaction. Perhaps immediately like Brad does above but surely in the time I had in the set.

TD/Owen says that the quick kiss close/make out isn't necessarily the best way to run the set but you should learn how to be able to get the fast make out. Clearly, I'm unable to go for the kiss quickly still because I guess I still haven't let myself accept that it can and should be my reality. I wrote about how I didn't kiss that larger black girl on Division on Friday night. I should have went for it for practice and to give myself reference points.

I've mentioned it in the past, but I think I need to take the old challenge I remember hearing from Love drop in some MM vidoe back in 2006. It seemed like an impossible challenge back then. Now, it seems doable, but I also have some trepidation when I think about actually doing it. In order to get myself comfortable with the quick kiss close and so I don't have to keep beating myself up over this issue, I need to try to kiss close every set.

As I wrote this post, I think I need to modify that challenge. I already do try to kiss close very set if it gets there but I take too long doing it. I need to do something similar to what they do on the Pickup Artist 2. In one of the episodes, the guys compete to see who can kiss close the fastest. I have to play a game with myself to try to see how fast I can get kiss closes. Sure, doing this means I won't be running solid game. That means that there will be sets I screw up by going for the kiss to fast that I could have done better had I gamed them normally. I even believe that there's a possibility I might even screw up a set I could have turned into a lay with my current game that I might instead bust out of due to quick escalation.

This is am example of building the skill set instead of getting the girl. I think if I do this for a few weeks or a month, I solve this problem, or at least make huge strides. I'll definitely get better kiss close calibration. I'll probably get laid too as getting more kisses means that more of my pull attempts are gonna be successful. I just have to accept that I'm gonna be uncomfortable by pushing my comfort zone in this manner that seems extreme.

I was just about to hit post when I realized something that makes this even more necessary. The kiss is obviously still a big deal for me even though intellectually, I know it isn't supposed to be. Kissing a girl is just part of the natural kino escalation that happens when you are attracted to a girl. In my mind, I somehow think it's a big escalation when it isn't.

I actually remember how I used to think grabbing a girls hand and holding it was a huge move. It was a big move for me until just 6 or so weeks ago as well. Now, when I grab girls hands and pull them into me, or just hold their hand while talking, I think about how I'm so much more comfortable with that now. It just seems natural to do so and isn't a big deal. I know this challenge will cause me to feel this way about the kiss and it's time to start.

Text game, seeing sets again, frustrated with no pulls

At the beginning of tonight, we went to Sheffield's and saw that set from last week that M pulled. I wish I would have opened them. It was the first bar we hit and I didn't want to open them and was hoping that they would come inside. I just wanted to see their reaction to seeing me again so I could have known if all that shit last week was in my head or not. We ended up seeing the set from last night at the end of the night. Seagull's girl was excited to see us. The girl that I wanted was with some chode looking black guy and instead of being friendly she said, "This is my husband." Such BS.

Text messaging:
I text the girl from last night. She replied and we talked about meeting up. As I write this, I wonder if I should have tried to have her meet up with me . I mentioned I was going to Wrigley and she said she had just left there. I mentioned after hours; she mentioned she was overdressed for Wrigely but asked where I was going. I told her I was meeting friends but suggested meeting later on for drinks or food.

I worked the same theme with the girl I almost pulled from a street pull last week. I'll name her Purple girl as it was the girl that opened me in Wrigley cause of my purple silk shirt. She said early on that she was in Wrigley with her two roommates and two friends. I know I could have met them there but I thought about something Ozzie said in Transformations. He was referring to when a girl says, "You come meet me at this bar." She didn't throw an invite but I wouldn't have accepted either. I knew I'd have to deal with a whole load of friends including dudes. I figured it'd be better to try to meet her on my own terms.

I'm gonna post the text messages so I can help myself analyze this better:
Me: What's up? We're headed to wrigley
Purple(P): I'm w 2 of my roomies and a couple of friends...
Me: I'm meeting up with some friends. Gonna hang out with them for a bit. we can have a drink or grab food at clark's later if you're still around.
P: What time u thinkin?
Me: 1 at the earliest. How late are you gonna be out?
P: Not super late I had a busy day @ work
Me: Text me a little bit before you leave and we can grab a drink at this place by houndstooth or at clarke's
P: Ok for sure.
Me: It was slow here at rockwood but it filled up in last 20 mins. You should come by
P: I'm gunna go home and drink w my roomies actually...
Me: Invite us over for an after party :) Got two good friends with me
P: I was thinking about that but all my other roomies are asleep... :)
Me: Lets hang out. My car is close here.
P: Where will we go? I dunno cuz I'm kinda tired

I believe this is when I called her cause I figured if she picked up, I could set something up. She didn't answer...

Me: Let's have one drink over here at this irish place and then you can go home. Where you at?
P: Hwy teddy I actually just got on the train I'm @ Lawrence, sorry...
Me: If you can't sleep, you can invite me over as this is gonna close soon. We'd just hang out and have a snack. Nothing more than that as I just met you.
P: Just u?
Me: Yeah. My friend ran into his brother and is gonna get a ride from him. Whats your address?
P: What time would u be here cuz honestly I'm super tired, I might go to bed
Me: Soon. Whats your addy?
P Can we chill tmrw maybe:
Me: (About 15 mins later). Go to bed if you are that tired. Sweet dreams :) let's meet up in the early evening. What time is good for you

Right before I sent the last text, I was debating whether to keep pushing for the meet tonight or to just try to meet Sunday. In my mind, I figured the immediate meet was a good idea as she was likely drunk and high buying temperature (or at least higher than she'd be sober on Sunday). Plus, this was the closest I've been to setting up a Day2 or meet with her since our original meeting. The downside was that my car was about a 15 minute walk and I knew she lived at least 15 mins away. She sounded like she really was tired and I feared she might fall asleep as I was driving up there and/or lose buying temperature and I'd waste my Saturday night. Also, even if we did hang out, if she was really that tired, she might want to go to bed and I wouldn't have time to escalate.

I have a feeling she won't meet me today but if she does, I guess I made the right move. I also wonder if I should have just tried to meet her with her friends. I suppose I could/should have trusted in my ability to deal with all the friends and win them over. The only problem is that early in the night I was still warming up and felt didn't feel in state.

Barleycorn dance floor game:

The two sets I kept thinking about on my drive home were these two sets at Barleycorn. Barleycorn in Wrigley has a second floor that basically turns into a massive dance floor. I should be happy on how far my dance floor game has progressed. I'll get busted outs trying to dance with girls but I find myself having to remind myself that it'll happen no matter how good I'd get and dance floor game. I will say that I'm getting way braver with opening on the dance floor though it's still a work in progress. I need to remind myself of how I used to be terrified to dance at all. Then, even when I was comfortable dancing, I was terrified of opening with dance floor moves (as opposed to just stopping the girl and opening her verbally)> Now, I'm not only trying to open sets on the dance floor, but I also having some great interactions.

Tall Redhead:
As I was standing by Seagull, I spotted this tall redhead walking through the crowd near me. I immediately stopped her and clawed her in. I introduced myself and got her name. Immediately, she said she was looking for her friend. I plowed on. She mentioned it again and I remember saying my usual, "Don't worry, your friends won't leave without you." Later, I'd keep her by saying, "You have your phone, she'll find you."

Some cool songs that I liked came on, and we were on the dance floor. I did RSD Tim's spin and in and started dancing with her. I transitioned to holding her hands while we were dancing to putting my hands on her waist and around her back. I pulled her close and started to grind a little bit.

At one point, she mentioned finding the friend again. She said it was her ride home. She lived in the suburbs and I mentioned that I could give her a ride home. She said that she had to find the friend because the friend gets drunk and basically ends up leaving with guys. I wish I would have said what popped into my head at the time, "You make it sound like that's a bad thing." I'm thinking now that I could have went into a sort of patterning, "I think it's so exciting when you hook up with a new person for the first time. The sex isn't always the best the first time, but it's exciting as you don't know how that person is gonna touch you and the anticipation is amazing."

I remember dancing some more and then lifting her up and spinning her around. She mentioned finding the friend again and I let her go. I wonder if I should have taken the number. I did try early on with, "Let's go find your friend" but I didn't really invest in that. I wonder if that was a move or if I should have said, "Let's go downstairs as you can see here by the exit." I also think that I could have done more to try to kiss close. I was escalating, but I think I could have escalated faster. I was trying to keep our faces close together. I think I could have started stroking her hair and face and carressing the back of her neck and then I could have just leaned in to kiss her. To my credit, I was working on escalating, it's just that I ran out of time.

I think I'm still holding back on the kiss:

It bothers me to admit that, but it must be true. When I open these drunk, high buying temperature girls on the dance floor, I should be trying to kiss them faster. I think my dance floor escalation was fine except that I needed to do what I wrote in the last paragraph sooner. If I kissed her and we starting making out, surely she would have stopped mentioning find the friend.

Tall brunette:
After that set ended, I had another similar set. I opened a tall brunette that I saw walking by in the same way that I opened the redhead. This brunette was a thicker than the redhead but she wasn't super fat. She weighed a ton more than the redhead. The redhead was easy to do my lift spin but I strained with this brunette. She said she had to find her friend and I plowed through similarly to the way I did with the redhead. This girl said her friend had her keys. I was starting to escalate on her like I did the redhead but I didn't have a much time with this one. After I did the lift and spin at the end, I decided to grab her number since I regretted not getting the redhead's number. I expect it to be a total flake but I'll try texting it later tonight.

Street pulls:
My street sarging was a bust today. Seagull, his brother and two of his friends worked on a set in front of Barleycorn. I liked the blonde in the set but she disappeared at the end and had some Asian dude shadowing her. I tried helping Seagull out cause this one fat chick was being a total cockblock and trying to pull one of the friends away. I miscalibrated and got annoying and both girls ending up telling me to go away. I tried other sets and even spotted that set from last night and pushed Seagull to open it again.

Later, Seagull was working that set and told me they were trying to do some sort of pull. I shrugged and said, "What do you want me to do? Those two girls don't like me." He had even mentioned that they had told him. I suppose I could have went back in and just been chill but I decided to just let them work their magic. Seagull text me later that they moved the girls to Taco Bell and he was frustrated that he was stuck talking to some fat chick.

I ended up going to Division Street with Vinny. Division was a bust. It was dead compared to last night and there were even more dudes. I remember like 10 dudes swarming around this 6 set. I was doing fine with my girl but too many idiot AMOG's ruin the vibe. The idiots were so loud and obnoxious that the cops even came over to check on the girls.

We saw the two African dudes again. Vinny and I were giggling about them. We've become more friendly with them. The one dude busted himself and I out of a set with a cute blonde. He came in trying to steal the blonde but then he was so obnoxious that she just left.

Wings talking to my targets:

This happened in the middle of the night with one of Vinny's friends. He came into a set I was in unexpectedly. I introduced him. The problem was that he started talking to the one that I decided was my target. Since he's not an actual wing, he wasn't talking me up, he was just starting to take over the set. For about twenty seconds, I was just standing there. Then I decided, whatever, if the guy is gonna take over sets I'm opening, then I'm gonna treat him like any other interrupt. I just pulled her attention off of him. He ended up talking to one of the other girls and then ejected.

Long sets:
On the drive home, I wondered what happened to my long sets. The best pull prospects come from that. You hang out with a chick for a few hours and make out with her and lead her around the club or to different venues and then you can go for the pull. I haven't had a set like that in awhile. I think I've been focusing on street game and quick escalation so that means me running fewer street sets. I think street game will yield results but it's also unpredictable. Swinging for the fences also means a TON of rejection. I know I'm supposed to take it, but when you bust out of a ton of sets in a row, it's hard to avoid having it affect your state. I felt 4-5 state crashes tonight which is unusual. When I left Wrigley, I almost felt like ditchign Division. I was debating it, but Vinny called me as I got to my car and we decided to go to Division.

I also think it could be a product of the venue's were going to and the availability of street sets. With that set that Vinny's wing was taking over, I had the longest interaction with those girls out of all the sets I opened tonight. I put in all that work and then just left the bar to work the street instead of opening them again. The good thing about the club is that you keep running into the girls again and can open them several times and build something over the course of the night. I left because I felt there were sets in the street that I could open but perhaps that wasn't the right move here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

5 AMOG's aint got shit on me

Thinking about that quote makes me want to watch that movie again. The funny thing about that quote is that if you've seen the movie, Denzel's character is far from feeling on top of the world at that point of the movie. A more accurate scene capturing my feelings today would be this:

Anyway, enough playing with video embedding. There were a few aspects of our night that bothered both Seagull and I in terms of the supplication that was involved at the end. We felt like chumps paying for this cab ride and the food extraction, but I guess we both came to the conclusion that we screwed up a few weeks ago when we had this awesome set that wanted to eat with us and we didn't want to pay. The experience and confident we gained from this food extraction though are priceless. I have no doubts that tonight is gonna help me with some tough pull in the future that will lead to a lay.

Normally, I post about events in the order that they happened. I have two sets of interest that I want to write about at our usual Friday spot, but this blog should start from our experiences on Division. As usual, we spent little time in the actual bars and more on the streets near closing time and afterward. Division was so busy that even traditionally slow places like Finn McCool's had lines to get in. I was in ridiculous mode just opening every girl that I could trying to escalate fast. A few times, I caught myself running normal, slower game, which I feel dumb about after the set ends. This is the time to get immune to the rejections because they are gonna happen a lot when you are swinging for the fences.

There is definitely a lot of luck involved. I remember I had this girl attracted to me that I could have escalated and pulled in if she had been alone, or if she had been with a friend with a similar mind set. I opened this girl directly and I got up really close to her. She ended up being with two other girls and some chode. The chode had his arm around one of the friends and they both tried to bust me out immediately by trying to say he was her boyfriend. Lol. I knew they were full of shit just from being out so often. I laughed and said, "He's not her boyfriend." I knew the girl liked me as she waved them off and told them she was fine. The other girl started to mock me when I told her how to remember my name. I reacted by saying, "Look at your friend copying my lines." Instead, I felt like I should have ignored her like I would an AMOG and continued gaming. Still, I was working up a massive uphill battle in this set and probably wasn't gonna get anything anyway.

This girl was touching me:
Seagull told me that as we were near the corner. He had mentioned that some girl had touched him earlier and I kept asking him where she was as I wanted to try to pull that set. It turns out it was a 3-set of black girls. The one that liked Seagull was thin and had glasses but was very average looking. There was large friend that immediately kinoed me and a 3rd decent looking girl. I went for the large girl. Both our targets were high buying temperature. I kino esclated and probably should have kiss closed. We kept trying for the food extraction. We might have gotten a car pull if I had driven but unfortunately, I had taken the train to go to the Shedd Aquarium.

Even when we were leaving, both girls kept trying to keep the interaction going. We said good bye like 2-3 times and then the girls would latch onto us. As we were taking the train home, I said to Seagull, "Why didn't I kiss close her?" I don't know. I wanted to say I wasn't interested, but as I told Vinny, that's not a good excuse. I suppose I would have banged her and maybe it's just me not pushing the interaction like I should.

Get over here now:
I had both my phones with me but both were out of battery. I got a phone call right before the second one died at the end and it was Seagull telling me to meet him in front of the bar right away.

I'll mention here that I later heard that Seagull had decided to open this set when he saw some white dude trying to pull this set. Seagull saw the set reject that dude and walk across the street. Something clicked in his head and he decided he was gonna pull this set and he approached them.

Swarming AMOG's:
I found Seagull with his arm around this short, really cute black girl from Europe. When I approached, I saw that his target was with this taller, thin, and very attractive black girl. Two guys were next to her trying to pull her. Seagull tried to get his target to introduce me to the friend and I also did as well. We got that move from an old TD/Owen post explaining that it's often easiest to pull girls off competing guys using her peer group. The friend was resistant and Seagull's target wasn't doing a good job pulling her away.

I think about what Style wrote in the game about himself. He wrote something about how it would seem like his eyes rolled in his head and he turned into his PUA persona. I remember looking at Seagull and saying, "Okay, I guess I'm gonna have to pull her off those guys." I knew what I had to do, and I would have rather had his target do the work for me, but instead I had to be alpha and get rid of the guys. I remember that I walked around Seagull and went up to the friend as the two guys were still talking to her. I called her name and tapped her shoulder and I started talking. Now that I had her attention, I introduced Seagull again to her and Seagull introduced me again.

I remember there was a distraction again as she ended up leaning against the glass window and some new AMOG came and started talking to her. If I remember correctly, some other guy started trying to talk to Seagull's girl at this point.

Teamwork and "Fuck This"
Today I got to experience how two wings can really make this shit work. I can see it in stark contrast to Friday and Saturday of last week. Recall that I had two passive naturals "winging" me. In those two instances, I was the one pushing for a pull or extraction. I was the one who had to lead (or failed to lead in one particular case). As I complained in those blogs, it was the typical natural letting the girls lead cause they are used to getting laid when the girls allow it to happen.

Tonight, I had Seagull helping me get rid of competing dudes. I had Seagull working with me to play down all the BS objections the girls were throwing out. I had Seagull leading them around and I had Seagull working with me to get a cab later on when everyone was trying to grab a cab.

I remember there was a key moment when the girls agreed for food and Seagull said, "Okay, let's go." I echoed with Jeffy's "'Sko, Sko." I grabbed my target's hand and started leading her away. I remember hearing one of the competing dudes tell his buddy, "Fuck this." Seagull later told me that as he was leading his target away, some dude grabbed his shoulder. He thought it was me, and then he saw it was some AMOG and he just firmly told him, "Get your hand off me."

As I lead my girl east on the street to try to get a cab before the people who were waiting in our original spot, I had another challenge. It was an example again of how much we learn to just read social situations. She stopped to talk to two guys. One was this black dude and the other was some taller white guy. She talked to the black dude for about 10 seconds and then tried to tell me the white guy was her fiance. I suppose there were many times in the past when I would have given up. I knew she was full of shit immediately. I just grabbed her and said, "Let's go grab a cab."

These girls reminded me off the first venue change Seagull and I ever had several years ago. The presence of drunk girls is read by all the AMOG's trying to pull as easily as blood is detected by sharks in the water. As we were looking for cabs, more dudes tried to swarm cause our targets were attractive. At one point, we thought we were gonna lose the set. This car was stopped at the light and the stereo was jamming. The girls started dancing right by the passenger window. I feared the dudes were gonna be smooth and ask them to get in that there was a good chance the girls would have complied. Seagull told me later that he feared the same thing. The guys weren't alpha enough to make that move so we lead them away.

Getting a cab was a challenge. So many people were trying to grab cabs. I jumped into one cab at the same time that two Indian girls jumped in. It was actually funny to be suddenly sitting in a cab with two strangers. Fortunately, about two minutes later, we finally got a cab and bounced to the restaurant.

From champ to chode:
I think doing all that alpha shit and leading wore me out. When we got to the restaurant I could feel myself turning into a chode. For example, the girls were about to pay for the cab but I started reaching for my money and my girl closed her purse and told the cab driver I was covering it. I knew at the time that I should have said, "Okay, but you're getting me an orange juice."

When we got to the table, there were 4 seats. I sat in the middle hoping that one of the girls would sit by me. My target ended up sitting by Seagull. When his girl came from the bathroom, she made them get up so she could sit by Seagull. I realized that both of us were being too passive. I'll give Vinny credit last week for telling the girl to sit by him. I knew the move was to tell my girls to sit by me.

The girls were all high energy outside the bar and in the cab ride but not in the restaurant. It was a state break for all of us. I tried to get conversation going but they weren't being helpful. I then could feel myself asking several questions in "trying for rapport" tonality. My target grabbed her phone and said she had to go to the bathroom. I just realized that I forgot to mention that we ended up having this 3rd girl come with us. That happened just after that supposed fiance set with my target. Well, this third girl decided to go to the bathroom too and it was just Seagull, his target and I. I made conversation at this point and the two girls stayed in the bathroom forever it seemed. The food came and they were still in there.

The girls claimed several times to be sick which might be true but I also felt they were just staying in there to avoid us. Eventually, they came back. We ate and I talked to the 3rd girl as she happened to be sitting next to me. I actually told some decent stories but I was totally not interested in her. They went to the bathroom again after the meal and I made up some BS phone call so I could give Seagull isolation with his girl for a kiss close attempt. That's another move that my natural wings wouldn't have done for me. I know Seagull would do it and it's another reason we mesh so well.

We ended up paying for 3 meals. This girls weren't cool like those Asian girls on Friday last week. We also spent more money than we would have with that 2-set from a few weeks ago. First of all, with that 2-set, I had my car so we would have saved a $10 cab ride. Second, we would have only paid for 2 meals instead of 3.
As I said above, I feel the good stuff that I did in this set, and the reference points and confidence gain is so worth whatever money we spent.

I had fun with the whole situation. At one point I said to Seagull, "It's like I can hear Neil and Eric speaking in my ear man. It looks like I'm adding this to the marker." I kept laughing because I knew we were being chumps and I just accepted it at that point.

Seagull and I agreed on the train ride home that we were really gonna try to swing for the fences from now on. We established that we can get food extractions regularly. If we went out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we figured we could almost guarantee we could get some girls to come with us. Of course, we don't want to keep paying for meals. Seagull said he kept letting the distance prevent him from trying to pull girls to my place. Well, today, we didn't have a car, which was legitimate, but in the past he said he's let the distance bother him. I admitted that it just hasn't been in my reality to pull girls her for an after party. I kept asking how it could be possible. I know how I can pull if I'm making out with a girl, but I have to open up my mind to the possibility of pulling girls here for an after party and then escalating on the way here and here at my place. If I start pushing for the home pull like I've been pushing for the food extraction for the past few weeks, then we should start getting more success with that.

How can I doubt it:
I think back easily I would lose the AMOG wars. Now, we basically blew out like 5-7 guys off these very attractive, drunk girls that being swarmed on Division. I keep getting more and more reference experiences that are just giving me massive confidence in myself, which of course is gonna help.

On a side note, those competing African guys from two weeks ago were back. Seagull pointed them out and I tried to be friendly to them. I was probably trying to hard. I just thought it was funny to see them and I hold no grudges.

Two other interesting sets:
I know I write novels here sometimes which is why I try to have sections so any readers can skim through to find intersting parts. I want to briefly write about two other sets because doing so will help ingrain them in my mind.

Seagull and I both give ourselves a hard time about our dance floor game. He did some cool stuff today. He danced in between to girls, and he just started dancing really close to this attractive Indian girl. He feels self conscious about his dance floor sometime but I need to tell him that he looks great when he actually makes himself do it. When I was drunk, I did another awesome dance floor opener. I went up to the cute Canadian chick and opened her with dancing. Seagull swooped in and started dancing with the friend. I actually didn't just give up right away and did "spin and in" and the hand on the shoulder. The sexual chemistry started to brew and she tried to chill things by telling me she was married. I pressed a little and asked, "Are you happily married?"

I feel good about that set because I knew she was attracted to me. It was just unfortunate that she was married. I remember that Seagull's girl broke off and tried to pull my girl to the bathroom. My girl waved her off and stayed with me. I tried to sell a move upstairs about a minute later but then she mentioned her husband and ejected with the "It was nice to meet you."

Man to Woman conversation:

I had a moment that was worthy of being in field footage material. In Jeffy show 2, Jeffy showed a video of in two sets in the same night. In one, he is doing the mistake I often make of standing too far away from the girl. Yeah, it looks close, but you're not really up on the girl. In the second, he's got his arms around her and his kino is dynamic. I looked a lot like him in this set. I stopped this moving girl and clawed her in. I was up really close to her face. I remember having dynamic kino. I held her hands at one point and I also moved her arms around my shoulders as I wrapped my arms around my lower back.

I thought about this video at the end of Tyler's latest Free Tour post. I have to watch it again as it was hard to see on my phone, but in his description, the girls pushes her number on him. That's what happened in this set. My girl was really into me and things we so on cause I was doing everything right. She kept saying she had to go to her friend. I plowed through the first time. She said it again and she pushed her phone number on me. She gave me her business card and told me to text her cell phone. I tried to solidify it with the usual, "Are you drunk? Are you gonna remember me?"

The only thing I could have done better was to lift her up, spin her around, and then kiss her. Immediately afterward, I felt like I could have kissed her. My weakness is that I still haven't completely become comfortable with kissing girls so early in the set. To my credit, I've been kissing a lot more when I've had some time to build the set. I have to work on the fast kiss close. I suppose one way is to just try to fast escalate all sets so I can practice kiss closing. Sure, I'll bust myself out of some sets that might have worked had I escalated a little slower, but I want to improve the fast kiss close aspect of my game.