Saturday, June 4, 2011

Giving my best effort & competing guys

Tonight was a special night for me. As Seagull and I were driving back, we started reviewing the night. For once, I actually felt like I gave my best effort possible. There were a few times when I thought about not approaching a certain set, or not opening on the dance floor, but I went in and did it anyway. It feels so much better to be like that rather than chickening out. Even if I get some horrible blow out, the what if is way worse.

It's not to say that I executed my game properly. I can see now a few mistakes that I made. Early in the night, at this place called Theory, I opened this girl in a yellow dress. She admitted she was all drunk, but I enjoyed talking to her. I had some light kino escalation with the claw. We found we had several common interests. I remember notice the "pop." It was a moment when I knew things were on and I had to close. I was thinking I should go for the kiss close but I wanted to number close her. I only take numbers now if something comes up that we'd both like to do. When I went for the close, I shut her down. She had a boyfriend and that threw her out of state. The thing is, I think I could have kissed her if I went down that route rather than going for the number.

Other than that, I felt like once we hit Division at the end of the night, I needed to kino escalate faster on the street. We spent most of our time just opening sets on the street and I was running to much normal game as opposed to ridiculously fast escalation. That's not to say that I didn't kino escalate a little faster, it's just that to get a pull of the street, I really should rev things up more than I had. I'm gonna work on that Saturday.

Overall, I can say I pushed myself. I remember being in Sound Bar. I could feel part of me didn't want to escalate with this one Indian girl while we were dancing. I pulled her in and she was cool with it. My mistake was I had to leave because I get all sweaty from dancing. Seagull and I both figured as I was telling him the story that I needed to isolate her off the dance floor. I felt other times where I didn't want to dance floor open yet I forced myself to do it.

Persistent AMOG's:
Seagull, Vinny, and worked this two set in front of Shenanigan's. The girls friends were inside right by the window. I knew the girls were gonna go in so I kept telling Seagull that we should move them inside. I ended up going in to work other sets but there was nothing there. In retrospect, I guess this was a minor mistake. I should have worked the friends; instead I ended up coming outside to work more sets.

This set became key at the end of the night. I remember Vinny telling me that he felt there was something about that set that made him think they were a good prospect for pulling. We saw the big group outside the bar at closing time. I ended up opening this cute blonde. I isolated her from the group and we seemed like we were getting along. I tried for the food extraction, but half of the group decided they were leaving. I went for the number close but she didn't want to give me her number.

The original 2-set was still standing in front of the bar. Vinny started to work one friend but there were these two competing African guys that kept trying to work this set. I know I fucked up cause I should have worked this set more earlier. I also should have fast escalated so I was all over the girl instead of giving these guys room to work. Part of the problem was Seagull had run out of energy and was just standing there. Vinny has good game but we don't have a team dynamic going yet.

I can still pull attention off dudes:
My verbal and AMOG game is pretty good now. This one dude with a "Chicago Cruise" shirt kept trying to pull this girl's attention off me. Ocasionally, I'd feel myself go into spectator mode as he was running his game, but I'd quickly snap out of it. I just start talking to the girl as he was talking to her. One time he got more aggressive and told the girl to come by him. She was drunk so she started to go over there. I gave him a barrage of AMOG lines and then dragged her off.

I tried multiple times over the next 20-30 minutes to get these girls to come with us. I mentioned an after party and I mentioned food. These fucking competing guys were persistent. If they hadn't been around, this would have been so much easier.
I also need more of a team dynamic with my wings. I remember two different times where I finally got the girls attention totally away from the competing dudes. I then even had her convinced to start walking with me, but then I look over and I see one of the AMOG's is talking to the other girl. Either that, or Vinny was talking to the other girl, but he wasn't pushing the extraction. I then had to try to sell the other girl on the extraction, but then the other dude would start talking to my girl.

Seagull apologized for being tired and not being able to do anything. I told him that we have to learn to deal with this shit because we love hitting Division now that it's summer. There are always gonna be competing dudes here. The trick is to fast escalate so you're making out with the girl cause that will shut down almost all guys.

Ignore them:
That's the key to pulling girls off competing guys. When the dude comes in, you just keep talking to the girl like he doesn't exist. If you want to pull a girl off a guy, you just get her attention and talk to her like he doesn't exist. You can throw a few verbal jabs if necessary. I remember one moment when I pulled her off by talking about space and cosmology. The dude try to bust me out by saying something dumb like, "You get in a space ship" but I totally ignored him and kept talking. Soon he just gave up and I had a good conversation going with my girl. I had my arm around her and was selling an extraction again but she said I had to get her friend to agree.

The friend came and said they were going. They started walking and the persistent fuckers swooped down on them again. At this point, Vinny wanted to go home and Seagull was useless. I kept saying, "I don't want to lose."

Both my wings said we weren't losing. They had a point. The guys weren't in danger of pulling. They had their moments, but when we left, they were standing 5 feet away from the girls. We got the car and I drove by on the way home and they were still standing in the same spot.

Have a bubble:
I was about to post this when I remembered another technique I used to get the girl's attention away from the dude after I had let them talk for a few minutes. After we talked about philosophy, I got her attention by saying something like, "Hey Ayn Rand." I'm gonna file that away. This bubble idea is from RSD Tim's Flawless natural. If you have some inside story or joke going with the girl it's easy to use that to get her attention away from the dude.

Bottom line, though is if I had escalated faster, all this shit would have been unnecessary, but I got a lot of practice and this experience tonight will help me in the future.

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