Saturday, June 11, 2011

1.5 pulls with shitty wing, should have been a 3some

Tonight, I got to see how the typical natural operates and where he lacks. On the ride home, I was actually thankful that I was an AFC for most of my life and learned game in the way that I did. All the troubles of the past has meant that the sky is the limit for my game. Because I started from nothing, I know that pickup is a skill that I can improve. I know a ton of theory and have the open mind to keep learning more. Had I just been a natural, I might have been held back by what worked for me. I wouldn't have found all the community resources I had, and I wouldn't realize the ways I could improve my game.

I almost didn't go out tonight. I was tired, but I forced myself to go jog. I almost stayed home, but after watching a Tyler/Owen video, I pumped myself up and went out. Vinny was supposed to meet up with me but I couldn't find him. I ran solo for about an hour until I happened to run into him upstairs at Barleycorn. We ended up having two interesting sets. I told Seagull that if he had been with me, we would have had two pulls because I would have had a partner that knows in theory exactly how to make things work.

Vinny puts the pull out there:
I want to say that I can learn a lot from Vinny, but as I told Seagull in a text, Vinny is a shitty wing. I guess I have to have a talk with Vinny. He could be good but to be fair, I never have sat down with him and laid out the strategy we should be using. Where he definitely helps is that he is willing to just put the pull out there which I hate to admit I struggle with. I mean, I'll put out venue changes and food extractions, but I still hold myself back when it comes to asking them to come to my place. As I'll explain later, he showed me tonight how I can be WAY more playful that I allow myself to be.

After running into Vinny, we worked some dance floor sets. I suck at it, but I gave it a shot but got nothing going. I knew the place was gonna close in a few minutes, so I suggested we go downstairs and work some sets there. I know I do better with verbal opening rather than dance floor. I spotted this 2-set at a table that I decided to open. One was a cute, thing girl, and the other was this chubby girl. The girls liked us right away. I started asking what they were doing after the bar closed and started to suggest we should have an after party. The bar closed and Vinny had suggested an after party and we walked outside with them.

On the sidewalk, we chatted with them and Vinny started to suggest that we should grab a bottle of liquor and go back to his place. He threw it out there a few times and what would happen is that one girl seemed cool with it and then she'd look to the other for confirmation. They switched on these roles. I was trying to be a cheerleader and try to push it. There is where Vinny is lacking. He just stood there waiting for them to accept it instead of being persistent and trying to lead more. I learned how you got to push it from watching G in the past. If we were both being active in getting them comfortable in the pull, then we'd have a better chance for success.

I have to admit I screwed up a bit. We got to the point where we got them to agree to go to their car. The fat chick then told her friend to lead to the car. I knew that one of us should lead. I also knew that we should be holding their hands and leading. Instead, I waited for Vinny to do something and then the girls started to walk away. The got too far ahead and then I knew we had allowed them to lose buying temperature. We didn't want to run after them. I wanted to keep walking and hopefully they'd stop and we'd pretend we were right behind them. Vinny started to say that he didn't want to persist. I gave him shit because I told him I was even gonna give him the hotter girl. He said the thin girl wasn't that hot to deal with this shit. I told him that first, he shouldn't talk to girls that he doesn't want as that's not a valid excuse, especially when I was gonna take the large girl. Second, I told him that this is practice for later on.

I realized at this point that he is the stereotypical natural. He obviously gets laid. I can tell by watching him. What he does it he's playful and has some game. He is confident enough to put the pull out in the open. I still am afraid sometimes to put it out there, which I am working on. He'll get laid by the girls that just make it easy for him and agree. The ones that throw up resistance, he doesn't get because he gives up and/or doesn't know how to handle the shit tests or token resistance that they put out. This is where my PUA training is huge. Sure I screw up and still have a long ways to go with my game, but I understand what the right moves usually are. The whole reason I even write this blog is so I can analyze and improve.

We ended up losing this pull. I remember we caught up to the girls and they saw us and ran away. I knew it was because we fucked up and didn't lead at a key point and then allowed them to lose buying temperature.

More street sets yields a willing set:
Vinny wanted to go home. I still saw a ton of people standing in front of Barleycorn so I wanted to push my street game. I had mentioned going to Division or Wicker, but I wanted to work the street first. I busted out of a bunch of sets. We started walking to my car when I spotted these two drunk Asian girls walking on the street.

I knew exactly how to work it. I walked fast to catch up to them. I knew opening from behind would startle them, so I passed them, and then turned my head. I kept walking and I opened them. They stopped and then I stopped and we were in.

Vinny's game shined here. One girl had dyed blonde hair. He got close to her and was spinning her around and lifting here. I started to work the other girl. Her ethnicity would make my mother proud as I never really go for my own kind. I looked over to Vinny and it was obviously on with his girl.

Somehow food came up and I pushed for Clarke's. We passed Pick Me Up Cafe but I knew Clarke's would be better as my car was a block away. My target had cut her hand while she was dancing earlier, so I couldn't hold her hand. Instead I put my arm around her as we were walking. At one time, she gave me a shit test about having my arm around her. I pulled it off and put it back on later and she was cool with it. I didn't want guys to try to pull her away and I knew that if I was close to her, most guys wouldn't try to sarge here.

Vinny was so playful. He helped me indirectly by being playful with my target too and raising her buying temperature. At one point, the girl mentioned something about her ass hurting. I knew the move would be to spank her but I was hesitant. Vinny realized that too and spanked her. She liked it, of course. He gave the other girl a piggy back ride. He lifted up both girls at separate times while we were walking. He even teased his targeting by lifting up her skirt. Just by watching him, I know I'll do better in a similar situation.

The girls kept complaining about the long walk. I knew from watching G that it doesn't matter if you just keep reassuring them. I had to keep reassuring them. Vinny screwed up by complaining about the length of the walk too.

Vinny breaks out and possible takes her phone by accident:

We got to the restaurant and sat down. As we are getting the menus, Vinny makes eye contact with me and starts motioning that he has to leave, supposedly cause his family was in town. I implored him to stay. He said he had to go to the bathroom and then just left. In some ways, I think he was full of shit. He was willing to go to Division but now he didn't want to stay here and eat. He was the dumb ass who agreed to pay for them too.

I have to talk to him, but I suspect he felt like he might not get the pull and now didn't want to invest time in sitting here and eating. I'd say he didn't want to pay, but he actually has paid for drinks before. Maybe he did have to go, but it was BS that he goes for this food extraction and then bails. If he didn't want to do food, he should have pushed for a house pull instead.

At one point, he was playing around with the girls phone. I thought he gave it back to her, but she swore that she couldn't find it and thinks he accidentally took it. His phone had died earlier in the night so I couldn't call him. I tried calling her phone and after the 2nd ring it got sent to voice mail. Either she had it and was fucking with me, or he had it. I'll ask him Saturday.

Brad would have had a 3-way:
When he left, I had two thoughts. First, I was thinking that I better not get stuck paying for two meals now. I actually verbalized this at some point. The girls ended up just splitting a burger meal and I actually ate some of it too so it didn't end up costing me that much. The second thought was that I should make this into a threesome for me. Vinny was dumb for leaving because his girl was high buying temperature. With a real wing with me, I think we had a good shot of pulling them to my place for an after party. I had been a bit slow on escalation but in the restaurant, I had my arm around her. I was massaging the back of her neck and rubbing her thighs later on. She was cool with all of that.

A 3-some was too tall an order for me at my skill level, but at least I did make a small effort towards it. I remember saying that we should have a group hug. I told the girl to come sit down next to me. We were sitting at a booth. My girl and I were on one side and she was now alone on the other side. She replied, "I don't want to be a third wheel." I told her again to sit down by me. My target then said, "Go sit next to her and I'll sit on the other side of you and you can be in the middle. I was getting up to do this when the waiting arrived with our food. Damn him for bringing the food so fast. His appearance was a state break and I sat back down and so did my girl. In retrospect, I still should have moved over there.

At least I knew what the moves were and maybe I'll try this again if I'm in a 2-set again in the future. After moving over there, I'd put my arms around both girls. I'd then try to escalate on them both first by just hand holding and rubbing the backs of their necks. I'd kiss my target and then kiss the other girl. Someday this will happen.

Tried for pull but drove them to their car:
I kept trying to sell a pull to my place despite the fact that I had 2 girls and just me. I said we should keep drinking and said I had liquor at my place. I brought up the hot peppers so I could mention my TV. I talked about my cats. My target wanted to go but she said it was up to her friend. Of course, I hadn't pumped up the other girl's buying temperature enough for her to want to do this. If only I had a real fucking wing that didn't leave and was on the same page! If only, I had been more comfortable trying for the 3-some.

We walked to my car. We had to walk past a bunch of people in the street and past two clubs so I put my arms around them and walked with them. When we had to squeeze in a tight spot on the sidewalk, I grabbed the friend's hand. She wasn't that comfortable holding my hand but I held it anyway and said that guys were gonna bother her if I didn't do this. We got to my car and I mentioned coming to my place. My target said to drive them to their car and if the friend wanted to drive there, they'd come.

We got to the car. I stopped. My target said, "Put your flashers on." The friend started to get out. My target thanked me and leaned forward to hug me. I leaned for her face and we kissed. The flashes comment sealed it that I was gonna kiss her but I was gonna go for it anyway.

As I drove away, I realized that I should have number closed the other girl. The girl had seemed interested in Paradise Pup when I mentioned it earlier. Besides, if Vinny did have my target's phone, I had no way to call her and give it to her.

Closing thoughts:
I'm so glad I didn't stay home. The night ended up being cool. I was having fun even before the stuff happened at the end. Seagull blew off the night and I wish he hadn't. I almost didn't go out, but I realize that I have to motivate myself and go out every time I can. This is what sarging is all about; I was tired and slightly nervous at the start and I turned it into a fun night.

As I said above, Vinny has some good moves that I can learn by watching, but he sucks as a wing. I need to talk to him and try to get him on the same page. If he doesn't, I can still go out with him, but I won't accomplishment intro him and I'll just try to pull for myself. I'm a bit mad that I sell him like a good wing does and then he just left like he did.

Tonight was fun and I learning more and more to trust myself and believe in my game.

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