Sunday, June 19, 2011

Text game, seeing sets again, frustrated with no pulls

At the beginning of tonight, we went to Sheffield's and saw that set from last week that M pulled. I wish I would have opened them. It was the first bar we hit and I didn't want to open them and was hoping that they would come inside. I just wanted to see their reaction to seeing me again so I could have known if all that shit last week was in my head or not. We ended up seeing the set from last night at the end of the night. Seagull's girl was excited to see us. The girl that I wanted was with some chode looking black guy and instead of being friendly she said, "This is my husband." Such BS.

Text messaging:
I text the girl from last night. She replied and we talked about meeting up. As I write this, I wonder if I should have tried to have her meet up with me . I mentioned I was going to Wrigley and she said she had just left there. I mentioned after hours; she mentioned she was overdressed for Wrigely but asked where I was going. I told her I was meeting friends but suggested meeting later on for drinks or food.

I worked the same theme with the girl I almost pulled from a street pull last week. I'll name her Purple girl as it was the girl that opened me in Wrigley cause of my purple silk shirt. She said early on that she was in Wrigley with her two roommates and two friends. I know I could have met them there but I thought about something Ozzie said in Transformations. He was referring to when a girl says, "You come meet me at this bar." She didn't throw an invite but I wouldn't have accepted either. I knew I'd have to deal with a whole load of friends including dudes. I figured it'd be better to try to meet her on my own terms.

I'm gonna post the text messages so I can help myself analyze this better:
Me: What's up? We're headed to wrigley
Purple(P): I'm w 2 of my roomies and a couple of friends...
Me: I'm meeting up with some friends. Gonna hang out with them for a bit. we can have a drink or grab food at clark's later if you're still around.
P: What time u thinkin?
Me: 1 at the earliest. How late are you gonna be out?
P: Not super late I had a busy day @ work
Me: Text me a little bit before you leave and we can grab a drink at this place by houndstooth or at clarke's
P: Ok for sure.
Me: It was slow here at rockwood but it filled up in last 20 mins. You should come by
P: I'm gunna go home and drink w my roomies actually...
Me: Invite us over for an after party :) Got two good friends with me
P: I was thinking about that but all my other roomies are asleep... :)
Me: Lets hang out. My car is close here.
P: Where will we go? I dunno cuz I'm kinda tired

I believe this is when I called her cause I figured if she picked up, I could set something up. She didn't answer...

Me: Let's have one drink over here at this irish place and then you can go home. Where you at?
P: Hwy teddy I actually just got on the train I'm @ Lawrence, sorry...
Me: If you can't sleep, you can invite me over as this is gonna close soon. We'd just hang out and have a snack. Nothing more than that as I just met you.
P: Just u?
Me: Yeah. My friend ran into his brother and is gonna get a ride from him. Whats your address?
P: What time would u be here cuz honestly I'm super tired, I might go to bed
Me: Soon. Whats your addy?
P Can we chill tmrw maybe:
Me: (About 15 mins later). Go to bed if you are that tired. Sweet dreams :) let's meet up in the early evening. What time is good for you

Right before I sent the last text, I was debating whether to keep pushing for the meet tonight or to just try to meet Sunday. In my mind, I figured the immediate meet was a good idea as she was likely drunk and high buying temperature (or at least higher than she'd be sober on Sunday). Plus, this was the closest I've been to setting up a Day2 or meet with her since our original meeting. The downside was that my car was about a 15 minute walk and I knew she lived at least 15 mins away. She sounded like she really was tired and I feared she might fall asleep as I was driving up there and/or lose buying temperature and I'd waste my Saturday night. Also, even if we did hang out, if she was really that tired, she might want to go to bed and I wouldn't have time to escalate.

I have a feeling she won't meet me today but if she does, I guess I made the right move. I also wonder if I should have just tried to meet her with her friends. I suppose I could/should have trusted in my ability to deal with all the friends and win them over. The only problem is that early in the night I was still warming up and felt didn't feel in state.

Barleycorn dance floor game:

The two sets I kept thinking about on my drive home were these two sets at Barleycorn. Barleycorn in Wrigley has a second floor that basically turns into a massive dance floor. I should be happy on how far my dance floor game has progressed. I'll get busted outs trying to dance with girls but I find myself having to remind myself that it'll happen no matter how good I'd get and dance floor game. I will say that I'm getting way braver with opening on the dance floor though it's still a work in progress. I need to remind myself of how I used to be terrified to dance at all. Then, even when I was comfortable dancing, I was terrified of opening with dance floor moves (as opposed to just stopping the girl and opening her verbally)> Now, I'm not only trying to open sets on the dance floor, but I also having some great interactions.

Tall Redhead:
As I was standing by Seagull, I spotted this tall redhead walking through the crowd near me. I immediately stopped her and clawed her in. I introduced myself and got her name. Immediately, she said she was looking for her friend. I plowed on. She mentioned it again and I remember saying my usual, "Don't worry, your friends won't leave without you." Later, I'd keep her by saying, "You have your phone, she'll find you."

Some cool songs that I liked came on, and we were on the dance floor. I did RSD Tim's spin and in and started dancing with her. I transitioned to holding her hands while we were dancing to putting my hands on her waist and around her back. I pulled her close and started to grind a little bit.

At one point, she mentioned finding the friend again. She said it was her ride home. She lived in the suburbs and I mentioned that I could give her a ride home. She said that she had to find the friend because the friend gets drunk and basically ends up leaving with guys. I wish I would have said what popped into my head at the time, "You make it sound like that's a bad thing." I'm thinking now that I could have went into a sort of patterning, "I think it's so exciting when you hook up with a new person for the first time. The sex isn't always the best the first time, but it's exciting as you don't know how that person is gonna touch you and the anticipation is amazing."

I remember dancing some more and then lifting her up and spinning her around. She mentioned finding the friend again and I let her go. I wonder if I should have taken the number. I did try early on with, "Let's go find your friend" but I didn't really invest in that. I wonder if that was a move or if I should have said, "Let's go downstairs as you can see here by the exit." I also think that I could have done more to try to kiss close. I was escalating, but I think I could have escalated faster. I was trying to keep our faces close together. I think I could have started stroking her hair and face and carressing the back of her neck and then I could have just leaned in to kiss her. To my credit, I was working on escalating, it's just that I ran out of time.

I think I'm still holding back on the kiss:

It bothers me to admit that, but it must be true. When I open these drunk, high buying temperature girls on the dance floor, I should be trying to kiss them faster. I think my dance floor escalation was fine except that I needed to do what I wrote in the last paragraph sooner. If I kissed her and we starting making out, surely she would have stopped mentioning find the friend.

Tall brunette:
After that set ended, I had another similar set. I opened a tall brunette that I saw walking by in the same way that I opened the redhead. This brunette was a thicker than the redhead but she wasn't super fat. She weighed a ton more than the redhead. The redhead was easy to do my lift spin but I strained with this brunette. She said she had to find her friend and I plowed through similarly to the way I did with the redhead. This girl said her friend had her keys. I was starting to escalate on her like I did the redhead but I didn't have a much time with this one. After I did the lift and spin at the end, I decided to grab her number since I regretted not getting the redhead's number. I expect it to be a total flake but I'll try texting it later tonight.

Street pulls:
My street sarging was a bust today. Seagull, his brother and two of his friends worked on a set in front of Barleycorn. I liked the blonde in the set but she disappeared at the end and had some Asian dude shadowing her. I tried helping Seagull out cause this one fat chick was being a total cockblock and trying to pull one of the friends away. I miscalibrated and got annoying and both girls ending up telling me to go away. I tried other sets and even spotted that set from last night and pushed Seagull to open it again.

Later, Seagull was working that set and told me they were trying to do some sort of pull. I shrugged and said, "What do you want me to do? Those two girls don't like me." He had even mentioned that they had told him. I suppose I could have went back in and just been chill but I decided to just let them work their magic. Seagull text me later that they moved the girls to Taco Bell and he was frustrated that he was stuck talking to some fat chick.

I ended up going to Division Street with Vinny. Division was a bust. It was dead compared to last night and there were even more dudes. I remember like 10 dudes swarming around this 6 set. I was doing fine with my girl but too many idiot AMOG's ruin the vibe. The idiots were so loud and obnoxious that the cops even came over to check on the girls.

We saw the two African dudes again. Vinny and I were giggling about them. We've become more friendly with them. The one dude busted himself and I out of a set with a cute blonde. He came in trying to steal the blonde but then he was so obnoxious that she just left.

Wings talking to my targets:

This happened in the middle of the night with one of Vinny's friends. He came into a set I was in unexpectedly. I introduced him. The problem was that he started talking to the one that I decided was my target. Since he's not an actual wing, he wasn't talking me up, he was just starting to take over the set. For about twenty seconds, I was just standing there. Then I decided, whatever, if the guy is gonna take over sets I'm opening, then I'm gonna treat him like any other interrupt. I just pulled her attention off of him. He ended up talking to one of the other girls and then ejected.

Long sets:
On the drive home, I wondered what happened to my long sets. The best pull prospects come from that. You hang out with a chick for a few hours and make out with her and lead her around the club or to different venues and then you can go for the pull. I haven't had a set like that in awhile. I think I've been focusing on street game and quick escalation so that means me running fewer street sets. I think street game will yield results but it's also unpredictable. Swinging for the fences also means a TON of rejection. I know I'm supposed to take it, but when you bust out of a ton of sets in a row, it's hard to avoid having it affect your state. I felt 4-5 state crashes tonight which is unusual. When I left Wrigley, I almost felt like ditchign Division. I was debating it, but Vinny called me as I got to my car and we decided to go to Division.

I also think it could be a product of the venue's were going to and the availability of street sets. With that set that Vinny's wing was taking over, I had the longest interaction with those girls out of all the sets I opened tonight. I put in all that work and then just left the bar to work the street instead of opening them again. The good thing about the club is that you keep running into the girls again and can open them several times and build something over the course of the night. I left because I felt there were sets in the street that I could open but perhaps that wasn't the right move here.

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